Formula of Deception by Carrie Stuart Parks

Formula of Deception

When her twin sister was murdered, Murphy Anderson changed her name and appearance and moved to Kodiak to avoid the press and publicity. But when local authorities discover she’s an artist and request her help in drawing a dying man’s memories, she unintentionally ends up in the limelight again—and may be back in the killer’s crosshairs.The memory that Murphy was asked to draw was from an Alaskan hunter who discovered five bodies on remot...

Details Formula of Deception

TitleFormula of Deception
Release DateJul 3rd, 2018
PublisherThomas Nelson
GenreMystery, Fiction, Suspense, Christian Fiction, Contemporary, Thriller

Reviews Formula of Deception

  • Matt
    First and foremost, a large thank you to NetGalley, Carrie Stuart Parks, and Thomas Nelson for providing me with a copy of this publication, which allows me to provide you with an unbiased review. Moving away from her Gwen Marcey series, Carrie Stuart Parks intrigues readers with this standalone novel that is sure to send chills up the spine. Murphy Andersen is hiding in plain sight in rural Alaska, worried that the serial killer likely responsib...
  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede
    Formula of Deception is a book that hooked me from the start. I love how the present crime story has a connection to WW2. Also, the setting Kodiak, Alaska really worked great for me. I love stories set in remote towns or islands. And, a crime novel set in Alaska worked well with me since I don't read many books set in that state. I was engrossed with the story. I found Murphy Anderson to be an interesting character. She's a person I felt I connec...
  • Cara Putman
    Formula of Deception is set in Alaska is filled with international intrigue, historical twists, and a broken heroine who is compelling.This novel is perfect for those who love a suspense that will keep you guessing as you turn the pages. I can't tell if it's the first in a series or a stand alone, but I was tugged through the story with a force that kept me wishing for just a few more minutes. It has pacing, a fascinating historical twist set in ...
  • Karen R
    Wow, heart pounding suspense with a complex plot! A young woman whose goal in coming to Alaska was to solve her sister's disappearance, Murphy Anderson finds herself in deep with no one to trust. Using her artistic skills and fine sense of details, she poses as a forensic artist, and finds herself in more danger than ever.This book is a well told tale, intricately spinning together the threads of a cold case, present day murders, and an anti-hero...
  • Lisa Johnson
    Title: Formula of DeceptionAuthor: Carrie Stuart ParksPages: 320Year: 2018Publisher: Thomas NelsonMy rating: 5 out of 5Stunning! Yes, that is the appropriate way to describe this author’s writing of suspense with many twists and turns in the plot. Yet, the ending of this particular story really caught me off guard! A friend of mine has read her earlier works and was telling me time and again how truly amazing the tales were in the novels. I tho...
  • Amy
    Formula of Deception is an engaging, entertaining book full of surprises and suspense. The entire time I read the book I did not want to put the book down. There are many twists and turns to the plot and several things occurred that surprised me (I did not see it coming). The main character of this book is Murphy Anderson, who is an artist working with the local police. As I read about Murphy’s character and as things were revealed about her, I...
  • Cheryl
    When I read the summary for this book I was intrigued. I wanted to read this book. The author does a good job with the location setting for this story in the Alaskan wilderness. It really helped to set the right mood for this book. In regards to the main character, Murphy, she was nice. I found her personable. Yet, I never fully embraced her or the rest of the characters in this story. Thus as I have stated previously, it does not matter how well...
  • Fiction Aficionado
    ~3.5 stars~Whoa! Just give me a minute here while my head stops spinning! This story will certainly keep you on your toes, but I think I lost my balance right at the end as all the revelations and reversals kept piling up—some of which were more believable than others.But let me start at the beginning. I love Carrie Stuart Parks’ characterisation, and this book was no exception. She invests each of her characters, no matter how important, wit...
  • Nora St Laurent
