Forever Broken (Talon Pack, #9) by Carrie Ann Ryan

Forever Broken (Talon Pack, #9)

In the finale to the award-winning Talon Pack series from NYT bestselling author Carrie Ann Ryan sets, the final Brentwood must find his mate as the war with the Aspens comes to a close.Cheyenne Liles has watched all of her friends mate into the Talon Pack and have their lives changed forever, one by one. She’s stood back, helpless to assist in the war with a rival Pack. But just when she thinks her time with the Talons is over and believes she...

Details Forever Broken (Talon Pack, #9)

TitleForever Broken (Talon Pack, #9)
Release DateJan 8th, 2019
GenreRomance, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal

Reviews Forever Broken (Talon Pack, #9)

  • Dar
    Oh my heart, oh my nerves, oh my moon goddess, this is a wild ride that goes nowhere you expect, but ends exactly as it should! The Talon Pack saga draws to a close with this book, but this isn't a sedate send off, this is the wildest story yet, and if you have read any of the books in the series, you know that is saying somethingMax and Cheyenne have a fate thrown at them by the moon goddess. They don't shy away from it, though neither knows wha...
  • Judi
    This close knit community of shifters just grabs your imagination and your heart. Though starting out on a sad note, this story is forever hopeful. Max has been in so many books in this series we know him, want him to be happy. Cheyenne has been practically a sister to Dawn, Aimee, and Dhani and now they are all Pack, but she isn't. Max and the Talons have another war to face as Blade seeks to be bigger and badder than all shifters, and it looks ...
  • E.M. Reders
    I have loved Carrie Ann's books for a long time. It all started for me with the Redwoods series. When that series ended and she hinted of a series for the talon pack I was beyond ecstatic... and my excitment was justified. Wow! This book, the final book, had me hooked with the first line. I was instantly drawn back into the world Carrie has created and I didn't want it to end. I cannot wait to revisit this world again in the future. We don't know...
  • Teresa Lara
    Love this series;) Love Max and Cheyenne Their beautiful broken emotional heart stopping love story is amazing. Need more of the Brentwoods
  • Carol
    I want more stars!! The first chapter makes you catch your breath in anticipation. Cheyenne was kidnapped by Blade (the local psychopath alpha) to get power. Max was part of the Talon family but felt like he didn't really belong since he lost his arm. It was fascinating to watch these two learn their way together and with the help of the pack. So much went on that was heartbreaking - it kept you wondering how it would turn out. By the time I got ...
  • Rosalynn Hilton
    All I can say is WOW. This book was bittersweet for me as I knew the series was coming to an end and so excited to see what Max and Cheyenne had in store for them. This store held my attention from page one. I was pleased to see Max and Cheyenne together and the solid united front they immediately had, I hurt for both that many decisions were taken away for them for the greater good. This book exceeded my expectations. Well done Ms. Ryan well don...
  • Sandy
    This was the most powerful book in this series. The horrors that Cheyenne and Max had gone through keep you on the edge of your seat. Through it all you just hope they survive it all And hope all of the Tallon Pack come out alive. Loved I can't say enough about the writing skills of Carrie Ann Ryan. You will just have to read this for yourself to see.
  • Sharon Noble
    Carrie Ann has me on tender hooks with this book! Loved the way the story kept you in suspense, each chapter just pulled you in more with the story. Do hope the next series has the Talons & Redwoods in, would be disappointed if they don't drop in time to time.
    Unforgettable Journey!!!Cheyenne Liles, a veterinarian who'd never knew about the supernatural world until she found out one of her best-friends, Dawn Levin ( DESTINY DISGRACED ) was a wolf shifter. Ever since she has seen two of her other friends fall in love with Brentwood men who belonged to the Talon Pack. She even went as far as helping them fight against the Aspen pack. She was fond of the sexy and broody, Max Brentwood but he didn't see he...
  • Khrista Baxter
    I really had mixed emotions about reading Forever Broken, on one hand I love this series and have been waiting for Max's book for a while but knowing this is the last one for a while is sad!! Carrie Ann didn't disappoint though Forever Broken might just be my favorite of the series. Max Brentwood has always been a happy guy with a smile on his face, being the youngest Brentwood he was shielded from a lot of the evil his uncle and father brought t...
  • Leopardwolf
    OMG Cheyenne and Max's story is amazing. And it's such a fabulous ending to the Talon Pack series. It's worth each and every indrawn breath, every tear and each sob. It's also worth each and every fist pump and all of the happiness that the tiny things brought me - like the belt loop thing, that gave me so much warm fuzzies - and Cheyenne's easy acceptance and determined manner in being called up front and centre in the fight with Blade, that fil...
  • Christina Reed
    This book was a fantastic end to the Talon pack series. Max finally got his HEA and Cheyenne was his match in every way. I was a little curious about Max's story because of all he had been through, but he was a good mate to Cheyenne. The support they had for each other grew out of the little time they had spent together previously. Their love and mating was not like everyone else's and while we never get an answer as to why it happened the way it...
  • Andi
