Gay Girl, Good God by Jackie Hill Perry

Gay Girl, Good God

"I used to be a lesbian." In Gay Girl, Good God, author Jackie Hill Perry shares her own story, offering practical tools that helped her in the process of finding wholeness. Jackie grew up fatherless and experienced gender confusion. She abused marijuana, loved pornography, and embraced both masculinity and homosexuality with every fiber of her being. She knew that Christians had a lot to say about all of the above. But was she supposed to change...

Details Gay Girl, Good God

TitleGay Girl, Good God
Release DateSep 3rd, 2018
PublisherB&H Books
GenreChristian, Nonfiction, Biography, Religion, Faith, Christian Living, Autobiography, Memoir

Reviews Gay Girl, Good God

  • Orion
    For those fellow LGBT Christians: this book is nothing new. It is the same old “love the sinner, hate the sin” rhetoric we have heard for many years. The author doesn’t believe herself being gay is a sin, but that engaging in lesbian relationships is. As a bisexual and trans Christian, it is disheartening for me to see so many “open minded” straight Christians latching on to this book as a way to still oppose homosexuality without seemi...
  • Tasha
    I hope anyone who is looking at these reviews wondering if this book could help them “pray away the gay” or anything along the lines of that sees this comment. Your sexuality, no matter gay, straight or something in between isn’t something to be ashamed of. Love is love, and I’m sorry if anyone has ever made you feel like who you are is something you have to change. You are perfect the way you are.
  • David Schroeder
    A beautiful memoir and must read even if you think you would relate little to none to her story. I'm not into hip hop or spoken word. I'm not gay (or was). I am a man. I didn't grow up dealing with any of the circumstances like Jackie did. There is very little reason to read this except for the sake of empathy and that in this case, empathy and understanding is the most important reason. Everyone has a story and hers is worth reading. This is not...
  • Ashley
    It's difficult to rate a person's memoir and how they view their own life. However, reading this critically as both a Christian and a member of the LGBTQ community, I found some aspects hard to swallow. First, Jackie seems to avoid the use of the term "sexual orientation" and uses the phrase "same-sex attraction" instead. While this may not seem troublesome, members of the LGBTQ community are likely to read that and come to the conclusion that sh...
  • Amanda
    I don't know how I ran across Jackie Hill Perry, but after hearing her story...and how she talked about her story, I wanted to know more. I've listened to numerous interviews with her and always walk away not as interested in her ex-gay conversation but instead her talk about God.This story is a brutally honest, poetic, saturated in Scripture memoir of exactly what the tagline says, "who I was and Who God has always been."As Jackie tells bits of ...
  • Hannah
    I really wasn't sure what to expect, but wow...this woman's heart for God really jumped off the page. I didn't know anything about Jackie Hill Perry, so I wasn't expecting the highly poetic prose. I really enjoyed her writing style.Now, the book isn't a strict course of theological apologetics: this is Jackie's heartfelt testimony of what all God saved her from. She doesn't attempt to answer all the naysayers; she preaches Jesus and what His holi...
  • Rachel Oates
    Short Review: A truly harmful and heartbreaking book, written by a woman who is clearly in need of help, support and kindness not encouragement. To anyone struggling with their sexuality, religious or not, or to anyone who knows someone who is part of the LGBT+ community: Please ignore everything in this book and live your life doing the complete opposite of Jackie. Full reviews here:Part 1: 2: https:/...
  • Anthony
    “When you lie to me, you lie to yourself. You’re only lying to yourself.”— Beyoncé, “Don’t Hurt Yourself”
  • Amy Morgan
    Jackie’s testimony is powerful. Also, if you replace “gay” with whatever your personal idol is, really good book about worshipping God instead of gods. Convicting book, whether you are gay or not.
  • Rebekah
    This book was hard to put down. It was also a stretch for me since this is a topic I don't really care to know much about.... But unfortunately, it's a part of our world. It was amazing to read about Jackie's salvation and how God brought her from where she was (a gay girl) to where she is now - a saved woman praising her good God. Because of the content I wouldn't recommend this book for younger readers.I received a free copy of this book from N...
  • Kelsey
    I feel sorry for Jackie Hill Perry. This is a terrible experience to have had, feeling as though you have to pretend to be heterosexual in order to fit in with your community. And for what? Are your friends really your friends and your family your family if they can sleep at night knowing that they rejected the love that you give to the world because it’s not the “right” kind? Or are those people just cowards who’d rather condemn you to a...
  • Yibbie
    God is good. No matter what we do, or who we think we are, God will never change. This is a beautiful testimony of a woman who found that God was more important than anything we hold dear. She wants us to see, as she did, that God wants us, all of us, all our actions, thoughts, and love. In return, He gives us all of Himself. It is for a mature audience. Jackie is open about her temptations and struggles. She talks about her life before salvati...
  • Kellyn Roth
    3.5/5 starsThe contents of this book deserve 5 stars, but I found the writing style impossible to follow, and I also ended up skimming through a lot of the 'splaining about ... just random things. And if you're not a Christian, this is a fantastic intro {so is the Bible, haha}, but as a Christian, I don't want to go over the whole story again ... but this time in a different voice. xD It just doesn't appeal to me. But that's personal preference.A...
  • Cassandra
    This is just sad. I feel sorry for people like her. This is so toxic. If you're Christian and gay, please don't read this. This book supports one of those "love the sinner not the sin" philosophies. It was recommended by girl defined after all.
  • Aberdeen
    Basically: This story touches on so many important, and misunderstood, issues—same-sex attraction, biblical femininity, repentance, sanctification, evangelism—and Jackie is an honest, winsome, and humble storyteller.Something I've been wrestling with a lot recently is what it means to be a woman, in the truest, best, biblical way. How can I, as a woman, be strong without being rebellious or brazen, or honor the way God made me without succumb...
  • Aaron Ventura
