End Game by David Baldacci

End Game

Two of the government's most lethal assassins scour rural Colorado to find their missing handler--and discover an insidious and lethal threat along the way in this New York Times bestselling thriller.Will Robie and Jessica Reel are two of the most lethal people alive. They're the ones the government calls in when the utmost secrecy is required to take out those who plot violence and mass destruction against the United States. And through every mi...

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TitleEnd Game
Release DateJul 31st, 2018
GenreThriller, Fiction, Mystery, Suspense

Reviews End Game

  • Tim
    This story is a long way down from, "The Innocent." I don't know who really wrote this under Baldacci's name, but I can hardly believe he did. Murders, pointless romance, senseless deaths equal the worst story penned under Baldacci's name. 0 of 10 stars!
  • Matt
    David Baldacci is back with another in his hard-hitting Will Robie series, which matches an impactful thriller with some social commentary. After a harrowing mission in London, Will Robie is summoned to see the new Director of Central Intelligence. He’s met there by his sometimes partner, Jessica Reel, who has just come off her own mission that ended quite poorly. Together, they are informed that their handler, Roger ‘Blueman’ Walton, has g...
  • Archit Ojha
    A page turner it is!Will Robie is a secret agent and deadliest assassin of United States of America. Together with his partner, Jessica Reel, he solves unimaginable crimes. As they inch forward in their career, their projects get tougher.Their boss, Blue Moon is missing since a few days and they are given the assignment to find him, hopefully - alive. Layer by Layer, the story starts to unfold. It started out a bit slow, catching up the speed in ...
  • Shane
    I'm usually a fan of the Will Robie series but this was not one of his best books. The relationship between Robie and Reel was weird and the criminal characters were just plain stupid, I felt like I could feel my IQ dropping while reading this book, definitely not one I would recommend.
  • Terence M
    Audiobook - 11:54 hours - 2 out of 5 stars"End Game" - Will Robie #5, by David Baldacci, is not up to the standard of the earlier Will Robie books, suffering from a wandering plot and less than credible story line. Will's unaided and quick 'disposal' of 17 bad guys in just a few minutes at the beginning of the book (not a spoiler) was so unbelievable that it was surely facetious. The cliché-ridden dialogue is not improved by the narration, parti...
  • Monnie
    No doubt about it: Government-sanctioned assassins Will Robie and Jessica Reel have never fail to get the job done, even when it comes at great personal cost and a smattering of collateral damage. This time, though, their efforts border on overkill (pun intended).Will and Jessica are returning to action after separate assignments that left them physically and mentally devastated. They've healed as much as humanly possible, but Jessica's mind is s...
  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede
    I have read several David Baldacci books, but this is the first I've read in his Will Robie series. And, after finishing this one so do I, of course, want to read the previous four books. As usual is Baldacci's writing on top and I love how the book from page one to the last is filled with action. No slow parts in this book for sure.For a new reader is this book pretty easy to get into. I find it very easy to get the gist of the main characters W...
  • Suzanne
    Not bad at all but after the amazing installment of The Guilty I found parts of this book dull. I did still enjoy it and getting to read about Blue Man’s life and past. Very interested in the future of Will & Jessica now. Feel like I’m rooting for them more than I should 🤣My quick and simple overall: great plot and a good installment in the series. Looking forward for more Will Robie books!
  • Jim
    This is the fifth book in the Will Robie series. I read the first two, The Innocent and The Hit, but have not had an opportunity to read the third and fourth volumes in the series. The only reason that I read this one now, before reading those, was because when the book was released I placed a recommendation at my library that they purchase it and received a notification that it had became available. I had 72 hours to pick it up. Ideally I should...
  • Sa`a`
    Amm, a ghost writer or a writer’s cooperative, hardly matters as the Elitist Writers Industrial Complex cannot address the amorphous genre. A government assassin is in a plot not complex but challenging for Robie the hero of the novel. This is my first read from a Baldacci, so I will only go by the character of Robie himself very conflicted and shallow without being complex. The novel clearly works for the heroism, brutality and freshness deman...
  • ♥Rachel♥
    3.5 StarsI'm hooked on this series, but this installment wasn't as gripping or fast paced as the previous stories. Plus, I just want Will and Jessica to stop dancing around each other! (view spoiler)[ With Jessica pushing Will away, because "it's complicated" Will doesn't resist the town sheriff's advances and sleeps with her and Jessica knows! This is bullshit! I hope we don't get stupid relationship drama in the form of the sheriff winding up p...
  • Cody
    The fifth book in the Will Robie Series by David Baldacci proved to be the weakest so far, and that's really quite a shame given the previous books. After taking and completing rather strenuous jobs in both London and Iraq, government agents/assassins Robie and his partner Jessica Reel are tasked with finding out what happened to their boss, Roger "Blue Man" Walton, when he disappears in his hometown in Eastern Colorado. Much like the previous tw...
  • Skip
    Kind of a Jack Reacher-type story. Will Robie and Jessica Reel have both returned from very challenging assignments when they are sent to a small Colorado town to see why their most trusted mentor, Blue Man, has disappeared. They find themselves not knowing whom to trust, with no real clues; they start blundering around, making friends and enemies along the way, and not dealing with their feelings for each other. The book is actually pretty slow ...
  • Sean Peters
