Not So Normal Norbert by James Patterson

Not So Normal Norbert

James Patterson's rollicking new middle grade novel is a hilarious adventure into a futuristic world, where different is dangerous, imagination is insanity, and creativity is crazy!Norbert Riddle lives in the United State of Earth, where normal means following the rules, never standing out, and being exactly the same as everyone else, down to the plain gray jumpsuits he wears everyday. He's been normal his whole life--until a moment of temporary ...

Details Not So Normal Norbert

TitleNot So Normal Norbert
Release DateJul 2nd, 2018
Publisherjimmy patterson
GenreChildrens, Middle Grade, Humor, Science Fiction, Fiction, Dystopia

Reviews Not So Normal Norbert

  • C. B. Whitaker
    I tend to review books from the more select small presses, but every once in a while, a mass market release catches my attention. Such is the case with Not So Normal Norbert, a fun summer read for middle graders. Patterson and Green’s science fiction fantasy is full of quirky humor and adventure and takes a stand for being different and creative, especially where homogeneity and conformity are championed. Norbert Riddle lives in the United Stat...
  • Fran
    What a great story on so many levels. As I said earlier this is like taking the classic novel 1984 and retelling it so it's appropriate for children. The messages resonate and ring equally loud and clear. "Insanity gives you personality" is my new favorite mantra;) It's a book that makes you go hmmmmm...thought provoking and truly enjoyable.
  • Jess (bookwyrmbella)
    4.5 🌟This was a fantastic book with lots of humor but also a wonderful message about freedom of expression and making sure to always be yourself. I did feel there were a few moments when things moved a little too slowly but otherwise it was an interesting story that kept me coming back for more. I would recommend this to anyone who loves middle grade books or is looking for a good laugh. This is perfect for someone who always felt like they we...
  • Jennifer
    I really loved this book! Norbert is a really funny character and his jokes are laugh-out-loud hysterical. This book is a real page-turner with fun characters, lots of adventure, and a fun twist ending. If you like crazy adventures and lots of jokes, youll love this book. I hope there’s a sequel!
  • Aaron
    Set in the future when mankind has been able to settle on a number of planets and earth has been united under the United State of Earth, this is the tale of Norbert Riddle, who has an unhealthy sense of humor in a culture that does everything it can to crush individualism. Under the Loving Leader, all creativity is discouraged and everyone does everything they can to be normal and not stand out. To not do so is a horrible thing, which is somethin...
  • Green Jazz Blues
    This is a book that will definitely make you have a good laugh. Somewhat like a funny version of "Nineteen Eighty-Four" (a horror I had to study in highschool and never did read from cover to cover, besides it being so corrupt and evil.) I've never read any other books by James Patterson.Norbert is a rather likeable boy who even though he appears to be the same as everyone else (awfully boring and dull) has lost his parents who were arrested year...
  • Debbie Buscher
    Norbert Riddle lives in a gray house, wears grey clothes, and sees only grey skies. He lives in a world where he has been taught that being different is dangerous and Loving Leader is looking out for everyone on the United States of Earth. One day during class when the teacher is out Norbert does an imitation of and makes fun of Loving Leader. He is arrested, convicted, and sentenced to Zorquat 3. There he finds other kids who have imaginations a...
  • Abram Wilkinson
    its a good book is good it is fun to read
  • P.M.
    This is a funny and quick read.
  • Annie Young
    I have never read anything by James Patterson before. I am an alien, I know. But I’m a Children’s Librarian and am trying to keep up with literature for kids, so here I am, starting with the “Jimmy Patterson” imprint. At times it’s a bit corny, the writing a little hokey, but there’s a great message and humor kids will love. There are positive examples of empowered females and males who aren’t afraid to show their emotions, and that...
  • Lisa
    This book showed promise as a read-aloud with my 9yo and 11yo boys (Norbert is likable, the cartoons were funny, and I can see where the storyline was going with emphasizing how being different is good), but they just didn’t care for the whole space/planet thing. My oldest quickly finished it on his own and said, “Meh.”
  • Ms. Yingling
    ARC received from publisher at ALA MidwinterNorbert lives in a futuristic dystopia where everything is gray and depressing. His parents were arrested and taken away years ago by the Truth Police, and he's being raised by a boring aunt and uncle. When Norbert stands up when the teacher is out of the room and riffs on the Loving Leader of the society, he is also arrested and sent to Zorquat Three with other children who are also deemed a menace to ...
  • Gene Macy
    This was a really good book, and had a great story and theme. What the story is about, is this kid who in the beginning lives on earth with his grandparents. The place that he lives, however isn’t the funnest place, or a place I’m sure most kids today. The reason why, is because everyone living there isn’t allowed to be unique. They’re supposed to dress in a certain outfit, eat only with certain utensils, and many other things. The reason...
  • hpboy13
    I had this with me after BookCon, and read it all the way through on a 3-hour bus ride. It was nothing special – it’s framed as an absurdist satire of dystopias and summer camp, but doesn’t really have much to say beyond “Imagination is good!” There was also SO. MUCH. FILLER. Despite how short this was, only about half of the book actually developed character or moved plot along. The remainder was the author thinking he was being clever...
  • Henry L
  • Favour Egbune
    I just really love how purple the cover is to be honest, but the writing's pretty good too, even if the whole Astro-nuts thing was a bit annoying and repetitive.
  • Kevin Snyder
    This is a hilarious story and an excellent book.
  • Mrs. Sindelar
    Painfully not funny.
  • Tori Darland
    The beginning of the book was boring. Then it got good. I am glad Norbert found his mom, u hope he finds his dad. I hope their is another book. I recommend this book
  • Laura P
    Hilarious. I thought this would be a kid book, but it's so weird and random, so obviously I connected with the characters.
  • Dani
    Awesome book👌🏼