Aru Shah and the Song of Death (Pandava Quartet, #2) by Roshani Chokshi

Aru Shah and the Song of Death (Pandava Quartet, #2)

Aru is only just getting the hang of this whole Pandava thing when the Otherworld goes into full panic mode. The god of love's bow and arrow have gone missing, and the thief isn't playing Cupid. Instead, they're turning people into heartless fighting-machine zombies. If that weren't bad enough, somehow Aru gets framed as the thief. If she doesn't find the arrow by the next full moon, she'll be kicked out of the Otherworld. For good. But, for bett...

Details Aru Shah and the Song of Death (Pandava Quartet, #2)

TitleAru Shah and the Song of Death (Pandava Quartet, #2)
Release DateApr 30th, 2019
PublisherRick Riordan Presents
GenreFantasy, Childrens, Middle Grade, Mythology, Fiction

Reviews Aru Shah and the Song of Death (Pandava Quartet, #2)

  • Ashley
    Star Rating : 5 STARS! I’m doing my happy dance. I can’t. stop.I loved this so much. Literally. So. Much.RTC so much to say ! So much to love ! Plus I’m too busy singing and dancing with glee.vvv THEBEST vvv [the instant the first WORD to this lyric was said, I think I died of happiness. After singing it through, of course. Three times. One of my favorite parts of Mulan😊] We must be... Swift as the coursing river, With all the Force of ...
  • Taylor
    This was absolutely delightful, and a great second book in the Pandava quartet. I can't wait for more!RTC.
  • Cory Marie
    Roshani Chokshi can really do it all. The humor in this is so on point, and even though there was some pretty stressful action scenes, this wonderful book was so full of perfectly woven mythologies and endearing friendships. “Rick Riordan Presents” books are a gift to readers everywhere, and I can’t wait to get my hands on even more of these beautifully diverse stories!!
  • Sahitya
    I’ve been so excited to read this sequel since I finished the first book a couple of weeks ago. It was such fun and I completely fell in love with the characters and I’ve been waiting to know what happens to them next, and this book was just as spectacular.While the previous book gave us an introduction to this world of reincarnated Pandavas and prophecies and the Otherworld, we get to go deeper into it in this one. The plot is slightly diffe...
  • Obsidian
    Not too much to say here except that this was fun ride with Aru. I think that Chokshi did a great job with the adventure story-line while still giving a fun flavor to old stories that Aru, Mimi and the newest additions have heard about. We also had a great set-up into the next book as well.'Aru Shah and the Song of Death" has soul sisters Aru and Mimi trying to track down a thief who stole the god of Love's bow and arrow. Coming across someone th...
  • Surina
    "The song of death was like ice creeping across a windowpane, and a warning shout unleashed too late, and the silent chime of a moment that has been forgotten forever. It was impossible, painful, and ultimately, inevitable." Sequel syndrome. We’ve all heard of it. The dreaded disease that inflicts itself on most second novels in series, that makes them so terrible and all-around-bad that we’re ashamed to say we’ve even read it.Suffering fro...
  • Nicole
    Copy received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Aru Shah fights Otherworld monsters and saves the day again - this time, without the Spider-man pajamas. Now with double the friends!I liked the second installment in the Pandava Quartet, but only after I embraced all the modern-day meme references and general wackiness that was most of the dialogue. Aru Shah and the Song of Death is a good sequel, but you have to get into the fact tha...
  • Caidyn (SEMI-HIATUS; BW Reviews; he/him/his)
    This review can also be found on my blog!4.5/51. Aru Shah and the End of Time – 4/5If I thought that the first book was good, I was blown away by this one!It picks up, roughly, where the first book leaves off. There are slight spoilers for that ending, but not for the general plot of the first book.After Mini and Aru go through their first adventure after finding out they’re reincarnations of the Pandava brothers (this time, Pandava sisters!)...
  • Lata
    Total fun. Since book one already introduced the idea that Aru and Mini are essentially reincarnations/manifestations of two of the Pandava brothers, I was already comfortable with Roshani Chokshi's myth-based world. And since I had also read child's versions of the Mahabharata and the Ramayana at least 20 times each, many of the gods, demigods, rakshasas and other beings were familiar. This time, we have two more kids along for a new quest. The ...
  • Mila
    This was such a great sequel to an already great first book and I'm officially in love with this series. I loved all the characters, the story was full of adventures and I personally found the jokes to be very funny. So this book was all kinds of awesome and I can't wait to read the next one!
  • Claire Jackson
    I can't wait for this book to come out! 😊 Roshani, I really hope you would have people pre-order it so we read it on April 15 (the day before the book comes out) I can't want OMGSH
  • Jenny Baker
    I love this series. It's so much fun! Great audiobook narration. It's a shame this series is so underrated. I highly recommend it!
  • Queen Cronut
    Wow, this book was so much fun to read- I liked it a lot more than the first book.In the second installment of the Pandava Quartet, Aru Shah and the Song of Death, we get more character development, mythology that is beautifully portrayed and of course, humor. While I liked Aru and Mini in the first book, they grew on me in this book as through their character arcs and I loved them even more. Also, I liked the introduction of new characters, Bryn...
