The Lines We Leave Behind by Eliza Graham

The Lines We Leave Behind

England, 1947: A young woman finds herself under close observation in an insane asylum, charged with a violent crime she has no memory of committing. As she tries to make sense of her recent past, she recalls very little.But she still remembers wartime in Yugoslavia. There she and her lover risked everything to carry out dangerous work resisting the Germans—a heroic campaign in which many brave comrades were lost. After that, the trail disappea...

Details The Lines We Leave Behind

TitleThe Lines We Leave Behind
Release DateNov 1st, 2018
PublisherLake Union Publishing
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, War, World War II

Reviews The Lines We Leave Behind

  • sue
    Now and again Ive been known to read an historical fiction book. This one was historic plus a lean towards being a thriller.I was attracted to the cover of this book (I know! I know!) but what can I say!Although at times the story appeared slow and the unravelling of it all sometimes too slow for me, I did enjoy this very much.The main character finds herself locked away with patients in an asylum. But she hasnt one iota of a clue how she got the...
  • Katie B
    There is no shortage of World War 2 historical fiction on the market, however there are a few things that make this book stand out among the others. First, some of the story takes place in Yugoslavia which isn't a setting that is normally featured in this genre. The other thing that makes this story a bit unusual is the main character is a patient in an insane asylum a few years after the war. Looking for something different is what made made me ...
  • Mel (Epic Reading)
    3.5 stars overall. There are a number of things to know about The Lines We Leave Behind in advance of reading it that might help you determine if it's for you: 1) Flashbacks. Most of the book is told in a series of flashbacks. Our narrator can only tell the parts of the story she knows (and so it may not be fulsome at times)2) Action then nothing. The first 60% of this book is very quick, action-packed excitement. The last 40% is poignant, about ...
  • Mary J Starry
    The relationship between the protagonist and her eventual husband never seemed real to me, which was a problem. Probably my main issue with the book was the very unsatisfying ending, however. When I read actual history I know fairness is not often the result. However in fiction I'm looking for an ending that justifies the battle against evil with the good guys winning out. This book was so depressing at end that I wish I had never read it.
  • Anita
    This story totally captivated me from start to finish. The author managed to have me see it happen from the perspective of the young woman who is totally confused about what has happened to her and whether or not she is sane. At the same time I had no problem following along with the story, because it was very clearly told. The author switched from first person telling to third person in what I felt was very effective in moving the focus from the...
  • Gisela
    Full review and rant on my blog: ....The Lines We Leave Behind in lamest terms messed me up. Im a mess. It was an extraordinary story about an extraordinary woman who finds herself in incredibly difficult circumstances. And although her story is fiction, it is rooted in fact there are those, real people who probably had similar experiences and are in fact real. This book is historical fiction, but also my...
  • Linda ~ chock full of hoot, just a little bit of nanny ~
    3.5 starsThis took awhile to get going, and it took me a few days to really get into the story. It did help after I speed up the playback to 1.3X, the fastest I've had to listen a narrator. We meet Maude while she's being treated in a mental institution after the end of WWII. We don't know why she's there, and neither does she, so we follow along with her as she recovers her memories and figures out what happened to her - and it is messed up, yo....
  • Andy
    its a very engaging story about a brutal time in europe's history. The story of her deployment seems very realistic and plausible. I suffered with the characters but thats expected in a good book. I don't know why she would train so much for a 4 month deployment... that doesn't make sense. She wasn't removed because the war was over. If she was doing such good work she would have stayed.But what I don't like is that the last part of the book just...
  • Heather
    I have read numerous novels set during WWII and have thoroughly enjoyed most of them, but I never really connected with The Lines We Leave Behind. Having the main protagonist a patient in a mental asylum a few years after the war made for an interesting plot, but it never delivered. Much of the book was slow and I didn't trust Robert from the start. I felt that the author glossed over Maud/Amber's training before her deployment to Yugoslavia as w...
  • Brenda Williams
    I found this book extremely hard to read.
  • Goth Gone Grey
    A well crafted psychological puzzleThis book is a large jigsaw puzzle, jumbled together in a bag, with no clues as to the total image fully revealed once all pieces are out together. It's sad, shocking, and lovely all at once, a lush descriptive read that I couldn't put down. Shell shock, battle fatigue, PTSD - a disorder by any other name, so to speak, would be as brutal. The lead character, Maud/Amber has been through so much that the book open...
  • Dee
    Can this woman survive?Maud, young and impressionable, but also quite intuitive and talented is recruited, groomed & psychologically manipulated into participating in war by an older, manipulative, devious spy. As she falls in love with him, he uses her, mentally destroys her and discards her in an utterly despicable way. Can she survive this most devious man who is the father of her son? Is she strong enough to survive and move on with life? How...
  • Alice Bye
    4/5 ⭐ This was so fascinating! I loved the past and present storylines and how they linked together. 4/5 ⭐️ This was so fascinating! I loved the past and present storylines and how they linked together.
  • Joanne Alan
    First half a bit slow. But then gets yo be a page turner
  • Christine Lowe
