The Speed of Sound (Speed of Sound Thrillers, #1) by Eric Bernt

The Speed of Sound (Speed of Sound Thrillers, #1)

In this propulsive thriller, one of the most ingenious young men in the world has also become the most dangerous…or has he?Harmony House is more than a “special place for special people.” It’s a think tank where high-functioning autistic savants harness their unique abilities for the benefit of society. Resident Eddie Parks’s contribution is nothing less than extraordinary: an “echo box” that can re-create never-recorded sounds usin...

Details The Speed of Sound (Speed of Sound Thrillers, #1)

TitleThe Speed of Sound (Speed of Sound Thrillers, #1)
Release DateJun 1st, 2018
PublisherThomas & Mercer
GenreThriller, Fiction, Science Fiction, Mystery, Mystery Thriller

Reviews The Speed of Sound (Speed of Sound Thrillers, #1)

  • Christina - Traveling Sister
    I was provided a copy of this novel by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions presented are my own.4.5 I don't know how to write this as an echo or I would starsFirst and foremost, the editing and completion of this novel are top notch! When one reads so many ARCs there tends to be typical hurdles you have to overcome with regards to shoddy or incomplete editing and formatting - Speed of Sound did not suffer from this at all. Pa...
  • Cynthia Hamilton
    Well...that was one hell of a wild ride! There wasn't a moment when my attention strayed from this fascinating novel. Built on the premise of being able to capture and reproduce sounds from the past, The Speed of Sound runs at a clip that gives double meaning to the title. Edward Parks lives in Harmony House, a rarified environment where individuals like Eddie are nurtured and observed in hopes of cashing in on their extraordinary creativity and ...
  • E.A.
    I thoroughly enjoyed THE SPEED OF SOUND for a number of reasons but foremost among them is the fact that it is competently written. What a relief to just be able to read a book without the typical bumps and pops of awkward sentence structures, wrong grammar, misspellings, strange paragraph breaks, unnatural dialogue exchanges, confused action scenes, and on and on and on in the litany of what we all have learned to put up with in this brave new w...
  • Tulay
    This book should be listed under Techno/thriller. Interesting book until the end, yes you have to read the next book. All Eddie Parks wanted to hear is mother sing. She I giving birth to him, she had a beautiful voice. Eddie lives and works government funded institution for high functioning autistic (savant) people. He developed Echo Box. Government is keeping very close eye on him, they don't want him to succeed. This invention will completely c...
  • Darinda
    Eddie lives in Harmony House, a think tank residence for people with autism. Eddie's project is creating an "echo box." Eddie's main desire is to hear his late mother sing, and if he can complete the echo box, his dream will come true. Unfortunately, other, less scrupulous people would also like the echo box to work. The newest doctor at Harmony House is Skylar, and she immediately connects with Eddie. As the danger increases, Skylar helps Eddie....
  • Norris R. Sumrall, Jr.
    Is this any way to end a storyline?SPOILER ALERT...This is an exciting and engaging story, until this happens:''After they departed, Stephen waited a moment before removing a phone from his pocket. It was the same model Senator Davis now carried with him. Stephen pressed the speed-dial button for the only number he was ever to contact with it. “You said I should call if anything unusual happened.”''Too many questions left unanswered...That is...
  • Lisa Rodgers
    Intriguing Postulations !An easy, enjoyable read! I really liked it, and recommend it for mid-teens and above! (Mostly clean, extremely minimal use of foul language and zero detailed sexual situations. There is an early scene where a scumbucket has engaged a prostitute for drugs and other activities; the scumbucket's plans are clear, but handled without descending into graphic details. Most importantly, the scene is abruptly terminated without an...
  • Ed
    Ingenious plot premise powers this thriller about Eddie Parks, a 27 year old Asperger's prodigy researching "acoustic archaeology" to capture the sound waves of his long deceased mother. Eddie lives a regimented institutional life at Harmony House, a government supported home for autistic savants who exhibit the potential for innovative technological breakthroughs. Multiple entities target Eddie for 24/7 surveillance in the off chance his acousti...
  • Vignesh Ashok Kumar
