Everybody, Always by Bob Goff

Everybody, Always

New York Times Bestseller!What happens when we give away love like we're made of it? In his entertaining and inspiring follow-up to the New York Times bestselling phenomenon Love Does, Bob Goff takes readers on a journey into the secret of living without fear, constraint, or worry. The path toward the liberated existence we all long for is found in a truth as simple to say as it is hard to do: love people, even the difficult ones, without distin...

Details Everybody, Always

TitleEverybody, Always
Release DateApr 17th, 2018
PublisherThomas Nelson
GenreNonfiction, Christian, Religion, Faith, Spirituality, Christian Living

Reviews Everybody, Always

  • Erin *Help I’m Reading and I Can’t Get Up*
    1.5 stars. A real disappointment. While I agree with his sentiment, the entire point is in the title/first chapter, which then gets repeated over and over and over through loosely organized stories.The main reason I didn't connect, though, was because of the squarely white upperclass male perspective. From start to finish, Goff throws in casual mentions of extraordinary spending-- buying six homes in ten years, hopping a plane to Mount Kilimanjar...
  • Luke Hillier
    I need to start off with a disclaimer. I think this is a really important book with a powerful message...and I also think it has some problematic elements. However, I'm struggling to even feel permission to voice the latter because 1. it feels defensive and like I totally missed his point, especially since he harped so much against having opinions and 2. Bob Goff has done some incredible, inspiring things in his life and all my accomplishments an...
  • Molly
    I am reviewing the first five chapters of the book that I received from the publisher. I first "met" Bob when I read Love Does and because I loved that book, when I found out about his new book I was dying to get my hands on a copy of it. While reading the first five chapters, I have laughed and cried - sometimes within just a few sentences. Bob has a way with words - his sentences may be short and simple, but they go so much deeper than the surf...
  • Selena
    I received a free copy of Everybody Always by Bob Goff from Bookish First for my honest review.What a beautiful and delightful book to read in a world so full of chaos. This book is about how to live life with love always. It opens your heart and makes you realize that you need to love everyone not just the ones who are easy to love. This is a great reminder for everyone to realize that love is simple and doesn't need to ever be complicated. Bob ...
  • Melinda Greenzalis
    This book is very Bob Goff - he makes things simple but not easy. Uncomplicated ideas that make you think. It (like Love Does) makes you see the possibilities not the road blocks.
  • Brienne Coughlin
    Oh, where to start. I’ve had preview access to the first five chapters and this book has hit me like a brick. In Love Does, I cry every time I read (and yes, I’ve read it a lot) two stories: the one about Don Valencia and VIA Starbucks coffee, and the one where Bob and his friends sail to Hawaii. Those come quite late in the book, so I’m prepared and ready for a hard-hit to the feels. This one, however, hit me in chapter three. FIRST THING....
  • Laurel Starkey
    I feel like the Grinch, but Bob came across as quite egoistic — buying houses and moving “sweet Marie” without discussing it with her, controlling what news his kids hear, holding “office hours” in Disney Land so his students have to pay MORE money just to ask questions they have about his course. He tells these stories in a folksy voice that embodies the best of Mr Rogers crossed with Wilfred Brimley advertising Quaker Oats. (I have th...
  • Lisa
    The long-awaited follow-up to Love Does, this book by Goff continues to put on display the extravagant love of God. Somehow Goff manages to be both whimsical and serious. What I read from him makes me want to live out the faith I say I believe.Reading what Bob writes makes me believe anything is possible because he is crazy enough to believe that living our lives for Jesus has a real impact on people right now. (He has the stories to back that up...
  • Melissa
    Five stars, no doubt. This book challenged me, convicted me, inspired me, and deeply impacted me. It changed my life and the way I look at and love those around me. You will not regret reading this book!! I guarantee it will change your heart, molding and shaping it to soften and become more like Christ's. Bob Goff has a message in his heart that I feel Jesus is wanting us to apply to our lives. I am so grateful for Bob writing his story because ...
  • Kelly Martin
    I have a feeling that this book, each chapter, maybe even every paragraph will constantly challenge it's readers to think about love in a new way. It's pure honesty strikes me in a way that many other books have not done. Bob invites his readers into a series of adventure weaving through separate parts of his life story on how to love everybody, always. I am excited to read the rest of this book when it comes out next month. I received an advance...
  • Rushaunda Diaz
    Bob Goff has a relaxed, conversational style of writing that makes you feel as if you are just sitting down to chat over coffee. He does a fantastic job of mixing deep truth with engaging stories from his own life. One minute you will be laughing out loud, before being brought to tears, followed closely by the need to stop reading to meditate and pray on the concepts presented. Loving others well requires us to step outside our comfort zone, not ...
  • Victoria Bunce
    Walkie-Talkies, Home Improvement, & Faith - Oh, My!All the stars...all the feels..and here's why: I wasn't sure what to expect from EVERYBODY, ALWAYS as I didn't read the first NYT best selling book by Bob Goff. However, the title and the book cover intrigued me, so I decided to read an excerpt on BookishFirst. Then, yay! I was lucky enough to win a copy of the actual book for my honest review. Thank you to BookishFirst, the publisher, and the au...
  • April Noel
    Bob's writing is so wonderful. He seems like he could be a best friend to everyone. He doesn't just admonish us to go out and love everyone-he gives examples and shows us how to go out and put it into practice with even our most difficult neighbors!I am reviewing the first five chapters of the book that I received from the publisher.
  • Michayla (WaitingfortheSecondStar)