    Interesting Story, Great CharactersThe writing of Eliza Graham is a wonderful statement of her love for these characters. Maud was an intelligent but shy young woman in England who was recruited and trained by Robert to be part of a group parachuting into Yugoslavia during World War II. The training was rigorous and required her to assume a new identity. When she came home, she could not believe how lucky she was when the handsome and charming Ro...
  • Renae Hinchey
    I have read numerous novels set during WWII, but none that took place in Yugoslavia. As a historical fiction, The Lines We Leave Behind provided some history of the former Yugoslavia. The story begins with the main character, Maud, living in an insane asylum in London a few years after WWII. There she tries to recall her past during the war and regain her memory. The story goes back and forth from the present to the beginning of her training as a...
  • Susan
    Excellent story backed by skilful writing. I was immediately drawn into this story and couldn't let go until the last word. Each character is introduced according to their relationship with Maud/Amber the main character(s). Sometimes I feel like a story drawn out to give a satisfying ending can be clumsy and overwritten but this is not the case here. I will definitely add Ms Graham to my favoured author list.
  • Jph12
    Pathetic woman with loose morals is seduced by her boss, a giant douchebag with no morals. Even though he's obviously a giant douchebag, she thinks he's the most wonderfulest man in the whole wide world. After a brief diversion to Yugoslavia during WWII, we find out that the giant douchebag has douchebaggery inside of him the depths of which we have barely begun to plumb.
  • Richard D. Barr
    Mixed feelingI never wanted to abandon the book completely, yet found it hard at times to resume reading. Not knowing much about the Balkans during WW II, I had hoped to learn more. Unfortunately, I found the story rather confusing and fictionalized. There were intriguing aspects to the plot, but also huge holes in the story line which covered about a fifty year period.
  • Jypsy
    The Lines We Leave Behind is historical fiction about WWII and a woman in an asylum who cannot remember what she may have done. It's a frightening premise although engaging. Slowly paced, the heroine reveals things about events she experienced. I won't spoil anything. I will say this story is darker than I expected and disturbing at times. I recommend. It's very good overall.
  • Judith
    I stayed up until 2:30 in the morning to finish this novel. I want to cry for Maud/Amber for her lost years. The writing is beautiful and lyrical, with wonderful characterization. Most importantly, the novel shows the power and resilience of women who live with trauma inflicted on them especially during times of war.
  • Kymm
    Have you ever read a book where the story is going along and it's good, but you feel as though the author is leading you somewhere, that the pieces he/she is giving you belong to a bigger puzzle? Then BAM the author starts to fill you in and it's now become a great book. Well this was one of those books. The first half of this book was really good, but I knew there had to be more, the author kept leaving little hints of information that didn't ma...
  • Brigette
    Actual rating: 2.5 starsI have mixed feelings about this book. Some parts I thought were really interesting, but other parts I didn't enjoy as much. Would have been nice to have had a content warning ahead of time for sexual assault though. It wasn't a very long nor very graphic scene, at least, but I still would have appreciated a heads up or something that this book dealt with something like this. Especially since how the book deals with it is ...
  • Corinne Edwards
    When we meet the young woman in the asylum, World War II has been over for two years. What the war has to do with her mental illness, what her brain is keeping from her, that's what she's trying to find out. With the help of her therapist, she slowly starts to unravel the past, from her childhood in the Balkans to even more recent events, events that might help her understand why she is locked away. With the backdrop of both post-war London and a...
  • Cady Majeczky
    For the most part, I really enjoyed this book. The flipping timelines between present day Maud and past wartime Amber kept me intrigued, although Maud's memory recollection was surprisingly fast once the plot gained momentum. The ending, however, is what ultimately deterred me from giving a 5 star rating. I was admittedly frustrated and saddened by the outcome, by the life Maud was forced to live without any additional scrutiny of her case, presu...
  • Cat
    The book is about a young woman who finds herself under observation in an insane asylum. She's charged with a violent crime but has no memory of committing. The story unfolds as she tries to make sense of her past and put together what happened, while the author flashes back to her time in Yugoslavia during the WWII. The majority of the book was very interesting, as the author starts weaving the pieces together that woman remembers. And I haven't...
  • Linda Bridges
    Intriguing storyMaud Knight, an ordinary young woman living in London during World War Hi, finds herself recruited to be trained as Amber, an undercover operative who is sent into Yugoslavia. Having fallen in love with her trainer, she is thrilled when he asks to marry her after the war. But their marriage takes a sudden turn after she learns of some of his wartime activities, and she gets institutionalized in a mental facility. Years later she i...
  • Renata Riva
    During WWII, Maud, a young woman, is recruited as a secret agent to support the resistance against the Germans in Yugoslavia. Her mission will encounter difficulties, but she manages to come back to England alive. Maud resumes a normal life as best she can after the traumatic experience, but she will soon realise that she is still part of a game she didnt know she was playing."The Lines We Leave Behind" is a historical novel which takes place par...
  • Lorin Cary
    Set in 1947 in a mental hospital, Amber/Maud is slowly recovering her memory. She'd been an undercover British "soldier" helping Yugoslav anti-German partisans behind the lines. there's a mystery that gradually is revealed in session with a doctor as the story shifts from present to past.She spends decades in the mental institution and eventually gains her freedom, and her memory.The pace of the book, the characterization and the plot are excelle...