The Bucket List by Georgia Clark

The Bucket List

From the author of the critically acclaimed “lively and engrossing parable for women of all generations” (Harper’s Bazaar) The Regulars­ comes a deeply funny and thoughtful tale of a young woman who, after discovering she has the breast cancer gene, embarks on an unforgettable bucket list adventure.Twenty-five-old Lacey Whitman is blindsided when she’s diagnosed with the BCRA1 gene mutation: the “breast cancer” gene. Her high heredit...

Details The Bucket List

TitleThe Bucket List
Release DateAug 7th, 2018
PublisherAtria/Emily Bestler Books
GenreFiction, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Adult

Reviews The Bucket List

  • Jessica
    I received this book for free through an ARC giveaway on the author’s Instagram page. Please note, that despite the cute cover, this book does contain a lot of sex talk and sex scenes. Omg this book was amazing. It was serious, yet funny. Sexy but sweet. This was a very unique read. I’ve never read anything like it before. It was like a chick lit book, but less superficial and more deep than they typically get. The book deals with a very seri...
  • Georgia Clark
    Spoiler alert: I wrote this. Can't review my own book because weird, but can say I love this story dearly and hope you will to. Thanks for swinging by, and for keeping the love of literature alive!ps. This book has sex scenes. If you don't like 'em, this ain't for you!
  • Simone
    I actually knew someone who decided to go for the double mastectomy after being diagnosed with one of these gene mutations. She had already been married and had kids and decided that life is probably better without natural breasts than eventually getting cancer. After a few weeks of being away from her job, she was right back there working at full steam as if nothing had happened.I'm pretty sure everyone knows this, but sometimes life gives you a...
  • Lindsay Williams (Bibbidi Bobbidi Bookworm)
    Have you ever read the summary of a book, expected one thing, and then gotten something very much different from what you thought it would be? That was basically my experience with reading The Bucket List by Georgia Clark.But oh, what a wonderful thing that was!I expected straight "chick lit." I expected a bit of drama, a few laughs, some romance, and although I knew the book was about the breast cancer gene, I still expected it to be fairly ligh...
  • Corinne Sullivan
    Expertly paced and beautifully told, THE BUCKET LIST delivers a perfect balance of poignancy and hilarity. Georgia Clark has the uncanny ability to create characters that already feel like friends and to explore dark decisions with just the right amount of empathy and verve. An absolute knock(ers) out!
  • Jessica
    This was a surprisingly good book. I only say surprising because I'm not huge on chick lit (as I assumed this was) and I was unsure if the topic would be interesting to me. It was! The main character was very compelling and I kept having to remind myself that she was 25 which excused many of her dumb decisions but also lends a specific outlook and perspective. I loved the subtle feminist/intersectional/progressive/LGBTQ viewpoints; they added to ...
  • Heather Frimmer
    When I saw "The Bucket List" on NetGalley, the bright, eye catching cover caught my eye (kudos to the cover designer and what a clever image to chose!) and when I read the synopsis I knew this was one for me. Centering on Lacey Whitman, a twenty five year old who has just learned that she is BRCA positive and is in the throes of figuring out what to do with that information, this book is right in the center of my wheelhouse. As a breast imager, I...
  • Kelsey (Kelseylovesbooks)
    Absolutely loved The Bucket List. While this is a book about a young woman finding out she is BRCA1 positive, it’s also so much more than that. Lacey takes us on her journey as she makes the tough decision of whether or not to get a preventative mastectomy, as well as all the other challenges a 25 year old faces- job woes, maintaining friendship, and finding love...I love the way this book brought awareness to an important topic, while also bei...
  • M.
    This book was so, so much fun. Seriously. It deals with a weighty topic (illness, mortality, the trade-offs life inevitably demands of us) head on while maintaining an engaging, funny tone that keeps the pages flying by. It's also packed with steamy sex, piles of tension (sexual and otherwise), and a hell of a lot of heart. While the tone is breezy, the stakes are never underplayed as Lacy grows wiser before our eyes, finding her own worth as wel...
  • Fiona Davis
    I sped through it and adored it. The scene involving a disastrous attempt at role-playing had me laughing out loud, yet by the last chapter I was in tears. Having had 6 friends get diagnosed with BC in the past 5 years, with treatments ranging from radiation to double mastectomy, this hit close to home. Funny, smart, edgy, and moving. What more could you ask for?