  • Kristi Housman Confessions of a YA Reader
    I adored Aru Shah and the Song of Death.  I think I might have liked it even more than book one!Someone stole a bow and arrows and created "the heartless".  They were all males and were basically zombies.  Uloopi blamed the Pandavas and gave them a mission to retrieve the stolen property in ten days or these lose their Otherworld memories and be banned from there.Aru, Mini, and Brynne are joined by Aiden even though he's not a Pandava.  Brynn...
  • Brenda Waworga
    After being disappointed with "The Gilded Wolves", "Aru Shah and The Song Of Death" restored my trust for Roshani ChokshiWhat i love so much about this series is The Hinduism Mythology story combine with adventure and humors! (about Pandava Brothers) its like learning and adventuring at the same time Now talking about the Villains, i love how Roshani wrote them with tragic background stories, it makes me feel the story have mo depthIf you love Mi...
  • Lori Harris
    This is so precious! I loved this book so much especially since I loved Aru Shah and the End of Time , the first book in the series. This will obviously contains spoilers for that book, but no spoilers will be in this book. The book was really wonderful, and I was really happy about the fact that it didn't suffer from the second book sequel syndrome. The fact that it almost reminds of The Lightning Thief, but it's completely different from that...
  • Andrea
    Aru & Minnie have finally gotten the hang of being Pandava's, well mostly. When random citizens are being kidnapped and turned into zombie like creatures, Aru & Minnie must prove their innocence by finding the god of love's bow & arrow. If they don't succeed they'll be kicked out of the Otherworld for good. This time they have a new Pandava, Brynne, and her friend, Aiden, to deal with who are hiding their own secrets and insecurities. These books...
  • Jordan (pagetravels)
    This book was just so much FUN. Full of adventure and jokes and characters you can't help but fall in love with. I can't recommend this series enough for ANY age.
  • michelle (magicalreads)
    3.75 starsRoshani Chokshi has done it again with her new middle-grade book. The writing, as usual, was beautiful, and you can definitely see the amount of love and research she's poured into this series. I adored the new characters (Brynne saying she likes boys and girls! Brynne throwing out "they" as a pronoun choice! Aiden being the grandma friend!), as well as falling in love with Aru and Mini again. I can't wait for the next book in the serie...
  • Mahati S.
    So! I finally finished this book. And can I say, Rosh, you really did it this time!This book was so hilarious! And combined with Aru’s terribly sarcastic humor, Brynn(did I spell this right?)’s very arrogant commentary, and everybody’s relationship, all in all I LOVED THIS BOOK!Alongside that, I am also Hindu, and I loved being able to connect with all of the Mythology in this book, and to be able to remember these beloved stories that I re...
  • Jaime
    Aru Shah and the Song of DeathMoana) and fantastic fandom references. (Can I please be invited to Aru’s Lord of the Rings themed birthday party? Because it sounds amazing!)At the heart of the book are typical middle grade themes of friendship and family. I like that despite what they go through, despite their differences, the characters come together to help one another, no matter the cost and no matter what they might have said or done in the ...
  • Frank-Intergalactic Bookdragon
    Even better than the first book.I'm not going to write a really long review for this because I'm honestly not feeling it. What can I say except that this is great? The new characters are lovable and have a great squad dynamic, the writing is better than most middle grade, and it deals with some surprisingly complex themes including feminism and love. It's also quite fun and humorous.My only complaints are that I felt the quest wasn't very easy to...
  • Noelle Walsh
    You know a book is super good when you can sit down and read most, if not all, of it in one sitting. That's what happened to me while reading this book that is just so perfectly amazing that it is impossible to put down! Is it wrong to say I wish I had my hands on the next book now? I need the next one, like, yesterday. I love Aidan, I love Brynne, I love Aru, I love Mini, I love all of these characters! the humour is perfect, along with the plot...
  • Hazel Macwan
    This was even better than the first book!
  • Katie
    I really enjoyed this book! It was such a fun read. I am a huge fan of Percy Jackson, so when I heard about the Rick Riordan Presents imprint, I was really excited to read about mythology from different cultures and this series has not disappointed. I think that I like this book better than the first one, so I'm excited to read the rest of the books in the series when they come out. I also loved all of the pop culture references in this book. I t...
  • Kalie
    At this point, the whole Rick Riordan Presents imprint can own my soul, because each book published under it has been an absolute delight. Picking up right where the first book left off, ARU SHAH AND THE SONG OF DEATH not only expands the world by introducing more lore, but also expands the core team. And you guys? I love these kids. They're good kids. Charming, fun, and often surprisingly heartfelt, there's a reason why I've been such a staunch ...