    Wow! What an amazing, nail biting story that kept me on the edge of my chair as I walked in the shoes of main character Murphy Anderson; a woman on the run from a serial killer and in a desperate search to locate her twin sister. She’s gone rogue to get the information needed in doing so she uncovers an incredible treasure and mystery from WWII that people would kill to get their hands on.I enjoyed getting to know Kodiak, Alaska and sketch arti...
  • Donna (More Than a Review)
    Formula of Deception by Carrie Stuart Parks. This was my first book by Carrie. The book opens with a scene to capture your attention. Carrie continues to sprinkle in bits and pieces of her history and the mystery to keep you guessing until the end. I did experience a short section that I felt was slow and then it picked right back up and when a bang. I did NOT figure it all out. The author did a great job of surprising me. There is a mystery from...
  • Rebecca
    "You can't trust him. You can't trust anyone . . . . You have a mission." Memories are a funny thing; some are quite trustworthy, while others may present themselves as a "formula of deception". Murphy Anderson finds herself caught in between, as bewildering flashbacks handicap her ability to recalibrate her life in Kodiak, Alaska following the heinous murder of her twin sister. Posing as a forensic artist, Murphy is pulled beside the deathbed of...
  • Kav
    Whoa! I'm stunned speechless after that ending! Gobsmacked. Sucker-punched. Reeling in astonishment. And I have no idea how to review Formula of Deception without letting a herd of cats out of the bag so all I can say is -- stunningly stupefying suspense!!!! Pay attention, readers, because it's going to get a whole lot more complicated before things start to make any sense. Loved every clue-deducing second!I had some pretty hare-brained theories ...
  • Joan
    Parks is one of my favorite mystery and suspense authors. That her main character is a forensic artist is a good basis for great plots. Imagine my surprise at a new heroine in this novel. Murphy is not actually a forensic artist although she claims to be one. She is really on Kodiak Island in Alaska to find out what happened to her missing sister who she fears was dating a serial killer.There were aspects of the plot I really liked and others tha...
  • The Lit Bitch
    3.5 starsThe setting and description of this book sounded original and different which was why I decided to review this one. I loved that this book was set in Alaska and had this obscure WWII reference.It seemed like an untapped resource and caught my eye as soon as I read the description. All I kept thinking was what in the world is a WWII Quonset hut? I felt like I needed to read this book just to find that out!While the WWII aspect of this boo...
  • Staci
    Formula of Deception is the first book after the Gwen Marcey series. I understand why the author moved in another direction. At the same time, I really loved Gwen and her meddling best friend. Now that I've cleared the air on that...Murphy Anderson is the main character in Formula of December. She's likable and the facts about her past surface layer by layer. I enjoyed that approach of slowly sharing her story. At the same time, I was confused at...
  • Kristine Morgan
    Carrie Stuart Parks' Formula of Deception is one of the best suspense novels I have ever read. The plot was fast moving and full of twists. I was guessing clear up to the last page. Ms. Parks created a tale full of witty dialogue and interesting characters ( I loved Vesper!). Set in Kodiak Alaska, the scenery was gorgeous. I loved the references to a painful era in US history. And tieing in Inuit legends added another layer to the story. This is ...
  • Gloria
    Formula of Deception is a great mystery with many twists and turns. The story takes place in Kodiak, Alaska where artist Murphy Anderson takes a job as a crime scene artist with the local police department. She has been asked to draw a crime scene that a dying Russian man stumbled upon ten years ago when he found five bodies on the remote island of Ruuwaq. But it soon becomes apparent that someone is trying to stop the crime from being exposed. I...
  • Donna Stuart
    Carrie Stuart Parks created a book that had me from the first chapter. Formula of Deception starts off with the life of Murphy Andersen, a woman in Alaska who is living in the basement apartment of a mobile home. Her purse had been stolen, along with her id and money, and she was posing as a forensic artist to pay rent until she got her belongings back. Her forensic artist "job" takes her to a remote island to sketch the gruesome scene of five bo...
  • Nancee
