Men in Blazers Present Encyclopedia Blazertannica by Roger Bennett

Men in Blazers Present Encyclopedia Blazertannica

From the wildly popular soccer pundits, a hilarious and informative guide to the ever-more popular game.For more than a decade, the "Men in Blazers"—two balding transplants from Britain named Rog and Davo—have stood at the center of our growing national obsession with soccer. Hundreds of thousands of fans tune in weekly to their podcast and television broadcast to get their analysis of the previous week's matches and soccer news. But for all ...

Details Men in Blazers Present Encyclopedia Blazertannica

TitleMen in Blazers Present Encyclopedia Blazertannica
Release DateMay 15th, 2018
PublisherKnopf Publishing Group
GenreSports and Games, Sports, Nonfiction, Soccer, Humor, European Literature, British Literature

Reviews Men in Blazers Present Encyclopedia Blazertannica

  • Liesel Reichart
    Entirely sub-optimal. The final nail in the coffin of the publishing business as we know it. Courage to all readers who embark on this heartless work, devoid of all human emotion and clearly ghost-written by Zlatan.
  • MH
    So much more than a well-illustrated collection of jokes about pie and hair loss, the encyclopedia format serves as a backdoor biography for the two men, "an optimistic Londoner who believes everything is possible" and "a negative Liverpudlian who sees Cossacks lurking behind every door" (x), told through entries on family, football collectibles, and especially childhoods in England spent dreaming about America. There are plenty of jokes for GFOP...
  • Joyce
    While I can't say I'm a fan, I was familiar with Rog and Davo before I came across this delightful recording. Honestly, there's no point in bothering with the print version, unless you're a real soccer/football fan, because, as they meander through the alphabet in their encyclopedia, they offer a taste of their favorite sport--the athletes, the teams, the highs and lows--and personal recollections and witty byplay as they go. The encyclopedia--an...
  • Thekelburrows
    Balds win! Balds win! BALDS WIN!
  • Phil Thoden
    This book is a delightful accompaniment to any English Premier League (EPL) or World Cup soccer viewing experience, as it provides a source of much needed entertainment during the 89.5 minutes of tedium generally on display during a typical 90+ minute “football” match. The short A-Z entries are mostly amusing and informative, but unfortunately (for the authors and their creditors) the book was published in the the US market at almost the exac...
  • Jen
    Listen to it on audio! While they don’t read every entry, I could listen to Rog and Davo talk soccer to me any day of the week.
  • Ric
    Rog and Davo have outdone themselves here. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more suboptimal than the podcast and the tv show, they release this book that is as crap as the rest. And I couldn’t have possibly enjoyed it more.
  • Ian Hamilton
    Bennett and Davis' show and podcast are consistently entertaining, but unfortunately Blazertannica feels as though it was hastily thrown together to ride the wave of the duo's popularity. The jokes are inconsistent, and the "encyclopedia" is a smorgasbord of largely dull and superfluous entries. Much of what makes the comedic pair so strong is their delivery and ability to feed off one another on air; unfortunately this formula isn't replicated i...
  • Tim Hoiland
    From "Accents" and "Achilles Feet" to "Zaha" and "Zidane" this book is as lively and weird as its authors. If you've listened to the podcast or watched the show, a lot of this material will be familiar to you. Best suited for those who find themselves on the verge of soccer enthusiasm but in need of a nerdy, humorous nudge.
  • Ryan
    Sub-optimal crap has never been more enjoyable.
  • Michael J.
    You'll learn a lot more than just football/soccer in this highly entertaining and often funny collection of short articles (from one paragraph to several pages) on various and sundry topics - - some only loosely related to football/soccer. Just like the Men In Blazers television show, Rog and Davo go off on tangents and that's what gives this book it's unique charm. If you're looking for a comprehensive overview of soccer, including a complete h...
  • Leah Rachel
    This book was fun. It made me laugh a good number of times, and I shared many of the best stories with Nick. It's full of stories not just about soccer, but also about Rog and Davo's lives, where they come from, what makes them up as people. Highlights included a diagram of best penalty kicks that was all iconic missed penalties, a new soccer vocabulary, and new and better knowledge of world and English football. I can't blame it too much for its...
  • Spencer
