The Mighty Thor, Volume 5 by Jason Aaron

The Mighty Thor, Volume 5

Marvel Legacy hits Asgard with a bang, with...the death of the Mighty Thor! The final judgment comes as the Mangog arrives. The War Thor will meet the beast head-on, but even the bloodthirst of this Ultimate hammer-wielder may pale in comparison to the Mangog's might! The battle rages even as Jane Foster's cancer takes a turn for the worse, and she might not have to wait for the final judgment at all. The clock is ticking, the War of the Realms i...

Details The Mighty Thor, Volume 5

TitleThe Mighty Thor, Volume 5
Release DateJun 26th, 2018
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Superheroes, Marvel, Graphic Novels, Comic Book, Fantasy, Graphic Novels Comics, Fiction, Speculative Fiction

Reviews The Mighty Thor, Volume 5

  • mercedes
    This has been a beautiful ending to Jane’s story. This volume starts off with Mighty Thor #700, a dazzling 55 page issue that I reread regularly. The scenes with Karnilla give me chills every single time, and the fact that we are allowed to see just slightly into what is to come is so effective. In fact, I don’t think I have ever read any issue of Mighty Thor, or Thor (2014), or God Of Thunder where I haven’t gotten chills. Jason Aaron’s ...
  • Artemy
    Ugh, I have such conflicting feelings about this volume. I really liked Jane Foster Thor even if the last couple of volumes were not good, and I never wanted her to leave the mantle behind even if her tenure as Thor was meant to be temporary from its very start, not just because of her illness, but because we saw a future Thor in Aaron's original Thor: God of Thunder series, and it was Odinson. Jane Foster was my first Thor, and it was the book t...
  • GrilledCheeseSamurai
    Whoa. Awesome volume. Jason Aaron once again proves himself worthy to be the writer of Thor.Jane Foster is boss and this final volume of her as Lady Thor completely seals the deal for me.The very first oversized issue in this volume makes the whole book worth buying...not that the rest of the story isn't as interesting (it is) but holy mole issue 700 is one of my favorite issues of a comic written in a helluva long time.
  • Katie
    The end of an era.
  • Liz
    Great ending for a equally great comic!
  • Malum
    SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERSIt's hard to talk about this volume without talking about SPOILERS, so you have been warned.This was a solid four star book until the very end. So what happened to sour me on it? Well...Ever since the debut of this new Thor, we have been working our way toward her death. Heck, they even called this volume The Death of Thor. So did they deliver on this? Nope.It was the old bait and switch. Jane Foster di...
  • R
    Wasnt overly engaged in this as other volumes. Maybe because I read it as single issues. Still emotional and thoughtful, solid artwork. Was a good overall series although probably not Aarons best work.
  • Liz (Quirky Cat)
    Man, I knew this day was coming, yet I’m still not ready for it. This is the final volume in the Mighty Thor run, and the name leaves very little for the imagination, doesn’t it? I’ve been both looking forward to and dreading this volume for months. But in truth I knew it was going to have to end the moment that I heard that the Marvel Universe was doing a soft reboot. It was bound to happen – they were ready to go back to Thor, and by th...
  • Travis Berketa
    The Mighty Thor: The Death of The Mighty Thor pretty much spelt out what was going to happen, but the journey there was an excellent one. The Mighty Thor (a.k.a Dr Jane Foster) is caught up in a no-win situation; with the almost indestructible Mangog unleashed on Asgardia and, of course, Jane's own personal battle with cancer.Jane Foster has proven herself worthy of the mantle of Thor throughout The Mighty Thor series, demonstrating heroism amid...
  • Dan
    The title of this volume kind of gives away the ending doesn't it? But then again the whole run of Jane Foster as Thor has been leading to this point so it's far from unexpected. The War of Realms burns on and now the Mangog arrives, i.e a big monster that is stronger than the gods of Asgard. Jane Foster is dying with Mjolnir removing the chemotherapy from her body but leaving the cancer. With even the War Thor unable to stop Mangog, Jane is forc...