    Carrie Stuart Parks has become my favorite suspense author! She never disappoints, and the action is nonstop as well as unpredictable! This book is very well researched, with some very interesting historic information that I hadn't previously known. Characters are deeply defined, and the setting is descriptive and authentic. This may very well be this author's best novel yet! Don't miss it!
  • Janice
    I loved this book ! I have found a new author to look to when I want to read satisfying Christian suspense. The main character was determined and appealing. The ending was astounding!
  • Doreen
    Murphy Anderson is hiding out in Kodiak, Alaska when her unique skills get her drawn into a mystery. When people around her keep dying, she knows she needs to figure out what really happened on Ruuwaq Island before the police start to think she’s involved! Parks has done it again! This is a fabulous suspense novel. It covers a lot of ground including a serial killer, nazi germany, biological weapons, forensic art and more and weaves them togeth...
  • Tammy G.
    To me Carrie Stuart Parks is the Alfred Hitchcock of books. I try to never read her stories at night. Murphy Anderson has changed her name and her appearance and moved to Kodiak, Alaska since someone murdered her twin sister. She has avoided press and publicity until the local authorities find out that she is artist and request her help to draw a dying man's memories.Well, this puts Murphy right smack in the limelight and the killer is on her tra...
  • Robert Jones
    Whoever thought Carrie Parks would bring a true thriller like this. Formula of Deception is a non-stop rollercoaster that will take you from ground zero, to cloud nine in a heartbeat. Just when you thought, it was going to be any old novel, Carrie Parks throws in several twists and turns.This novel follows the story of Murphy Anderson, a young artist on the run from her murderous ex-boyfriend who is still looking for her sister. This story was se...
  • MrsK Books
    Murphy's lies were getting her in deep, ever since she came to Kodiak Island she just couldn't keep out of these situations. What began as a half truth has quickly ensnared her in an investigation as a forensic artist. After a year on Kodiak, Murphy found that the rain provided a perfect atmosphere. Hiding from the past was becoming comfortable. Painting a few pictures, crafting sea glass jewelry helped her get by. Mr. Brinkley had claimed her sm...
  • LAWonder10
    Murphy's twin sister, Dallas Carrie Parks, is missing!A serial killer, Clinton Hunter, was her last boyfriend. Is it possible Dallas could still be alive? Murphy would never give up searching until she knew for sure!Disguised, she went to Kodiak, Alaska, the last known place her sister lived. She desperately needed to search for clues of what actually happened.Murphy's face was disfigured with a long line from her forehead, over her eye, and down...
  • Carol
    Formula Of Deception - Wow did Ms. Parks outdo herself. This story is thrilling, agonizingly mysterious, calculating and downright breathtaking from the ride you are on - you have it all - the who, what, where, when and why - who and why is what you are so longing looking at each page trying to find out just who and just why. The author has brilliantly made the characters full of life and what is most of all important - full of Faith. The charact...
  • Jasmine
    Breathe now, you won't be able to later...As soon as I saw that Carrie Stuart Parks had a new book coming out I knew that it would be a must-read for me, I didn't even read the blurb to find out what it was about until I already had a copy on my Kindle. When Formula Of Deception arrived on my Kindle I couldn't resist, it was futile, despite a number of books being higher on my TBR pile, I just couldn't help myself, I HAD to read this book right N...
  • Danielle Urban
    Formula of Deception by Carrie Stuart Parks is definitely for fans of Heather Graham, J.T. Ellison, and Brenda Novak. Carrie Stuart Parks brings a lot of excitement and danger in this thrilling read. A crime investigation leads back to a historical secret that somebody is willing to kill to keep buried. Yet, investigators are getting closer and their death hangs into the air. As new and old victims pile up, the intensity of the situation rises. T...
  • Tracie
    Today I finished reading Formula of Deception by CSP. One of the aspects of the story I most enjoyed was the sense there's another, unknown, story lurking beneath what the characters say and do on the surface. We like Murphy, the main character, from the start. The theft of her purse and other u fortunate events place her in a difficult situation, so we cheer for her as people offer help. Along with Murphy, though, we're not quite sure who we can...