The Book of Hidden Things by Francesco Dimitri

The Book of Hidden Things

Four old school friends have a pact: to meet up every year in the small town in Puglia they grew up in. Art, the charismatic leader of the group and creator of the pact, insists that the agreement must remain unshakable and enduring. But this year, he never shows up.A visit to his house increases the friends' worry; Art is farming marijuana. In Southern Italy doing that kind of thing can be very dangerous. They can't go to the Carabinieri so must...

Details The Book of Hidden Things

TitleThe Book of Hidden Things
Release DateJun 19th, 2018
PublisherTitan Books
GenreFantasy, Fiction, Mystery, Magical Realism, Cultural, Italy

Reviews The Book of Hidden Things

  • High Lady of The Night Court
    “The kingdom of Hidden Things is different from our own, as the sky is different from the land, but I was sure that, as you can fly up in the sky, so there had to be a way to get there. And I was right.” If you have read the blurb of this book and liked it go read the first few pages. If you’re not in the mood or if you’re forcing yourself to read more, stop. Stop and come back to it when you are interested and when you will fly through t...
  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    4.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum general, I find that a good book usually elicits one of two responses from me: 1) bury my nose in its pages and not come up for air until I’m done, or 2) draw out the experience as long as I can, sipping it like a fine wine in order to properly savor all the flavors and textures the story has to offer. The Book of Hidden Things definitely fell into the latter categor...
  • Ioana
    Argh, I am so very sad and frustrated at my rating of this suspenseful, engrossing novel. The magic-infused surrealist story aligned perfectly with my whimsical light-fantasy mood, but alas THE MISOGYNY oozing from every page induced dramatic eye rolls, exasperated annoyance, and occasional urges to yell loudly at men (ok not all men, but at least, at Dimitri). First, a bit about the story - which, had it been done without the abject objectificat...
  • Campbell
    It's been a long time since I devoured a novel in a day, so it's safe to say this was intensely readable.Apart from the ending making absolutely no sense at all (at least, to me) I rather enjoyed it. A real shame about that ending, though.
  • Nicole Beaudry
    The Book of Hidden Things is Italian fantasy author Francesco Dimitri's first English novel. Wikipedia describes his writing as New Weird, urban fantasy, steampunk, horror. The Book of Hidden Things is, certainly, unlike anything I've read before. Part mystery, part psychological thriller, part fantasy, it's an entirely engrossing read. It is not just absorbing - it absorbs. As a reader, it was nearly impossible to put down. The story spins itsel...
  • Quirkybookworm
    This book totally pissed me off! So f@&(;@ unrealistic! Oh yeah! Dummy me didn’t look closely at the alleged beautiful cover to notice a hung dead dog? Who the hell would do something like that let alone read about among other death. I will absolutely not read another book by the author. The author really pissed me off along with the editor and publisher. WTH were they thinking ?
  • Cait
    I don't want to write too much about this book, as I think it'll be difficult to do without some serious spoilers, but I will say this: 1) The description waaaay undersells it. I almost didn't read it, but who am I to turn down a free ARC?2) This ^ is probably because you won't know what this book is until finishing it- and even then, you might not. It is completely engrossing, has twists and turns you really won't expect, features characters tha...
  • Nikki
    Reviewed for The Bibliophibian.I wasn’t sure about this book from the blurb, but some trusted reviewers (e.g. Mogsy of Bibliosanctum) thought extremely highly of it, and I kept seeing it on the shelves, so when I finally spotted it at the library I thought I’d give it a go. I have to say, I’m not sold on it, but I also feel like I need to talk through my thoughts before I really decide.So, what’s it about? It starts with the Pact: a group...
  • Doreen
    In all honesty, I can't decide whether I liked that ending or not. It sorta demands more storytelling when this book is clearly complete as it is, and while I could not help but smile in satisfaction at the last word of the novel, I also felt -- in hindsight and not, crucially, at the time itself -- that it leaves things open-ended in a way that is less "here, go play with your imagination and interpret as you will" and more "teehee, there is mor...
  • Linda Robinson
    A rapid look at the new book shelf brought this book into my hands, and I'm glad. Four friends who have met each year for 17 years in their hometown in southern, southern Italy to congratulate themselves for having gotten away to the wider world, meet again. Three only show up. Arturo does not. It is not the first time Art has disappeared. The last time he'd scarpered, the 3 teenaged friends ran away from the olive grove that Art entered and from...
  • Thesincouch
    Ok, so I did not like this book but this does not mean that no one is going to, because Dimitri writes really well. This book was too bloke-ish for me, for starters, but his writing will make up for it to other people, I'm sure. A minor thing that I realised annoyed me half-way through the book; the way he explained the Italian terms but still used them. It confused them because I thought that these characters were talking among themselves in Ita...
  • Katy
    It is such a stretch to call this a fantasy novel- the fantasy is the hidden thing in The Book of Hidden Things, a story of mundane middle aged men and their typical issues. An ailing parent, a troubled career, a fizzling marriage. It’s a prettily written, masculine book about friendship and returning home. I didn’t enjoy it much because I’m very nosy and I like to know what’s going on, but The Book of Hidden Things is a slow burn mystery...
  • Chris
