Our Kind of Cruelty by Araminta Hall

Our Kind of Cruelty

This is a love story. Mike’s love story.Mike Hayes fought his way out of a brutal childhood and into a quiet, if lonely life, before he met Verity Metcalf. V taught him about love, and in return, Mike has dedicated his life to making her happy. He’s found the perfect home, the perfect job, he’s sculpted himself into the physical ideal V has always wanted. He knows they’ll be blissfully happy together.It doesn’t matter that she hasn’t ...

Details Our Kind of Cruelty

TitleOur Kind of Cruelty
Release DateMay 8th, 2018
PublisherMCD / Farrar, Straus and Giroux
GenreThriller, Fiction, Mystery, Mystery Thriller

Reviews Our Kind of Cruelty

  • Chelsea Humphrey
    This was a fun read, and I can easily see it being one of the most buzz worthy novels of 2018. I'm clearly in the minority with my middle of the road rating, but please don't let that cause you to pass this one by. If anything, I think this novel helped me realize that I'm not as compatible with stories told from the male stalker POV as the majority of thriller readers are. If you enjoyed novels such as You by Caroline Kepnes and Best Day Ever...
  • Emily May
    Everything is a game, V used to tell me; only stupid people forget that. I'm not sure how I feel about this book, to be honest. It was a little jarring to discover that it was nothing like I expected it to be. The title and blurb made me think this was going to be a really dark, possibly disturbing, psychological thriller in the vein of Kepnes' You, but it just never felt like that kind of story at all.Our Kind of Cruelty is nowhere near as dark ...
  • Meredith
    “Everything is a game, V used to tell me; only stupid people forget that.” Well, my friends, I couldn’t wait for this game to end! Mike and V. (Verity) didn’t have a conventional relationship. They were obsessed with one another and showed their love by playing a game called Crave which basically goes like this: Mike and V. go to a bar. V. gets hit on, Mike watches from a distance and eventually runs interference, then they have passiona...
  • Kaceey - Traveling Sister
    ⚠Warning: You will be sleeping with the lights on after reading this book!Welcome to the dark, obsessive mind of Michael Hayes. Mike and Verity (known as V) had an intense relationship, to put it mildly! Their favorite past-time? Frequenting the local bar scene to “Crave”. What is crave, you ask? Well, in order to avoid spoiling the party, I’ll just say it’s an adult game played that somehow proves their love and desire for one another....
  • Debra
    3.5 stars Love, Obsession, jealousy, rage, sex, lies - the perfect storm for a disturbing "love" story gone bad...Mike Hays had a rough start in life and wound up in foster care. Even he will admit that his permanent foster parents were loving and caring, but maybe not quite so loving and caring as, Verity Metcalf. Verity and Mike entered a romantic relationship where they enjoyed playing games of a sexual nature called "the Crave". Everything se...
  • karen
    my review is up over at LA review of books!https://lareviewofbooks.org/article/l...finished! review will run on the LARB site closer to pub date, but i think this book is going to do all right - if you have a badass book club, you might want to put it on the list. ***********************************************i will be reviewing this for l.a. review of books and i am very excited to dive into it!!come to my blog!
  • Liz
    Wow! This is a very dark, twisted novel about obsession. Mike loves V and is crafting the perfect life for them. The fact that she’s getting married to someone else isn’t enough to alter his plans. Like Dr. Frankenstein, V has created Mike, but just like the monster, he’s gone off the rails. The story works so well for being told solely from Mike’s perspective. No matter what V does or says, he twists it to fit his version of reality. It...
  • Melisa
    This is a brilliantly done character study on par with Joe Goldberg from You, and Paul Strom from Best Day Ever. If you’re expecting a fast-paced, suspenseful thriller you’ll be disappointed, but if you’re looking for a highly developed, character driven story of a disturbed individual, pick this one up. The author has taken “a mad spurt of anger at the continued injustices perpetrated against women in our so-called civilized society” (...
  • Kendall
    "I crave you""We know what love is: the kindest and the cruelest emotion." Ain't that the truth my friends....Our Kind of Cruelty by Araminta Hall is one heck of a ride. I felt like I was watching my favorite channel ID.... I'd Kill for you. This is a whole mess of lies, sex, obsession, stalking, jealously, greed, and rage. It can't get more juicy then that! I can definitely see this being a top thriller for 2018. I think this would be a fabulous...
