Light Filters In by Caroline Kaufman

Light Filters In

In the vein of poetry collections like Milk and Honey and Adultolescence , this compilation of short, powerful poems from teen Instagram sensation @poeticpoison perfectly captures the human experience.  In Light Filters In, Caroline Kaufman—known as @poeticpoison—does what she does best: reflects our own experiences back at us and makes us feel less alone, one exquisite and insightful piece at a time. She writes about giving up to...

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TitleLight Filters In
Release DateMay 22nd, 2018
GenrePoetry, Young Adult

Reviews Light Filters In

  • Schizanthus
    Trigger warnings are quoted below: I talk about mental illness, self-harm, suicide, recovery, sexual assault, abusive relationships, violence, and other issues that may not be the easiest to swallow. Caroline Kaufman is probably better known (so far) by her Instagram profile @poeticpoison. Published while still a teenager, this book is a mixture of dark and light, heartache and hope. Poetry can be very hit and miss for me and I found that to...
  • Jessica C Writes
    This book was really well written. I felt the emotions in each poem, and I really enjoyed the metaphors. Great read, but there are some trigger warnings to keep in mind: sexual assault, self harm, violence
  • Helen
    there is nothing more powerful / than a girl with a penthese words are poetic poisonI have mixed feelings towards this collection. I have great respect to Caroline Kaufman for being able to put herself out there so unreservedly - if I could describe this in one word it would be 'brave.' She talks with painful honesty about her experiences with depression and self-harm, and it's by no means an easy read. There were also some great one-off lines wh...
  • Alicia Cook
    Strong debut by this young author. Full review to come following release. Thank you to Harper for providing me an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.
  • Kaylee D
    This book made me want to not listen to what everyone says. It is motivational but once again is telling a story that many people will not talk about. She talks about her journey and how she really struggled and that it was ok not to be ok all the time. I found that this book was kind of the same as all the others that I read. I found it hard to keep reading it because I was kind of not into it. I think it's a good book I had just read to many bo...
  •  Amelia
    the happinesswill come slowly,the way light filters inthrough the windowin the early morning slowlyyou don’t even noticethe night is ending,until you wake upand see the sunlightThis was nice, but I just have to accept that poetry is not my thing. I mean, there were a couple of poems that I liked more than others, but I just don't feel it, you know? The only book written in verse that I actually liked was Long Way Down and it really sur...
  • Grace
    As much as this was a hard collection for the poet to write, this was definitely a hard one to read.Yet it was all so important.Before picking this book up, there are multiple triggers such as self-harm, suicide, anxiety, depression etc and may I warn you that it is a raw take. If you are able to brave it, I would definitely recommend this as it was worth the read.
  • J & J
    Impressive. Even more so considering the author's age. What an inspiration to young writers as well as anyone (but especially teens) going through life's hardships.
  • The Artisan Geek
    21/6/19I bought this book back in December, but just picked it up. I never understood poetry all that well, I didn't know how to read it. Kaufman giving me the gift of understanding and solace is immeasurable and although I have not finished reading through this book in its entirety I cannot give this less than five stars. The rawness and openness that she shows in her writing is precious, and I feel that if you manage to resonate with any part o...
  • Anna P
    This book made me cry and think multiple times because I can relate to some of the thoughts the author was having. I picked up this book because I tend to read books I can relate to very easily so I figured why not pick this one up. I loved this book a lot and I would definitely pick it up again if I had the time.
  • dumplin’
    tl;dr: started our really strong! my interest was lost a little towards the end, and i feel like the poetry got less significant. overall a quick read, and a solid collection.i always say that the best art comes from places of hurt, so it’s understandable that, as we heal, the rawness that comes with a poem written in a period of emotional vulnerability is lost a little. no judgement! i find the same thing happens with my poetry. knowing this t...
  • march ⚡️
    Light Filters In: Poems is such an incredibly powerful book of poems. Caroline’s words are able to portray such raw emotion that really let you experience her feelings. This book was so emotionally jarring that i couldn’t put it down. I love this book so deeply and highly recommend it to anyone.
  • Elvina Zafril
    Updated ReviewThis book is about mental illness, self-harm, suicide, recovery, sexual assault, abusive relationships, violence and some other issues related.The writing was good though I feel some of the poems kind of repetitive. It’s like I know what the author was trying to say and it kept repeating. All the poems are easy to understand. I liked few of the poems that I can relate to for example depression. Some of the poems made me feel sad b...
  • Iphios
    When it comes to instagram poets I've always been wary. I have read enough of the published poets of instagram to feel this way. Not all instagram poets are made equal and a publication, to me, does not necessarily mean that the poetry is good. Popular, yes. Poetic? debatable.Truncated lines do not make a poem.When my friend told me about Caroline Kaufman all my alarm bells were up. Another instagram poet. Yet, I knew, that I could not judge a po...
