Pain (Curse of the Gods, #5) by Jane Washington

Pain (Curse of the Gods, #5)

Willa Knight: The saviour of both worlds, or the destruction of everything? Sometimes history lies, and the tales of Minatsol and Topia are no different. Since the birth of Topia, Staviti has woven a web of deceit around the truth of Creation, striving only to maintain his power while destroying anything that gets in his way. Now, Willa and the Abcurses are determined to strip back the layers, to uncover the truth, and to understand the true natu...

Details Pain (Curse of the Gods, #5)

TitlePain (Curse of the Gods, #5)
Release DateNov 14th, 2018
PublisherAmazon Digital Services
GenrePolyamorous, Reverse Harem, Fantasy, Romance, New Adult, Paranormal

Reviews Pain (Curse of the Gods, #5)

  • AMY (Ah-mei) ♔♔Got the attention span of a hummingbird♔♔
    Update 4Buddy read still in progress, does anyone else want to join us? ♥♥♥♥UPDATE 3♥♥♥4.5 stars!!!Buddy read with the QT's!April (Coen QT) (Yael QT) (Siret QT) (Abcurses QT) P (Abcurses QT) (Aros QT)https://ww...
  • Sh3lly
    Trickery: ★★★★★Persuasion: ★★★★Seduction: ★★★★★Strength: ★★★★The series is finally over. I think I was a bit over-saturated with it because I liked this, but I was ready for it to be over. It seemed like the plot was a bit thin and there were a lot of kissing scenes (sex, etc.). It was a good conclusion and this will always be one of my favorite reverse harems. I love Willa and the Abcurses. Everyone got a happ...
  • Roxy D.C
    5 out of 5 stars ⭐️ "The six of us, we are as permanent as this marble. It will never fade. Never deteriorate. Forever." I loved this whole series including the Neutral novella. I was so impatient to get this book, but after I finished reading it I'm sad that it's over. Pain was emotional, funny, and sexy with a large dose of Willa basically doing things her way and solving all their problems. I have grown to love all the characters and the...
  • Pippa
    EDIT: I’ve now read pain since it was released yesterday and so I’ve deleted my last re-view from before and am now writing my thoughts on the book after release. This review DOES contain spoilers, so please don’t read it if you haven’t read the book yet. You have now been warned and I can get on with it😂I have to say I’m actually rather disappointed with this book😢😭It has been such an incredible journey from trickery to streng...
  • Parvati Patil
    My favorite RH series. I only got a problem (view spoiler)[ RH is unconventional romance, why ended it the conventional and then they had children and lived happily ever after way? Not everyone needs children, I for sure don't. (hide spoiler)]Other than that great book. My favorite RH series. I only got a problem (view spoiler)[ RH is unconventional romance, why ended it the conventional and then they had children and lived happily ever after w...
  • AMY (Ah-mei) ♔♔Got the attention span of a hummingbird♔♔
    GUYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! This series is a #Mustread. Seriously, your missing out!! It's like watching a first season of the most amazing anime sitcom, hilarious things happen all the time, nothing angsty. I could have started on episode 3 and still get it. Really good. I hope Washington sensei and Eve sensei return to Willa and her guys one day 'cuz a gazillion missing opportunities and I NEED MORE. I never felt so close to a chara...
  • Corinne
    I read this long ago and I can't remember what I thought about it other than I had a good time reading the series.
  • Al *the semi serial series skipper*
    I didn't like it First off, I'm going to miss Willa the great. Secondly, i'm glad this series has ended because it started to lose what made it so good. This book was a total "meh" and I have been a die hard Abcurses fan since the very first book. Mediocre end to an otherwise great series.****************************************************************************A cover!A blurb!A release date!An epic ending!!! I didn't like it First off, I'...
  • Darce
    Fun, sexy and a good end to the series. Not as ‘laugh out loud’ as the previous books, nowhere near as funny as the first few books, but enjoyable. Willa and the boys were as wonderful as always, and Emmy wasn’t as annoying as she was in the last book. Cyrus was a babe. New characters were introduced and the book was entertaining and captivating. Lots of sex, just a warning. Yep, that’s all. There’s not really much to say without spoile...
  • Alaina
    Last book of my favorite series. I love every character in this and now I can't wait to dive into this series again.. like in a year. Willa is just ugh, everything! I loved her in this book because I was getting to know more about her powers and her family. I knew my theory about her dad was correct and I honestly jumped up and down like a crazy kid who got a barbie for christmas. Or something like that.. 'cause dolls scare the shit out of me. He...
  • Liz
    A perfect endingEverything was resolved and everyone lived happily ever after. It was a tad boring. All the guys' personalities meshed into this single person and they all followed Willa around like puppy dogs. Willa is no longer clumsy and helpless, which is what made her unique in the first place.Emmy and Neutral are both annoying. They're perfect for each other.
  • Karen
    I'm 89% through and despite some signs Willa is evolving this book is very much in par with the others. No plot, aimless journey, a lot of comic relief, good action scenes, sexy moments. Nothing much, just an enjoyable book for reverse harem fans. Who else knows about this book asides amazon consumers? I hoped all along the authors would get better editing support so that this book would become the mainstream phenomena a cast of characters like t...
  • Maria Dimitrova
