Bear by Wolf-Dieter Storl


Since the beginning of human history, bears have been regarded as animals of great power. Ethnobotanist and cultural anthropologist Wolf Storl, who spent years in the wilderness with bears, explores the fascinating relationship between bears and humans, including the history, mythology, healing lore, and biology of this formidable creature. Storl takes the reader from the bear caves of the Neanderthals to the bear-worshipping Siberian tribes of t...

Details Bear

Release DateJan 20th, 2018
PublisherNorth Atlantic Books
GenreNonfiction, History, Animals, Environment, Nature

Reviews Bear

  • Ari
    this book is about the myths people have told about bears. while a lot of the things storl writes about are interesting, i would put a big old [citation needed] on anything from this book before i used it. (on some things i can tell his perspective is skewed: he talks up thor's connection to bears a lot, even though the only actual link he gives is thor being sometimes called "bjorn," or bear, as a nickname. i've done prior reading on norse mytho...
  • Sarah Furger
    I really enjoyed this! Storl has worked hard to integrate many different ways of knowing into this history of the bear in human life, and I really appreciated the many different points of view presented here. This book is fast-paced and reads like a series of conversations over a fire or a cup of coffee with a beloved mentor; I felt like I was absorbing knowledge without working hard for it! I have always been partial to bears and knowing more ab...
  • Terry Pearson
    Thank you goodreads for the free book . I love winning!I've under the weather so review will have to wait. Just know I was enthralled. So much I didn't know about bears from rituals, bear plants ( think Bear Garlic) mythology, history, fairytales...Winnie the Pooh and Smokey the Bear...oh my, and so much more. A plethora of bear related fact.I need to keep this copy for future reference. Mr. Storl has given us what would be for me a lifetime's wo...
  • Samuel Wood
    A startling blend of history, mythology, and botany, this book is a shocking reminder of what has been and the ways man has bonded itself to nature.