Gay Girl, Good God by Jackie Hill Perry

Gay Girl, Good God

"I used to be a lesbian." In Gay Girl, Good God, author Jackie Hill Perry shares her own story, offering practical tools that helped her in the process of finding wholeness. Jackie grew up fatherless and experienced gender confusion. She abused marijuana, loved pornography, and embraced both masculinity and homosexuality with every fiber of her being. She knew that Christians had a lot to say about all of the above. But was she supposed to change...

Details Gay Girl, Good God

TitleGay Girl, Good God
Release DateSep 3rd, 2018
PublisherB&H Books
GenreSexuality, Religion, Faith, Lgbt, Biography, Biography Memoir, Spirituality, Nonfiction, Christianity, Gender and Sexuality

Reviews Gay Girl, Good God

  • David Schroeder
    A beautiful memoir and must read even if you think you would relate little to none to her story. I'm not into hip hop or spoken word. I'm not gay (or was). I am a man. I didn't grow up dealing with any of the circumstances like Jackie did. There is very little reason to read this except for the sake of empathy and that in this case, empathy and understanding is the most important reason. Everyone has a story and hers is worth reading. This is not...
  • Amanda
    I don't know how I ran across Jackie Hill Perry, but after hearing her story...and how she talked about her story, I wanted to know more. I've listened to numerous interviews with her and always walk away not as interested in her ex-gay conversation but instead her talk about God.This story is a brutally honest, poetic, saturated in Scripture memoir of exactly what the tagline says, "who I was and Who God has always been."As Jackie tells bits of ...
  • Amy Morgan
    Jackie’s testimony is powerful. Also, if you replace “gay” with whatever your personal idol is, really good book about worshipping God instead of gods. Convicting book, whether you are gay or not.
  • Bill Pence
    Jackie Hill Perry is a 29-year-old writer, speaker and artist, who was born in St. Louis. She writes that she has written this book out of love for what a good God what done for her – loving her and giving her new life and a new heart. She tells us that what God has done to her soul is worth telling. It is to invite us into her worship. The book is broken into three parts. Part 1: Who I WasThe author tells us that she was attracted to girls bef...
  • Steph
    Wow! Jackie‘s testimony is a powerful story and this book is a work of art! She did an amazing job at writing and pointing out how amazing God is, saving her from her sin. I’ve been a fan of Jackie ever since the early days of poetry with P4CM and this book did not disappoint as a matter of fact, I am amazed. Her authorship is very similar to her poetry, she not only tells a story she paints pictures with words as she tells her story and pres...
  • Mary Wiley
    This book is one that should be read by every Christian. Jackie's writing is beautiful, and her story is one of God calling her from unbelief to obedience. Jackie clearly discusses that God hasn't removed her desires completely, but that her love for Him is stronger than her desire to do what she chooses. This book isn't just for those struggling with same-sex attraction, but it is a grace-filled book for all of us who struggle. It's a reminder t...
  • David Albee
    100% one of the greatest Christian books I’ve ever read. So honest and personal. Also, Jackie reads the audiobook so, it feels even more honest.Every Christian needs to read this book.The honesty, the openness, and grace with how she tells God’s story of her life.*tears*Dear God, please help me to be more like You and like Jackie!Such a woman of God and.
  • Margaret Nkhosi
    The honesty and vulnerability in this book....
  • Anthony Hiltz
    Beautifully written story about how the Lord loves us enough to come after us regardless of where we are! This is saturated in the gospel!