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 One Woman’s Journey Back to Loving the BibleIf the Bible isn’t a science book or an instruction manual, then what is it? What do people mean when they say the Bible is inspired? When Rachel Held Evans found herself asking these questions, she began a quest to better understand what the Bible is and how it is meant to be read. What she discovered changed her—and it will change you too.Drawing on the best in recent scholarship and using her...

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Release DateJun 12th, 2018
PublisherThomas Nelson
GenreNonfiction, Religion, Faith, Christian, Theology, Christianity, Spirituality

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  • Kat Coffin
    What can I say about this book? I received an ARC, due to the special promotion early preorder customers received. I was one of the first 500 to provide proof. I received my copy on Ash Wednesday/Valentine's Day--and how appropriate! The timing of this remarkable book is impeccable. Not long before, I stared rereading Scripture again, to try and infuse daily Scripture into my morning routine. I read one chapter of the Old Testament and one chapte...
  • Kristi Brokaw
    3 1/2 Stars (if Goodreads allowed it!)First let me just say—this is a beautiful book. Whoever did the cover design gets a bunch of stars for making such a pretty book.I loved this book. There are very few things which I didn’t like and for which I did deduct stars. The things I didn’t like were the “creative retellings” in the chapter openers. They felt unnatural and awkward to me. It was obvious the author was working with unfamiliar m...
  • Stacy
    I often feel like Rachel Held Evans is telling my story but in better prose. Like Rachel, I grew up in a conservative evangelical church but eventually realized that sect doesn't match my view of the world or God. But having been taught that if you dont believe every word of the Bible is literally true, then you can't believe any of the Bible at all, it's now difficult to know how to approach it. It's so refreshing to see that there are other peo...
  • J.R. Forasteros
    Rachel has given us a great gift... a book that invites us to rediscover the Bible as the book God gave us, not the book many of us were raised to expect. She introduces each chapter with a fiction piece - these are pretty uneven, and I'm not sure they do much for the overall effect of the book. The non-fiction is much stronger, and where the real power of the book lies. Overall, this is a great book that anyone who loves the Bible - or USED to l...
  • Amy1N
    Reading this book was like sitting down with an old friend to talk through the Bible. I came away with a fresh desire to read passages I’ve yet to read and go back and read well remembered verses with fresh eyes. This is exactly the book I needed at exactly the right time. If you’re struggling picking up the Bible every day, this book is for you. If there’s nothing you enjoy more than starting or ending the day in scriptures, this book is f...
  • Jeffrey Nelson
    I clearly remember the time--the first time, that is--when my faith began to fall apart. I was in my second semester of college as a Religion major and was enrolled in several Biblical Studies courses that spring, including one that dealt heavily with the concept of the "historical Jesus," a scholarly attempt to get behind the faith claims of the Gospels and see what definite things one could say about the real life person who lived in 1st Centur...
  • Haley
    I love her. She approaches Scripture like a storyteller, and views Scripture as a collection of powerful stories that we've all been caught up with in some way - stories that can be used either to oppress or to liberate, stories that, even if divinely inspired, "have human fingerprints all over them." I feel like I can't really write an adequate review because it's intended for a specific group of people - as one of the people it's clearly intend...
  • Tina
    It was comforting to hear someone say, "I get that you have questions and doubts and struggles." But it was also good to hear someone say, "Don't give's a new way to love the Bible." Rachel Heald Evans never dissapoints.
  • Chris Crosby
    note: I received an Advance Copy of the book from the publisher. Short Version Review: if you have read Rachel's earlier books, you will love this. And you will be INSPIRED to reacquaint yourself with the Bible. More In-depth Review: This book is not an academic exercise in how to read the Bible. Rachel Held Evans has written a book that is deeply personal about how she learned to love the Bible all over again and why. The book is as much about h...
  • Allison Sees
    I first came to Rachel Held Evans through her book "Searching for Sunday." At the time I had just finished a rough semester of Divinity school and I was burnt out in so many ways. There are not many books that I would describe as "healing" but that book was one of them. It reminded me WHY I was in Divinity school, why I was doing what I was doing - because I love God. And I love the Church and our rituals and sacraments. It renewed a part of me t...
  • Kaitlin Kline
    "The apostles remembered what many modern Christians tend to forget--that what makes the Gospel offensive isn't who it keeps out but who it lets in."This book, like many that deal with Biblical interpretation, is probably going to piss some people off. But I think that's why it needs to be read. If a book is making you mad, or deeply uncomfortable or exposed, then it's doing it's job; to stretch your current view of the world a little larger and ...
  • Leah
    The introduction to this book hooked me and drew me in as I felt like I was reading my own story. Rachel describes her childhood and formative years in the evangelical church. All the familiar rites of passage - youth group, reading scripture, memorizing verses, leaning on the wisdom of youth leaders, and going back to the Word when times of crisis hit and questions arose - all of this was relatable. Even down to her name, Rachel, being taken fro...
