Checking Out by Nick Spalding

Checking Out

What do you do when the doctor says you could die at any moment? Well…after you’ve made a cup of tea, of course.Nathan James is young, successful and has the world at his feet. Unfortunately, he’s also about to die—which ruins things somewhat. And now he’s staring imminent death in the face, Nathan is having to rethink some of his life choices very hard.This means embarking on a hectic journey of self-discovery that includes, amongst ot...

Details Checking Out

TitleChecking Out
Release DateMar 22nd, 2018
PublisherLake Union Publishing
GenreFiction, Humor, Funny, Adult

Reviews Checking Out

  • Obsidian
    Please note that I got this book via NetGalley. This did not affect my rating of this book.So I have pretty much loved about every Nick Spalding book I have read. There have been two misses for me, but for the most part he is always enjoyable. In his latest we follow 33 year old Nathan James who though he has about everything to live for (has a fat bank account and a hot girlfriend) is told that he is an inoperable brain tumor.Spalding has Nathan...
  • ✨ Kaira ✨
    Plot - 2Writing style - 4Characters - 1 Romance - 1 I have high hopes for this one but unfortunately, it failed to live up to my expectations. For starters, the main protagonist is a douche. Sure, he has a brain tumour but geez, he is a misogynist. I am sorry. Regardless of all the good things he did at the end, he is still a douche for me. I never thought I'll hate a lead this much. He kept comparing his previous relationship to his present whic...
  • Abigail Caulton
    This was totally unexpected. So, this book isn’t normally something I would read, but I wanted to try something new, and I’m really glad I did. Even though this book was about a man called Nathan, who has just been told he is going to die and at times it’s really upsetting as you can imagine that doesn’t take away from the humour in the book. I found myself laughing at how funny the situations Nathan got himself into on the road to discov...
  • Misfits farm
    Nathan has a headache- one that won’t go away. When his words are not quite what he expected and no alcohol is involved, he decides he needs to see a doctor. It turns out that he has an almost unpronounceable brain tumour and may have anything from six minutes or 6 months or maybe even longer to live - or not. This is about how this affects his relationships with those around him- as well as of course how others deal with him- one refusing to b...
  • Cristi-Lael
    I will read everything this guy publishes. I just enjoy his writing so much
  • Peter
    Achievement‘Checking Out’, as its name implies, is about Nathan who is only 33 years old and has an inoperable brain tumour and a very poor prognosis.Quite contrary to the first statement, ‘Checking Out’ is also a hilarious, side-splitting comedy, with extremely clever observations and a really witty dialogue. The pace is relentless and at every turn, Nick Spalding is creating another hapless and amusing situation.If you love slap-stick f...
  • Lindsay Nixon
    That was great! What a fantastic Sunday read. Highly recommend for fans on The Rosie Project! This emerging genre (“chicklit told from a male narrator/his life”) is becoming my go-to when I want a fun, change of pace. I was grabbed immediately and looooved the narrator. This book has that perfect balance of page-turning curiosity as the drama unfolds with perfectly sprinkled LOL breaks. I actually laughed out loud! The humor is self-deprecati...
  • Teena in Toronto
    Nathan is 33 years old. He's just sold the rights to a show he had created for a lot of money, his girlfriend is a gorgeous but vain model (and he's okay with that) and he's trying to figure out what to do with all his money. Then his doctor tells him he has a brain tumour and there's nothing that can be done. He could pass away at any time. Not the kind of news he wants to receive.Unexpectedly he meets Allison and they fall in love ... except Na...
  • Sarah
    absolutely loved it, some bits made me laugh out loud (a precious authors talent) thank you Nick Spalding!
  • Paige
    I have no idea how this book has accumulated a rating over 4 stars. It has caused me to lose a little faith in my fellow readers. This is ridiculous drivel.
  • Izzy
    Note to self. Books that cost £1 on Kindle Daily Deals are unlikely to be any good. Utter drivel.
  • Rachel Gilbey
    Very unexpected story, all of Nick Spalding's normal humour is there and on the whole this is an incredibly fun book, but at the heart of it is a more serious medical condition, and a character, Nathan who has no idea how to deal with this life changing news. For Nathan has been told he has a condition that means his death could he imminent, or he may be fine for ages. There is nothing the doctors can do, for him and he just has to try to get on ...
  • Connor McCarthy
    This book is honestly one of the funniest things I have read in a long time, which is a strange thing to say about a book that tells you the main character is going to die pretty much straight away. How Nathan deals with his condition and the road he takes to his revelation at the end is hilarious and thought provoking. This is my first Nick Spalding book but definitely not my last.
  • Laz the Sailor
    This is a quirky, funny, light-hearted, serious look at the possibility of dying before we're ready (and who is ever ready?). Full of delightful vignettes, all aspects of grief are explored with such open and off-beat humor that it is difficult not to chuckle aloud.Love conquers all.Read this.
  • Georgina Wyatt
    oh my god what an amazing book, honest, emotional, funny and just brilliant! the ending was unexpected but amazing! I almost wanna read it again straight away!
  • Rupali
    A hilarious take on a 30 something guy dealing with a terminal illness. Loved it! Reminds us that life is short and we must collect moments.
