Burning Up (Flirting with Fire, #1) by Jennifer Blackwood

Burning Up (Flirting with Fire, #1)

USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Blackwood fans the flames of desire in her smoking-hot series about firefighters and the women who want them…Unemployed schoolteacher Erin Jenkins is back in Portland, the town she hasn’t called home for more than a decade. It’s not the way she wants to spend her last days of summer: in between jobs and avoiding her mother’s snooping by escaping to the ice-cream aisle. But when the opportunity arises ...

Details Burning Up (Flirting with Fire, #1)

TitleBurning Up (Flirting with Fire, #1)
Release DateMay 8th, 2018
PublisherMontlake Romance
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance

Reviews Burning Up (Flirting with Fire, #1)

  • Jen
    3ish StarsErin’s done her best to avoid her hometown of Portland since she made her escape ten years ago. Finding herself suddenly unemployed, she heads back home to help run the family business while her mother recuperates from an injury. She may be looking to head back to California as quickly as possible, but running into her brother’s best friend, who just so happens to be the crush she’s never been able to forget, quickly reminds her h...
  • Carol
    2.5 stars.I was fairly excited to read this book as I have read 4 others by this author and I enjoyed all of them immensely. Sadly this one didn't work at all for me.It felt stilted, no flow or witty banter to support it. I also had trouble relating to either Jake or Erin as they seemed very one dimensional (very little character development) and there really wasn't even a good storyline to hold my interest.So disappointed. I missed the funny, li...
  • ♥ WishfulMiss ♥
    After unexpectedly losing her teaching job, Erin is back home in Portland and not all happy about it. Her mother is overbearing and pushy, her brother is still standoffish and her little sister is freezing her out. Feeling out of sorts and at loose ends, Erin desperately clings to her life in California. It’s easier than wondering what about home has her running scared even after ten years.After years of running wild, Jake has learned to curb h...
  • Wendy'sThoughts
    3 Crushes Become Real Stars* * * Spoiler Free We have the gal who left home to get away from a mom who was always out of control. She became a teacher in California but unfortunately got laid off... meaning she is back home helping the mom. The firefighter she has had a crush on since forever was her brother's best friend. Since she had been gone, he had a relationship that went south but ended up with a pre-teen daughter.Now he just lives for h...
  • 1-Click Addict Support Group
    Sweet….Erin is back, kicking and screaming, as she helps her family while looking for a job that will take her back out of her hometown. Jake is happily working and single-parenting, not looking for any complications in his full to the brim days. Things change though when Jake and Erin attend a wedding together. What started off as matchmaking avoidance suddenly achieves the opposite… “The guilt-trip ship had sailed years ago, and now was l...
  • Melanie
    Burning Up features an outstanding romance with fantastic characters and I really enjoyed it!After losing her teaching position in San Francisco due to budget cuts, Erin Jenkins returns to her hometown of Portland for the summer. While avoiding her mother’s attempts to convince her to move back permanently, Erin runs into Jake Bennett, her older brother’s best friend and her childhood crush. When Jake runs into Erin, he sees her as the perfec...
  • Jennifer
    Erin Jenkins is laid off from her teaching job and returns home to Portland to help take care of her mother. Her mother is...overbearing and controlling. Erin is reminded why she left town in the first place. Erin runs into Jake, her high school crush and brother's best friend, in a bakery one morning. He has a controlling family too and is in need of a date to a wedding to get them off his back about dating again. Erin agrees to go as his friend...
  • Lady Heather
    "5-No more running like your pants are on fire Stars!"This is the first book I've read by Ms Blackwook, and it certainly won't be my last.I really enjoyed this quick-read, sweet story which happened to be written with of my FAVOURITE story-lines (infatuated with your older brothers best friend who happens to be an amazing single parent fireman).This truly was a delight to read. There was no angst, no back-stabbing, infidelity, or any other strife...
  • « Court (Take the Read) »
