This Splintered Silence by Kayla Olson

This Splintered Silence

Lindley Hamilton has been the leader of the space station Lusca since every first-generation crew member on board, including her mother, the commander, were killed by a deadly virus.Lindley always assumed she’d captain the Lusca one day, but she never thought that day would come so soon. And she never thought it would be like this—struggling to survive every day, learning how to keep the Lusca running, figuring out how to communicate with Ear...

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TitleThis Splintered Silence
Release DateNov 13th, 2018
GenreScience Fiction, Young Adult, Mystery

Reviews This Splintered Silence

  •  Amelia
    Before I start with the review, can I just say that this whole situation reminded me a bit of The 100? The MC is a strong girl who has to become a leader because there are no adults around and she has to make all sorts of tough choices - sometimes she's right, sometimes she's not - and she has a close circle of friends who help her, but don't always agree with her. Clarke is that you? And yes, of course this review will only contain The 100 GIFs ...
  • Rebecca McNutt
    I'm not a big science fiction reader, but since This Splintered Silence featured elements of the mystery and thriller genres in it, I thought it might be an interesting read. It definitely was, and Olson's ability to evoke sympathy for her characters and give them more emotional depth than what I find typical in sc-fi made it even more intriguing to me. The romance aspect sort of took away from the plot itself, I found, but still gave the book an...
  • Peachy
    "I think most things begin to fracture without anyone realizing it’s even happening, a sort of splintered silence that gives way all at once under too much weight, and without warning."Themes: survival, friendships, relationships, growing up together, evolving bonds, science, technology, space station, leadership, stepping up, grief, trust, asking for help, virus, mutation, murder, contagion, space, stress, pressureNothing quite like what I exp...
  • Empress Reece (Hooked on Books)
    2.5 stars...Waaayy too much of Lindley feeling sorry for herself, whining and running away, hiding out to get it away from it all. She spent more time doing that then anything else. If the author would have cut at least half of that needless, self-reflection crap out and focused on the actual story, it would have been a decent book.
  • Faye, la Patata
    First book read this year, and it was quite an underwhelming read.Unfortunately, I didn't get too invested in it so I probably won't be giving a hardcore, gif-infested, raging review, but here's basically it:BOOOORIIIIIIIING.I'm not sure if it was simply the writing, or if it's just the main character's voice that kept repeating their sentiments with the same words in different patterns every time. You know, when they feel this ONE SPECIFIC THING...
  • Ellie (faerieontheshelf)
    ↠ 3.5 starsThis book cuts cleanly two ways for me. The first 50% I wasn't a fan of, but the second 50% was really quite good. Frankly, the first half was a little too slow-paced for a thriller, but once past halfway the book did catch my interest. And I never did suss out the culprit until the actual end (and found many people suspicious), so I did think that was done well.The comp title of Illuminae did feel slightly accurate, though it lacked...
  • Emily Murphy
    A gorgeously written, tautly plotted thriller. I inhaled this book and relished the twists and turns it took. I love the way This Splintered Silence weaves science, technology, grief, panic, and the nuance of human relationship into a tightly woven web--and an ending I never saw coming.
  • Shannon (It Starts At Midnight)
    You can find the full review and all the fancy and/or randomness that accompanies it at It Starts at Midnight 3.5*This was quite a fun book! While not perfect, I found it to be quite enjoyable and I was certainly invested in the mystery aspect of the story. Let's break it down into likes/dislikes, because I cannot really talk about the plot too much for fear of spoiling!The Stuff I Liked: •It was incredibly entertaining. Despite any other flaws...
  • Vicky Again
    4 starsThe Sandcastle Empire was one of my favorite reads from last year--an action-packed read full of deadly situations in a unique setting.And This Splintered Silence did not disappoint, with its cast of characters who you doubt every step of the way and a main character struggling to maintain captainship of the spaceship, you're definitely invested in what's going on with these teens in space.I mean, they're going through a whole lot with all...
  • Jessi (Novel Heartbeat)
    I had such high hopes for this book, but sadly I was disappointed. It's got great reviews, too, so looks like I was the black sheep yet again *shrugs*Mostly I was bored. The mystery of not knowing why people were dying kept me going, but I found the plot and the book overall to be very dull. The prose was choppy and awkward and I had trouble getting into it. We are given ZERO description whatsoever, so I had trouble picturing the setting or any o...
