War (True Reign, #3) by Jennifer Anne Davis

War (True Reign, #3)

When Rema chose to be crowned queen and join the rebel forces, she knew she'd face the fight of her life. What she didn't expect was to be kidnapped by an Emperion assassin and taken to the mainland to be executed in front of the emperor. How can she save Greenwood Island if she can't even save herself?Darmik knows he doesn't have much time to rescue Rema. He’s denounced his position as Commander and Prince in order to join the rebels. But now ...

Details War (True Reign, #3)

TitleWar (True Reign, #3)
Release DateOct 4th, 2017
PublisherReign Publishing
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Romance, Fiction, Young Adult Fantasy

Reviews War (True Reign, #3)

  • Alicia Batista (Addicted Readers)
    4.5 STARS WAR by Jennifer Anne Davis was a thrilling conclusion that I absolutely adored. I loved this series since the first book, and was so pleased with the way it all ended. Some things didn't play out like I hoped they would, but that's to be expected with any good conclusion. But either way, I am so glad I read this series and got to know these wonderful characters.The world-building was phenomenal, this book setting has quickly become one ...
  • Paula
    4.5 stars. I really loved this trilogy!
  • Melanie's
    *This Book Was Given To Me By The Author In Exchange For An Honest Review*WOW! What a fantastic end to an amazing series. It is so hard to write this without giving away any spoilers but I will say this ... There isn't a cliffhanger this time lol. Seriously this series is so well thought out that really it couldn't end any other way but the ride is definitely neither a smooth or predictable one. I have to say that although I moaned continuously t...
  • Elisabeth Wheatley
    “Disappointed” is too strong a word, so we’ll just say it wasn’t what I hoped. I enjoyed The Key, adored Яed, so I was hoping to be blown away by War, but I felt like the series kind of devolved. I am glad I read it for no other reason than I am happy to know how things turned out for my favorite characters. However, I think this may have missed a round of editing. The plot:I definitely think this book should have been about 100 pages lo...
  • Tamara
    That epilogue. ^_^I really really love the series. I truly do. Yet I felt that the author lost some of her ability to write amazing descriptions and just left us with "this...then...that" moments. Even realistic-ness was lost (view spoiler)[Darmik is fighting his brother, yet he looks to the side for a "few seconds" and sees Mako fighting his father, and yet Lennek has not attacked Darmik-just seems odd that a few seconds felt more like a few min...
  • Stacie
    I am not sure whether I should shed a tear or jump up and down for joy, but this book is the final piece of the True Reign series. All I have to say is 'What a way to go!' Ever since The Key, I have been so enamored with these characters and with the adventure the author has taken us on. When it came time to read the final novel, Jennifer Anne Davis simply did not disappoint. All of the pieces to the puzzle came together in an action-packed, thri...
  • Taylor
    Such a great ending to an amazing series!! I absolutely adored and loved everything about these books! The storyline was great to follow and made me want to keep on reading, the characters were all well developed and easy to care about. Rema was such a fun and fiesty character and I enjoyed reading about her. I would suggest this series to anyone that loves a good fantasy series and is interested in kingdoms, Prince and princesses and a good stor...
  • Jennifer
    2.5 stars. I was disappointed.So, Rema was captured by the Emperion assassin and taken to the Emperor for execution. During the two week boat ride, the assassin decides to train Rema. I thought perhaps it would be so that she could escape, but no, he turns her over to the Emperor anyway. Meanwhile Darmik, Savenek and friends are trying to catch up. When they arrive in Emperion, they are thrown in jail and tortured before escaping (view spoiler)[ ...
  • TJ
    Thoroughly enjoyed this entire series! Yeah, yeah... I was totally *#$sed at the way the first book ended and not particularly happy with the way the second book ended - BUT, once I purchased all three books and just settled in for the ride, it was a fabulous one! The only drawback in this last installment was it could have used more depth in the characters. It seemed there was so much action and things to get accomplished in order to finish the ...
  • Dee/ bookworm
    I read Cage of Deceit by this author first and loved it!~~ but that book actually comes after The Key, Red and War. Wonderful series!! I also loved Cage of Deceit. You can read the two series out of order, but it would draw more parallels if you read them in order!! Happy reading!!
  • Fay
    Character,okWriting,almost okPlot,okRomance,okPacing,okOverall the book(serie) was ok....but hey! The cover is amazing!!!😂😂Can you please tell me how to put a picture or a giffy?
  • Elizabeth Bennet
    This was an amazing series for me. When we last leave Rema in book 2 she is kidnapped by the assassin and so the beginning of this book covers her taken across the ocean to Emperian for execution. What is funny is not only will she continue for looking for means to escape but in addition she is thrilled to finally be able to travel and explore new places. This throws her captor for a loop because he expects she would be fearful or sobbing instead...
  • Julie Kuhn
    Nice conclusionoverall it was good. Nice ending to the other 2 books. unlike the other readers, once I found out they were going back to Emporim, I kind of figured this for the ending, even guessed correctly the assassins moves. overall, book 2 & 3 were not worth the almost $10 price tag tho. Again, don't get me wrong, it's a good story and I loved the characters but in this tight race and abundance of authors and books to choose from; I would ha...
  • Megan Olguin