    I have loved soccer for a long time. In the buildup to the last World Cup in 2014, I discovered a podcast by two English gents call "Men in Blazers". I immediately fell in love with Rog and Davo, their football knowledge, their incredible sense of humor, and of course, their delightful accents. I haven't missed a Men in Blazers podcast in the past four years. Not only have they brought more enjoyment to the World Cup and subsequent international ...
  • Paul Carr
    Nothing I say will persuade you to or dissuade you from buying this book. If you don’t know or like the Men in Blazers, you won’t get most of the jokes, and the humor will seem bizarre. If you are a Men in Blazers fan (as I am), you will relish the sub-optimality and understand that reference. I laughed out loud many times while reading this, and I smiled or chuckled countless others. Their ability to blend soccer, comedy and pop culture is a...
  • Matt Mitchell
    In the words of Davo, this is a brand extension. A hilarious and comedic one at that, explaining many of the tropes and quips of this soccer commentary duo. The only knock is that if you don't know the show, this won't make nearly as much sense as it does to a GFOP like myself who listens regularly. That's OK though. If you like soccer, particularly the English Premier League, these gents are top-notch crap (by their own admission and branding, o...
  • Steven
    To all who embark on reading this sub-optimal pile bald winning schlock, I say courage.Is that your analysis?Read this one when it came out in advance of the 2018 World Cup. Although I have heard a lot of these stories and thoughts as part of their podcast, the book was well worth the read. About fandom and what makes one a soccer fan (day drinking) and about life, love, and life lessons. And also redheads and sad naps and grief bacon. Could not ...
  • Dan
    Absolutely hilarious!! To be fair, I’m biased. I like their podcasts, their shows, their commentary, their humor, and I LOVE the sport of soccer. So, it’s easy for me to score this one highly, but they do such a great job of intertwining real history with their own differing opinions while still sharing detailed personal stories that endear the reader to the authors as well as to the sport. If you’re a soccer/football fan with a sense of hu...
  • Philip Looney
    This felt like part memoir, part love letter to GFOPs everywhere. Much of the content will be familiar to long time listeners, but there is lots of behind the scenes photos and stories that let you get even more inside the mind of Rog and Davo. I enjoyed learning more about 70s and 80s England football culture and fandom, like the part on Subbuteo and Bobby Moore. Best book for prepping for the 2018 World Cup out today.
  • Sebadiaz
    I am a fan on Men in Blazers even though I don't follow English football, they are knowledgeable and funny, just getting a chance to hang with them as they talk football is worth it. This book is a collection of all the inside jokes and repeat bits from the last 6 years of the show, along with a few new essays and stories. Whenever they get to jingoistic it really bogs down, and much of the book will not hold up as the years pass by but it was st...
  • Kenneth
    Fun build up to the World Cup.It brings me more joy to have than it does to read, if that makes any sense. Consuming tons of the Men in Blazers podcasts and tv episodes creates value for this as a piece of merchandise. It’s like a really cool concert poster.If you are a GFOP, it’s worth getting.
  • Robin
    I love the Men in Blazers, and this was a fine complement to the first week of World Cup 2018. I’m just sad I won’t be seeing them every night from Bob Ley’s Panic Room, where I first found them four years ago...
  • Brian
    Absolute CrapFull of interesting facts and laced with a vaguely cloying sweetness, this book is not an important addition to anyone's collection. The personal anecdotes are delightful. I got a copy in the hope of keeping it off the street.
  • Miles
    I love these guys - their podcasts, their tv shows, and now their book! If you are even mildly curious about soccer and enjoy a modern English take on the sport, its heroes, the Premier League, America, and life in general, then this book is a must read.
  • Poppy
    Could anything be better.Could anything be better. Hours & hours of football & laughter. I've sat with this all day. I will continue to enjoy it and share it with my kids & laugh with them. If only it came with pies.
  • Angel Ojeda
    Pure Sub-Optimal Crap. I’ll forgive the lack of having Mexico with an excellent section on Miguel Herrera.
  • John Ruedebusch
    Great book to read leading up to the World Cup. Not only is this a great soccer comedy but it is about life and rather heartwarming at times.
  • Jeff Lochhead
    Pure Crap! Loved every minute of this throwback to Podcast’s past. Helped to read while mourning the loss of a US-less World Cup.
  • Timothy Swartout
    Finally finished this hilarious, yet heartfelt, written ode to the world’s beautiful game. Alternately absurd and sincere, it has given me many moments of happiness. Thanks for the gift, Evan.
  • Christian
    Is that your analysis?