The Hollow of Fear (Lady Sherlock, #3) by Sherry Thomas

The Hollow of Fear (Lady Sherlock, #3)

Charlotte Holmes, Lady Sherlock, returns in the Victorian-set mystery series from the USA Today bestselling author of A Conspiracy in Belgravia and A Study in Scarlet Women, an NPR Best Book of 2016.Under the cover of “Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective,” Charlotte Holmes puts her extraordinary powers of deduction to good use. Aided by the capable Mrs. Watson, Charlotte draws those in need to her and makes it her business to know what othe...

Details The Hollow of Fear (Lady Sherlock, #3)

TitleThe Hollow of Fear (Lady Sherlock, #3)
Release DateOct 2nd, 2018
GenreMystery, Historical, Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Fiction, Adult, Romance

Reviews The Hollow of Fear (Lady Sherlock, #3)

  • Holly B
    This is the third in The Lady Sherlock series. We don't have a Sherlock Holmes, but we have Charlotte Holmes - the female sleuth who heads up the investigations. She also has a female sidekick, Mrs. Watson. The gender switch from Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson worked well and made this one even more fun. Go girls!I'm sure that I should have started with the first in the series because I missed out on some of the background on many of the characte...
  • Caz
    I've given this a straight A at AAR.It seems that my reaction, whenever I finish one of Sherry Thomas’ Lady Sherlock books, is forever destined to be one of complete awe as I sit stunned, with my brain trying to catch up while I’m also trying to scrape my jaw up off the floor. I’m not sure I’m capable of forming whole sentences just yet, because DAY-UM, but the woman has a devious mind!The Hollow of Fear is the third in the series, and ...
  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede
    The Lady Sherlock series has become a favorite one for me since I read book two, A CONSPIRACY IN BELGRAVIA last year. Since then have I devoured the first book A STUDY IN SCARLET WOMEN and now the latest in the series, THE HOLLOW OF FEAR. It may be prudent to start with the first book to get the backstory of the characters and events, as well as because this book is connected to the story in A CONSPIRACY IN BELGRAVIA.READ THE REST OF THE REVIEW O...
  • Mlpmom (Book Reviewer)
    My most favorite Holmes book to date! Full review to come.*EDITED TO ADD REVIEW*I know I've said this before but it bares saying again, this series is truly outstanding. So well written, engaging and completely addicting. With a heroine unlike any 19th century heroine I've meet, not to mention a whole cast of characters that are every bit as irresistible as the main character. Truly a series I adore reading and am on the edge of my seat waiting f...
  • Blackjack
    Another phenomenal addition to Thomas’s Lady Sherlock series. I did not want this book to end. Though in all honestly, I may have enjoyed the sprawling mystery in A Conspiracy in Belgravia just slightly better, The Hollow of Fear is nonetheless tightly constructed and complex enough that the big revelations when they come are shocking, somewhat sad, and well worth the wait. The last thirty pages has some truly surprising disclosures. Part of me...
  • OLT
    The fact that I buy Sherry Thomas's historical novels automatically and ignore the price says a lot about my admiration for her writing. Her new Lady Sherlock series costs much more than the arbitrary limit I've set myself for escape reading, but what's a fan to do except buy them anyway? This third entry in Thomas's gender-bending take on Sherlock Holmes begins approximately where #2 left off, with half brother Myron Finch, once associated with ...
  • Giedre
    4.5/5... don’t forget, sir, that I am a queen upon this board—and I do not play to lose.Fabulous. I find Sherry Thomas's characters fascinating. Not only Charlotte Holmes (aka Lady Sherlock), but all of them. I love the female relationships. I like that these books aren't straightforward mysteries. Kind of angry at myself for not savouring this instalment, though. Oh well. It's not like I won't be re-reading before book four comes out.
  • Monnie
    What a clever, thoroughly delightful book! At the outset, though, I wasn't so enthusiastic; set in Victorian England, with language and customs to match, I realized I wouldn't be able to breeze through this one as I'm accustomed to doing with other mysteries and thrillers. But a couple of chapters into it, I realized I didn't want to.This is, for the record, the third in the author's "Lady Sherlock" series (and the first, but definitely not the l...
  • Katie Reus
    Fantastic historical mystery! Complicated characters, smart writing and an end I didn't see coming! I thought I knew who the villain would be but Thomas surprised me. I can't wait to see what else she comes up with. (Note: This series needs to be read in order & it's not a romance).
  • Sheila Melo
    FINAL DECISION: Cementing this series as one of the most original and intriguing historical mystery series around, Thomas allows readers to delve into the relationship between Charlotte Holmes and Lord Ingram in ways that are unexpected and clever.THE STORY: Charlotte Holmes, who uses her intelligence and reasoning to solve crimes, is confronted with the most serious case of her career. Lady Ingram, the wife of her friend, Lord Ingram is found de...
  • Rebecca
    This is easily my favorite book of the series thus far. Charlotte's character has continued to develop. In addition to her intelligence, we finally get to see how compassionate and caring she is. Her interactions with Livia and Ash are heartwarming. While I loved the personal moments, the mystery aspect is a little weaker than I anticipated. Things seemed to be too tidy and clean at the end. However, I am optimistic my mystery issues will address...
  • Kyra Leseberg (Roots & Reads)
    This is the third installment in Thomas's Lady Sherlock series and the first that I've read.  I've always been that person who has to read a series in order from the very beginning, so when I cracked this book open I asked myself, "Who are you?  I don't even know you right now."Despite the fear that I'd be totally lost, the story is suprisingly easy to follow!  Thomas does an excellent job of including character back story and plot information...
  • Hackmops
    Stunning. This series has been one of my favourite discoveries of the year and this instalment was brilliant, building on the events that had been set into motion during the previous novel, A Conspiracy in Belgravia. The author is brilliant at plotting all the twists and turns but Sherry Thomas has a singular talent for POV changes, elevating so many of the side-characters by providing them with an own, distinct voice. There are so many more thin...
