Craven Manor by Darcy Coates

Craven Manor

Daniel is desperate for a job. When someone slides a note under his door offering him the groundskeeper’s position at an old estate, it seems too good to be true.Alarm bells start ringing when he arrives at Craven Manor. The mansion’s front door hangs open, and leaves and cobwebs coat the marble foyer. It’s clear no one has lived there in a long time.But an envelope waits for him inside the doorway. It contains money, and promises more.Dani...

Details Craven Manor

TitleCraven Manor
Release DateDec 1st, 2017
GenreHorror, Fantasy, Paranormal, Fiction, Mystery, Ghosts, Thriller

Reviews Craven Manor

  • Ginger
    4 STARS!I really enjoyed this one. It was an interesting ghost story with lots of mysteries involved. I enjoyed the twists and turns to Craven Manor in regards to the Myrick family and what’s really going on at the estate.I loved how the beginning of the book instantly pulls you into the mystery and atmosphere of Craven Manor.This is the first book that I’ve read of Darcy Coates and I was impressed. I enjoyed her writing, the plot of the book...
  • Shaina
    This was an excellent ghost story. I loved the main character’s attitude; although he was a bit naive, Daniel was delightful. It’s nice to see his type of character. In a lot of ways he reminded me so much of someone close to me and he was hardworking, so I bonded with him instantly. It was very refreshing. I loved the entire premise and legacy of the family at Craven and the story surrounding it all. I loved reading this a lot. I received an...
  • Kimberly
    CRAVEN MANOR, by Darcy Coates, is a supernatural novel with a rather unique scenario. In the beginning, we are introduced to a young man--Daniel Kane--who is searching for odd jobs every day just to survive. His cousin, Kyle, allows him to stay in his cheap apartment--providing Daniel can get together enough money to pay half the rent. Immediately, Coates is able to show us the intrinsic differences between the two. Daniel is something of a rare ...
  • Matt Rudy
    I can't believe this book is nominated for a Goodreads Choice Award. It was a very average story. I decided to edit this review a little bit after talking to a few people and after thinking more about the story. Things make a little bit more sense to me now, but I'm still not sold on this book.The story starts out with Daniel getting a job offer to be the groundskeeper for Craven Manor. He decides to take the job because he really needs the money...
  • Marie
    This was another awesome ghost story by author Darcy Coates and I have added it to my favorites shelf. The mystery begins when Daniel receives a note under his door to become a groundskeeper of an old mansion called "Craven Manor". He is wary of who sent him the note and why they would want him to take care the mansion. But as mysterious as it sounds he sets off to find out if the note is for real or if someone is playing a trick on him.But it is...
  • Sadie Hartmann Mother Horror
    3.5! Rounded up for GoodreadsThis was my first Darcy Coates book and I buddy read it with my good friend, Mindi (@gowsy33)This author came recommended to me by Destiny (@howlinglibraries) the last time I mentioned loving haunted house tales.CRAVEN MANOR is one of those books I would buy as a book present for a large swath of readers. I think it would be appealing to a lot of different people with varied tastes. It would be perfect to read on the ...
  • Paul
    somewhere between 3 & 3.5 stars. some good atmosphere yet i found the writing style so straightforward, which in itself isnt a negative but it wasnt quite as atmospheric as it may have been with a little more flourish. the ending also seemed a little draggy to me but overall an enjoyable read.
  • Ellen Gail
    Two sad lil stars for what I genuinely thought would be pretty good. I think I have a problem. (Well, I actually have many because, life you know?) But I have a book problem when it comes to Darcy Coates. I read Hunted last year and it was SO GOOD! And I think that's part of my problem. It exceeded expectations and I keep wanting her other books to wow me the same way. Both The Carrow Haunt and Craven Manor are fine ghost / haunted house stories....
  • Mindi
    A couple of my friends picked up some books by Coates a while back, and I was intrigued, especially because the covers were so striking, so I bought the same books. This is Women in Horror Month, so my friend Sadie invited me to buddy read this one with her. I obviously agreed. Anytime Sadie gets excited to read a book her enthusiasm is infectious. So we both started Craven Manor on the same day.Last month I read The Carrow Haunt by Coates, and I...
  • Latasha
    there is some really great scenes here. i really like how some of the characters and scenes are described. The story is good but not really scary. the characters are just fine.
  • Empress Reece (Hooked on Books)
    This was the first book I've read by Darcy Coates and it was really good!If you don't like very scary books, no worries, you won't have to sleep with the lights on or anything. It's just a little creepy and there's a few 'hold your breath' and 'make you jump' scenes but nothing over the top.I'm kind of picky about ghost/ haunted house stories especially the endings but I was pleasantly surprised by this one. It wrapped up nicely and didn't leave ...
  • Amber
    Daniel lives with his cousin and works odd and end jobs while trying to find a steady one. He is a caring person who gives what little he has to help others. He's a trusting soul but smart and doesn't scare easily. Now his cousin basically gives his room away and expects even more money out of him. So when Dan recieves a note with job offer as a grounds keeper, he is hopeful, even if a little doubtful. Craven Manor is an old run down building. Th...
  • Peter
