Catching Caden (The Perfect Game #1) by Samantha Christy

Catching Caden (The Perfect Game #1)

If all they see are her scars - they aren't looking hard enough.It was my home run ball that shattered her face.Right along with her modeling career.Now it's my mission to help her rebuild her life.And get her to love the game that she hates.The game that dictates my life both on and off the field.But when the lines of our friendship become blurred, I worry she'll just be another casualty of my three-strikes rule. The rule I have to protect my mo...

Details Catching Caden (The Perfect Game #1)

TitleCatching Caden (The Perfect Game #1)
Release DateDec 7th, 2017
GenreSports and Games, Sports, Romance, Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance

Reviews Catching Caden (The Perfect Game #1)

  • Alex ♈
    2.5 starsGood writing, interesting plot, overall likable characters, safe.It was my 1st book by this author.My ranty rating is mostly about poor portrayal of all female characters, who were neither related nor were friends with the main characters, in a nutshell -> slut-shaming, OTT.*** SPOILERS *** *** Very probably unpopular opinion *** (view spoiler)[The romance itself was safe, despite the H went on many dates with OWs, because... he needed t...
  • Bev
    Just when I think I'm going to jack in KU because I've stumbled across some real doofers, a book like this one comes along. I loved it. It was just what I needed whilst in the mother of all book funks and had no idea what I wanted to read. Catching Caden wasn't heavy on the angst (which is what I usually need in a read), it wasn't heavy on the drama, it was a fab friends to lovers story with not a smidge of insta anything thank god and best of al...
  • Jacqueline's Reads
    4 StarsSamantha Christy is becoming one of my go-to authors. Catching Caden is a standalone and is part of The Perfect Game Series.I’m not a huge light-chick sports fan reader, but lately this has been my jam. One of the reasons why I love Samantha Christy books lately is because she writes heavily dialogue based books. I can’t express to you how this is my preferred type of reading. I’m not into overly descriptive books and I like that thi...
  • Anne OK
    HOMERUN! Holy Moly - I absolutely LOVED this story and the characters!!FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED. (12/20/17)You just never know when or where true love might strike!  Samantha Christy has written an extraordinary sports-related romance between two equally strong characters.  This baseball sports-romance was a hoot-n-hollerin’ good time – a sure-fired grand slam!  The cover alone earns big kudos without a doubt!  This one takes its place of h...
  • Raine
    Found a new author!!!I love finding new authors to read. Lately it's been like finding a needle in a haystack. But I really enjoyed this book. It had a really good storyline and wasn't all about sex, though I do especially love to read those books. This did have sexy scenes in it, but I love it didn't detract from the story, but enhanced it. It was about two people who meet, become friends and then fall in love. I liked that he didn't even know w...
  • Dora Koutsoukou
    4 💖💖💖💖🌟sSweet and safe
  • Nance
    4.5 star ratingWell spring training starts in February, so this was the perfect book to read right now! I love baseball, and this was a great read from author, Samantha Christy! Full of romance and baseball lingo as the two main characters meet in an unique way. Baseball is everything to Caden Kessler, but he’s concerned when a fan is injured when he hits one of his homeruns. Loaded down with his team’s fan merchandise, he goes to the hospita...
  • Jaime
    I'm stopping at 43%. I guess I COULD finish it, but I am just SO BORED. NOTHING is happening. It seems like the consensus with a lot of the lower star ratings is that it is great in the beginning, slow in the middle, and then okay at the end. I'm in the middle and having a hard time finishing it.I agree that the beginning was good. It was entertaining and I liked the friendship that Caden and Murphy were building. The problem is they're denying t...
  • Sandra De Gouveia
    * SPOILER ALERT *The Begging of Our Forever….When Samantha decided to tease us with little snippets of this book… I tried really hard not to read them however I did and I was hooked. I couldn’t wait to read the rest and although i purchased a copy of my own, I was picked as an ARC…. O my days….. What an Honor! Murphy moved to New York City after losing her best friend Kelly, in the hopes of becoming a model… Her dream come true… She...
  • Amanda Adams Steward
    This book. I loved. At first I wasn’t too keen on the heroine she was very dingy. Maybe she finally grew on me I don’t know but the hero total swooon. If you love a good sports romance especially baseball then this book is for you!! I can’t wait to be able to read the rest of this series and some of her other books because they tie in together. This is the first book I’ve read by this author.
  • Three Chicks
    4.5 Stars!Review by Lisa KaneOh, I do love a sports romance! Caden Kessler plays for the New York Nighthawks. He’s talented, gorgeous and rich. That combo puts him on the radar of just about every obsessed cleat groupie. He had a close call once and that has made him gun shy ever since. When he hits the crack of his bat, he just knows he’s hit another home run. That’s number twenty-six for the season. But when he sees commotion in the stand...
  • Blue
    DNF There's a special place in hell for me because I actually thought it was kinda funny that these two got together because Caden batted a home run ball which hits aspiring model, Murphy, in her money-making face. Soznotsoz. Other than that this book seems to be pretty tragic and I'm jumping ship before all the dramallama that seems to be ahead. I'm bored from reading Murphy's bland ass character with her being all goody-goody. MEH. I just find ...
  • Susan
    This was such a wonderful read. Samantha Christy knows how to write guys that are super swoon-worthy! Caden Kessler falls into that category for sure!!Caden is the starting catcher for the NY Nighthawks. In the middle of a game, he hits a homerun that ends up hitting a fan in the stadium. Feeling guilty, he tracks this person down and visits her at the hospital. They start off as friends, but their chemistry is undeniable, and leads to more. The ...
