Half a Heart by Karen McQuestion

Half a Heart

From bestselling author Karen McQuestion comes a moving novel about broken hearts…and what it takes to put them back together again.At nine years of age, Logan Weber knows the routine. Keep quiet, make the food last, and don’t ever cause trouble. He’ll do what it takes to evade the rages of his troubled, violent father. Even though he’s only a child, Logan already knows too much—has seen too much.So when the opportunity presents itself,...

Details Half a Heart

TitleHalf a Heart
Release DateMar 13th, 2018
PublisherLake Union Publishing
GenreFiction, Contemporary, Drama

Reviews Half a Heart

  • Banny Kirsten Marie Reviews
    First let me just say... WOW!!! This book was top of the chart AMAZING! I have never read anything more touching the Half a Heart by Karen Mcquestion. This book is about a little abused boy named Logan who has had a tough life..... Logan is abused, he cannot speak, he was told that his grandmother was dead, and he witnessed his mothers death... Thats a lot of trauma for one little boy! Whenever Logan was caught out of his room whenever he was tol...
  • Debbie Oliphant
    4.5 StarsI want to thank Goodreads reader, Brittany kirsten , for this recommendation. I've been searching for a book that would remind me why I love to read. A good story is a good story and this checks the boxes. There are layers of characters that add so much to Logan's journey of healing. Logan is a nine year old boy who has suffered too much trauma at the hands of his father and finds a way to escape, but Logan's path to normal comes with ne...
  • Karen McQuestion
    I am beyond excited to have a new book coming out on March 13th, 2018! I hope readers love Half a Heart as much as I enjoyed writing it.
  • Obsidian
    Please note that I received this book via NetGalley. This did not affect my review or rating. What a really good book. You will find yourself caught up in the life of Logan and everyone that is connected to him in some way. McQuestion does a good job of handling multiple points of view (you get Logan, his grandmother, a speech therapist, an elderly woman, and a married couple) while keeping the main story of Logan and his plight front and center....
  • Lisa Aiello
    Amazing story about a little boy who unwittingly runs away from home after yet another abusive tirade at the hands of his father and finds himself having to survive on his own. He is brave and smart and I wanted to grab him up, hug him tight, and tell him everything is going to be okay. He winds up living in a tree house on the property of an older woman, fending for himself. Luckily he has a grandmother searching for him. Unluckily, so is his fa...
  • Angela
    Logan is 9 years old and cannot talk . He hasn’t spoke for Mum died when he was 6 year old . He dad was an abusive one and he cannot believe that Granny has been looking for him . I would like to thank Netgallery for having it .
  • Linda Zagon
    MY REVIEW OF “HALF A HEART” BY KAREN McQUESTIONKudos to Karen McQuestion, Author of “Half a Heart” for writing such an emotional, significant, and thought-provoking story. The genre for this story is Fiction. The topics discussed in this story are important issues that happen in society today.The Author describes her characters as flawed, complicated and complex possibly due to the circumstances. If you are emotional like me, be sure to h...
  • Suze Lavender
    Nine-year-old Logan is living in fear. There are strict rules at home, but his father still manages to find fault in everything Logan does. Logan doesn't speak, he's always hungry because there isn't much to eat, he doesn't have decent clothes and his too small shoes are taped together. Logan's mother died and his father is living with a girlfriend and her mean daughter. Logan's father is often angry and Logan is afraid of what he might do. Durin...
  • Christine Nolfi
    An engaging story of a young boy’s struggle to survive, and his quiet search for the love that will make his heart whole. Highly recommended.
  • Grace J Reviewerlady
    What a wonderful story, beautifully written and well told. This book has really touched my soul.This is the tale of Logan, a nine year old boy who has lost not only his mother but his protective barrier between him and his cruel father. He suffers in ways most of us would never consider and his life is bleak but when he spots an opportunity to escape, he runs. This is a book full of life, following Logan and finding out what happens to him - and ...
  • Kathryn
    Logan is being abused physically, emotionally, and neglected by his alcoholic father. The women his father introduces into their life tend to allow these acts out of fear. Logan runs away from his next beating and unwittingly stowaway into a moving truck.Things get better and worse thereafter, taken to a rural region, Logan must figure out how to survive and his chief focus is eating because he is underweight as a result of his neglect. When Robe...
  • Michele
    See the full review at HarlequinJunkie.com - Top Pick!!A powerful story which compares and contrasts the best and worst in people, Half a Heart was filled to the brim with intense emotions and had a brave young protagonist who will undoubtedly win over readers’ hearts right from the start.This is actually the first book I’ve read by Karen McQuestion, although her work has been on my radar for a while now. I can’t even begin to describe how ...
  • Lynne Scharpf
    I was blessed to receive a copy of this prior to it's release. Half a Heart was near to my heart. I love reading and up until 2 years ago, when we took in 3 foster kiddos, I would read one or two books a week. Since then I have read TWO books. I started this book on Friday and finished it today. I couldn't put it down. Logan broke my heart. Having a sibling group of four, as we added a baby brother to the original three, we are in the trenches of...
  • Michael
    Logan is constantly reprimanded by his Father Robert who thinks that he is a peasant to deal with. As a result, Logan is trapped in a room isolated from his friends and the world. However when he soon gets the freedom to leave due to a close acquaintance, his life turns upside down for the worse.. How is be going to escape the wrath of his Father when he finds him? The only person who Logan looks up to is his therapist and grandmother. Yet only h...
  • Joan Bannan