  • Chris
    I would give this 2.5 rather than 3. Very funny at times, a good pace , and a good message. About 60% in or felt forced, like the author wasn’t sure how to get to the ending he wanted. Must be read with an English accent ;)
  • EruditeAF Literary Symposium
    'Wake Up, Sir!' by Jonathan Ames is one of my favorite books of all-time. In it, Alan Blair, the main character, gets himself into a number of bizarre (and completely hilarious) situations while attempting to leave some of his personal demons in the past. This book, 'Checking Out' made me think about Alan Blair because its main character, Nathan James, also gets into several unfortunate, yet laughable, situations while trying to deal with his own...
  • Tasha
    Nathan James, creator of The Foodies, a group of food characters who sing mind numbing children’s songs, is diagnosed with a brain tumor that is incurable and unpredictable. Nathan is given anywhere between 6 minutes and 6 months to live, or possibly longer.From here on out we follow Nathan’s story as he takes a long hard look at himself and his life and starts making changes. Ditching his shallow, gorgeous girlfriend Sienna, meeting Alison a...
  • Renee
    Superb!I won this book as part of a giveaway on Goodreads. Having never read this author, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Well, I ripped through this book in no time and I can say it's exceptionally good.Nathan is a man who seems at first glance to be a bit of a jerk. Thanks to his creation, The Foodies, he's a man with all the material comforts he could imagine - nice house, fast car, overly sexual model girlfriend. Then his life is thrown i...
  • Donna J
    Nick Spalding Books always make me LAUGH OUT LOUD or Cry..I knew right away I was going to love “Checking Out” because I’ve read & listened to ALL of Nick Spalding books. Sure I’m British too, so it helps with the ‘British Humor’ too. Yes it’s sad because it’s about our heroic character, Nathan that has been diagnosed with a tumor in his brain, but he doesn’t just want to sit around and feel like he’s disappearing before his o...
  • Cary B
    I'm in two minds about this book. I've liked some of Nick Spalding's books quite a lot, but I don't think this is one of his best. However, it was enjoyable in places and I thought the last third of it was very good. I warmed to the central character, poor Nathan, who flailed around trying to reconcile himself to the the rather tough hand that life had dealt him. But unfortunately, I did find some of the situations Nathan found himself in were ve...
  • Sarah Knight
    Nathan James is successful, wealthy, dates a model girlfriend and has an unpronounceable brain tumour which is killing him. Finding out about his terminal diagnosis at the point he signs a major business deal (selling child orientated The Foodies singing group over to a large company) throws the rest of his life into turmoil. In an attempt to deal with his diagnosis he turns to a self help guru called Cleethorpes, tries joining a commune, searche...
  • Patricia Bello
    It's been awhile since i last read a book from a Brit, a male brit to be exact. And I forgot how enjoyable it could be.Nathan finds out that he has a tumor in his brain, in a spot that makes it very difficult to remove. And with this discovery, his world is turned upside down and realizes his life has been to date, shallow and superficial.This is the story of his journey to accepting his fate and trying to leave his mark in the world before his t...
  • Jean Creighton
    I received a copy of this book through a giveaway that was posted through Goodreads.I wasn't sure what to expect when I entered the giveaway - but I'm so glad I did, and that I won a copy of this book.Nathan was successful in his career, had a model girlfriend, and had just sold his creations, "The Foodies", over to a production company. Everything was looking good until he finds out he has an inoperable brain tumor. Thus begins a Nathan's journe...
    Aww this was a great read that took you down lots of funny twists and turns. Without giving the plot away the main character is shallow and pretentious but something happens to change the way he looks at he's life. I have been fighting cancer myself so thought this would be a nice light read, and it certainly was i really could see the funny side of things.Nick is a brilliant writer he just has you there in the scene. The only thing i was not kee...
  • Fiona Mccormick
    Absolutely brilliant! I love Nick Spalding's books, I 'get' his sense of humour and I love his style of writing. Checking Out is just a fantastic read, Nathan is a very rich man who is the creator of The Foodies, the biggest thing since The Teletubbies, leads a hedonistic lifestyle but his his gas is put at a peep (one of my favourite Scottish sayings!) when he finds out he has an inoperable brain tumour.There are some laugh out loud really funny...
  • Susan
    I am obviously a big fan of Mr. Spalding's irreverent humor. In this story, Nathan, the founder of a food-based version of Teletubbies, finds out he has a brain tumor. This throws cold water on his horribly decadent life with his ditzy super model girlfriend, Porshe 911, and plans once he has sold The Foodies concept. Luckily for us, Mr. Spalding has the ability to infuse both humor and compassion as Nathan comes to terms with his condition. I ne...
  • Ian
    I guess you’d call this ‘Lad-lit’. It’s an enjoyable romp with the prototypical plot whereby a feckless self-centred young male ‘waster ‘is redeemed through the love a good woman. There’s a bit of a twist here as the redemption was bought about by a combination of the aforesaid ‘good woman’ with a seriously life-shortening brain tumour.Despite the rather gloomy premise, it’s a relatively painless comedy novel and I quite enjoy...