  • Joelle Yates
    Catching Caden is the first book in Samantha Christy's new series, The Perfect Game. Caden and Murphy will make you laugh, cry, feel their love for baseball (you'll never watch baseball the same again), and believe that love can conquer all! I love how you get alternating POV's, feel Caden and Murphy's happiness and struggles through the pages, and reunite with past characters in true Samantha Christy fashion. This is a feel good love story that ...
  • Nicole
  • Anna
    Very good story! In love with Kessler :)))
  • Sangria
    Good sports story....Honestly, it was big on romance but pretty tame and clean for what I’m used to. Their friends for a long, long, part of the book. They even go on dates with other people and double date but it’s all a smokescreen. But, I didn’t mind. I was interested in catching up w/ past characters from other books and getting to know Sawyer and Brady, the next books to come. Brady’s story sounds angsty.Easy, peasy friends to lovers...
  • Christa
    A perfectly average contemporary romance between a professional baseball player and a model who gets hit in the face with a home run ball. I liked the guy - Caden a lot. He was sweet and not a player at all. The progression from friends to lovers slow and realistic. But all in all, nothing really stands out.
  • Samantha
    First, while I enjoy most sports, baseball is not one that I’ve ever had much interest in. But man, Samantha Christy hits this one out of the park (pun intended). I had several recommendations from Kindle to read her books, just never got around to doing so. I’m glad I started with this one. At first, I wasn’t sure I was going to like Murphy. Be it that she was a model and her face was going to be messed up. But she turned out down to Earth...
  • Diary Of Book Fiend
    I really enjoyed this book. How the two main characters meet was very unique and it made the story that much more special. It was a slow burn, but you could easily see how much they cared for one another from the beginning. I am glad that they were friends first, because it made the story that much more beautiful and unique. They didn't just jump into something. I have read several of this author's books, The Mitchell Sister Series, which I was g...
  • Samantha Larkin
    Where oh where has Samantha Christy been hiding?And why has it taken me so long to bloody find her?I loved this authors style of writing, and the situation idea of this story really intrigued me!Sport romances and slow burns are my most favourite reads and I’m so glad I found this beauty who combined the two!
  • Jalina
    I. Loved. This. Story. So mad at you! Mad! Mad that you had me ugly crying in this book. The love story between Caden and Murphy was really really good! I knew since his ball hit her that he was a sweetie and she was tougher than expected! I am already dreading Brady’s story- I’ll have to read that one under my covers. Thanks again!
  • Ariel
    This was a pretty cute book. I was really into it at first, but at the halfway point, it started to get really boring so I skimmed the rest.
  • Lavender
    4 STARSOh Caden Kessler. Professional baseball player and full time hottie. A real celebrity on and off the field. When he's not hitting balls out of the park, he's dodging clingy fans and camera lights. Caden is an all around good guy—a considerate and loyal friend, he's the take-care-of-you-kind of guy, a man of his word, and the protector of all things vulnerable. He loves his sister and he's the best Uncle. But baseball is the only healthy,...
  • Spoon
    Okay, I'm gonna be the odd one out here. There is so much love for this book, and I liked it, but there were a lot of things that hampered my read.My biggest issue: The second half.I was looking through my highlights and kept reading the same notes: "Is this almost over?/I'm bored/I'm boooored/I'm booooored." Over and over again. It felt like we weren't going anywhere after the first climax (pun intended).The meet cute was... cute. (Except for je...
  • Jennifer Dale
    4.5 Stars I will have to say this was one of the best sport books I have read in a long while.This had all the things us readers like. Dual POV, bantering, developed characters, strong h/h, awesome side kicks, a flowing storyline and Most Importantly, - with 1 being low and 10 being high- Very High on the first person dialogue and very low reading the story in the characters thoughts!The Intro on how they met was obviously predictable but a first...
  • Randi ❤
    This could have been a 5 star read. The story was good, the writing was good. I fell in love with Caden, I could see myself being friends with Murphy... So why only 3 stars? Well, I think there's a responsibility in new adult books to promote safe and healthy sexual practices. Because young people who may or may not know better are going to read those books. "Double wrapping" is neither safe nor healthy. It's a really, really bad idea. As much as...
  • Laurie
    It completely blew me how I liked this book. I picked it up on a whim and I truly don't regret!The author's style is cool, her passion for baseball is pouring out of every single page of the book - it makes Caden quite a memorable character - to me. I am not exactly a fan of baseball, mostly because we don't play it in Europe and it looks quite complicated to me, but this book actually made me want to try and watch it one day! I liked how unusual...
  • Connie
    Great baseball romance filled with drama, sleazy ex-boyfriends, back-stabbing roommates and myriad betrayals. The sex scenes were bland, boring and "Then I climbed on top of her". Really???? But it was fun watching Murphy and Caden try to out maneuver all of the obstacles on their journey to true love.
  • Andrea Fleury
    Hot man and baseball.Make sure you have a fresh box of tissues. This book is wonderful. Very sweet and romantic. I love the way Camden loved baseball. He meets her in a strange way. One day he opens his eyes. Just watch out for flying balls