Nobody Cares by Anne T. Donahue

Nobody Cares

“The internet’s best friend.” — FlareFrom the author of the popular newsletter That’s What She Said, Nobody Cares is a frank, funny personal essay collection about work, failure, feminism, and the messy business of being alive in your twenties and thirties.As she shares her hard-won insights from screwing up, growing up, and trying to find her own path, Anne T. Donahue’s debut book offers all the honesty, laughs, and reassurance of a...

Details Nobody Cares

TitleNobody Cares
Release DateSep 18th, 2018
PublisherECW Press
GenreNonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Writing, Essays

Reviews Nobody Cares

  • Kristy K
    3.5 StarsA book of essays that is part memoir, part critique, it reads like a friend wrote a letter to you. There are plenty of laugh out loud moments mixed in with reflective moments.
  • Kayla Ramoutar
    Some are born anxious, some achieve anxiety, and some have anxiety thrust upon them. I am lucky enough to have been blessed by all three.Woof. This collection of essays is one of the best I've read. Donahue's essay on anxiety is the best. I've never read an essay about anxiety that hits the nail on the head (of My anxiety) as perfect as this one, aptly entitled "Anxiety, You Lying Bitch". Donahue's anxiety, from what I could gather in the essay, ...
  • Deandra
    Anne is great and her writing is great and you will read this book in no time at all
  • Steph Warren
    *I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley, with thanks to the author and publishers. The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*Anne T. Donahue has laid her soul bare to the world in this book.Nobody Cares is witty, raw and honest. At times it is a memoir, telling anecdotes from the author’s past to explain her attitudes to family and relationships, death and growing-up. At other times the essays are directly addressed to the r...
  • Bri (
    After subscribing to and thoroughly enjoying Anne T. Donahue's newsletter That's What She Said for the past couple of years, I was eager to get my hands on an ARC of her debut collection Nobody Cares. The book, which is a collection of her essays, reads like a series of her funny and heartfelt newsletters one after the other. Donahue's newsletter typically covers navigating her own life and pop culture moments in today's world as a young 30-som...
  • Alexis
    An excellent essay collection about mental illness, failure and working in your 20s and 30s. I liked the voice and the honesty in this collection and found a lot to relate to. Anne has a poignant and important voice. I found this book made me feel better about my own recent failings.
  • The Reading Countess
    Funny, well written memoir for anyone floating aimlessly in their 20’s or early 30’s. Honest and reflective, the targeted age group will feel embraced and understood. I think my oldest son might have whispered in her ear as she wrote. ?? I especially liked the BURN IT ALL DOWN chapter.
  • Weronika Zimna
    4,5?I'm in awe and going to interview the author but first I have to process all this
  • Carly
    I received a digital copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.Anne T. Donahue's collection of essays covers everything from failure, feminism, and fashion to mental health and the pain of losing those you love. She writes genuinely and openly, and her personality is present on every page.Reading Nobody Cares is like listening to your blunt best friend give you advice without holding back. She reminds you that you might fe...
  • Niamh
    I feel like I ghostwrote this book. So much of it could apply to my life, either as I was growing up or as I exist right now. Some of the messages that Donahue puts across are things that I needed to hear, at this moment in time, and I think that it'll appeal to a wide variety of people in that respect. Whether she's talking about the natural dissatisfaction of the introvert (no, I don't want to go to your party, I'd rather sit in my bed and watc...
  • Janilyn Kocher
    Nobody Cares is an appropriate title for this book because I certainly didn't care for most of it. Donahue is a mess, by her own admission. Hopping from job to job, she eventually amassed so much debt she had to move back in with her parents. I'm wondering how this book got published because it's just her ramblings strung together with absolutely no semblemce of order. She mentioned writing a blog, I think she just mined it for material or copied...
  • K.
    Admittedly, I had never heard of Anne T. Donahue before ECW sent me a copy of her book. However, after finishing up this collection of essays, I’ll likely to subscribing to her newsletter! In 194 pages, Donahue gives insights about anxiety, life, and just making it through. She's got a sense of humor that is both real and snarky, a perfect combination. I especially liked her lists for centering yourself and encouraging words to live by.Tips to ...
  • Jill
    In this series of essays Anne T. Donahue entertains us with stories of work, school, failure, motivation and so much more. Immediately, her writing puts you at ease. Rather than reading this non-fiction curled up in bed, you are transported to a *bar* (or other such *fun* atmosphere) as you hysterically laugh at Donahue’s encounters, failures and attempts at “adulting.”Canadian or not, Nobody Cares summarizes experiences we’ve all faced, ...
  • Annie
    Nobody Cares is a collection of essays from Anne T. Donahue about her life through her teens, 20's and 30's. I was not familiar with Anne's work before receiving this book but after finishing it, I feel like I know her. She is funny and honest about her life. She lives close to where I grew up and it was nice to read about a place close to home. My favorite essays were 'But For The Record: I Am Not Fun' and 'Icebreakers'. I will definitely look u...
