Ziggy, Stardust and Me by James Brandon

Ziggy, Stardust and Me

The year is 1973. The Watergate hearings are in full swing. The Vietnam War is still raging. And homosexuality is still officially considered a mental illness. In the midst of these trying times is sixteen-year-old Jonathan Collins, a bullied, anxious, asthmatic kid, who aside from an alcoholic father and his sympathetic neighbor and friend Starla, is completely alone. To cope, Jonathan escapes to the safe haven of his imagination, where his hero...

Details Ziggy, Stardust and Me

TitleZiggy, Stardust and Me
Release DateAug 6th, 2019
PublisherG.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers
GenreLGBT, Historical, Historical Fiction, Young Adult

Reviews Ziggy, Stardust and Me

  • Vitor Martins
    "Please don't waste another breath being anything else. There's just no time."
  • AJ
    *Runs around the streets chucking this book at every human in sight* *is crying* JUST READ IT!!!!!I’m just. Words? Nah this review is going to be strictly me gushing incoherently. This book needs some attention RIGHT NOW because I’m not seeing anYONE TALKING ABOUT IT AND ITS PERFECT. I swear to god the next time someone says something like “being gay is unnatural and the people saying they’re gay are just looking for attention” I’m go...
  • Anniek
    Can I please just have alllll the LGBTQ+ historical novels? There's really something special about them, and this one was no different in that sense.This is actually a very heavy novel, and it's really violent at times. But it's also such an important novel, about a boy dealing with and trying to overcome internalized homophobia in a time where homosexuality was still seen as a mental illness. At the start of the book, he genuinely believes he's ...
  • Stacy Fetters
    "The things that scare you the most are the things that bring you closer to who you’re meant to be."Ziggy Stardust is someone that I admire. He didn't care what anyone thought and did whatever he wanted to do. (This is why he's tattooed on my body) So when I saw the title of this book and saw the cover, I knew that I needed to read this. And I'm so glad that I did because it was beautiful and heartbreaking and it completely destroyed me. Omg!! ...
  • oliversromeo
    2.5 stars, rounded up | ”i guess this is what family feels like.”overall, this was a pretty disappointing read for me.i love david bowie, and i loved the idea of this book. don’t get me wrong, i think the themes in this book were PHENOMENAL and the discussions about racism, homophobia, conversion therapy, abuse, alcoholism, and ALL the other shit that went on was mind blowing. it’s books like these that can change the world. it’s books ...
  • Aldi
    I wish I could feel more enthusiastic than a lukewarm 2.5 about this one. I wanted to like this book a lot more. It's visually gorgeous (I mean, damn, look at that cover). I quite like the recent trend of queer YA books exploring previous decades as a setting and was intrigued by the 70s background. It features a Native American love interest, a direly underrepresented minority. It deals with important themes of recent history, like the horrors o...
  • Amelia Valentine
    I'm really torn with this one. I enjoyed it but... something about it felt off for me.For starters I didn't love the main character, Jonathan. To me he seemed juvenile and childish for his age and since the book is written in 1st person, the writing felt the same and so it felt, to me, like the 'important issues' the author attempted to write about were handled badly as a result of that.Secondly, the Native American thing. I think it was great of...
  • Maria (Big City Bookworm)
    aActual Rating: 4.5 stars!This was tough to read at times due to some pretty heavy subject matter, but it was such a well written and beautiful book. I highly recommend!Note: I am currently on a hiatus from reviewing. I need a bit of a break from the pressures of reading, so I'm just going with the flow this year. I'll obviously still be reading, but at my own pace and when I feel like it. Thank you for understanding!
  • Sara
    This was really quite heavy. Jonathan is a 17 year old gay boy in 1973 St. Louis, undergoing shock treatments to help him overcome his homosexuality. Plus, he's getting bullied by the straights at school and his dad is a sad drunk who treats Jonathan like shit. That's a lot. Also, my straight dad was also 17 in 1973 and it was weird for me to imagine him in high school and hoping he wasn't one of the "apes" who tortured kids like Jonathan. But ye...
  • Jennifer