  • Teresa
    This was my favorite of the series so far. I was immediately grabbed by the personal nature of the story and how the characters have developed over each book. The way Charlotte and Lord Ingram complement each other is one of my favorite things. Their interaction in this was fabulous.I would say 90% of this book was a five star read for me. Some of the stuff at the end felt convoluted and silly, and it sort of ruined the amazing parts that came be...
  • Lady Wesley
    Fabulous, as expected.
  • Beau North
    I received an advance copy of this book at RWA and let me tell you, it was 100% worth fighting the crowd. Charlotte Holmes is not what I’d call a relatable character, so it’s always endearing when she finds herself in unfamiliar waters. In the first book, her anxiety over her choice and her mounting fear over the repercussions put us in her shoes in a way that peering inside her head could never accomplish. Her mind just works differently. He...
  • Cardyn Brooks
    Having never read Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories (my English degree is probably bursting into flames right now), it's the Robert Downey, Jr. movies, Benedict Cumberbatch series, and the recently finished Elementary television show with Lucy Lu and Johnny Lee Miller that embody the Sherlock Holmes oeuvre for me. With that confession made, S.T.'s Lady Sherlock series now jumps to the top of my list. There are too many delightful e...
  • Madeleine (Top Shelf Text)
    Thank you to Berkley for my free copy of this book. All opinions are my own!I just adore this series and this was one of my most anticipated reads for the fall. This third installment continues to follow Charlotte Holmes as she navigates the perils of Moriarty's threats and proper society's scorn. I loved diving back into this world and thought this was the best of the three so far! I cannot wait to see where Sherry Thomas takes this story next.O...
  • Shelley
    *Source* Publisher*Genre* Historical FIction*Rating* 3.5-4*Thoughts*The Hollow of Fear, by author Sherry Thomas, is the third installment in the author's Lady Sherlock series. Charlotte Holmes is the main protagonist of this series. Since her intentional fall from grace, she has taken the mantel of Sherlock Holmes, the only consulting detective around. Her partner in crime is Mrs. John Watson who was good enough to take Charlotte in when everyone...
  • Diane Bowden
    This is a review of an e-ARC of The Hollow of Fear.I was stunned by this book and haven't yet come to my senses. The Hollow of Fear is the third in the Charlotte Holmes series by Sherry Thomas and I loved the first two titles. This book is even better than the first two. I did not see the end coming and when it arrived, I was shocked silent. The palpable fear running through the book, as manifest by Charlotte's inability to eat even a thin slice ...
  • nick
    That's it. I'm dead. Sherry Thomas has destroyed me in every possible way. The Lady Sherlock books have consumed me and somehow, this series only seems to be getting better and better with every book. The Hollow Of Fear is my favorite installment of the series so far and I'm not sure how I am ever going to recover from the emotional whiplash this book put me through - but trust me guys, it is so worth it. The stakes were much much higher in The H...
  • Renee
    Characters I’m addicted to at the center of a riveting mystery! Sparkling entertainment! This story was over far too soon. Do I really have to wait a year for further adventures of Charlotte & Lord Ingram?!
  • Lesa
    I've read the second, and now the third Lady Sherlock mystery by Sherry Thomas. I'm afraid I'm just not the right audience for these books, although I'm a big fan of the original Sherlock Holmes stories and some of the pastiches. I found The Hollow of Fear difficult to follow at times, and I'm not as in love with Charlotte Holmes as many readers are. As I said, though, I think I'm not the right audience.When Charlotte Holmes helps her half-brothe...
  • Elyse
    Penguin First-to-Read ARC.**squee!!** (view spoiler)[What I've been waiting for for 3 books happens in this book!!! Oh man, I wanted all the details! haha. It was adorably innocent even though it wasn't innocent at all! Sherry Thomas did a fabulous job of not giving too much detail but giving enough swoonworthy-ness! (hide spoiler)] Oh, the mystery? Yeah, that was good. Very intricate, I had no idea what was going on! Some of it was hard to follo...
  • Carina Olsen
    This book murdered me. And I fear I may never recover. This was the most perfect third book. And I loved every moment of it. My poor heart, though. I stayed up half the night to finish it. And I do not regret it. Once I started reading, I just could not stop. Five stars for this very perfect book. Truly loved every single moment.Writing down my thoughts and feelings may not be easy, though. As I am feeling way too much. This book was all kinds of...
  • Gaufre
    Read as a standalone, it is probably great. Read as part 3 of a series, it is disappointing. Much of the first 100 pages is a rehashing of what happens in book 2. The relationship between Charlotte Holmes and Lord Ingram seemed to have taken two step forward only to have gone nowhere (better reset everything for book #4, right?). The murder plot kept me interested and I was really looking forward to learning how Holmes would show Scotland Yard wr...
  • Stephanie Flinchbaugh
    I'm going to try to compose a review for this book that is not just high-pitched squeals that only whales can hear. Because, seriously, how is this series so amazingly good. I adore it so much. Charlotte Holmes herself is obviously a fascinating character, but all of the other characters are so very interesting in their own right. Sherry Thomas also does a stellar job of constructing a story, hopping backward and forward in the timeline and alway...
  • Elena
    The latest installment in the witty and fun Lady Sherlock series has sleuth Charlotte Holmes on the hunt for a killer when her best friend, Lord Ingram, is accused of his wife's murder. The brilliant and fully realized characters, who all have their own schemes and secrets that will need to be unraveled, make this gender-bending Sherlock Holmes tale a delightful read.Thanks to Berkley and NetGalley for providing a digital advance review copy.