Hellboy Omnibus Volume 1 by Mike Mignola

Hellboy Omnibus Volume 1

The story jumps from Hellboy's mysterious World War II origin to his 1994 confrontation with the man who summoned him to earth, and the earliest signs of the plague of frogs. Avoiding his supposed fate as the herald of the end of the world, Hellboy continues with the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, fighting alongside Abe Sapien, Liz Sherman, and drafting Roger Homunculus into his own ill-fated service with the B.P.R.D. This 368-page v...

Details Hellboy Omnibus Volume 1

TitleHellboy Omnibus Volume 1
Release DateJun 5th, 2018
PublisherDark Horse Books
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Horror, Fantasy

Reviews Hellboy Omnibus Volume 1

  • James DeSantis
    So two things crossed my mind when I picked up this title. Glad I waited because Hellboy (So far) is complete. So I'll be able to read it all. Second though after finishing this title is why in the blue (or red) hell did I wait so long to read this!?!?So if you don't know anything about Hellboy (how could you not?) He's basically a big devil looking ape-looking dude who joins others who are special to stop the evils of the world. Mostly this volu...
  • Andrew
    There is something so seductive about he work of Mike Mignola and Hellboy himself (I cannot be the only one with board games and a reboot of the film franchise around the corner). And finally my wishes have been answered - the collected stories are finally coming out in Omnibus editions.I have long since been follow Hellboys antics and adventures however making sense of the various stories - their interwoven references and the suspicion that a fa...
  • R
    How good was this. I really enjoyed the Hellboy mythos and world. Great story lines, action and amazing characters. This contained a couple of volumes and some short stories. They all really continued and overall story arc, with great background information on the characters ( good and evil) as well combine perfect amounts of history. The artwork was really quite unique. I had been told that some people consider it too simiplistic. However, I fee...
  • Mitchell Kukulka
    "We are what we are, and we have our paths to travel."I've had a few friends recommend the Hellboy books to me over the years, so I was expecting some solid entertainment from the series.What I wasn't expecting was a work of art that seamlessly blends a smorgasbord of literary and mythological influences with its own masterfully realized world.I'm overjoyed that the whole damned series is being recollected just in time for new readers like myself...
  • Saul
    Solid 4 stars. Very nice art, distinctive style, definitely. The story (or stories) is very much original. I always enjoyed how the color red is underused in the panels so that when Hellboy shows up, he really pops and stands out. He's a very vibrant, bright red that leaps off the page.Absolutely hungry for more. It helps a lot that the Omnibus editions (coming out this year, starting with Volume 1 in May 2018) organize the graphic novels in chro...
  • Joshua
    Behind a monk who's supposed to be dead, the relics portraying demons caste in stone by memo-americans hide in shadows, and we all miss his words because a portal to another world, another time, opens and some new nightmare bursts forth to end humanity. And to all this Red just sighs, cocks his gun, and fires back into the abyss.This omnibus gathered stories, many of which I've read already, but their arraignment, their updates colors, and their ...
  • Morgan
    Took me long enough, but I finally started reading Hellboy. Maybe waiting for this omnibus to come out was a good idea. If your like me and not sure where to start with Hellboy, this volume is for you. Dark Horse is not only putting these out faster than most omnibus editions, but these are in reading order too. One reason I never read Hellboy before is because there are SO MANY different volumes it gets messy and confusing.So far I like Hellboy....
  • Chris Carrick
    Omnibus is the best bang for your buck and the perfect starting point. Omnibus is the best bang for your buck and the perfect starting point. Mike Mignola's artwork is amazing. Perfect balance of humor and action as well
  • Sophia
    Δεν θα πω πολλά.Επος!
  • Rachel Reid
    Basically a perfect comic. We'll be discussing this book on the Living Between Wednesdays Podcast this week.
  • Alejandro Dodds
    One of the GOAT
  • Alex
    I've read these stories before (included here are the first two arcs plus some side stories, including the one that introduces Roger the Homunculus), so it's only lacking the spark of originality. Everything else is wonderful. Hellboy is a great character, almost always either over it or not even interested enough to care in the first place. He seems to get his rocks off by beating up on mythological creatures and/or Nazis and I think I can get b...
  • Sohan Surag
    3rd time's the charm, I guess. Read through the trades, read through the Library Editions and now its time to give the Omnibus a shot and boy this was no surprise...its just as wonderful an experience the first time. Although Library Edition was the definitive experience, Mignola's characters and timeless art is the reason why Hellboy is my all time favorite comicbook character and not a dime less charming in the Omnibus format. Always a pleasure...
  • Sirbriang2
    This is a bargain-priced TPD ($25 cover price for around 359 pages of published content!) of Mike Mignola’s first few Hellboy miniseries. Mignola does a great job of building a weird, paranormal world, despite these being his first attempts at plotting and scripting comics. The art is perfect —- highly stylized, bizarre, and full of character. Hellboy himself doesn’t have much personality in the first few stories, but the mood and the suppo...
  • Scott Waldyn
    Pulpy, fun, and a little zany with the supernatural. It's like Raymond Chandler and Ivan Reitman's original Ghostbusters had a baby.What really seals the deal is its phenomenal (and perfect) art style. Mike Mignola is truly one of a kind, and this collection is the first volume in a timeless masterpiece of pulpy art.
  • Ben
    I'd put this right up there with "The Dark Knight Returns" as one of the best comics I have ever read! The sorry was quite deep (lots of reading for a comic), love the use of mythology, and the artwork was very ominous.
  • Federico Kereki
    This book deserves a double reading: one for the Lovecraftian (with a touch of pulp fiction) story, and other just for the almost impressionistic art!
  • Brett
    Dialogue was a bit off but mignola's art is something else entirely.
  • Kurt Zisa
    Great collection of the first Hellboy books. Remastered and crisp artwork throughout with fantastic concept art and never before seen tidbits at the end. A must have for any Hellboy completionist.
  • Hassan
    Excellent collection of an excellent comic (can we call Hellboy a "classic" now?).
  • James Hyman
    Very very interesting...
  • Lizzy Walker
    Review for Monster Librarian forthcoming.
  • Pturingan
    Finally took the plunge into the Hellboy universe with this newly released Omnibus edition. Big chunky volume with a lot story and great artwork, definitely well worth your money.
  • Doug Chase
    The fun weirdness of Hellboy from the beginning of the series. I’m looking forward to the subsequent volumes.
  • James
    Nice to have this as an omnibus collection.