  • Lindsay
    2.5 stars
  • Carlie Sorosiak
    Ooooooooh my goodness, y'all. Please prepare yourselves for this book, because it's going to absolutely blow your mind.
  • Jackie
    * 3.5 stars * A book I wanted to love ended up being a murder mystery I’m not sure I buy but overall it wasn’t a bad novel. “This Splintered Silence” begins at the end of a contagion that took the lives of the first generation of those who made the jump from Earth to space leaving behind a community of children to take the reins when a sudden death of one of their own with eerie similarities to the original plague threatens to unravel an ...
  • Julia
    3.5 stars. I think most of my issues with this book come from the odd framing of it. We never get to see any kind of "normal" on the ship, and all of the plague that happened is dispassionately summed up to us in the first couple of pages. Since we have no baseline for how these characters interact when they're not dealing with all of this stuff, their relationships feel shallow and don't make sense. We're told several times that the core group o...
  • trufflebooks
    3.75/5 ⭐. Great thriller, full RTC once I've got my writing mojo back x
  • Mary
    dnf @ page 90-ishit pains me, but despite the premise of this being hella interesting and the lovely writing at times, i just have... no... desire... to return to this. I stopped reading last year in April. That's April 2019. It's January 2020. It's time to admit that I'm not going to finish this lol.
  • Ry
    3.5/5 stars
  • Shelley
    *Source* Publisher*Genre* Young Adult, Thriller, Mystery*Rating* 3.5*Thoughts*Kayla Olson's This Splintered Silence is her follow-up to the novel The Sandcastle Empire. This is a story that is a mixture of science fiction and mystery. 17-year old Lindley Hamilton is the Commander of the station called Lusca. Lindley leads a group of second generation survivors who lived while the adults on the station died of a deadly pathogen. Learning how to ke...
  • Ann Tamimi
    2 stars becuase I actually finished it. I recieved this book in a bookish box for the month of nov I believe. I did cancel my sub and after reading this I'm pretty happy about that decision. This was dull and I had many problems with it. 1. They were in space yes but I know nothing about their living space. Was it a ship was it a station what did it look like consist of just anything. No descriptions like at all. 2. Why weren't these kids all in ...
  • Laura Holt
    "I think most things begin to fracture without anyone realizing it's happening, a sort of splintered silence that gives way all at once."What's the last book that kept you up at night? For me, it was This Splintered Silence by Kayla Olson! This book was, in a word, phenomenal. It had so many twists and turns that I couldn't tell which way was up and which way was down! Needless to say, the ending completely took me by surprise. Plus, Kayla's writ...
  • Kath (Read Forevermore)
    An arc of this book was sent to me by Harper Collins and Kayla Olson for a book tour. All thoughts and opinions on this book are honest and my own.Rating: 4.5 / 5Beautifully written, engaging and character driven book. This book is a perfect mix of science fiction, romance, thriller, and suspense. The prose of this book was just so beautiful and natural, and it brought the development of this story so perfectly! It was perfectly paced, and I foun...
  • Shijia
    RANT ALERT!!! Can this book just vanish out of existence? Please?ZERO STARS.honestly, this book is everything I worry I never have to read in a story that I anticipated SO SO MUCH. A disease in space where all the adults are dead- sounds cool right? WRONG!!!The taste of disappointment is truly bitter. This book was trying to be an epic and poetic space opera about leadership and ya know the usual group of misfits who were now in control of an ent...
  • Jennie Shaw
    I've been looking forward to THIS SPLINTERED SILENCE since I first heard of it. As a fan Kayla Olson's debut, I was extra psyched because books set in space have a special place in my heart. The YA market has blended quite a bit into the adult market, and I'm happy report that THIS SPLINTERED SILENCE was, most definitely, a book written for teens. Lindley's decision making process reminded me a lot of my younger years, where immediacy trumps all....
  • Shelly
    *4.5 stars*I really liked this one! The main character was so well developed and the writing/plot was so gripping.
  • Dreximgirl
    I really enjoyed this. Space science fiction mystery drama with interesting characters and definitely a story which keeps you guessing. Very good and highly recommend.
  • Kelly Chaplin
    *3.5 stars* My heart is still pounding. When Lindley steps up to take command of the remaining survivors on her ship after an extremely contagious virus wipes out the adults, I couldn't help but be proud. Score one for teenagers. It was quite an interesting ride, trying to guess what was happening (and trust me, there is a LOT happening), I can't even begin to understand how these tough teens pulled it off. And, I think that's part of the problem...