  • Theresa Alan
    This is a well-written novel about an obsessed man who is incapable of correctly interpreting social cues and a woman whose niceness and sexuality are used against her. Mike had a rough youth with an alcoholic mother who couldn’t take care of herself, let alone a child or a house. He often went without food and his mother’s boyfriends’ fists led to bruises he did his best to hide. At ten years old, he’s taken away by Social Services. Afte...
  • Shelby *trains flying monkeys*
    3.5 stars annnndd I love reading about the crazies. Mike knows that Verity still loves and wants him. So what if she is marrying some other guy? He knows the signs she sends to him and what she really means when she rejects him. He must do something grand to get her back. After all this all has to be another game of "Crave" that they play. Verity after all does invite him to her wedding.My book buddy is probably going to say I readed this one sor...
  • Susanne Strong
    4 Stars.Creepy and Freaky and Crazy Intense. “I Crave You.” It’s a game that Mike and Verity used to play while they were dating. They’d go to a bar, pretend that they weren’t together, and Mike would watch while another man hit on Verity and then he would pounce. Both would get off on it. Mike never dreamed that anything would come between them. Until the day that V broke up with him and became engaged to someone else. Mike, knows it...
  • Tammy
    So once again I spent a few days living inside the mind of the deranged. I’m beginning to wonder what that says about me. Clearly, I’m not a clinical psychologist but my armchair diagnosis of the main character is narcissism combined with obsessive-compulsive disorder. My understanding of narcissism is that it is not being in love with oneself but rather the need to have love and admiration reflected back by another. V and Mikey meet at colle...
  • Kelly (and the Book Boar)
    Find all of my reviews at: http://52bookminimum.blogspot.com/RELEASE DATE 5/8/18! If you enjoy reading about truly awful humans, you don't want to miss out on meeting Mike.4.5 Stars “I must be cruel only to be kind / Thus bad begins and worse remains behind.” When I saw my friend Michelle’s review comparing this to one of my favorites, I went and requested it immediately. I spent the next 24 hours waiting with bated breath to see if I woul...
  • Linda
    "She doesn't know how easy it is to leave scars, how sometimes just a tiny brown oval will remain, but whenever you look at it you know why it's there."And this one may scar you as well. It's not a dance for everyone. Heavy on the sex, control, obsession, cruelty, and no rock 'n roll.Mike Hayes left an unspeakable, demented childhood in his rearview mirror. But like all things reflective, it doesn't quite go far enough away. Araminta Hall does a ...
  • Carol (Bookaria)
    This is an excellent psychological thriller. It has been a while since a read a book that left me reeling. Mike and Verity met in college and were together for eight years. A few months after the relationship ended Mike received an invitation to Verity's wedding. He had been living and working in New York and had recently moved back to London where V, short for Verity, also lives. Mike is settling back in London and getting the house ready for V'...
  • Katie B
    This is a tough book to rate and review. I really did not care for the first two parts of the book. I thought at first maybe it was the subject matter that was too disturbing which made for uncomfortable reading, but after thinking about this for the past couple of days I honestly think I had a problem with the slow pace. I just did not feel fully engaged in the story until the third and final part of the book. That's when the book started to pic...
  • Elyse
    Audiobook... read by Nick Hendrix...and Eleanor Matsuura “I crave you”......( ha)....Definition of *crave*:.....desire, want, wish for, hunger for, thirst for, lust after, beg for ....BUT NOT.... “Love”....I enjoyed this twisty Audiobook. The Audio-narrators - especially the male voice was awesome...This UN—LOVE story was a tripy-twisty-guilty-pleasure-ride. Nothing too graphic - no slaughtered animals or children...Pure adult fun & gam...
  • Jan
    I don't know if this will be for everyone, (main narrative is not very likeable) but I loved the crazy delusion!Mike loves Verity. Verity used to love Mike, but she broke up with him after an indiscretion that Mike admits to. Mike apologizes and knows that all will be forgiven, as love like theirs is one in a million.When Verity announces she is to be married, Mike understands. Verity is just making him pay for his slip up. It's all part of the g...
  • Jilly