    Logan's story was great and I loved his Grandma Nan. In truth, it was hard to put down. However, I only gave it three stars because I was distracted by the writing. There was a lot of redundancy. I totally checked out and started skim in the middle of a few of the lengthy back story ramblings. When the vocabulary didn't seem to fit with the present person's POV, I found myself thinking, "Would a nine year old boy think like that?" And there were ...
  • Bambi Rathman
    This book tugged me into it and I fell in love with sweet Logan from the start. His story made me cry at the beginning. He has been abused by a horrid father after his mother died from a tragic "accident". As I journeyed with Logan through the story I had many, many emotions. I was super angry at how a little boy was treated so badly by a loser father. I was anxious as he ran away to escape. I was proud he stood up for himself. I was scared when ...
  • TJ
    I have read so many reviews on this book and was completely surprised at my opinion when I read it. I expected more. Here is my review. Half a Heart, I had been looking at this little boy hanging out the window on the cover of this book and watching and reading the reviews so I decided to pick it as my Prime free lending book for the month. Sometimes you can’t judge a book by the cover nor can you really trust the reviews. Not saying the book w...
  • Georgie
    Heartwarming story This book is about a boy who finds his way in a difficult situation. And changes those he meets. A Loving speech therapist is integral. I like all of the books by this author - try them. My favorite is The Long Way Home.
  • Miri Swanton
    This was a very short and easy read. It's equal parts sad and sweet.
  • Beverlee
    This was a story about an abused boy who ran away to escape his alcoholic father. I feel that overall it was a good book but the writing just seemed to be for a younger audience and didn't match the heatbreaking story. Also there were too many coincidences to be realistic. It was like a Hallmark movie, you kind of knew how it was going to end when it started. But a feel good book if you are looking for something light.
  • Linda
    I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing in exchange for my honest review.Ever so often a book comes along that I truly can not put down. That grabs me from the start and does not let go. Takes my breath away. Makes me feel like I’m there. Honestly has me hooked from the first page. This was one of those books. I’ve been fortunate enough to read some very good books via NetGalley and from different authors for r...
  • Hayley
    The book stars out with the main character Logan being abused physically by both his mother as well as his alcoholic father. He is also told that the only person who truly loves him, his grandmother, has died. He knows that all the abuse isn't the way that things should be however it is the only life he's ever had. When the physical and mental abuse become to much for him Logan does the only thing he knows how to do and runs away from home. Logan...
  • Vivian
    Page 206 brought me to tears...Logan missed his mother terribly. His father would beat him senseless and no answer to his questions were ever good enough. His step-mother rarely spoke and Tia, her daughter, enjoyed getting him into trouble, which meant he had no allies. At nine years of age, he’d had enough and ran. Ran for his life and into an opened moving van. Panic set in when the doors closed and the van started moving. If only he could sc...
  • Debi Lantzer
    Although she has written many books, I had never heard of author, Karen McQuestion. When I saw today's book, Half a Heart, available through my blogging association with NetGalley, I read the description of the book and found it interesting, so I opted in to read and review it.  Now that I've finished this book, I'm certain I'll try to catch up with some of McQuestion's other books because this one was great!This story is about a 9 year old boy ...
  • Kelly Brown
    I received a ARC from the author via Netgalley and voluntarily reviewed!This is one of those reads that gives you the "feels." I am not going to lie, the first chapter was a little rough for me to take. You get introduced to nine year old Logan, the main character who is also mute, and his current living situation, which includes his dad, his dad's girlfriend, and his dad's girlfriend's daughter. You are immediately thrown into a situation where ...
  • Gloria Bernal
    My thanks to Goodreads giveaways program for my digital copy of this novel by Karen McQuestion. The following is my unbiased and honest review of this novel. I’ve been wanting to try the author’s work. Logan is a 9-year old motherless boy who lives with his alcoholic abusive father and whatever woman his father has brought in to live with them. He is the target of his father’s rage and ever since his mother died he has lost has voice and ca...
  • Kent Barnard
    Karen McQuestion really got me with this book - I cried a lot, some happy tears, some sad tears, but I fell in love with the protagonist, and I had a hard time putting this down, even when it fell out of my hands when I was falling asleep!Karen writes about an abused boy who has undergone so much in his life - it is heartbreaking. A lot has to do with the reality: because you know it happens everyday to children all over the world.Logan runs away...
  • Leanna Mattea
    I received this complimentary copy from Lake Union Publishing and KarenMc Question, for my honest review. I had read and enjoyed a previous novel of her’s, The Long Way Home, and recognized her beautiful character development, in this story too, people that you would love to know.The story is based on a small wounded 9 year old boy Logan, who’s mother died three years before and lives with his alcoholic, abusive father, moving frequently, to ...
  • Michael Caleb
    Half a Heart tells the story of Logan, a nine-year-old boy that has been stricken mute after the death of his mother and years of abusive by his alcoholic father. The story unfolds through the viewpoint of Logan as well as those of some of the adults he encounters during his ordeals.I'll address what I feel are the book's failings first:1. It's pretty easy to see early on how the story is going to end, at least in broad strokes. The overarching s...
  • Mir H. S. Quadri
    A book with a smooth flowing storyline but not much to offer. This book will keep you entertained all the way. It has a fast paced and smooth storyline and the book is modest in size. I finished this within a day of reading. Nowhere in the book did I feel a need to take a break. The characters were very relatable, especially Logan and Laura. The major problem with the story was that it didn't have much to offer in terms of plot. The major plot of...