    Release date: May 8th, 2018** ARC received from author. ** He promised himself he'd take it slow, but everything about Erin told him to move. Fast. To devour every inch of her while he could. Couldn't put this down. Jennifer Blackwood is a new-to-me author, but the blurb sounded so good. I had to dive in. It kept me invested in every character throughout that I'm really looking forward to the other installments. Erin is back in her hometown of P...
  • Dísir
    If there’s anything to be expected of Jennifer Blackwood’s writing, it’s the hefty dose of humour inserted in straight from the start, or at least it’s what I’ve come to associate Blackwood with. ‘Burning Up’ began with a woman on the outs and her embarrassment all because of (wrong) timing—the usual thing that creates comedy—and the characters’ as well as the reader’s reactions to it were enough to bring me on board with it...
  • Nicole
    I loved Jake and Erin. The fact that Jake was trying to be the best dad he could be for his daughter was touching. I love that he finally decided to let himself be happy and let the things between him and Erin blossom. Erin was a sweet girl but her indecisiveness drove my crazy sometimes. I liked the story between these two and the fact the Jake was going to do the best thing by his best friend and leave his sister alone. I am glad Reece finally ...
  • Danielle
    **ARC PROVIDED BY NETGALLEY FOR AN HONEST REVIEW**3.75/5. This book was a quick read, did it in a morning. If you are looking for a short romance novel I would recommend this slow burn novel. I do feel like this is the kind of book I would only read once though.Full review on my blog: https://sorrowofabookblogger.blogspot...
  • Irene
    3.5 starsBurning Up by Jennifer Blackwood is a fun and entertaining read.I enjoyed the storyline, it was well written and while a little slow at times it held my interest until the end.Erin and Jake were likable characters, it took me a little longer to connect with Erin but by the end I enjoyed watching their relationship unfold.Burning Up is the first book in the Flirting with Fire series and I'm looking forward to what author Jennifer Blackwoo...
  • Lisa (Remarkablylisa)
    MY RATING: 4/5 STARS I received a copy from Thomas Allen & Sons in exchange for an honest review.Okay, so who loves firefighters? Spoiler alert: Me. I love them but I don't read a lot of them because strangely, it's very hard for me to find print romances featuring the beefy hunks that can break down my doors and save my butt when a hot crisis hits. So when I was asked if I wanted to review Jennifer Blackwood's newest book in her Flirting with Fi...
  • Emma
    While Burning Up is romantic with terrific character development, the pacing was a problem for me. Unfortunately, I found it very slow with a lot of frustrating back and for with the characters and a definite lack of communication. Erin has never fully fit in with her small hometown and was desperate to escape her micro-managing mother. Having to return to her family home for the summer following redundancy is initially Erin's worst nightmare com...
  • Flavs is Mrs David Gandy♥~♥’
    I love books that has single parents in it. And this one was good. I loved Jake. I mean what isn't to love about him. He is a single dad and he is a fire fighter. Oh YEAH!!!Erin, I don't know, I felt like she was just using Jake until she had to leave again. Erin is back home to look after her mother, but also because she was just laid off from her job as a school teacher, budget cuts. Now she is home and looking for a job. But only jobs in Calif...
  • Ang -PNR Book Lover Reviews
    USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Blackwood fans the flames of desire in her smoking-hot series about firefighters and the women who want them…I have been looking for a new romance series with firefighters.I am pleased to say I have found another one, I am quite interested in continuing with!Erin is home for the summer to help take care of her mom, and she has every intention of going back to California once she gets a teaching job. But thi...
  • Mandi Schreiner
    Erin Jenkins loves living in San Francisco and teaching, but when the state slashes their education budget, Erin is out of a job. While she applies for as many positions she can find, she decides to take a short break and return to her hometown of Portland, to visit with her family and help out her mom who has recently had surgery. She is hoping that within the next few weeks, she gets a phone call with a job offer. She feels a little bit caged i...
  • A Klue
    With an insta-lust “don’t wanna keep my hands to myself” attraction, Erin and Jake, the main couple, are reunited after not seeing each other for ten years, despite their families remaining close. Since she was quite a bit younger than him in high school and his best bro’s sister, they never were an item in the past. In fact, he never knew about the huge crush she’s always had on him. Therefore, referring to this as a second chance is m...