    Initially I planned to wait for the audio book but found some time to squeeze in some actual reading in December. I was curious to see how Curse of the gods will be wrapped up and if everyone survives. I'm not really sure if I made the right decision but you know what they say about curiosity and the cat. In this case instead of a cat we have my limited time for readin-reading vs audio-reading.Pain left me with conflicting emotions - I'm both sad...
  • Aly
    Great conclusion to the series4.5 stars! I loved these books! Willa is so awesome, she's strong and opinionated and puts arrogant Gods and Sols in their places. She makes me laugh out loud and I'm so jealous of her relationship with the Abcurse brothers. The culmination of her story was amazing and we got answers to all the questions. There was a lot more sexy time in this book which I feel liked I've been waiting for forever, so that made this g...
  • Felicia
    Holy shitty ending Batman. I read five effing books for that terribly anticlimatic ending?! What was that horse shit!?!? I'm so super pissed. I mean cool they beat the bad guy and got a happy ending, yada yada. But like, seriously a five book build up for the take down of the bad guy to last maybe five paragraphs?! I'm calling bullshit. I am so mad about this that I give zero fucks about writing an actual review about this book... Just this rant,...
  • Kim Rivera
    I’m still trying to figure out the titles of these books as they have literally nothing to do with the specific god. Now, this series def could’ve and should’ve stopped at 3 books. A huge draw is the tension and once that is eliminated in book 3 it’s boring and book 5 is too much. The authors should’ve considered a full length book from the perspective of Cyrus and Emmy ... and what’s with the brothers all the sudden don’t hear all ...
  • Jessica
    I’m sad it’s over. But happy to see a conclusion. This series is basically what started me on my love for RH, so it’ll always be my favorite. The CotG journey has been fun, humorous, stressful at times, ridiculous, sexy, and oh so good. This installment is a bit more serious. Willa has grown up and the Abcurses are sweeter. I found that I could’ve used a bit more of a final standoff, but in the end I was happy with the entire series. It...
  • Erica Ravenclaw
    ☆☆ No Spoilers! Definitely colorful language abound! My love for this series declined with each book. The plot got a little wild in this final installment, but whatever because I was grateful for it to be wrapping up. I have to say, this is the fourth series I've read this year that I totally disengaged with at the last book... so maybe it's me? I'm just happy that I finished it.
  • Carly
    "As soon as we know your god colour, we'll weave it through as well," he murmured, his breath brushing across my cheek as he leaned down to me. "The six of us, we are as permanent as this marble. It will never fade. Never deteriorate. Forever.""Unless I accidentally burn it down," I amended. "Or Pica loves it to death."~"Really not sure I'm going to survive the five of you," I admitted, shaking my head to try and clear it.He laughed. "You match u...
  • Brooke
    Perhaps I’m in a book slump because I have had a cold that just won’t go away and I’m extra crotchety, but I’m glad this is over. (I will admit to putting aside books I know I’ll like when in a better mood)I enjoyed the Curse of the Gods series as a whole, but honestly the world building and universe leave A LOT to be desired. Plot holes a mile wide, previously listed inconstancies, and abnormal reactions and behaviors were peppered thr...
  • Jane Catherine
    First off this series was EVERYTHING💥💥 I loved every freaking character and the humor is so on point. This final book of Willa and her Abcurses was absolutely amazing and a perfect way to end the series! How the authors were able to wrap up every story plot was genius. I’m so sad this world is over but it couldn’t have ended any better💜💜 Thank you for taking us on this amazing ride Jane and Jaymin!
  • Rachael*Caribbean*girl*bibliophile
    Spoilers aheadOne of my problems with long series is that things most always feel like they've been stretched too far. This probably could've been 3 amazing books but stretched into 5 I skimmed a bit. Things picked up in the latter half and Willa was able to get rid of the big bad, get her parents back, witness her friend being married and also getting married to her 5 guys.The sexy times again were a disappointment even with the inclusion of a 6...
  • Sakina Carter
    I will start by saying that I am bias when it comes to this series. This was my first experience with the world of RH, so it will always hold a special place in my heart.As a whole, I love this series. I adore Willa and her guys and the relationship that they built through out the series.This was an incredible journey. The ending was perfect. I was happy with the way the story ended for Pica. I had conflicted feelings about her through out the st...
  • taveena kade
    i know it’s the end but i still want more...spinoff series? please?
  • Vanessa ♛Queen Alchemy ϟ Novel Nerd Faction♛
    This review MAY contain spoilers. Read at your own risk.I found myself feeling a bit differently towards this book than I did with the previous books in the series. For some reason, it took me much longer to get through this last book when I read the other books in a single day. I just wasn't feeling it like I did with the other books. I suppose that I just have to chalk it up to being a mood reader. I read the previous books in less than a week ...
  • Renée
    It’s sad that Pain is the last book in The Curse of the Gods Series, but what an ending. Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington have truely outdone themselves with Willa’s story. The Curse of the Gods Series will be forever be one of my all time favourites, and high on the recommendation list. Looking forward to reading the next adventures that these two amazing authors each create.*****If you’ve been waiting to the series to be finished before sta...