Alias by Cari Hunter


A car lies crashed below a Welsh mountain road. One of the young women inside it is dead, the other badly injured, with no memory of who she is or what just happened. All she has is a bus pass showing her photograph and a name she doesn’t recognise. As she struggles to recover from her injuries, a startling revelation shatters everything she thought she knew, forcing her into an uneasy alliance with Detective Bronwen Pryce. With danger closing ...

Details Alias

Release DateJun 1st, 2018
PublisherBold Strokes Books
GenreMystery, Crime, Romance, Glbt, Lesbian, Thriller, Suspense

Reviews Alias

  • Diane Wallace
    'NetGalley ARC provided by The Publisher in exchange for a honest review'**'The most beautiful stories always start with wreckage..Go deeper into your story than you ever thought possible--and then go deeper still..'Prodigious story!Though certainly a tearjerker, ALIAS is deeply intense,poignant,unique,has that touch of the classic Cari Hunter writing style,and a perfect balance for any reader. With plotlines that could be taken from today's head...
  • Lex Kent
    4.25 Stars. It’s a Hunter book need I say more? I’ve been impatiently waiting to read this since I heard about it months ago. I’m a Hunter fan and truly believe she is one of the best lesfic crime writers out there. I’m happy to say this was just pure entertainment. A woman wakes up in a car that has been in a horrible accident. She doesn’t know who she is or the dead passenger next to her. Detective Bronwen Pryce is called to the scene...
  • Rosi
    It is amazing how this author manages to describe the environments in which her books are developed in such a way that you almost find yourself there. Because the weather play as important a role as any of the characters in their stories. And also she discovers to us the plot gradually and without tricks or deceptions, which is welcomed when you face a mystery or thriller.So this story begins with a car accident in which a woman dies and another ...
  • Jem
    Devoured in a day! Amnesia-driven mystery/thriller written in the first person POV. First impressions: loved the mystery, didn't love the romance (what romance???, lol), and not enough Det. Pryce (well, the blurb kinda led me The cover though....?!?!?!? might have worked on another author's book. But on Cari Hunter's trademark grimy, gritty, bloody thrillers? Totally inappropriate. And in sub-zero English (or in this case Welsh) weath...
  • Netty
    Really really enjoyed this one, fantastic crime story and need I mention the super hot sex scene, she made it quite realistic compared to a lot I read, loved the characters , I don’t read many British books so it’s really nice when I get one in my clutches especially as good as this one, my only gripe is that I didn’t feel any chemistry between them but still this deserves positive praise, I’d definitely recommend this book.....4.5 stars ...
  • vacatedboat
    ‘Alias’ was my first Cari Hunter book and I’m really glad I finally got around to her work. It won’t be my last.We open on a woman regaining consciousness after a car accident. With the car on its side, her dead passenger’s arm dangles in front of her. She has no idea who she or her passenger are or what’s happened to them. The suspense starts right away in ‘Alias’ and with the descriptors, I could easily see a movie reel playing ...
  • Agirlcandream
    Cari Hunter delivers once again with a crime thriller told from the perspective of an accident victim trying desperately to remember who she is and why she is lying beside a dead woman she doesn't recognize. From the opening chilling scene on a storm-drenched stretch of road in Wales the reader knows this is more than some simple love tryst gone awry. DS Bronwen Pryce is all cop when she first encounters the injured and confused Rebecca.. She is ...
  • Tiff
    Cari Hunter gas a new book out, Alias. You don’t need to read further to know that this is a damn good book. It was written by Hunter, a damn good book is guaranteed each time she puts one out? I will expand because this is my review, DUH :), but one thing you can count on is that when you pick up a book by Hunter it is going to be awesome. She is an amazing author that weaves intricate tales and keeps you right on the edge of your seat. Alias ...
  • Joc
    Rebecca wakes up to find herself in a smashed up car with a dead woman. She’s not sure how it happened, where she is or who she is. Detective Bronwen Pryce is first on the scene and once she’s been taken to hospital, Rebecca has a sense she can trust her even though she has an uneasiness about everything else.This is a riveting mystery and suspense novel set in Wales and Manchester. Rebecca’s journey of recovery, with her fragmented and int...
  • Stephanie
    wow. I couldn't put this down. I loved the way it's written through the eyes of Alis-who has amnesia. The first person narrative is quick moving and draws you in right from the beginning...and doesn't let you go. Alis and Pryce are no Sanne and Meg (Dark Peak series)....but I felt the romance there. There was just so much else going on it definitely took a back seat...even to them. But, truly, I didn't mind.This is a great read.Cari Hunter fans w...
  • Clare Ashton
    I've loved Cari Hunter's vivid and gritty stories right from her first book Snowbound and somehow she's just got better and better. Her writing style has always made her stand out as one of the best writers in the genre but this, like her Dark Peak Series, also has superior plotting. This is my favourite though - her handling of the first person narrative gives the main character bold flavour and is perfect for the unfolding intrigue and mystery....
  • Lucky Luc
    I know I’m in the minority but this was just okay for me. I don’t know if it was the lack of knowledge of English cuisine and culture or what I felt was a disjointed climax, but I never did buy in to this one beyond the very promising beginning when she was only known as Rebecca. I felt like they went from earning trust to falling into bed way too fast yet most of the story took too long to unfold. Oh well. On to the next...
  • Tinything
    Finally! I finished this book. Not that the book was bad. Actually the book was pretty good. It just I had been sooo distracted to the point i had no longer in the mood reading this book any more. And I even forgot some minor characters. I even had to go back to check who was who. 😅 my bad.This book talked in first POV of the one who had amnesia. Since synopsis didnt reveal her name, I has no intention saying it either. This one quite differen...
  • Gaby
    I have conflicting feelings towards Cari Hunter's books: sometimes her stories are a bit gruesome for my taste. The problem is she's a great writer, probably one of the best mystery authors, and her books are engaging, well written and exciting to read. So I always end up reading them. In the case of 'Alias' the gruesome scenes were almost absent so I'm really happy to have read it.A woman wakes up in a car accident next to a dead body. She doesn...