    "I think everyone needs a secret place in the world, a place you can count on to keep your dreams safe." Wow. I loved this book more than I anticipated and I am over the moon with feelings for it! An absolute stunner. Feeling the 4.5- 5 love for it. The diversity, the history, the inclusivity of native american culture. I just loved so much of it. I can't wait to see what others think of it once released! It's heart breaking and hopeful and just...
  • Ariana
    4.5 starsOriginally posted on: The Quirky Book Nerd*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review*This is an incredibly beautiful and powerful novel. It is quite a heavy and emotional story and an absolutely stellar debut. I learned so much more about the 1970s and the LGBT community at the time. We get insight into society’s atrocious treatment of same-sex couples and the brave individuals who stood up for ...
  • Devann
    This is definitely not something I would normally read, but I'm glad that I did. I generally try to stay away from sad LGBT books and books featuring conversion therapy in particular, with the idea that the real world is awful enough and I'd rather read something happy or at least set in a happier world in my free time. This book wasn't anywhere near as sad I was expecting consider the setting and subject material, but I do think I was more 'on e...
  • Anabell
    2nd Read: I have never wanted a movie adaption as bad as I have for this book, but the chances are probably less than zero lmao. 1st Read: I kept putting off reading this book, and can’t believe I did. This book deserves so much more hype. The writing style was a little weird at first, but once I got used to it, I loved it, and It kinda reminded me of Aristotle & Dante which is a bonus.
  • Miriam
    *3.5Ziggy, Stardust & Me took me a hot second to get used to. The style takes full advantage of the first-person perspective, with a beautiful, melodic rhythm, but also tends to exaggerate with its poetry and imagery. By claiming too much attention, it chipped away the emotional impact of some scenes. While I cannot speak for the accuracy of the historical language, I can see that the book could have benefitted from less abstract and more showing...
  • Tzipora
    HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! READ THIS BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING BOOK!Oof. I am still in a book haze with tears in my eyes and I don’t know if any review can do this book justice. I’m going to take some time to think on it but I just want to give copies of this book to everyone I know and hug the author and his characters. And I want a sequel. Immediately. One of the absolute best books I’ve ever read. And one I’ll hold close to my heart forever....
  • Kira Thebookbella
    For my in-depth video review visit: ZIGGY STARDUST AND ME YOUTUBE REVIEW "The things that scare you the most are the things that bring you closer to who you're meant to be." TW: Bullying, Attempted Rape, Racism, HomophobiaThis is a Young Adult, Historical Fiction book about Johnathon, a 17 year old high school senior in 1973 St. Louis, Missouri. The reality of his life is that he is going to therapy for his "condition" and he lives at home with ...
  • Anna 'Bookbuyer'
    So this was pretty damn close to a freaking 5 star except for a few things I didn’t like. I was not a fan of the setting. Except for the amazing plot I would have never read this as I don’t like books set in the 20th century. So happy I was able to overcome my prejudice and read this anyway.I hate how fast the ending was wrapped up. Also call me crazy but I was a bit disappointed it was hea. I mean a lot actual people in the seventies very li...
  • Kisses♡••
    Read for O. W. L. S Readaton This was so heartwarming, unexpected and so so soft. Frtc
  • melissa
    "i'm not crazy for feeling this way. they're crazy for trying to stop me. and if it's the last time i ever get to feel joy again, i won't let them have it."i can't really find the words to describe this book. i'm speechless. i think i just found one more book for my list of favorites. actually, i'm pretty sure of that.i knew right from the start-- i KNEW this book had something special since i marked it as 'to read'. i just didn't know how specia...
  • TJ
    This is definitely one of the better debuts I have read this year. The prose were good, the themes were handled with care, and there were a handful of great scenes. I also really liked the interactions with characters who weren’t actually there. That said, I struggled with connecting to the main characters, and thus I didn’t 100% buy into their romance. I found a few scenes hard to follow, and there is a sense of “been there, read this a hu...
  • kelly {BookCrushin}
    A look at 1973 midwestern life and the troubles of being a gay teen. There’s a lot of pain in this book, but I think everyone should read it. Beautiful.
  • Rose Angelus
    Wow. This was beautiful.