  • Alison
    Erin Jenkins escaped Portland, Oregon when she was eighteen and was loving her life as a teacher in California until being in her probationary period and budget cuts left her jobless in the Summer holidays. Now her mother has had surgery and needs Erin to run their peanut butter food truck while she's out of commission. Back in her childhood home, complete with squabbling siblings Erin feels like she's dying inside. Then a meeting at Barry's Bake...
  • April Symes
    After unexpectedly losing her teaching job, Erin is back home in Portland and not all happy about it. Her mom is overbearing and controlling, her brother is not at all happy to have her back and is cool toward her and her little sister has put their relationship in the deep freeze. Erin is completely at loose ends and feels like she is rudderless and without a place to call home; even the firefighter she has had a crush on since forever was her b...
  • Tania's Book Blog
    This was a combination of single dad and brother best friend love story which was also funny. Jake was a single dad who was also best friend with Erin’s older brother Reece. They hadn’t seen each other in a decade until Erin moved back home for the summer. When they saw each other it was instant attraction especially since Erin has always had a crush on Jake. Jake always thought she was cute but never wanted to break the bro code. But she was...
  • 2OCC Reviews
    Burning Up by Jennifer Blackwood is somewhat engaging but really lacks anything to draw you in. Both main characters, Erin and Jake, had so many hang ups about their lives that I think maybe they may have been better off without each other. So much of the book was about the characters back and forth of will they, they do but they shouldn’t, back to will they again? Both characters had what I saw as flaws, which I know most characters do, but Er...
  • Dana
    🔥🔥🔥🔥1/2 flamesHave you ever discovered a new author after reading a book that they wrote with another one of your fav authors?Well, that’s how I discovered Ms. Blackwood. She co-wrote a book with an author I adore, RC Boldt, and the book, Tap That (a must read!!!)Burning Up was absolutely perfect! The writing, the character development, the supporting characters and of course the main characters. The chemistry between Erin and Jake ...
  • Alaina
    Can I have a fireman?Burning Up was a pretty good introduction to the Flirting with Fire series. In it, you will meet Erin and Jake. They've had pretty cute ass crushes on one another.. but there was always one thing standing in their way: her brother. I loved when they got together because there was so much sexual tension and it had me screaming at my audio book. I wanted them to just act on it - for once. Dive into something new and mysterious ...
  • Kelly
    So happy I got an early copy of this puppy! I alternated between chuckling through this book and aching for the characters to get out of their heads so they could finally see how good they are together. It sets up the subsequent books nicely and was a totally fun read! Also firefighters are damn sexy.
  • Ayekah
    Back in Portland much to her dismay, newly unemployed school teacher Erin is home for the summer, job hunting and helping out her ever meddling nut job of a mother. The family comes complete with a brooding teen age sister who refused her college scholarship and a jack hat bossy older brother who is a firefighter. Mom owns a food truck and the two girls are pitching in working while Mom recoups from minor surgery. Erin is job hunting every minute...
  • Ann Lorz
    Reviewed for Romancing the Readers Blog: http://romancingthereaders.blogspot.c...When I saw the cover on Burning Up on NetGalley I knew I had to review it. I hadn't before read her but I was willing to give her a try. I mean...the covers great! Like I mentioned I hadn't yet read her before so I wasn't sure what to expect from her. Right from the start I knew I had a problem. I was lost in the first few pages. Let me explain. The authors writing i...
  • Alecia ~☆~The Staircase Reader~☆~
    Burning Up is the first novel in the Flirting With Fire series by Jennifer Blackwood. This novel revolves around a free spirited woman and one grounded firefighter who also happens to be a single father. This is also the first novel I have read by Jennifer Blackwood. As you all may know, I love finding and experiencing new-to-me authors! It's like christmas morning, you never know what you're going to get when you first dive into it.Erin Jenkins ...