  • Aj Smith
    Wow, I'm still slightly baffled by this book but in a really good way. Let me put it this way; I got a free review copy but I've gone and bought it as well, that's how good it is and how many times I anticipate rereading this novel. There was just something about it that got under my skin and I was caught between wanting to go over sections again to make sure I hadn't missed any tiny but potentially crucial details and staying up all night to fin...
  • Velvet Lounger
    4.5 starsCari Hunter writes exceedingly good books and this is the best yet. It starts with a literal “bang” when a car goes off the road in the Welsh hills leaving one woman dead and the other severely injured and suffering amnesia. Who she is and why she is there elude her, and us. Working with Detective Bronwen Pryce from the local police the survivor must piece together her life, and then survive the what she finds.The plot is fast and so...
  • Det. Nidhi
    I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Cari Hunter has recently become a favourite of mine after I came across her Dark Peak series. She writes amazing crime fiction novels. So it was a no brainer for me to read this book. I love the fact that all her books are set in the countryside. There is something very charming about a countryside setting and it also there is the fact that it is a perfect setting for a crime no...
  • Alealea
    They are books I have to read twice in a row and this is one of those books. First time around, I was so taken by the ambiance, I miss a lot of details. I didn't even noticed the story was written with the present tense. It's perfect for it. So much tension and stress, it was like watching a horror movie. You feel the angst, terror and deep exhaustion of the main character. She suffers from amnesia (among other things) after a car crash. As the d...
  • Manon
    I was provided an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Alias told the story of a woman who wakes up on the side of the road not remembering anything, even her name or how she got into the car accident that killed the woman right besides her.We then follow her how she uncovers what has happened little by little, memory after memory.I really liked this book.The mystery was on point and kept me on my toes the entire time.I really fell ...
  • Flowerscat
    This book has been a joy to read. Of all the Cari Hunter books on my shelf, this is currently my favourite. The story is an exciting, fast-paced thriller that holds your attention from the first chapter - the writing is sharp, and to the point. If work hadn’t got in the way, I would probably have read it end-to-end in a day. I would highly recommend that you read this book without reading the blurb, or any of the online reviews - it helps prese...
  • Dreaming
    Absolute perfection. A very exciting crime novel that kept me reading on. I hurried so much that I might have missed some elements, but I'll be reading it again, or better yet, listen to the audiobook version. Cari Hunter at her best (she keeps getting better if it's even possible). The novel is in first person narrative that took some getting used to but it worked well.
  • Anne
    There will be no spoilers in this review. I believe people who put spoilers in their reviews should be barred from reading books until they're out for one year (that's the book being out not the reviewer. The latter isn't compulsory). The twists and turns in this story are the beauty of the book and you need to read it with no preconceived ideas, much like Rebecca. She has crashed her car in Wales and her companion is dead and she has no recollec...
  • Cheryl Shrock
    I have read and enjoyed many of this author's previous books and I can't believe she wrote this one. The first and last 10% of the story was very interesting and exciting. But I felt the 80% in between very slow, confusing and basically uninteresting. There is very little story and it drags and drags. The lead character's lack of memory, dreams etc I thought was annoying and sometimes confusing. And the format is VERY English. I felt like I was g...
  • Honing Words
    I’ve never read a book by Cari Hunter that I haven't loved and Alias lived up to my high expectations. It became available to me soon after I finished the third of her Dark Peaks trilogy so I was able to fangirl-mode right into it. It is an absolute joy to read Cari Hunter’s books. I’m so thankful I have stumbled across her at the point where there have been a few books to binge on. It is no secret that I think she is one of the finest auth...
  • Sandra Golz
    This is the first book I read of Cari Hunter and I really, really loved it. I always loved a good story about losing your Memory and finding / trying to find it back. And this is no exception. The story is a bit lowpaced but nevertheless engaging. We follow a young women who had a car crash and she need to find out what she knew before it - but it is all lost. Was she a good person? A bad one? She obviously did somehting really out of order but s...
  • R
    Alias was actually the first book I read by this author, and it was very good. I loved how the two main characters developed over time, especially from stoicism and mistrust to braving true emotions. I also enjoyed the characters’ tone and the author’s use of certain phrases associated with her character’s ethnicity. This added to the realism of the story along with the very descriptive settings of England and Wales. The plot was very enter...
  • Bugs
    Cari Hunter is at it again with another cleverly constructed crime thriller, “Alias,” only this time involving an amnaesiac who ran against time to try to find out who she was and what happened to her.“Alias,” like Hunter’s other crime thrillers, was written with such meticulous fervour there wasn’t any situation or circumstance that would leave me wondering how it occurred because the details of each action and/or process was written...
  • Kennedy
    An entertaining and engaging mystery. From the beginning, this read pulled me in with the car crash and a women that did not survive and another badly injured. Detective Bronwen Pryce is articulated as a no nonsense police officer that is intriguing and someone the reader wants to know more about and Hunter does a good job of providing the information bit-by-bit. "Rebecca" does not know who she is and it was interesting to read how Hunter eases t...
  • Kexx
    It's so different to my usual read - a thriller with romance as a back drop, almost posted in as an after thought. But how do you rate these books? Did I enjoy it? Tick. Did it keep me entertained? Tick. Would I re-read it? Tick. Do I think about the characters when the book is finished? Tick. How can it not be five stars? Complex, rich and tasty - a real humdinger. Thank you.