    This series....♡I loved it. I love how everything turned out. I love how the ending showed how everything was turning out with all the different characters after all was said and done. The ending was a little.... quick. But who I wanted to die, died. And who I wanted to kill them, killed them. That's my kinda ending :) One death was neither what I expected or wanted.... But was done in a honorable, noble way. The ONLY thing about this series th...
  • Lorena
    I loved it!! What a fantastic read. The whole series is very well thought and it wrapped up quite well. Totally recommended for when you're in the mood for some medieval adventure!!POV: dualEnjoyment: 4/5Writing style: 4/5Storyline: 5/5 Hero: 4/5 Heroine: 4/5Secondary characters: 4/5Romance/chemistry: 3/5 Hotness/Sex scenes: 0/5Angst: 3/5Drama level: 0/5 Humor level: 0/5Depth of the book: 0/5Closure: HFN
  • Ileana
    I can't believe the series is over... But I guess that's the life of a book worm...This book was amazing though!! Absolutely EPIC!!! The fight scenes were amazing!
  • Stephanie
    Awesome conclusion to one amazing series. I was sad to reach the end and shed a couple tears throughout but overall I loved how it all wrapped up. Rema & Darmik became one of my favorite couples & I'll miss them. 4.5 Stars! Awesome conclusion to one amazing series. I was sad to reach the end and shed a couple tears throughout but overall I loved how it all wrapped up. Rema & Darmik became one of my favorite couples & I'll miss them. 4.5 Stars!...
  • Corine
    Wow. This was by far the best book in the trilogy. I could not put this book down! It was fast paced and packed with action and romance. What more could a girl want? :)
  • Ashley
    I really enjoyed this series overall but I wish it was a bit longer. It almost felt rushed. It had the potential to be one of those seriously epic, meaty fantasy books, but in the end it was only a trilogy and each book was quite short (under 400 pages). I almost felt like I got through it too quickly. I would have liked to spend more time in the series!
  • Norma
    Good readsThis is a good series..overlook the editing errors and just enjoy the ride. I liked all the heros , long may they reign.
  • Holly
    First posted at Words Fueled by Love.Young Adult fantasy with a royal setting. This series was everything I love in a great story! And because I'm the kind of girl that best loves happily-ever-after stories, the ending was perfect for me. I instantly fell in love with Rema and Darmik from book one and even through the adversity and trials that separated them, I continued to root for them and their close friends: Neco, Ellie, Vesha, Audek and even...
  • Abigail
    I enjoyed this series but couldn't give this book as many stars as the first two books. *May contain spoilers*Yes, we all knew that this book would end happily with Rema and Darmik together. It was good to see a heroine who knew what she wanted and followed her heart, but I think I would have liked things better if there had been some kind of romantic tension between her and Savenek or even Nathenek. Several scenes in the book when she was at the...
  • Kendall Berg
    What a WONDERFUL conclusion to the true Reign series!Rema is now Queen Amer Rema :) YAY!!! But then instantly she is captured... by the empire's assassin and whisked away to her impending doom. But perhaps not everything is as it seems.She learns hand to hand combat aboard the ship from the Empire's best assassin, and Darmik is racing across the seas in the hopes of saving her. I liked the plot of this book and the secrets within probably the mos...
  • Noreen Kellner
    This series has been such an enjoyable adventure. Jennifer Anne Davis just got added to my favorite authors list. The dynamics of the kingdoms that she has created are well thought out with an eye to detail that makes you forget you are in an invented world. I found myself once again deeply involved with the characters and the storyline. The romantic involvement of the hero and heroine is kept clean and yet seems to keep the reader more emotional...
  • Sherri
    I loved this series!!! From the first chapter of The Key I was hooked! I loved Rema, she was so so lovable! She stayed true to herself the whole time. I loved how even in some pretty dyer situations she stayed positive. I love the love story, and all the friendships she develops through the series. The only reason I didn't give the other two books five star ratings is because they were cliffhanger endings and my favorite books are tied up with a ...
  • Tim Lumsden
    Another great read from Jennifer Anne Davis!Masterful series!!! I was so enthralled I completed the complete trilogy in less than 2 weeks, I just couldn't put them down. Action, adventures, intrigue, romance, this book has it all, plus a great story line and beautiful craftsmanship. Not to mention a kick-a$$ heroine! Such a compelling story, wonderful detail; so easy to become involved with the characters and so descriptive you feel you are truly...
  • Julianna Massa
    I just got annoyed with the main character. Honestly, she should be dead. And unlike pretty much every other character in this genre, she had nothing to do with it. Seriously. Everything just fell into her lap. She needs an army? Oh good, the guy sent to kill her is actually in her side and totally willing to give her his nation's throne and army. Wants to marry a prince? No problem. He has inexplicably not been able to get her out of his head, a...
  • Derek White
    What an end! My only reservation in recommending this book is that you should read all three of The True Reign series one after the other. I'm sure I would have enjoyed WAR even more than I did if the events of the previous two had been fresher in my memory.Of course, assuming you have any romance in your soul you will know that Darmik and Rema will end up together, and that she will be crowned Empress as the true heir from the first book (there ...
  • Angelle
    WAR is the final installment into the True Reign Trilogy. If you haven't read the first two I highly recommend doing so otherwise you will be lost. I'm sorry to see this series come to an end but the story was amazing and WAR was a very fitting end to a great trilogy. This has honestly been my favorite fantasy series since Harry Potter. I would highly recommend this series to anyone and everyone.