The Music of the Deep by Elizabeth Hall

The Music of the Deep

Fleeing an abusive marriage and tormented by her past, Alexandra Turner finds solace in a small coastal town on Puget Sound and a job with a local marine biologist studying orcas.After befriending a group of locals, Alex learns that she has moved to a place that has a reputation of being the “most haunted town in Washington.” Such superstitions would be easy to dismiss…if Alex wasn’t already on edge.Haunted by shreds of memories of her da...

Details The Music of the Deep

TitleThe Music of the Deep
Release DateApr 17th, 2018
PublisherLake Union Publishing
GenreFiction, Mystery, Horror

Reviews The Music of the Deep

  • Brenda
    Three days of almost non-stop driving and 2000 miles later, Alexandra Turner drove off the ferry to the small town of Copper Cove on Puget Sound. It was just before Christmas and the coloured lights were pretty. But Alex wouldn’t be celebrating Christmas – she was just happy to be well away from her past. Her new boss, Maggie Edwards, was a marine biologist who had devoted her life to the study of orcas. Alex would be working with her…Learn...
  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede
    THE MUSIC OF THE DEEP is the kind of book that I felt hooked me right from the very first page. If I could, would I have read non-stop until I had finished the book, alas I started late in the evening and then had to sleep. I wish more books were like this, captivating and beautifully written.READ THE REST OF THE REVIEW OVER AT FRESH FICTION!
  • Juli
    Alexandra Turner is running from an abusive marriage. She secures a job assisting a biologist with her notes on Orcas in Puget Sound and runs from her violent husband. 1200 miles ought to be enough distance for her to be safe. The locals notice the bruises on her face and wonder what she is running from, but Alex doesn't trust anyone enough to share her past. She makes some good friends in the small coastal town, learning to spin yarn with a loca...
  • Perri
    There's a lot I liked about this book. It felt very authentic to small town island living with the gossip balanced by a supportive community. Hall captures how protective and concerned locals feel about Orca whales and their struggles to thrive. The individual characters were well drawn each with their private stories. My only quibble was some confusion in keeping them straight. Oh, and the dark winters are accurate, but it doesn't rain nearly as...
  • Lolly K Dandeneau
    via my blog:'For most of her life, Alex had been the rogue electron, that weird anomaly that orbited just outside the nucleus of the rest of humanity.'Alexandra Turner flees from her abusive marriage to Puget Sound, deciding to work for Dr. Margaret Edwards of renowned marine biologist whose life purpose is focused on Orca whales. The locals of Cooper Cove are superstitious, and swear that the captain’s ho...
  • Hannelore Cheney
    Thank you Netgalley and Lake Union Publishing for the eARC.This was a moving, beautiful book filled with likeable characters and lovingly researched information about orcas.Alexandra Turner has fled to a small coastal town on Puget Sound after the death of her mother, finally escaping her abusive 11-year marriage. She will be working for a local marine biologist; an enigmatic, driven woman who has dedicated her life to the plight of the orcas. Sh...
  • R
    The Music of the Deep was an engaging read from the first to last page. The title, a reference to the Orca’s rhythmic melodious breaths, gave voice to the beauty and dangers of their existence. The was a well written story with an eerie, captivating setting that set the tone for despair and loss, yet also renewal and hope. The author effectively tackled a myriad of topics such as the paranormal, bullying, and teen relationships. However, the mo...
  • Emily Cavanagh
    The Music of the Deep by Elizabeth Hall is a haunting novel that grabbed me from the first page. When Alex Turner flees to Copper Cove, a small island off the coast of Washington, she’s running away from an abusive marriage and secrets she wants to forget. She has no idea she’s arrived in a community known for its paranormal phenomena. She finds herself working for Maggie , a crotchety and reclusive marine biologist who specializes in the end...
  • Jennifer Lanak
    Alex is on the run from an abusive husband. She's waited for over a decade to leave him. She's driven from New Mexico to Washington to take a temporary research job on a tiny desolate island, hoping that it is far enough away that her husband won't find her. The little town of the island has its own characters and they have their own stories. Alex's story was highly predictable, but I expected it to be. I think what I didn't like most about this ...
  • C.R. Elliott
    *I received a copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*An interesting addition to stories of hauntings and haunted houses, Elizabeth Hall’s Music of the Deep isn’t meant to frighten but it is written to unsettle. Although the book is classified as women’s literature and is a fair representation of the genre it is a thoughtful offering on the lives, concerns and strengths of women worth a read for any reader. Aspects of the book ...
  • thelma
    Beautiful storyI like this story it told how love is at different times of the year and precious it is with all
  • Bonnye Reed
    GNab The scene is set on Saratoga Island, one of the small islands off of the coast of Washington State, in the wet, chill rainy season of winter so there will be ghosts. Those creaky stairs and echoing footsteps and voices just far enough away so you can't understand what they are saying. Is this island haunted by more than creeping mold and disillusioned, lonely adults for the most part pushing retirement age or above it? Is the fact that the c...
  • Julie Morris
    Today is publication day for this book, so I am happy to be sharing my review of it with you all as it launches to the wider world, and it is definitely worth picking up. I’m not sure why this title caught my eye on NetGalley as it is not by an author I know – serendipity or more supernatural forces at work? Whatever it was, am I glad it did, as I raced through it in 24 hours and enjoyed every minute.It is a very hard book to categorise – p...
  • Diana
    Music of the Deep by Elizabeth Hall is an atmospheric read. Set in a coastal small coastal town, the story follows the lives of three women. Alex who is the main character is running away from a dark, painful past. Through the chapters, readers get to keep up with her new life on the island. Her back story is told through chapters that contain flashbacks on her life. These chapters were so dark and intense. I was heartbroken by the events that to...