    “The Pact,” an agreement between four long time friends; Art, Tony, Mauro and Fabio, to meet every year, same time, same place in Southern Italy. This year, Art, does not show up or answers his phone, which causes the trio to question his whereabouts and begin a search. Art has always been odd and had an experience earlier in life where he went missing for seven days. The town and the three friends all searched for him with no clues and were ...
  • Diana
    The Book of Hidden Things [2018] – This book is the first English-language novel of an Italian author Francesco Dimitri. It is set in the south of Italy and begins with three friends arriving to a cafe in Casalfranco, Puglia, and missing the fourth person. These guys made a pact when they were young that each year – on 10th June – no matter where they are in their lives they will return to their home town and toast their childhood friendsh...
  • Eldarwen
    The flow of the story was amazing. I felt myself dragged along the pages with the guys, from one realisation to the next one, not sure which one of them was more messed up. Tony, Fabio, Mauro and Art are all flawed in their own way and being along for the ride when some of the eye-openers hit or the blindfolds are ripped away was intense.I didn't care much for Art and the last few chapters of the book, where Art and his ramblings are concerned, w...
  • Literary Han
    I have no idea what to say about this book. Well nearly no idea. We should start off with did I like the book? Yeah, you could say I did. Was it perfect? No. But that didn’t make it less enjoyable. This crossed genres of crime, fantasy and good-old-fashioned mystery. It was sold to me as a fantasy book and I just tell you all, it isn’t. Yes it has some fantastical elements and you do have to suspend belief throughout but I wouldn’t say it w...
  • Angela
    The book was too graphic and disturbing in places. I thought of quitting a few times. However, the story line was intriguing enough for me to want to see it to the end. The end turned into one of those twists that you expect from a short story, which made me want to yell, "hey, no fair."
  • Zezee
    As posted on Zezee with Books.Francesco Dimitri is an Italian author who has written several books in his native language and has now done a superb job of writing a fantasy novel in a foreign tongue — English. The Book of Hidden Things is his debut English novel that he translated himself. It’s about four friends — Fabio, Tony, Mauro, and Art — who made a pact at the end of high school to return to the same spot in their home town in Pugl...
  • Hana Pauls
    “I grew up. And learnt that devils, and ghouls, and all the things that go bump in the night, are excuses we make up to tell ourselves that there is something worse than us, something darker than human beings.” I was not expecting to devour this book as quickly as I did. Dimitri has one of the most interesting writing styles I’ve ever read, along with one of the most interesting genres. I say interesting simply for the fact that I don’t t...
  • Kirsten Hamilton
    There’s a lot about this book that I can see can cause debate, and result in people not liking it. But this is an incredible read. It perfectly balances the beautiful sunny land of Italy with the brutality of reality and mans desperate search for something more than the mundane every day. The pace of it is perfect, the characters are fascinating, and the ending... left me smiling.
  • Jessi Cole
    How can I resist an Italian novel with elements of the supernatural??
  • Cassandra **The Bibliophagist**
    The cover has a lot of small details. Many of them linking to events that take place in a specific place int he story. I do have to say that I dislike the image of a dog being hanged on the front cover. Yes, there is animal death/sacrifice in this novel but there is no reason to flaunt it. Many people are put off by that. This could cause many readers to never pick up the book. Other than that, I do enjoy the color scheme and the touch of singed ...
  • Hannah
    Four friends have a Pact to meet up every year at a restaurant in their hometown. They reluctantly come, but are drawn by the power of Art, the unspoken leader of the group. But this year, Art doesn't show up. And while the three try to find him, they hear whispers of him healing a girl of Leukemia, torturing dogs, and getting involved with the Italian mob. And of course, we get flashbacks to them as young boys and learn that Art has started his ...
  • Rpaul Tho
    Unlike other books in the fantasy column, this book does not throw all kinds of supernatural or fantasy elements at you and keeps you guessing until the end as to whether the fantasy part is real or imagined. That’s why I liked this book but also what made it lose a star for me. It is more of a mystery novel with a dash of fantasy. That being said, the characters were well written (with the exception of Mauro who I couldn’t stand and proved t...
  • Lynn
    Too much detailed sex. Too much everything negative and not enough...what?!? Not sure. But this book quit resonating for me at about page 200. Rather sorry I wasted my time reading it. But I did and I won’t bother with any others by this author.
  • Holly Smith-Kidd
    I loved this novel from the first line. The writing is beautiful and evocative. I liked all the characters and understood their motivations. I devoured this novel in a day. It is simply beautiful, sympathetic, magical and sad. A study on how disappointed us 30 somethings are with the drudgery or reality, nostalgic for childhood and adventure. Fantastic
  • Miranda Saville
    One of the best books I’ve read so far this year! Magical and mysterious with high octane drama at the end. Really reminded me of The Secret History to begin with but it has its own unique spin on the genre. I think as well I’m the right age to really appreciate the underlying conceit and ideas of longing for the more colourful, simple past of youth and the barriers which exist to stop us.
  • Elizabeth
    I bought this book on impulse because the cover looked interesting, and although the description undersold the novel a little, the title intrigued me to find out how everything linked together. In all, this was quite a gripping story of three friends searching for the fourth member of their group, who didn't show up to meet them that year in their hometown in southern Italy. The plot escalates to involve the local mafia, and in the end, something...