Gate Crashers by Patrick S. Tomlinson

Gate Crashers

On humanity’s first extra-solar mission, the exploration vessel Magellan discovers an alien construction. Deciding that finding advanced alien life is too important to ignore, the ship’s captain chooses to return to Earth while reverse engineering technology far beyond anything back home.Meanwhile, at mission control, the governments struggle to maintain the existence of aliens a secret while also combating bureaucracy, the military industria...

Details Gate Crashers

TitleGate Crashers
Release DateJun 26th, 2018
PublisherTor Books
GenreScience Fiction, Humor, Science Fiction Fantasy, Fiction, Space, Space Opera

Reviews Gate Crashers

  • Patrick S.
    Okay, sure, I'm biased. But I honestly love this book. It's my first. I started writing it in 2009. The version you'll end up reading next June 18th is the seventh or eighth rewrite. It's been a very long journey, and it almost stayed locked away in my trunk forever.I'm seriously ecstatic about the opportunity tor has given me to bring this book to you, and I hope you end up loving it as much as I do. Peace.
  • Kate
    Hugely entertaining space romp! Witty with a few laugh outloud moments (and it isn't easy making me laugh with a book) and a great premise and bunch of characters. Clearly going for Becky Chambers' fans, it also has the feel of a homage to Hitchikers Guide. I certainly enjoyed it. Review to follow shortly on For Winter Nights.Incidentally, the Pb has about 400 pages (my proof had 414 pages).
  • Kiran
    **Advanced Reader Copy**Science Fiction isn’t in the recluse section of the bookstore, anymore. It’s mainstream enough that we can pick and choose the stories, the sagas, with which to go on a journey while having endless options. Unfortunately, because of this popularity mediocrity has birthed too many books leading to the misrepresentation of the genre. Cue Patrick S. Tomlinson. A noteworthy wise-cracker, he’s armed to the teeth with hear...
  • Sasha
    A worthy heir to Douglas Adams, Tomlinson combines wit and science fiction like few others. Wonderful from start to finish. Highly recommend it to all.
  • Nicholas Smeaton
    Science Fiction comedy is easy to do, good Science Fiction comedy on the other hand is very difficult to do, however in his debut novel Patrick S. Tomlinson succeeds in writing one of the funniest books I've read in years. The trick seems to be in delivering the humour deadpan and in knowing the genre you're sending up and this book does both very well. The plot revolves around the 'Magellan' (or Maggie as she prefers to be called) stumbling acro...
  • Sontaranpr
    Come on, you'd read the book merely to hear more about Captain Maximus Tiberius as we all would.Gate Crashers, humanity hasn't managed FTL for more than communications. We're toodle pipping about the galaxy using 0.5 C drives so you're looking at decades to centuries for round trips. Crews go into cyro while an AI generally keeps an eye on things. Till one day a particularly snarky AI finds an object sitting there in the middle of nowhere. In spa...
  • Becky Spratford
    Review coming to blog and Booklist Magazine soon.Thought-provoking and fun-- in equal measures. A solid SF for fans both casual and serious.
  • Cerrad
    DNF at about 80 pages in. This was billed to me as being like Becky Chambers’s A Long Way to a Small Angry Planet (and I’m less familiar with it, but it probably is also similar - or meant to be similar - to Hitchhikers Guide). Unfortunately, I realized that I didn’t care about any of the characters or even really know anything distinctive about them. It feels like there were opportunities for character development that the author did not t...
  • Clay Kallam
    Light enough to float away like child's birthday balloon, "Gate Crashers" is a pleasant first-contact diversion that tries very hard to be amusing, and succeeds often enough to make for a fun read.The plot is simple: Spacefaring humans come across an alien artifact, and haul it away to investigate. Complications ensue (the aliens notice that the artifact is missing, to begin with), and various feats of good old fashioned ingenuity and bravado kee...
  • Christopher Gerrib
    I've become a big fan of author Patrick S. Tomlinson, and so I was eager to read his latest novel, Gate Crashers. It did not disappoint. The subtitle of the book is "In space, no one can see you screw up." That's an accurate depiction of the book. Set in the 2300s, humanity is starting to colonize space via slower-than-light ships, although we have quantum communications, which are instantaneous. The spaceship Magellan, on an exploratory ship, di...
  • Thomas
    Tomlinson, Patrick S. Gate Crashers. Tor, 2018.On our first manned mission outside the solar system, we run into a stationary object emitting a low-level radio signal. Turns out it is a buoy warning galactic visitors to keep out, because the solar system is a wildlife preserve and we are the wildlife. What to do—reverse engineer the buoy, naturally. This is old-fashioned space opera with nods to Star Trek, Douglas Adams, and Alien. A popcorn re...
  • Jacqueline
    What a great story, humorous and wittily written. If you like sci-fi and enjoy real characters that will make you laugh out loud, you’ll probably enjoy this.I enjoyed every moment.
  • Hamka Suleiman
    Wonderful Great book. The characters were easy to relate with. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Great author. I’m buying more of his works.
  • Charlene
    Very plot-driven, with bland, predictable characters and aliens that aren't particularly alien.