  • Dianah
    When Alex flees her abusive husband, she hides in the most remote spot she can find: a tiny island on Puget Sound. Sinking into the culture of the town, Alex finds work, safety, and some friends, yet, always hovering over her is the fear that she'll be found out. Hall adds in orcas, ghosts, empaths, the tangled history of the townsfolk, and the stormy Pacific Northwest, and writes a moody story, infectious with tension.
  • Keirstin Smith
    The music of the deep by Author Elizabeth Hall is a great pyschological thriller that I couldn't put down. The pages turn quick! I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone who loves a good scare and some good thrills.
  • Erin
    This was a really good book until the last two chapters when it just tanked. I finished it and asked "what". First of all, forget ghosts it doesn't happen. The last chapter makes no sense. I was so disappointed with the ending. The only redeeming factor is I learned about orcas.
  • Lisa Elizabeth
    This was a bit less of a thriller than I’d hoped for but it was still an interesting, well-written book.
  • Debbie Lester
    Elizabeth Hall brings readers the haunting tale of a woman escaping an abusive marriage. Alex Turner moves to the Puget Sound in search of peace and finds true friendship and community as well. Hall's voice is lyrical, descriptive and stirring. This novel not only delves into surviving abuse but also the plight of a J-Pod of Orca whales off the coast of Alex's new Pacific NorthWest home. Hall intertwines the subjects in such a way that the reader...
  • Kayla
    Music of the deep was more of a 3.5 read for me overall but I'm feeling generous because I really loved certain parts of the book.The story follows main character Alex as she flees from an abusive marriage to an internship archiving data for a Marine Biologist researching pods of orcas in Puget Sound. I absolutely loved the subtle hints at environmental issues surrounding our oceans throughout this novel. Elizabeth Hall did a great job drawing at...
  • Patricia
    When I sat down to read this book , I really didn't know what I was getting into . This is a haunting book that had me hooked by the third chapter . Alexandra Turner is running from a very abusive relationship. Heading to the east coast and the town of Puget Sound . She has the perfect job there studying the Orcas with a marine biologist . When she befriends a group of well I will say kind of off beat friends at a knitting bee . She finds out tha...
  • Lisa
    I thoroughly enjoyed the majority of this book. I think mainly because of the mystical description of the Northwest and the beauty that makes up Washington. I fell in love with Washington from the moment of my arrival -- and Hall eloquently captures the mystical beauty of the state. It is hard to describe what makes Washington and the Pacific Northwest so different -- but Hall gives it a great try -- and is mostly successful. It may be understate...
  • Pam
    The Music of the Deep: A Novel is by Elizabeth Hall. This book is about orcas and their imminent departure from the seas. It is also about ghosts, abused women, and murder. The portion about the orcas is true but has been condensed to fit into the time frame of the book. The rest of the book is purely fiction. However, it is well-written fiction and has realistic characters and situations. The tiny town of Cooper Cove was on the coast of Washingt...
  • Laura
    I highly recommend this book and give it 5 stars. The author has created a wonderful atmospheric book that has so many different elements it kept this reader captivated from page one. This is the story of three women, each very different . All three converge on a small idyllic coastal town on Puget Sound. The area is rumored to be haunted. Alexandra [Alex], who does archival work at the University of New Mexico, Emmie, who can sense hurt in anima...
  • Jennifer
    With the death of her mother, Alex Turner finally flees her abusive husband. She ends up in Puget Sound, working for marine biologist Maggie Edwards. Maggie has been studying orcas for pretty much her whole life. While staying in Copper Cove, Alex meets Caroline and joins the spinsters. The spinsters are a small group of people who enjoy knitting and spinning. There's a bunch of spinning jokes about whacking their wool. Alex may have tried to run...
  • Alina Dinu
    The Music of the Deep is an interesting reading, a blend of thrill, drama, paranormal and marine life. The story’s mood is well implanted, the description of scenery and moments transporting the reader in the book’s action. The characters are complex, with interesting pasts and relationships, marked by life in traumatic ways. I found engaging the role the animals played, the orcas and the intriguing way they painted the story. Their music car...
  • ABCme
    Thank you Netgalley and Lake Union Publishing for the ARCEscaping her past, Alex ends up in Copper Cove, Washington State, interning for Maggie, a marine biologist.Copper Cove is a small, tight community where everyone knows anyone. There's laughter and tears, caring and sharing and some highly sensitive individuals. Some say it's haunted and tourists visit to join the ghosttours.Parallel to this cosy environment runs the river that's home to the...
  • Teresa
    This book was a mixture of tales...between an abusive relationship, the study of orgasm, and a touch of the paranormal. I really liked each aspect and how they were woven together into one. The going back and forth from past to present and from one life to another flowed freely. The abusive relationship really hit me hard. The author did a great job of describing the situation and helping you understand how a person can continue to endure such at...
  • Pamela Scott
    https://thebookloversboudoir.wordpres...This is my first time reading the author and won’t be my last. I definitely want to immerse myself in more of her work. The Music of The Deep is not what I expected at all. The book is part chiller part slow burning drama part psychological thriller. It’s one of those books that you get completely lost in, hours pass as you submerge yourself in the lives created between the pages. I’ve read a lot of b...
  • Aida Alberto
    I received an advance review copy of this book from NetGalley. All opinions are my own. I absolutely loved this book. Actually I basically read it in one sitting because I just couldn't put it down. I don't know if it was the plot or the author's lyrical writing I am not sure. The characters were well developed and I became emotionally involved with them very easily. I loved the casual mentions of paranormal activity as if it could actually happe...