    Sometimes I like to read about total nut-jobs. It makes me feel slightly more sane. Mike's the kinda guy who looks through newspapers to find hidden messages.Jeez, dude, I just asked where you want to go eat.So, when he gets an invitation to his ex-girlfriend's wedding, he knows she is crying out for his help to stop it. It's part of a game they used to play, and she has simply taken it to the next level.Sometimes you really don't need to kick it...
  • Dennis
    Our Kind of Cruelty just didn't work out for me. Maybe I've been reading too many of the same regurgitated stories lately, but I am sorry to say that this will be an unpopular review. Our Kind of Cruelty takes place in London and parts of New York, where Mike Hayes tells us about his love for Verity Metcalf. Verity and Mike were young loves—immature and impulsive, the dynamic duo played this controversial made-up game called Crave. Without gi...
  • Carrie
    Our Kind of Cruelty by Araminta Hall is a novel of psychological suspense that is much in the same category of YOU by Caroline Kepnes. This is the type of book that let’s readers see up close just why restraining orders were invented and give all the single ladies a reason to think twice about their dates.The story takes readers into the mind of Mike Hayes. Mike has come from a horrible background a childhood that when hearing about would bring...
  • Bernadette
    4.5 Creepy Star for Our Kind of Cruelty by Araminta Hall. The novel tells the story of Mike and Verity, also known as just “V.” The couple have been dating since they met at university and play a sex game that seems harmless enough, though cruel, and they do discuss more harmful ways of playing. Verity comes from a good family, she is a beautiful and intelligent woman who works in Artificial Intelligence. Mike had a horrid childhood and was a...
  • Zoeytron
    His name is Mike.  Her name is Verity.  What is the real truth here?  For one thing, he will never stop loving her.  Nevermind that she is engaged to be married.  Forget the fact that she has made it plain over and over again that things between her and Mike are over.  With each rejection, Mike becomes more obsessed with her, more deluded; he rationalizes every word, every look to mean what he WANTS it to mean.  He craves Verity.  And he ...
  • Liz Barnsley
    Absolutely compelling from first word to last. Read in one sitting I feel like I didn't even blink although obviously I must have done. Clever. So so so clever. I can't even begin to unravel the layers of clever in Our Kind Of Cruelty. Putting the actual psychology FIRMLY back into the psychological thriller Araminta Hall has written a barnstormer of a novel that fully captured my imagination.This is a love story. No it really is. But what kind o...
  • Mandy
    No no no. I wanted this book to end differently. I still have questions about who did what and who lied and who is right. Mike and Verity play a game. A sexual game, but once Mike breaks the rules is it over for good or is Verity going to use the game to make him pay? The ending sucked. I wanted so much more for Mike and I hated Verity. Not happy with this one :/
  • Felicia
    "...sometimes two people need each other so much it is worth sacrificing others to make sure they end up together."Holyyyyyyy crapola I can finally exhale. I feel like I've been holding my breath the entire read.This story is a masterful, slow-burning decent into the mind of a delusional and obsessed man...and it's flipping fantastical!!!! Brilliant writing with flawless development of an utterly unreliable narrator. I've never felt so disquieted...
  • Gary
    This is a psychological thriller by author Araminta Hall that is also a love story.Mike Hays had it all, good job, money and the woman of his dreams but he threw it all away when he had a one night stand. Now V the woman of his dreams is promised to another but Mike is not easily deterred and sets to get her back. Mike is convinced that V's actions all stem from a game they played called 'crave'. Her refusal to answer his emails, inviting him to ...
  • Michelle
    I think this is going to be a VERY popular book in 2018! I have tried writing this review 3 times and I keep deleting it because I'm afraid to give away anything about this book. I'll just say it's a very twisted love story and leave it at that. This was such a compelling read that the pages practically flipped themselves. If you were a fan of You by Caroline Kepnes then I'm certain you'll enjoy this book. Many thanks to NetGalley for providing m...
  • Fran
    "Everyone out there. All craving something". So it was with Mike Hayes and Verity "V" Walton. "V and I were never meant to be apart..." Sitting in a jail cell, Mike as narrator explains how "craving V" has signaled his demise. It is a story of mad, crazy, obsessive love. Mike and V met in college. Mike's childhood was one of poverty and abuse being raised by an alcoholic mother followed by years in the foster care system. Adopted at twelve by Ela...