Hot Single Dad (Book Boyfriends, #3) by Claire Kingsley

Hot Single Dad (Book Boyfriends, #3)

Reasons I need to stop fantasizing about Linnea:1. She’s too young for me.2. She’s my daughter’s nanny.I could stop there, couldn’t I? I’m already a cliché. The single dad who’s hot for the nanny. But it gets worse.3. She’s my sister-in-law.My wife died when our daughter was a baby, and Linnea was just a quiet teenager. I barely knew her. When my in-laws insist she move to Seattle to be my live-in nanny—after a string of caregive...

Details Hot Single Dad (Book Boyfriends, #3)

TitleHot Single Dad (Book Boyfriends, #3)
Release DateAug 22nd, 2017
PublisherAlways Have, LLC
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Audiobook, Contemporary

Reviews Hot Single Dad (Book Boyfriends, #3)

  • Carol [Goodreads Addict]
    Hot Single Dad is by Claire Kingsley. In Book Boyfriend we met Alex Lawson. Then in Cocky Roommate, we met the sister, Kendra. Now in Hot Single Dad, Caleb gets his story. I first met Caleb in the previous books and knew him to be the more serious of the siblings. He had to be. Caleb is a trauma surgeon but more importantly, he is a single dad. He lost his wife, Melanie, when their daughter, Charlotte, was just a baby. Now Charlotte is six years ...
  • Princess under cover
    DNF 6%. Yeah, it's that boring.
  • Gökçe
    Why do I keep doing this to myself?It's obvious that I don't like this author's style and yet just because I'm curious I keep reading her books. This one was just like the others in series. And honestly, this whole sister-in-law thing was an eek for me. I didn't feel the love or anything.
  • Alaina
    Hot Single Dad is the third installation in the Book Boyfriends series. In it, you will meet Caleb and Linnea. They were cute and shit - plus their story was a bit different that what I usually read in a romance. So, Caleb was married to Linnea's sister but then she died. However, she left behind a beautiful six year old girl Charlotte.Linnea's family (aka parents) never really cared about her or her future. Well, once her sister died they defini...
  • Brandi
    Yep. Three books inside of five days. I did that. I would have had them finished sooner, but I don't get paid to read so I had to actually go to work. Gross. Anyway, Caleb. Yeah, there's something about a hot, single dad that has women dropping their panties and throwing themselves (vagina first) at them. I get it. There's just something sexy about a man who cares for and spends time with his child. There's just something about a man who puts his...
  • Carol
    4.5 stars.Third book in this series, boy oh boy did I enjoy reading all of them (great vacation reading). Claire Kingsley is now a favorite author for me and what I really liked here was her writing style and storylines, they were so fun and relatable. Great contemporary romance writer and she sexes it up just enough for me. Also it was a perfect finish to the series, she even threw in an extra bonus chapter for Kendra and Weston from the second ...
  • Vintage
    Based on Carol [Goodreads Addict], I gave this a try not knowing it was a sequel to Book Boyfriend which started out strong and wimped out for me.Hot Single Dad was sooooo much better. If you liked BB, Mia and Alex are still here, but this story is about Caleb and Linnea and is just too sweet. I usually hate sibling to sibling plots, but I'm going with this as the two never really knew each other. Caleb is widower with a six year old little girl,...
  • book bruin
    I've been waiting for Caleb's story since meeting him in Book Boyfriend. Thanks to whispersync, I both read and listened to the audiobook, narrated by Savannah Peachwood and Rock Engle. You don't need to read the previous books to enjoy this one, but the series is interconnected, so previous characters do appear.Caleb was just as sweet and loving as he was in the previous books, but getting to finally be inside his head helped to understand how h...
  • Michelle
    This is such a good series.
  • Nicole P
    A lovely end to the Book Boyfriends series. Caleb Lawson is a single dad to the shy and adorable Charlotte, working crazy hours as a trauma surgeon. Due to his in-laws insistence, their younger daughter is sent to help look after their granddaughter. Linnea is a brilliant pianist, who is still figuring out what she wants to do while waiting for a spot to open up at one of the symphonies. She takes the opportunity of looking after her niece as a w...
  • Wendy Douglas
    I received an ARC for an honest review of this book. It was no hardship. It was the third book about the Lawson siblings, and I was so glad to read Caleb's story. Even better, he got connected with Linnea, his sister-in-law, and they were perfect together.That's not to say they didn't have issues. The thing I really liked was that they were realistic. The exactly kind of things that a couple in real life would face. An age difference, their past,...
  • Sassy Southern
    5 stars for Hot Single Dad by Claire Kingsley ! I loved this book from the beginning. I couldn't get enough. This is literally one of my all time favorite books now. Caleb is such an amazing dad to Charlotte to be doing everything by himself it's so remarkable. Linnea and Caleb are so perfect together it's incredible. Linnea is remarkable for stepping up and helping with her niece and putting her niece in front of everything else. I am definitely...
  • Michelle (Witchy Books)
    Description:Reasons I need to stop fantasizing about Linnea:1. She’s too young for me.2. She’s my daughter’s nanny.I could stop there, couldn’t I? I’m already a cliché. The single dad who’s hot for the nanny. But it gets worse.3. She’s my sister-in-law.My wife died when our daughter was a baby, and Linnea was just a quiet teenager. I barely knew her. When my in-laws insist she move to Seattle to be my live-in nanny—after a string...
  • Fly FreeBird
    I tried to like it but I couldn’t stop imagining that he was freaking married to her sister and he loved her thn years later after her death. He was in love with his dead wife sister ( LINNEA )and he said he really doesn’t know her but come on I really tried to be with the story but my brain wouldn’t let me. Didn’t feel right whn LINNEA kept referring herself as a nanny?!? What the hell?? Charlotte is her freaking niece! It’s just gross...