    Daniel Kane, is a homeless person, looking for a job. His cousin Kyle takes him in so he can help pay the rent. Daniel works all kinds of odd job to help his cousin pay the bills. One day a note is slip under his door, with some money, and a job offer. Against his better judgment, Daniel decides to take the job. The position is grounds keeper at Craven Manor. Daniel moves into the ground keepers cottage, right behind the crypt. Daniel goes to the...
  • Lisa Eirene
    I don't understand the high ratings and reviews of this book. This book is very poorly written. The concept could have been really interesting but the execution was poor. The characters were flat and unrealistic. The supernatural aspect of the book could be interesting but again, poorly written full of cliches!
  • Amitaf0208
    Enjoyable however the main character was too gullible and I was frustrated at times at his choices.
  • aPriL does feral sometimes
    ‘Craven Manor’ is a terrific ghost story! I know many will enjoy the spooky atmosphere of the haunted mansion where the main character, twenty-ish Daniel Kane, meets the peculiar, um, people, who change his life.Daniel is broke. He lived on the streets for a short time after his grandmother died. Six months ago, his cousin Kyle offered him a room in his apartment if Daniel pays rent. It isn’t much - the neighborhood is poor and the six-stor...
  • Susan
    Not as creepy as The Carrow Haunt, but still a very enjoyable book.Daniel is living with his cousin Kyle in a 2 bedroom apartment. Daniel is glad Kyle let him live with him, since he was living on the streets before Kyle found him.Kyle may not be the best roommate, and Daniel still doesn’t have a steady job, but he thinks he will get by like this. But his search for a job is not going that well, and he goes hungry a lot since all his money goes...
  • Montzalee Wittmann
    Craven Manor by Darcy Coates and narrated by Will Damron is a great ghost story but a story about an unlikely friendship too! It has mysteries, a creature or two, a ghost, greed, and compassion all in one book. I liked how it all ended up too! Narrator was terrific in his performance also! Good book all around!
  • Inn Auni
    Daniel was a good guy in his early 20's but down on his luck when it come to securing a permanent job. His cousin wasn't helping either, trying to evict him in a subtle way. So, Daniel had no other way but to accept a job offer as groundkeeper at a creepy abandoned mansion.From the get go the setup was creepy. You knew something was waiting for Daniel. You knew something was going to happen. But you couldn't help but root for Daniel.The ghost in ...
  • Ken McKinley
    Before I ever read anything by Darcy Coates, there was one thing I could say for sure about her - she sure knew how to get her work featured on Amazon. Everywhere I looked for something specific in horror, she always seemed to have a book or two listed as one that I might like as well. That kind of stuff always gave me pause. Most of what Amazon thinks is good horror is absolute garbage. Well, after all this time resisting, I finally decided to c...
  • RM(Alwaysdaddygirl) Griffin (alwaysdaddyprincess)
    Okay.The story was predictable. There were certain parts that made no sense for a fiction book. I only give this book three stars because of how the character Daniel looks after the cat and the ending was damn good. If it was not for these two things, this book would be two stars.Slightly spoilers as I explain. It not a real cat. It a ghost of a human who is a shapeshifter named Bran. I am an animal lover. I see animals as part of the family. I l...
  • Nora Peevy
    Bran is an endearing character. This book is original and captivating. I read it in one sitting. I loved the cat. 😉
  • Andrew “The Weirdling” Glos
    There is just something special about reading a book by Darcy Coates for me. Her writing doesn’t stand out above her peers in style or clever self expression. Neither the stories as a whole nor the separate pieces which make up those stories are groundbreaking. She writes good, classical ghost stories. Any experienced horror reader will see every twist and turn coming from a mile away. And yet... they are so thoroughly enjoyable each and every ...
  • HK
    it was interesting at first but it got slow towards the end 😬
  • Lorraine
    Wow, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Just the right amount of spooky without being too scary. I will definitely keep Darcy Coates as one of my favourite authors.
  • Ami
    Originally posted on the book blog Creature From the Book Lagoon"Daniel is desperate for a job. When someone slides a note under his door offering him the groundskeeper’s position at an old estate, it seems too good to be true. Alarm bells start ringing when he arrives at Craven Manor. The mansion’s front door hangs open, and leaves and cobwebs coat the marble foyer. It’s clear no one has lived there in a long time. But an envelope waits fo...
  • Melanie
    I listened to the audio of this which is very well narrated by a someone who sounds the same age as the protagonist, so it worked rather well. While there was nothing wrong with the story, it was a bit 'light' for my liking and I didn't find it at all scary. I'd definitely recommend it to friends who don't normally read horror/ghost/supernatural stories as there's plenty of atmosphere without the fright/gore fest. A good beach/holiday read.
  • Mehsi
    Daniel gets the job offer of his life, work at a big manor, but not everything seems right.So, I couldn't sleep and I was in for a bit of a horror book. Hey, if I can't sleep anyway. :P I knew that with Darcy Coates I would be having a ride of creepiness, so I was eager to start this one. I quickly found out that, apparently, I already read a bit of the book. I was at first worried that I may have read the book and that Goodreads had gone and eff...
  • Robert Vanneste
    Entertaining . Daniel isn't the brightest of bulbs . But I guess if he was the story would have ended sooner . Meh .
  • Madeline Worrell
    A well written horror story.The battle scene was a little long, but what battle scene isn’t? Great ending.