A Sorrow Fierce and Falling (Kingdom on Fire, #3) by Jessica Cluess

A Sorrow Fierce and Falling (Kingdom on Fire, #3)

It’s time for war.After suffering terrible losses, Henrietta and Lord Blackwood have led their warriors to Sorrow-Fell, a vast estate where only those invited by a Blackwood may enter–and the ideal place to plan a final assault against the Ancients.It’s time for a wedding.Henrietta nervously awaits her marriage to Blackwood, but when the ritual to become his bride reveals a dark secret, she realizes that Sorrow-Fell is not a safe haven; it...

Details A Sorrow Fierce and Falling (Kingdom on Fire, #3)

TitleA Sorrow Fierce and Falling (Kingdom on Fire, #3)
Release DateOct 16th, 2018
PublisherRandom House BFYR
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Historical, Historical Fiction

Reviews A Sorrow Fierce and Falling (Kingdom on Fire, #3)

  • Candace Robinson
    First off, I'm going to say this was a five star read even though what I have to say may not feel like it is! To start, anything that involve fire power, give it to me!What I love about these books is the world—it has some pretty awesome and dark descriptions! I also love the historical type setting, even though it is a fantasy world. Also, I absolutely love Magnus! When I read book one, I probably wouldn't have said that, but since book two, m...
  • Juliet Bernal
    I had received a copy of the digital arc from netgalley for an honest review, and truly it doesn't get more honest than this. The Kingdom on Fire trilogy has left me breathless with each book, with its finale truly hitting the hardest. I read this in one glorious sitting, and birds are chirping and the sun is rising outside my window as I manage to write this in the aftermath of finishing this story while tears stream down my face. Jessica Cluess...
  • LaRonda (Flying Paperbacks)
    You can see my full review here!A Shadow Bright and Burning - ★★★★A Poison Dark and Drowning - ★★★*I received an eArc of this book from the Publishers through Netgalley in exchange of an honest review*I fought for my life not to DNF this and considering that I didn't, I need some kind of award... or something.Cause this was bad. My emotions went from uncomfortable, to rage, to disappointment, to finally a lack of caring. The plot wa...
  • Shoshana
    Oh my god the crying and the laughing and I loved this!Faster paced than the other two - definitely cramming in a lot more plot in the last book, but it works out pretty well. I anticipate people having issues with some of the romance stuff, but honestly I think it was done really beautifully, particularly this idea that you can genuinely love more than one person, in different ways, and that life sometimes makes you give up one happy ending for ...
  • Leslie
    I have no idea what to rate this because there were aspects I enjoyed and were dramatic and intense, but also the mashing of Jane Eyre and this fantasy world was way too much. And once I saw the Jane Eyre parallels I couldn’t un-see them, and it was incredibly distracting and made the whole thing feel like a fanfic. (If the Jane Eyre connection had been made clear in any of the blurbs or the summaries of the books, I may have been able to forgi...
  • Jenn
    I've loved this series from day 1 and I couldn't wait to see how Cluess ended things. I've loved Henrietta from the first day, she knows her own mind and knows what's right for her. As a high school teacher, I ADORED the fact that even within the constraints of the Victorian time period, slut shaming was put down and shown to be unacceptable. Even more, I loved that just because you have feelings/ are attracted to another person, it doesn't mean ...
  • Kathy Martin
    This is the emotionally intense conclusion to the Kingdom on Fire trilogy. Henrietta Howal, her fiance George, Lord Blackwood, the remaining sorcerers and Queen Victoria have fled to Blackwood's home Shadow-Fell to plot a way to take back England from the Ancients who are overrunning it.Howal and Lord Blackwood find that they have very different plans for defeating the Ancients and their relationship is tested to the breaking point by all the thi...
  • Shana
    Excellent ending to this trilogy. The monster/gods were Lovecraftian, and horrifying in that respect. The Skinless Man was a great villain. I think this is a strong debut trilogy form this author.
  • Erin Arkin
    I’ve been waiting to get my hands on A Sorrow Fierce and Falling by Jessica Cluess since the moment I turned the last page of book 2 in this series. Cluess does a fantastic job of combining a fantasy and magical world into a historical setting and since these also happen to be some of my favorite genres I definitely hopped on board the “I’m loving it” train. Since this is a book 3, I can’t promise not to spoil any of the prior books but...
  • Kimberly
    Magic & monsters & petticoats return in this final Kingdom on Fire installment! Can the Ancients be defeated or will England fall?I devoured this book. I read the whole novel in one sitting. Stayed up until 3 am. I. Could. Not. Stop. Reading. Henrietta Howel is my favorite kind of protagonist—flawed, headstrong, and evolving. Cluess truly take time to develop her characters and that, combined with the fast pacing and complicated world, hooks me...
  • Teresa
    AMAZING CONCLUSION TO A GORGEOUS TRILOGY!!!!Don't have much more to say than that....I loved the way Cluess wrapped this trilogy up....I felt she addressed (and surpassed) all the questions I had leading into it.Go buy this book from your local Indie on 10/16/18!!!!Thanks to Random House for the ARC!
  • Patti Sabik
    Great wrap up to a fun series. I love how one review summed it up - Harry Potter meets Jane Eyre. Perfect.
  • Catherine
    3.5 StarsThank you Netgalley for the ARC I was dying for in exchange for an honest review. And with that honesty I’ll say, I did not expect to write this type of review.I have a lot of thoughts and feeling about this novel. While I enjoyed it, I didn’t love it, which was disappointing because I almost cried tears of joy when I was approved for an ARC. It was my least favorite of the three Kingdom on Fire books. It took me almost a month to re...
  • Sami
  • Stephanie (Reading is Better With Cupcakes)
    Review to come