  • Lyssa Dawn
    Claire Kingsley never disappoints. I have had a soft spot for Caleb and his daughter since we first met them in Book Boyfriend. Getting to revisit characters from the previous two books is such a delight. Caleb is such a good guy and a perfect dad. I fell in love with Caleb right along with Linnea. It is wonderful to see how Linnea finds her true self along the way and stands up for what she wants out of life. There is a surprise romance hidden w...
  • Elley Murray
    I don't really care for the single parent trope, or the May/December (age difference) romances, but the Book Boyfriends series has me in so deep I couldn't not read this third and final book in the series despite it being about some of my least favorite tropes. That being said, this was my least favorite in the series - which had a lot to do with the aforementioned least fave tropes. So if the single dad and the nanny and/or age gap romances and/...
  • Showie Ford
    Yes, I read this entire series in one day. fight me. 😎 Caleb's relationship with his daughter was the most adorable thing I've ever read. It was amazing. This story was very sweet. It was a little weird for me that she was his dead wife's sister. But also, I get it. what a great ending to the series. I loved it. ♡♡
  • Joanna
  • Ava
    This book was cute, really really cute and family oriented. The title did and didn't match the story in a way but when read it from a to z it fit but I would have love a more sweeter title. It was really nice to have a bio of the characters and also a book about the 2 children in the upcoming one.
  • justina
    omg i loved this so much!! i love caleb and linnea and charlotte and i love seeing the all the fam together and the ending/epilogue was amazing. and that bonus chapter of weston and his and kendra's daughter is everything. love!!!
  • Emma
    ugh = 1* but +1 for Weston = 2*This follows from Book Boyfriend and Cocky Roommate. Each of these three follow a different romance book trope, which the characters Alex, Mia, and Kendra are fully aware of. I read the blurb for this one and knew it was single dad plus nanny combined with relative/friend of dead wife. Neither of these are really my thing but given the first two books were pleasant and had solid if unexciting writing I was lookin...
  • DawnMarie Carpintero
    Simply amazing 4 starsThis was an amazing read. That brings you in from page 1 and hold on to your heartstrings till the last word is read.The author knocked this story out of the parkSex was hot.Happy Sexy Reading
  • Debbie
    After his wife dies in tragic circumstance, Caleb ends up as a single dad, his job as a surgeon keeps him working long hours. He loves his little girl and makes sure that she is always well taken care of, but when another nanny leaves he has no choice but to accept a nanny that his in-laws have chosen! He takes his daughter to the airport to meet her and when he sees her for the first time he is shocked at the flutters in his tummy!Linnea is Char...
  • Katie Sullivan
    A lovely end to a wonderful Trilogy Claire Kingsley closes out the trilogy starring the Lawson siblings with Hot Single Dad, Caleb's story. This is actually Caleb and Charlotte's (his 4 yr old daughter) story. To say this relationship status is complicated is an understatement. There is an age difference, it is taboo, she's the nanny, he's a widower. I know it sounds like a lot but they are each threads that Claire weaves into a tender and loving...
  • Maria Di Pasqua
    So Caleb is actually an old acquaintance. We catch a peek of his story in Claire’s previous books so if the reader has read the first books, Caleb’s life is already figured out. In this book he proves to be the epitome of the perfect dad who only cares for his daughter’s wellbeing, struggling with his job trying to give Charlotte a semblance of a normal family. When his in-laws force him to have their daughter as Charlotte’s nanny, Caleb ...
  • Jackie D
    I LOVED Caleb and Linnea's story!Such a romanced up, hilarious * seriously there is like one whole chapter I thought how did Ms. KIngsley ever move on from this chapter? LOL* give me some more feels, please, drama and hotness overload load tale- I swear I was in a swoon like trance ( this could be a thing ) the entire time I was reading!This well written detailed beauty is just another in a series of excellent books by Claire Kingsley that I ador...
  • Elysian Fields
    This story was so cute and well written. I have been waiting for this story for a while now and I was not disappointed. I really enjoyed the characters and how they related to each other. I feel in love with Caleb in chapter 14, I mean seriously I think I highlighted the entire chapter and had to stop reading because I was swooning so hard. When you read it you will understand. In that moment, Caleb was my perfect man (my heart becomes his in tha...
  • Book Binge
    Rowena: Holly and I have been digging the Single Dad romances lately so when Hot Single Dad came on to our radar, we knew that we were going to read it and read it together. Claire Kingsley is a new to us author and we were happy to dive right in.Caleb is a single Dad who works long hours at the hospital and needs a little help caring for his young daughter. When his late wife’s parents offer the services of their other daughter, Linnea, Caleb ...
  • Audrey Lei Lacambra
    We meet Caleb on the first two novels. Book Boyfriend, we met the older brother Alex who's a writer. In Cocky Roommate we met their sister, Kendra who's a freelance editor and now, it's Caleb's turn in Hot Single Dad.In out of the three Lawson Siblings, Caleb is the more serious one and a single father to a beautiful and shy girl, Charlotte. He's a trauma surgeon and has a very busy schedule due of his work. He married early but lost his wife aft...
  • Aya
    its 4th time I give 5 star!OMG! I really love this book.Love Linnea, and Caleb. ofcourse Charlotte,(caleb daughter)Caleb was appear in other book when his wife has been accident and they have a daughter which is his dead wife is Linnea sister. Linnea is a oppsite of her sister. she is a shy person when she was a kid but she turn it to beautiful women she loves music other to her mother, father and ofcourse her sister (Mel if I remember) are in me...