    I like Jackie and appreciate her music but this book was only Okay. I found the chapter on the so called "heterosexual gospel" to be rather misguided and unhelpful. She wants to guard against the idea that gays must become straight in order to become Christians (the Galatian heresy of putting sanctification before justification), and I agree with her in wanting to clarify that the gospel is for sinners, not the righteous. But the mistake comes wh...
  • Cassandra Eggert
    This book is amazing and humbling. I’m going to be reading it again this week. I read another review on here that if you replace the word “gay” with any other idols of your heart, this book can reorient your heart to worshipping God. It’s completely true! I fell more in love with God reading this book realizing how good He truly is. It will be definitely be in my top 10 favorite books list.
  • Joy
    This book was by far the best book I've read this year. Jackie's writing is exquisite, but more than that her portrayal of our good God and His sustaining grace allowing us to overcome sin, was life changing. This is about SO much more than gayness, although it was fascinating to understand a bit more about someone who has come out of the gay lifestyle. I was particularly convicted about Jackie's commitment to repeatedly battle temptation for the...
  • David Robertson
    ‘Oh no’ I thought[‘ here we go again’. Yet another memoir on being a gay Christian. But I had heard this girl was good… I ordered Gay Girl, Good God in the hope that it might not be bad. I was wrong….it is superb! This is the book that Vicky Beeching should have written! There is so much that is good about it. It is really well written…as a hip hop artist, poet and writer, you would expect Jackie to be good with words – and yo...
  • Jeanie
    And he who was seated on the throne said, "Behold, I am making all things new" Also he said, Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true,". And he said to me, "It will be done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. To the thirsty I will give from the spring of the water of life without payment. Revelation 21:5-6. It should be an expectation of both newer and older believers coming out of the LGBT community that th...
  • Gracelyn Buckner
    4.5 StarsThe LGBT rights debate is something that I've struggled with for a while. I was raised with certain beliefs, but not too long ago, I was forced to reconsider those beliefs. That's been confusing.When I saw this book, I was hesitant to read it. But then I saw that it was a former homosexual that wrote the book. So I started it. And I loved it. This isn't going to have a normal review, but I'll just talk about three points she made that re...
  • Ashley Elliott
    I read this book in two sittings - late one night & early one morning before work (I wanted to finish it so badly that it almost made me late). It gripped me, challenged me, and convicted me. Definitely recommended for anyone who has struggled with homosexual thoughts, has friends in that lifestyle, or anyone who thinks they know better than people in the previous two groups.
  • Essie-Marie W.
    Read this amazing little book in one sitting yesterday afternoon. What a breath of fresh air to my soul! From page one, you can immediately tell Jackie is a poet. Her writing style is beautiful and abstract, and capture such profound meaning. Her testimony is powerful, and you will leave this book praising God for his incredible goodness. The last section is also an incredibly helpful resource that I think everyone should read and apply.
  • Daniel Ligon
    Gay Girl, Good God is simply incredible- one of the most powerful and transparent autobiographical books that I've ever read. It's a wonderful story, beautifully written (and beautifully narrated by the author if you have the audiobook). Jackie Hill Perry is so real in telling the story of her struggles in life, how and why they came, and how Jesus Christ transformed her life. It's messy, and often heart-wrenching, but it's a story that needs to ...
  • Jo LeGare
    JHP is an unashamed poet. She encouraged me spiritually and relationally through the power of words... I’m not often moved by someone’s interpretation of Jesus, but she writes as if I’m her confidante and it prostrated me before Him.For instance, I told a friend I was weary of being a Christian lately, and JHP put it into prose: “My back, showing signs of the wear and tear from the cross it was carrying day to day, was weary.” Wow. That...
  • Kathy
    I’ve read dozens of books in the same genre of Christian titles of which “Gay Girl Good God” by Jackie Hill Perry is the latest entry. Perry’s first book is a memoir of her life thus far from “gay girl once” to “what God’s goodness will do to a soul once grace gets to it.” (p. 1)Memoirs are challenging to review because we each have a story uniquely our own. Still I am reviewing this book because what I most care about is how st...
  • Hannah
    Jackie’s book spoke to my heart. How can this be when the author and I are no where close to being the same? The Gospel, pure and simple. Jackie will tell you (as the subtitle tells) who she was, but more importantly who God always has been. And she does so with raw beauty. She’s honest about her past, she’s doesn’t sugar coat it. But by being honest and open, she allows you to see the complete and utter beauty and power of the transformi...
  • risa marise
    Went through this in like a day and a half and had to stop whatever I was currently reading since I was just borrowing my cousin's copy of this book and had to finish it before she left for the airport the next day.Well, this was...interesting. It's the real life story of a 'formerly homosexual' woman struggling with her faith, and her eventual encounter with God that changed her life and......made her straight.Oof. As a person who grew up in a v...
  • NinaB
    I had never heard of this author until this book. I was intrigued by the title and its being promoted by a few blogs I follow. Before I give my review, I must say that my liking the book does not make me a fan of the author’s rap music, nor do I completely agree with her view on social justice. This review is simply based on this book and not on on the author’s other works.The most important part of this book is the author’s biblical emphas...
  • Shannon Whitehead
    I appreciate the boldness with which Jackie has been willing to share her story and the clarity of her theological explanations. She's an excellent teacher. The first part of the book reads mostly like a memoir and honestly, I found her writing style challenging to read. She's a poet (a fantastic one) and it shows in her writing style, but I was thinking that there may be such thing as too many metaphors for a book (versus a poem) and I wished mo...