Playing Hurt (Aces Hockey, #6) by Kelly Jamieson

Playing Hurt (Aces Hockey, #6)

He’s playing hurt. She’s laying low. And they’re both flirting with disaster.Chase: The last thing I’d ever want to do is let my team down. After overcoming my bad-boy reputation, I was dominating on the ice. But things aren’t going so well this season, and even my parents think I’m partying again. Now I’m really worried about my career. The only bright spot in my life is the Twitter flirtation I’ve struck up with pop princess Jor...

Details Playing Hurt (Aces Hockey, #6)

TitlePlaying Hurt (Aces Hockey, #6)
Release DateJul 17th, 2018
GenreSports and Games, Sports, Romance, Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance, Hockey, Contemporary

Reviews Playing Hurt (Aces Hockey, #6)

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    Sometimes I think to myself, if you've read one contemporary romance, you've read them all. I've read hundreds of contemporary romances, but it continues to be the sub-genre of romance that I struggle with the most, and this book was no different. Even the addition of hockey players, my Kryptonite, couldn't make this book rise above mediocre for me. To be honest, the only reason I didn't DNF this book was because I wanted to figure out what Chase...
  • Debbie Oliphant
    I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.I have read other Kelly Jamieson stories and they are fun reads. This story is part of the Aces Hockey series and could be read as a standalone. This story centers around Chase and Jordyn who are celebrities who are crushing on each other through social media and decide to water a bet on exchange for a date. They meet in person and sparks fly, they have chemistry but they also have careers that t...
  • Carol
    Diving straight in. I was really happy to get this ARC. I am a big fan of Kelly Jamieson's hockey books.3.5 - 3.75 stars.Another great addition to her Aces Hockey series. Sweet romance. Not my most favorite by her but I really love all her characters and storylines. I am always receptive to any new book by this author. She writes such sweet and touching romances with just the right amount of spice and heat.I really enjoyed the Twitter flirtation ...
  • Carvanz
    Chase has had a crush on pop singer Jordyn for a while and when they start flirting via tweets, he finagles a date with her. Jordyn loves hockey and since Chase started following her via social media and she has been watching him play when his games are telecast, she’s more than okay about meeting him up for a date. What follows is a relationship that would normally not come to fruition had Jordyn not had some issues that forced her out of the ...
  • Tpagirl
    Playing Hurt was the sixth book in Kelly Jamieson’s Aces Hockey series.Chase Hartman was a star forward with the Chicago Ace’s NHL Hockey team. He’s had some wrist issues but was still playing, although not his best year.Jordyn Banks was a successful singer who was already famous as a former child TV star and recently transitioned into her music career. Chase and Jordyn met through Twitter, bantering back and forth with hockey trash talk. C...
  • Jessica (Angie & Jessica's Dreamy Reads)
    While this may not have been my absolute favorite story from Kelly Jamieson, this was a really cute book. I was unsure how I was feeling about it at first, but I stuck it out and ended up really liking it. The social media flirtation between an Aces hockey player and a famous pop star becomes more when they agree to test their online attraction on a real date. Their chemistry was on fire, their banter was sharp, and the push and pull that evolves...
  • Mindy Lou's Book Review
    3.5 Stars!Two people at the peak of their very public careers find an unusual way to connect romantically. Chase, a hockey pro with the Chicago Aces has a celebrity crush on pop star Jordyn Banks. Jordyn who's from Chicago and a fan of hockey decides to follow Chase on Twitter prompting him to respond to her tweet. This starts a fun and flirtatious banter between the two. This was a pretty cute story. Chase's infatuation with Jordyn was almost li...
  • Beth
    Chase is a hockey star. Jordyn is a rock star. When Jordyn, a hockey fan, friends Chase on twitter, Chase is someone star struck because he is a fan of her music. They start up some very public twitter banter which leads to a bet for a date on a hockey game. Of course, they end up on this very public date and the chemistry is perfect… there is lots of witty banter and great potential. Unfortunately, both Chase and Jordyn have issues that cause ...
  • My Pink Fairytales