    After reading the synopsis of the novel, I was curious on how it will be.So, I picked it and read it. After reading the novel, well, I am intrigued by the science behind it. Acoustic architecture is amazing. This novel is about a bloke named Edward (in short Eddie) who has autism and how he has the passion to listen to his mother's voice using a device called "the echo box", which is blemished by the third party (which is of course SPOILERS!!) as...
  • Andy Coleman
    A SIMPLE MAN'S REVIEW:I was drawn in by the promise of cool technology, but the book is far less about the device (and how it works) and far more about those who want to obtain it. I really wanted some fun speculation and possibilities! This turned out to be a very typical semi-political/action thriller with the usual group of characters. The only difference was that one of the main characters lives with Asperger's. So you can expect the usual qu...
  • Lanie Molinar
    This book was amazing!!! I couldn't stop reading it, and it had me on the edge of my seat the whole time! I'm so glad I chose it as my free one for the month! I'm an Amazon Prime member, so I get one free pre-release book each month. Before I read the description, I had trouble choosing between this book and one other, but once I read that, I knew I had to get this one. I love science fiction and thrillers. Also, I'm autistic, and I like books wi...
  • Bonnye Reed
    May First Reads Amazon Prime GAb Skylar Drummond has a choice of excellent options after receiving her Harvard Medical School degree but she feels that Harmony House patients, diagnosed Asperger or savant on the autism spectrum, could - would with the proper environment - change the world. Skylar's brother Christopher would have if he had had proper help and guidance before his failure to cope with the down-side of his world lead him to commit su...
  • Sandra
    A Chilling Possibility When I started this book I had no expectations beyond liking thrillers and being intrigued by the synopsis of “The Speed of Sound”. A high-functioning autistic, Eddie Parks is an unlikely hero/protagonist but his unique views of the world and people around him pulled me in from the get-go. Dr. Skylar Drummond develops an unusually close bond with Eddie and he is able to relate to her on an unusually emotional level for ...
  • Greg Kerr
    The Premise Was What Led Me to Read This BookAlways enjoy a clock-and-dagger suspenseful story. The fact that Eddie was special added to the story. The dialogue between Eddie and Skyler was realistic and brought humor into the tension of so many people making power moves to control the outcome of Eddie's desire to hear his mother sing.
  • Marvin B
    A Very Sound ReadA gripping tale built on an interesting premise. Wonderful character development and sensitive treatment of a difficult developmental abberation. Well written.
  • Russell Williams
    I thought this was an intriguing and exciting read. Yes, the novel did it end with a cliffhanger but the conclusion was still satisfying. People have complained about this book because of its cliffhanger ending but they fail to appreciate that the author is simply setting up the premise for the next novel. My only complaint is that I will have to wait until June 4 for the next novel. Write faster, Eric. Write faster!
  • Sarebear
    Really liked it until the end, which is stupidI don't get the end, unless it's a couple of possible things I am guessing at. Very unsatisfying, to read all that and then, ? I have read books before that do this, but they are written well enough that the questions and mystery at he end feel awesome,,and the possibilities interesting, rather than leaving you confused and wondering why you wasted time on the book.
  • Jennifer Bryant
    I chose The Speed of Sound as my May freebie for Amazon First Reads. It was a fast paced, page turning, hit men and explosions, cat & mouse thriller with memorable characters and heart. Eddie is a high functioning autistic genius whose only desire is to create an echo box in order to hear his mother sing. The echo box, if functioning, would allow anyone the ability to hear any conversation that ever took place in its current location....cue the p...
  • Susan
    Started slow for me, but once I got into “The Speed if Sound” I had a hard time putting it down. Fascinating premise. What if there was no ‘he said, she said” but just “this is what was said.” The implications of this are really scary - especially if that power fell into the wrong hands. Can’t wait for the next book in the series, this was a total home run for me.
  • Peter
    That was really fun. And that's exactly what I want from a sci-fish thriller. The pace was consistently fast while still managing to develop its main characters and keep everything making sense. Sure, my suspension of disbelief was stretched to its limits with all the made-up science and psychology, but due to the interesting characters and action-packed story, they were easy enough to move past.I enjoyed the writing for the most part. You don't ...