  • Jennifer
    This was the first poetry book that I've read and I'm so glad that I started with this! It was beautifully written and full of emotions. Lots of important issues were the themes of the poems such as mental illness, abuse, and suicide. I really admired the author for pouring her heart out and writing her personal experiences. Looking forward to read more from her!find yourselfin a page.look atwhere you are.find your pastin the pagesbefore.look at ...
  • Trinity Fier
    I love poems and I always have loved poems. This book contains some poems that are a little hard to take in and at first I was a little skeptical just because of how dark the poems were but the further and further you get into the book, you see the poems change and they become so beautiful and positive. wow is all I have to say. I could really relate to some of the emotions she was writing down in this book and it made me feel as if I am not alon...
  • Jeannine Allison
    My favorite... my head is the one that's guilty,but my soul is always blamed.
  • Shanti
    This was one of the most cohesive poetry collections I have ever read. And I want to not have liked it--the slug when I downloaded it from the library (legally, guys, chill)--was 'teen instagram poetry', which is the sort of thing that is supposed to tell you everything you need to know about it. And this does have a it of rupi kaur and amanda lovelace, the poets I do not like because they are too obvious. But people have been challenging me late...
  • Bayleigh
    So I work in a book store and realized we had a new poetry book, per usual I went and picked it up and I could not put the book down. Throughout the book you really get to see what it is like to be someone who deals with anxiety and depression, and the thoughts that go through someone's head when they are going through it. As someone who has anxiety, and who has depression; I related to this book on an entirely new level than I usually can. Throu...
  • may ☆彡
    be grateful thattime will healthe wounds butleave the else will youremember all thatyou’ve survived?Light filters in is an amazing collection of heartbreaking and bittersweet poems. I was crying my way through this book; it’s absolutely amazing that someone so young can write so beautifully. While it does deal with some very heavy topics, (i.e. cutting yourself, depression, rape culture, mental illness) it helps you understand some ...
  • Ameema Saeed
    * technically * I only read the sneak peak, but this is raw, and beautiful, and sad, and hopeful, and childish, and profound, and angsty, in the way that somehow only teenagers can be. This was my first taste of Caroline Kaufman’s poetry, and I am very excited to read the full poem. I’m an Indigo Employee, and I received a sneak peak of this book, in exchange for my honest feedback.
  • Ashley Neuhaus
    Talented. The writing from this author is just beautiful. I rarely can connect to someone’s poetry, but this was the exception. By far one of the best poetic souls I’ve come across.
    Poetry in general always makes me feel sad because it can be very depressing. While this book did make me feel sad, it was also relatable. I felt like i could relate to a lot of pages in this book. Kaufman did a great job at writing how her life went from depression and insecurity to acknowledging life is hard but you can move forward and loving herself. I did cry while reading this. For some reason i felt the need to read it out loud instead of ...
  • Laura Mendez
    It was a really good book these poems were very deep and it made me realize how horrible it is to deal with depression, anxiety, etc. The author also wrote poems that had to do with sexual abuse and domestic violence which she had experienced. This book started off as her diary and I think it was so brave of her to publish it and share her stories that many people can relate too. I really loved it and I totally recommend it!
  • Jade Caprio
    Poetry is such a hard thing to review. It was well written. It was powerful. It was emotional.But it did not connect with me because my experiences did not align with the authors. Simple as that.
  • Kimberly Zamora
    Light flowers in poems is beautiful and melancholy. The author writes about her depression and how it has been throughout her life. She talks about darkness that leads to the sun rising. This book is very inspirational even if she related herself because this is her way of writing. I did enjoy this book but I’m not in love with it.
  • N (they/them)
    "in a world of covered earsand mouths taped shut, this is my cry for help. is the sound of my fingertipsbrushing the keyboardloud enough? can you hear me?"TW: mental illness, self-harm, suicide, recovery, sexual assault, abusive relationships, violenceThis collection of poems is genuinely one of the most beautiful things that I have read this year. The writing was so beautiful and so raw and honest and I was really impressed by how many different...
  • Mina
    I don't know who I am.I'm trying to look at myselfIn the bathroom mirror,but the shower's runningand the glass is all foggy.I've spent so much timetrying to become who I should bethat I lost myself along the way.-----------------------------------------------------in a world of covered earsand mouths taped shut,this is my cry for the sound of my fingertipsbrushing the keyboardloud enough?can you hear me?
  • Fats
    there is nothingmore powerfulthan a girlwith a penwho is brave enoughto use it- Caroline KaufmanUsing poetry to heal, 18-year-old Caroline Kaufman opens up her heart and invites readers to look at her "messy teenage years." In Light Filters In, she bravely talks about her mental illness - suicide, anxiety, depression - and shows us what it means to be human. I flagged so many pages in this book - pages that contain beautiful words, pages that sho...