    First of all, it took me almost a week to finish this book. To say that it didn’t hook me and it didn’t excite me, it’s an understatement. I love books that keep me up all night and that i can’t put down. Famous hockey players meets Taylor Swift. They’re each other’s fan and they start flirting on Twitter during hockey plays. They set a date, they have fun and build their relationship slowly and carefully. She’s down to earth for su...
  • « Court (Take the Read) »
    Wasn't for me, unfortunately.The amount of times the descriptive dialogue term 'rasping' was used was too high, in my opinion. It was everywhere and at one point I genuinely wondered if the characters had bronchitis because it was used THAT much within just a few paragraphs. I may be nit-picky, but I'm willing to overlook most things in lieu of a good story. This, with the characters thrown together over a public bet via Twitter, seemed disingenu...
  • Dali
    Kelly Jamieson provides a story with a great blend of flirty, hot and touching romance where pop star meets hockey star.Chase Hartman has had a crush on singer Jordyn Banks for a while, and even though he’s a celebrity in his own right he never imagined that some very public online flirting would lead to an actual date with her, much less form an easy and caring bond with her that would lead to more. It’d be great if he were as lucky on the i...
  • Nadine Bookaholic
    You can see this and other Reviews I have written along with various cover reveals, excerpts, and giveaways here Nadine's Obsessed with BooksThis book had me laughing out loud more than once with the funny and suggestive tweets between Aces Player Chase and Pop Star Jordyn but the real deal came from one tweet that was a bet, that one had me in hysterics because it kinda hit home for me on a personal note. And one bet changed their lives forever....
  • Maria Rose
    Playing Hurt by Kelly Jamieson is the latest story in her Aces Hockey series, following a group of hockey players through sometimes challenging, sometimes fun and always sexy stories of life and love on and off the rink. This entry has a 25 year old player who has a nagging injury that could derail his career paired with a star singer experiencing the same.Chase Hartman has been struggling to score goals. While it’s not uncommon for a hockey pl...
  • Liz
    Playing Hurt by Kelly Jamieson is the sixth book in her Aces Hockey series, but the first I have read. This can be read as a standalone, however, I am excited to go back and learn more about the Aces Hockey men. What really called to me about this story was the blurb and though this was the sixth book in a series, I knew I wanted to read it. Chase Hartman is finally turning things around. You see he was once the bad-boy of the team and partying t...
  • Zoe
    Sexy, playful, and fun!A sweet, passionate tale about finding that special someone who will love you unconditionally through all the unpredicatable ups and downs of life. A quick, easy romcom that's definitely worth a read.
  • Karen
    ARC Netgalley and I'm never disappointed when Kelly writes ACES hockey players. There is hockey but it's a story of the men who play so's a game but the warrior I'm these guys won't let them give up even when it's "playing hurt'. I also loved Jordyn and seeing how celebrities have trouble with knowing who to trust. Read the book and read the series.
  • Callixta
    Voilà typiquement le genre de romance qui n’invente rien mais exploite avec talent ce qui se fait de mieux en ce moment. Kelly Jamieson est spécialiste de ce genre de romances qui reprennent des éléments connus et les reprend avec une certaine fraîcheur.Nous sommes ici dans une série sportive portant sur une équipe de hockey de Chicago. Là, joue Chase, un jeune joueur plutôt brillant mais peut-être pas autant qu’il le devrait ou le ...
  • Nadine Bookaholic
    This book had me laughing out loud more than once with the funny and suggestive tweets between Aces Player Chase and Pop Star Jordyn but the real deal came from one tweet that was a bet, that one had me in hysterics because it kinda hit home for me on a personal note. And one bet changed their lives forever.......Playing Hurt is something all athletes do, don't get me wrong they should not play if they are injured but hurt is a different story ju...
  • Bette Hansen
    Fantastic story and a great addition to the Aces Hockey series. Really enjoyed this storyline as Chase, and Ace's hockey player and Jordyn, a famous singer bond over their love of hockey through twitter. Chase has always been a huge fan of Jordyn's so he flippantly throws out a bet. If his team wins she meets him for a date. Even wilder - she agrees! When they finally come face to face sparks fly instantly. Then they both have issues that affect ...