  • James Yaklin
    This was a very intriguing read. The story was quite entertaining and the format was excellent. The action was thrilling and fantastic to say the least. However, I think what I really liked most about this story was the character development - at least the two main characters. There is a line in the book in which another character is expressing some respect concerning Dr. Skylar Drummond:"Butler now understood how she could reach Eddie the way sh...
  • Jph12
    A doctor and her patient, an electronics whiz living with Asperger's, go on the run from the homicidal maniacs running their hospital, and the even more homicidal maniacs running a privatized branch of the infamous Deep State. Skylar and Eddie were enjoyable, but there were just too many glaring mistakes that took me out of the story. To be fair, most were relatively minor, but they jumped out at me and I couldn't get past them. I think it's part...
  • Justin Brendel
    First, thank you Netgalley for the copy to read. The Speed of Sound, although starting off slowly, gradually picked up steam and was a fast-moving, action packed book. The idea of an echo box is brilliant, and it's amazing how one person's desire to just hear his mom sing, can turn in to multi-agency mouse hunt. I can see the security implications of a device like this, but Eddie just wanted to hear his mom. The author was able to create compassi...
  • Nicolette
    Wanted something that wasn't non-fiction and a little more upbeat to cut through the other books I'm currently reading. This delivered. You appreciate the characters quickly and feel drawn into the story even if, at points, it seems a little ludicrous. It's not hard to let yourself believe the acoustic technology described in the story exists, and that you potentially might want it to. Or would you? I caught myself musing on that thought: If anyt...
  • Jacques Bezuidenhout
    Fun, easy to follow sci-fi thriller.Constantly entertaining, keeping you on the edge of your seat.Well developed and likeable characters all around. The main character has Asperger syndrome, so a lot of the story is around how people interact with him, and how he interacts with the world.The sci-fi factor is probably more leaning towards the impossible, but the book made it sound pretty believable. The ending was left wide open for Book 2. Which ...
  • Carolyn
    A fascinating premise: acoustic archeology (or archaeoacoustics) can be used to "mine" sound vibrations, thereby recreating any conversation ever held anywhere. The ramifications are earth-shattering and those who are aware of this possibility and want to control this machine, for reasons both nefarious and compassionate, are out to get the young man who conceived of and created this device. The fact that said young man is compelled to live in a ...
  • Hisacro
    I Was shouting like HELL when I turned ACKNOWLEDGEMENT It freaked me out and I realized only after a matter of few minutesalthough the only problem is I cannot totally convince myself into totally agree to the fact it worked but overall it's worth reading"I always wondered I never had any favorite author who I look into, brag about the works"..............................."UNTIL NOW" SPOILER ALERT Stenson: "possession of the single most importan...
  • Jan McClintock
    Excellent premise and intriguing science, but overblown on the black-ops theme. The protagonists are more-or-less likable, although irritating, and the antagonists were super dark. The issue for me was that there were SO MANY bad guys! The evil corporations and government dark-side were so prevalent that it watered down the plot. Several sets of assassins and special-ops teams were out to kill most of the characters; I started to wonder if it was...
  • Caitlin
    This was an interesting premise but I found it hard to keep some of the characters straight and to remember just how they were all interrelated. It is certainly fast-paced and the main characters were likeable enough, but even with the cliff hanger of an ending I don’t feel compelled to carry on with the story. To me, it would have been a satisfactory read. The lower rating is for the numerous characters and what I felt was a choppy writing sty...
  • ↠ cняιsтιηε ✩
    Note: May First ReadsThis was actually one of the greatest thrillers I've read. Don't you just love how most of them are listed as "A gripping psychological thriller you won't be able to put down!!" and then they are honestly bland and boring??This one wasn't. And it combined fast-paced action with science (physics). Good characters, too.