    I’ve been both looking forward to Forever Broken, and dreading it at the same time. As the last of the Talon series, I couldn’t wait to find out what happens! But I didn’t want it end either.I really wanted to stretch Forever Broken out, and make it last. Unfortunately, Carrie Ann Ryan had other plans! Once I got started, it was almost impossible to put down!Both Max and Cheyenne are familiar characters. Each feeling like outsiders for very...
  • Bobstac
    The finale the Talon pack deserved! So much amazing emotion and action in these pages! Loved that Cheyanne and Max had to do a quick adjust to a head-spinning mating, and that the awkwardness of such an unexpected connection wasn’t glanced over but the reader got to fall in love with their hea as they accepted and developed it together. The war strategy lended itself to some surprises and excitement, and the big battle was great. Could’ve use...
  • Bethani Carter
    Forever Broken is the last book in the Talon pack series. This was a great ending to the series, even though I’m very sad it’s ending. The Talon pack has come so far, they have gotten rid of the evil in the pack, fought humans and are now fighting Blade, a rival alpha. Max has has always the fun loving one until the night he lost his arm. He is not the same man he was. Cheyenne’s friend have all become part of the talon pack, leaving her th...
  • Jennifer
    Wow!! What a fabulous ending to an epic series! Cheyenne and Max's story will at times leave you teary eyed, anxious, breathless, and elated. The two people who thought they didn't fit in completely are the two that are destined to save them all. This has all the drama, action and passion of the rest of the series but gives you the story behind the Moon Goddess and pack history. I don't want to to spoil anything, but I loved how deep down they al...
  • Denise
    The last book in the series gives us Cheyenne and Max's story and a final battle of the packs against Blade. I am not going to spoil it for you as it is a very different mating, though Carrie Ann usually does do different! I thought the actual battle was a little rushed as there was such a build up to Blade going after Cheyenne again, but the end wraps things up in a nice little bow with a surprise added in for good measure.I was given an advance...
  • Heather
    WOW! This was the final book in the series and what a finish! I cried, I screamed, I smiled. This book was so full of emotions that I was hooked and did not put it down. I was absorbed. Cheyenne and Max have been through hell and more, but they do come out with a HEA. No spoilers given here! I absolutely loved the way everything played out and things.. ummm... were resolved. Although I hate for the characters to go through the torture, it was mea...
  • Nancy
    Carrie Ann Ryan has taken us readers on a journey as honorary members of the Talon Pack and, oh my, what a journey it has been. Have loved each of these books but Forever Broken has a special place in my heart. This book had me crying, laughing, hurting and finally so happy that it worked out like it did. Cheyenne and Max deserve the life and love they've found after the rollercoaster ride they've been on.
  • Selina Durio
    Having started this series back in 2015, this is a joyous bittersweet ending. This family has gone through so much, but through their bonds and love for each other they have prevailed. Max has always been the one I’ve rooted for since he seemed to be the one that lost the most over time. The resolution of this good versus evil series was brilliant AND left room for a new series to continue the story line.
  • Jennifer Muraski
    What a way to end the Talon Pack series! I mean it was impossible to put this book down because I needed to find out how it all ended. I was so not disappointed! I loved Cheyenne and Max. I couldn't imagine their story happening any other way. I am thrilled to get this book but it is also bittersweet because I have loved every book in this series and saying goodbye to these characters is hard. I only hope to see more from the Redwoods and Talons ...
  • Margaret
    The final book in this series is filled with emotions. The talon pack has faced many challenges and this last one is epic. Max and Cheyenne are bonded by the mood goddess and need to work out how they can be together. They are integral to the battle but they just don't know how important they are until the end. There is love and loss and so much more in the book.
  • Dawn Barrett Connolly
    Forever Broken, I think this was my favorite from the series. Loved this book and the series. Max and Cheyenne’s story was awesome. I’m sad this series is complete but I look forward to reading more books from Carrie Ann Ryan!
  • Karen Fisher
    What an awesome series finale! I loved how the characters from the Talon, Redwoods and Central packs are brought together. A touching conclusion to a great series. Cheyenne may be human but it all rests on her shoulders. There is one surprise after another in this book. I really enjoyed it.
  • Norma
    Another really good story from Carrie Ann Ryan.
  • Sue
    What a great finale to the Talon pack series. Max and Cheyenne are amazing. I loved this book and didn’t want it to end!
  • Amanda Ake-Myers
    What a conclusion of a series!! Loved it!! The twists and turns of the characters. I loved how all the series tied together and worked with each other!! You can't go wrong with any of this series!!'
  • Megan
    Max finally gets his turn. Our laughing, funny loving wolf who has been dark and brooding the last few books gets his own story. Of course, there has to be unusual about his mating given all the issues also experienced by his cousins and siblings. Cheyenne is ready to leave and say goodbye to all her Talon pack mated friends. This book is full of twists and turns and even the Moon Goddess makes herself known. 4.5/5 Stars