  • Treena
    Thank you NetGalley and the Publisher for granting my request for an ARC of this book. The review below is entirely my own opinion.I am a fan of sports romances and I enjoyed reading this one. I liked the personalities of the main characters. Although they each went through some difficulties, nothing was too angsty or heavy. I liked that their relationship grew over months and went through what felt like realistic issues. (I mean, I wouldn't real...
  • Nerdy Dirty & Flirty
    The Aces are back!This is one of my favourite hockey romance series, full of intriguing characters and real life situations. Well, real life for NHL hockey players and, in this instance, a rock star. Despite their success, they too have problems and they were going to face them together… “I was lying about not being obsessed with her. Okay, calm down, I wasn’t a creepy stalker.” Chase was struggling with his game as this season saw him tr...
  • Sheri
    I received an ARC of this book for an honest review.I haven't read any of the other books in this series, but they can be read as stand alones.I'm a sucker for a book about hockey players. Imagine your a big NHL star and you end up tweeting with your celebrity crush and then bet on a hockey game, and when you win you get a date with said celebrity. That is the premise around this book.Jordyn Banks is a huge pop star (I pictured Selena Gomez) and ...
  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    4.5 starsIn this day and age it isn’t a stretch for people to meet and form a bond on social media even if they are both celebrities and that’s why I found Playing Hurt to be timely and charming. There was something sweet about these two with their verbal Twitter sparring, their bets, their unique dates, and how despite some bumps in the road the caring and feelings they had for one another never ceased. I loved this book and the easy way the...
  • Suzi (Obsessive Reading Disorder)
    This is the 6th book in the series and I am always amazed at how this author brings us something interesting each time she publishes. The Aces team is located in Chicago and the heroine in this one is a huge hockey fan from Chicago. Both Jordyn and Chase are hurting and not able to participate in their fields as well as they would like. Random flirting on social media leads to a dare which leads to a perfect first date. What follows is a light ro...
  • Ayekah
    This is such a great series, however this book wasn't up there with the others. This is Chase and Jordyn's story. Chase, once a bit of a player now settled into his role with the Ace's and has a little girl crush thing going with pop star Jordyn. One day he tweets to her and she tweets back. Jordyn is from Chicago and is a hockey fan. Now living in California she roots for her home team, and the two banter back and forth on twitter until Chase pu...
  • Logan Hr
    I found the book interesting and engaging even If I thought the heroine was a piece of work and needed to grow up.. I wanted more hockey out of it and the family issues felt a little too much in my opinion
  • Isha Coleman
    Playing Hurt (Aces Hockey, #6) by Kelly Jamieson  Inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places. He has something to prove. She has the faith in him he lacks in himself. He's the hockey player who has lost his way. She's the pop star that helps him find his way back. Chase and Jordyn are used to life in the spotlight. However, they are about to find out it's the quiet moments that really matter when it comes to love. Jamieson carves out ...
  • Darcy
    I really liked how this one started out, with Chase and his crush on Jordyn. I liked how they flirted over twitter and their first date. I was glad when things didn’t end there for them. Both of them seemed to have fun as they got to know each other. I think it helped that both knew the hassle of fame and could commensurate with the injuries they had. I did hate how Chase lashed out towards the end, hated that by trying to protect himself he hu...
  • Heather andrews
    Jordyn knows how to get a reaction out of Chase, "my heart nearly exploded. “Jesus, Jordyn. Now I won’t be able to walk because my ***k’s so hard.” Chase can admit when hese wrong, “I was mad, yeah. But not really at you. More at myself. Because I knew you were right and I was being stupid. Guys are dumb that way.” I liked this book, I loved that Jordyn and Chase were each other's support system.