  • Amy
    Rachel Held Evans has been an important author for me in coming to understand liberation theology. Through her own stories of wrestling with Scripture, Evans offers insights on familiar stories that render them new. She reminds us that, above all, our interpretations should move us closer toward’s the openness and inclusiveness that is God’s love. What a wonderful read.
  • Ben Wideman
    This is an incredible reflection on the purpose of the biblical narrative, written by weaving together humor, biblical study, various stylistic genres, and a lot of heart. I’m so grateful that RHE wrote this book, and that we get to read it.
  • Pastor Matt
    I've read several of Rachel Held Evans' books. She is a talented writer but a poor biblical interpreter. She uncritically accepts "higher criticism" with liberal presuppositions as a way to "unlock an ancient text" even though this method is built on post-enlightenment fantasy and an implicit desire to accommodate the cultural whims of the day. She accepts theories such as Matthew Vines' discredited portrayal of same-sex relationships in the anci...
  • David Jordan
    Inspired is a terrific book for the thoughtful Christian who has struggled with the idea of the divinely inspired infallibility of scripture. Anyone who was taught to read and obey the Bible without questioning the contents, contradictions, or conflicts that arise from a literal interpretation of this sacred text will definitely appreciate the author's careful and well-reasoned, loving critique of the world's best-selling book. Rachel Held Evans'...
  • Charlene Bader
    Emerging from a season of disillusionment with contemporary American Christianity, this book helped me find my footing on the journey.Seamlessly incorporating a conversant array of academic and spiritual voices, Evans clears space for her readers to encounter ancient Scripture in new, relevant ways. I tend to avoid young writers, assuming they lack the seasoning of life necessary to bring perspective to any person outside their own cultural exper...
  • Diane
    Any book that starts with “Once upon a time” and ends with the image of God taking me in his arms, saying “let me tell you a story” becomes a definite favorite of mine. I’m long an admirer of Ms. Evans. I appreciate her questions and how her questions deepen her faith. More importantly, I’m impressed with how clear Ms. Evans is in the understanding that questioning is not only acceptable by God, it’s encouraged. I’ve long been a b...
  • Ansley Gerhard
    (I received an advance copy from the publisher)Order this book. I’m serious. It is incredible. The best thing RHE has written yet. It’s smart, it’s brave and it’s eloquent. My favorite was the retelling of Hagar’s story from Hagar’s point of view.
  • Cara
    I loved the playful spirit of this book and the way it invited me in.
  • Tanner Cooper-Risser
    What a captivating read! Having read all of Rachel Held Evans books I found this one her best one yet! Her exploration of the Bible was inspiring and refreshing. It reminded me of the different genres of the Bible both in content and writing style. Utilizing different writing styles to portray each biblical genre was an excellent idea! She uses short stories, a screenplay, a sonnet, and even a choose your own adventure story to remind us that our...
  • Maria
    I jumped at the chance to request an Advanced Review Copy of this book from the publisher, and I'm so glad that I did. Timely and yet timeless, Rachel Held Evan's new book is an elegantly-organized walk through the Bible that's thought-provoking, convicting and reassuring, often all on one page. This is not a book that I will read only once, straight through, and then set on a shelf, but a book that I will re-read, discuss, engage with, and refer...
  • Marie Hougton
    In the introduction, Rachel refers to this as, "a book about the Bible by a memoirist may seem like an odd undertaking," but "goody goody" I'm so glad she did. It was thoughtful and well researched. I had the idea of reading all the other works she referenced and then I saw how voluminous the notes section was. After reading this book, I contemplated my own journey with the Bible. I felt a better appreciation for all the steps a long the way. I w...
  • Rebecca
    Thoughtful, engaging, lovely.
  • Matthew Codd
  • Kelly
    This is a book review for the not-yet-released Inspired: Slaying Giants, Walking on Water, and Loving the Bible Again by Rachel Held Evans. This book is available in stores June 12th, but you can pre-order it at should start by saying - I filled out an application to be on the Launch Team for this new book, so I received an Advanced Reader Copy from the Publisher.I first came across Rachel Held Evans when her book A Year of ...
  • Caroline Fly
    I received an advance copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.It’s beautiful. A truly beautiful book. I’ve long been a fan of Rachel Held-Evans, and this latest book combines her usual eloquent, naturally poetic style with a new twist. She has a gift for sharing profound ideas, and intricate theology in an accessible and thought provoking way, and that’s exactly what she does in Inspired. She tackles the vexing questions of the Bi...
  • Norah
    As a relatively new member of a Southern Baptist church whose favorite books on Christianity are by Tim Keller and Matt Chandler, I was a little bit nervous to read "Inspired." I don't fit neatly into either of the two intended audiences Evans identifies in her introduction (in simplest terms: folks with an evangelical background wrestling with Scripture and folks in progressive mainline traditions wanting to dig deeper). But it only took a few p...
  • Andi
    Listened to the audio and read the physical copy, too. It’s that good and important.