    I know If I read David Baldacci, it going to be good !So no let downs here, as Will Robie and Jessica Reel are two of my favourite characters from one of my favourite authors. Robie and Reel are complex characters, and anything they do is a pleasure to follow . . ." Baldacci knows how to get readers to turn the pages, and he's in top form here" "An edge-of-the-seat ride from one of the world's thriller masters ". . ." The heart-stopping action sh...
  • Maha
    Yes yes yes. will robie again. can't wait
  • Tiffany Reisz
    The weakest in the series so far. Very rushed but at least Will finally got laid again.
  • Heather
    Formulaic, but lacking adequate character development, especially disappointing with an earlier likable character Will Robie. Moreover, it is way too obvious that Baldacci is another liberal/leftist/Democrat author who believes that any American, who doesn’t trust government, must be a racist skinhead end-of-days loon clutching guns & bibles while looking to overthrow the representative republic. It would be far more interesting to write a real...
  • Dwight Ternes
    These 2 characters have become clichés of themselves. It is really sad to read the decline. The story line wasn't bad, but the canned responses, and the way the Real has turned into a predictable "bad-ass woman trying to prove herself in a man's world" made this book a bore.It's like a bad 80's cop movie...after shooting a bad guy: "I guess he'll get all the sleep he needs now", or some such dumb thing. I love Baldacci but this one sucked.
  • Raymond White
    Definitely the worst Baldacci book I've ever read. No depth of character. No emotion. Ridiculous plot and contrived settings. I've been a fan of his since Camel Club but his Will Robie/Jessica Reel stuff is terrible compared to his earlier books. I slogged my way through to the end of this book but I won't get another Robie/Reel. It's almost impossible to believe this book was authored by the same man who wrote Absolute Power. Now that I think ab...
  • Roy
    My 1st Will Robie novel and its what I'd expected. US assasin/special agent gets caught up in a local crime issue with another agent Reel. Good action, solid plotting if not over the top in most areas but cliched characters. This is what a popcorn action thriller novel should be like but I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I classify this as an airport quick thrill read, one you can pick up anywhere in story sequence in the aiport and...
  • Vi MacDonald
    Terrible. Too much money for eBook that’s extremely repetitive, way too much info on Silo/underground bunkers and there’s very little difference between this and a previous Robb Will book. By 56% of story I just wanted it to end and started Skipping pages. Recommend this author take a look at John Grisham’s latest I couldn’t put it down. Really hope this author’s next book is a totally different storyline as this is the last book I’m ...
  • Wendy
    End GameAs always a good book in a great series. It started out a bit slow for me but as I got into it I started enjoying it more. I wasn't sure how it was going to end and that's the best part. David Baldacci is never a disappointment, his writing is superb.
  • Mike
    Not quite 2 Stars but I did finish it. Simply doesn't measure up to the 4 previous Robie novels. Boring and pointless first 2/3rds. Last part wasn't boring but still pointless. My first disappointing Baldacci. Will have to exercise care in buying future books.
  • Debbi
    This was probably the worse David Baldacci book I have ever read. I have loved the Will Robie series starting with The Innocent, but each book following has gotten a little worse. It's hard to believe that the same person who brilliantly wrote The Innocent actually wrote End Game. So, as much as I have enjoyed Will Robie, I will not be reading another one unless I know for sure that Baldacci actually wrote it, which means, if there is not a discl...
  • The Real Book Spy
    See this review and more at www.TheRealBookSpy.com Readers haven’t seen Will Robie, David Baldacci’s fan-favorite CIA assassin, since 2015, when The Guilty hit bookstores. Now, after a two-year wait, Robie returns, and he’s back with a vengeance. Riding in on his Ducati Diavel, carrying a .45 H&K UMP and twin suppressed M11s, Will Robie cruises into Oxford Circus, one of the busiest stations in the London Underground. Previously, the Underg...
  • Brad
    End Game is #5 in the Will Robie series by David Baldacci. “Blue Man is missing. Will and Jessica are tasked with finding him and bringing him back safe.” The last thirty pages are very good. But the rest is not DB’s best work. Story meanders. Spends time on the tension between Robie and Reel. Doesn’t seem to be much direction. Yawn 😴 Robie and Reel are starting to sound a lot like King and Maxwell. Baldacci is one of my favorite autho...
  • Barb Martin
    Things got a little ridiculous in David Baldacci's new novel, "End Game."The story takes place in rural Colorado, and the cast of characters includes skinheads, Branch Davidian types and other folks of a "sovereign nation" mind bent.Guns are blazing. Our bad guys are killing people willy nilly. Why then are we supposed to believe that "our" people aren't going to join the ranks of the dearly departed?Baldacci knows how to spin a yarn, so he kept ...
  • Michael Redd
    Again, David Baldacci weaves an intriguing tale. Blue Man has gone missing and Reel and Robie must go find him. Anything else will give it away. Baldacci always leads the reader to a fulfilling conclusion.If you are a fan of his or of the series, it is worth the read.
  • Scott
    Two of my favorite mystery/suspense writers are Lee Child and David Baldacci. There are very few books by either author that I haven’t enjoyed. This is the case with Baldacci’s new book, “End Game” which is his fourth adventure with Will Robie, a secret weapon of the United States government. Robie, along with his partner, Jessica Reel, are two of the most lethal assassins ever created. They are given the toughest assignments against the ...
  • Donna
    I've enjoyed this series and it has been mostly 4 stars. This book happens to be the 5th book in this series. I like the MCs. They play well off of each other. I liked the dialogue. It had humor, it was descriptive, and it didn't feel awkward when depicting the tension between the two MCs. I also like his plots. They are creative and stay in motion. This one felt a little "round and round" at times in their search for the truth, but there were pl...