  • Scott Lee
    When I first learned Jason Aaron was going to this whole "Goddess of Thunder" thing, I couldn't imagine (despite having loved pretty much everything he's ever done, especially the run on Thor which preceded this incarnation of the book) handing out a five star review for one of these volumes. I believe I've done that several times though, and this volume earns the capping role to Aaron's Goddess of Thunder story that it aspires to. Jane proves he...
  • Robin
    I am going to miss the Hel out of this book.The art is the best part. I think Mighty Thor may have been the most consistently beautifully drawn comic series I know of. That alone will bring me back for rereads for ages to come.And the story gets back on track, probably because the end was in sight, so this volume is much more streamlined than the previous, more meandering hardcover.If I have any complaints it's that the War of the Realms storylin...
  • Sean Thompson
    a fittingly disastrous end to this mess of an arc. With this final entry, the mighty thor has descended fully into the realm of parody. A shame, since I usually count on thor for a grittier, more serious storyline. Replete with infantile characterizations and insanely repetitive dialogue; you don't even have to read the speech bubbles to know what each character is going to say. The conclusion is completely unfulfilling and malekith, for the seve...
  • Gerry Sacco
    What a sad, beautiful way to end this series. The art was gorgeous, especially the movement in the fight panels, but the themes of love and sacrifice, really elevate this comic into something transcending the medium itself. This is a wonderful story, and things like this make me appreciate what a good writer can do when given time and space.
  • Pierpaolo Ciappetta
    Un fumetto di supereroi. Un fumetto di Thor. Mai avrei pensato di arrivare a commuovermi con queste premesse. La storia di J.F. sarà una pagina della storia del Tonante difficile da dimenticare. E a dispetto delle critiche preventive. Aaron (e non dimentichiamo Dauterman) ha fatto un lavoro splendido.
  • Kevin Carey
    A epic, personal, emotional ending to Jane Foster's run as Thor. Surprising finish that felt right and fair to both the characters involved and the story. Jason Aaron truly created something special here. A fantastic series that absolutely sticks the landing.
  • Sevia
    Jak už story arc "The Death of the Mighty Thor" názvem naznačuje, tady se docela vyplatilo mít připravené kapesníky. Nikdy jsem Jane v MCU ani v komiksech moc nemusela, ale Jason Aaron tohle celé vymyslel opravdu na výbornou a zakončil zrovna tak.
  • Josh
    Fantastic finale to Jason Aaron's lady-Thor. Story is heartfelt and exciting, while the art is among the best comics has to offer. Great comic!
  • Martha
    Not a bad series but I am SO tired of his Loki who winds up doing wrong when he seems to be trying to do right. Thought these might be keepers but not for me.
  • Fraser Simons
    Surprisingly moving, great artwork. Love this run of Thor.
  • José
    100/100.El final perfecto para una de las mejores eras de Thor que he leído.
  • Michal Vámoš
    Neuvěřitelně silný zakončení éry Jane-Thor, která mě celkově sice moc nebavila, ale měla dost silných chvilek - a většina z nich byla právě tady. Jednoznačně 5*.
  • Ron Bailey
    A satisfying conclusion to this arc.
  • Elliot
    This made me cry so much! Thanks!
  • Ramon
    A lovely, moving sendoff for one of the best characters to emerge in the last decade of comics. Brought tears to mine eyes. End of a great era for Thor.
  • Albert
    What an amazing story - had me cheering, laughing, and crying - love you, Jane Foster!
  • Mr Osowski
    Thank you Jason Aaron. Thank you. I am a huge fan of Thor since the 70s. To say you have done justice to this superhero is an understatement. I never thought anyone would even get close to Simonson, but, here we are.If all you had done was to make Jane Thor for a while, that would have been enough. But the treatment you have given this series is wonderful. Can't wait to see what happens next.