    Thank you to Nelson Books and Bookish for providing me with an ARC for this book in exchange for an honest review.In Everybody, Always: Becoming Love in a World Full of Setbacks and Difficult People, Bob Goff talks about exactly that: the practice of showing Christ-like love to everyone we meet, particularly those we find most difficult. Using anecdotes from his own life experiences as illustrations, Goff reveals simple insights about Jesus, love...
  • Emily
    I loved the message of this book, because that is also how I want to love my life, and it was a nice quick read in the morning for 10-20 minutes before kids woke up...however, Bob’s tone can get a little over the top corny for me at times, which I don’t begrudge him, it just made the book a little less appealing to me personally (the Disney love baffles me). The most major complaint I have is that at least three times in the book he uses the ...
  • Juliet Campbell
    I am rating this book based on the first five chapter that were sent to me in exchange for an honest review. This book follows in the same footsteps of Bob’s first book, Love does. It gives us details of events in his life and he uses those stories to illustrate a point. In his first book, Bob used his crazy cool stories to illustrate one point or message, love does. This book is no different, the stories are centred on loving people. In the fi...
  • Afton Carnegy
    Had to read this for book club, otherwise I'd never pick a book like this up (I am in no way religious). The stories he told about all these wonderful people he's come across in his life were great and I enjoyed them a lot, but the whole religious side of the book just made me cringe. It felt like he repeated the same thing over and over again in every chapter. Not my kind of book.
  • Mike
    I met Bob Goff in his first book - Love Does. “Met” him is proper, because the book is full of personal stories. Stories that make you laugh out loud - the kind that catch you off guard and coffee shoots out of your mouth and nose. Stories that make you cry - the kind that creep up on you even when you know they are coming and you stop reading and blink because your eyes are filled with tears. Stories that make you change - because they are c...
  • Rebecca
    Bob (or is it God?) does it again! God’s love oozes out of the pages as Bob delivers one of his favorite messages—love!I received the first five chapters for review from the publisher.
  • Cara Putman
    The stories are so good—and challenging.
  • Sarah Swann
    Enjoyed this! I started reading and then put it down for some reason and it took me a long time to pick it back up. But I’m glad I did. I didn’t necessarily feel that I learned anything new, but I did appreciate the way these lessons were presented. I like how the author admitted his own weaknesses and took his real-life experiences and other people’s stories to represent Biblical lessons. It was good.
  • Emily P
    Bob Goff is already one of my favorite authors. I read his "Love Does" book a few years ago for the first time. I have since read it many, many times. I have bought other copies to gift to friends and co workers...it looks as though I will be doing the same with this current book, "Everybody Always." I can't really describe Bob Goff to you..both he and his wife Maria, (whom he lovingly calls "Sweet Maria", who wrote her own excellent book) but tr...
  • Penny Lyon
    Currently reading the first 5 chapters (pre-release):Bob Goff once again challenges me to think of things from a new perspective. It's simple and far easier to walk away from difficult people, uncomfortable emotions, and troubled situations than to offer up ourselves to others, than to break with convention and be the weird person who actually stops to listen after asking "How are you?" The truth is, this is what we need to make a mark on this wo...
  • Kathryn W
    I am reviewing the first 5 Chapters of the book that I received from the Publisher. Wow! What a book so far! I feel challenged, encouraged & a lot more willing to take risks with LOVE! Loving others as myself...it's what Jesus told us to do. I'm a follower of Jesus, I want to be like Him & show His love to this fallen world. This book helps! Here's a part that I love from the book, "We're supposed to just love the people in front of us. We're the...
  • Sarah
    I received the first 5 chapters of this book from the publisher and cannot wait to read the entire thing. Bob Goff is easily one of my favorite authors. He explains his faith so simply and so clearly that I can't help but want to follow along and see where he's going with it. Jesus' instructions to us are so simple. "Love God" which, to me anyway, is fairly easy. And then "Love People", which is just the hardest thing EVER sometimes. Sometimes I ...
  • Andrea Marlene
    I received an Advanced Reader Copy of the first five chapters of this book from the publisher BUT I pre-ordered the book before I read them based on how much I loved Bob Goff's first book, Love Does. So far, Everybody Always does not disappoint. The story Bob tells of his neighbour Carol, told in the first three chapters, already makes this book a touching and worthwhile read. As always, I love Bob's unique perspective and his whimsical approach ...
  • Amber Nash
    I am reviewing the first five chapters of the book that I received from the publisher.Bob has lived a life full of adventure, whimsy, and pure joy – all in pursuit of loving Christ and loving others well. Reading this book will encourage and inspire you to do the same.Read the rest of my review by clicking the link below: http://bythegraceofgodiam.com/2018/02...
  • Jordan
    I am reviewing the first five chapters of the book that I received from the publisher. Once again, Bob tells stories of whimsical love. He makes loving people so simple, and prods you to take steps to love people better. The age of old question of “Who is my neighbor?” is answered in the title, everybody. And when do we love them? Always.
  • Taylor Knight
    I’ve been searching for around for new Christian books to read and I’ve seen Everybody, Always around a lot and so many people have high praise for it so I knew it had to go at the top on my TBR. I really liked this book but there was a few things here and there that weren’t my favorite. I did, of course, love the message of the book. Mr. Goff used each personal story as a lead up for how to become love and really express it, which I really...
  • Caleb
    The two things I really took away from Everybody Always are 1. Love those who are unloved/unlovable (people who are different, hard and irritating, haters, enemies, etc)... basically all the people we try to push out of our lives, these are the people God is calling us to love. 2. See people based on their progress and as on a journey, rather than as arrived / stuck. Celebrate every victory and call out and celebrate all the good you see in them.