  • Rae
    Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for a free review copy of this book. My opinion is my own. Anne T. Donahue’s slim book of essays is full of panache, humor, and honesty. Anne writes about everything from her experience growing up in the Catholic Church to her anxiety and alcoholism to reasons why she hates brunch. From the first page to the last, Anne’s self-deprecating humor had me laughing and listening. I would recommend this book to ...
  • Lynne
    3.5 starsRTC
  • Amanda (Books, Life and Everything Nice)
    Thank you to NetGalley, ECW Press and Anne T. Donahue for an ARC ebook copy for review. As always, an honest review from me.My rating is actually 3.5 stars, but since there aren't half stars I always round up.Nobody Cares is funny, poignant, relatable and ridiculous in all the best ways. Through the author's essays we experience her highs and lows, struggles and life lessons learned. She's like the older sister/friend with the cautionary life tal...
  • Kelly Schulze
    Thanks NetGalley for the free e-copy, all thoughts are my own.This book was an interesting take on mental illness, mental health, spirituality and all things relating to your life in your 20's and 30's. Most essays were totally relatable but sometimes it just felt awkward how they were set up, as in the order they'd go. In that regard it seemed like it was a little thrown together. The writing style was great and made it easy to read and nothing ...
  • Monbon
    I've had the misfortune of being exposed to the hypocritical Donahue's writing over a long period of time and I wouldn't take a single word of her "feminism" seroiusly considering she works herself into a frenzy climbing up the ass of misogynist and sexist men and composing odes to them when they lose fan voted awards.She's a delusional fangirl who is the embodiment of a fraud and I hope to never see her published again. Such a hypocritical woman...
  • Jen Bober
    I really enjoyed this delightful book of essays. They were easy to read and so relatable to things I have gone through in my life. Now as a 30 something I can look back through my struggles and see where they have taken me similar to the author. Anne takes you on a journey through her anxiety, heavy drinking and search for a job/meaning in her life. I especially enjoyed all the 90's throwbacks throughout the book. I laughed and nodded along throu...
  • Amy
    I've been a fan of Anne's newsletter/twitter for a while now, and so I was super excited about this book. She didn't disappoint! My favorite part about Anne's writing is that it reads like a conversation with the best friend I didn't know I needed. She's funny and relatable, but also brutally honest. Like, she'll call you on your bullshit but still sit with you while you whine into a pint of ice cream. This book was witty, raw, heartfelt, and del...
  • Rosie
    This book is hilariously observant and outlines situations where Anne has learnt the simple truth to easy up on yourself because nobody cares.Not in a hash way of course, your parents, close friends and family do obviously, but in all those flippant life moments and sometimes shamefully socially awkward situations, nobodies paying attention, that’s because really we are all too worried about whether we are fluffing up to notice when somebody el...
  • Tara D
    I really enjoyed this book. Some of the essays felt like it was something I could have written myself. I definitely could relate a lot with the writer. She swears a little bit which spoke to my soul.
  • Tiffany
    If you've read and are a fan of her newsletter then I think you'd love this. I hadn't and so it felt a bit odd to read her memoir as I didn't know her or follow her, I mistakenly thought this was a self-help book similar to 'the life changing magic of not giving a....' There were some essays/chapters that I particularly enjoyed. My main bug bear was that my copy had no numbers. or dates for example it would say 'then in late , I revved back up ag...
  • Angela Serednicki
    Anne’s voice is one-of-a-kind. Her debut book is vulnerable and witty and so very memorable. This collection of essays reminds readers that the messy chaos of becoming who you are is what makes life so beautiful. You won’t want to put this book down.
  • Lucien Welsh
    I love Anne and that's all I have to say for the time being.RTC
  • Jill S
    I've followed Anne's writing around the internet since time immemorial, and Nobody Cares is without a doubt her best work. I laughed a lot, I was touched at her vulnerability and openness. I also enjoyed the format, as it kind of straddles the line between memoir/essay collection/internet listicle.It's a short book, and some essays could've been filled out a bit. But I think this is a really exceptional first book and I look forward to reading wh...
  • Alisha
    I related to Anne so much while reading this that I had to set the book down and quickly google her birthday. I immediately knew she was a fellow Virgo! Before she even mentioned it herself! Her thoughts and reaction to death are insanely relatable. “I hate the look you get when somebody finds out you’ve lost someone, or the way you’re confronted with other people’s grief while grappling with your own.” I wish someone handed me this boo...
  • Shana
    Reading this book was like finding a long lost twin or a new best friend. Somebody who shares your interests, has similar but sometimes conflicting opinions (to keep things interesting) and you genuinely want to spend time with.