The Storm Keeper's Island by Catherine Doyle

The Storm Keeper's Island

'Magical in every way' EOIN COLFER'Funny, dark and blazingly beautiful' KIRAN MILLWOOD HARGRAVE'So magical and wild that it's like being swept away by the sea' KATHERINE RUNDELLWhen Fionn Boyle sets foot on Arranmore Island, it begins to stir beneath his feet ...Once in a generation, Arranmore Island chooses a new Storm Keeper to wield its power and keep its magic safe from enemies. The time has come for Fionn's grandfather, a secretive and eccen...

Details The Storm Keeper's Island

TitleThe Storm Keeper's Island
Release DateJul 1st, 2018
PublisherBloomsbury Children's Books
GenreFantasy, Childrens, Middle Grade

Reviews The Storm Keeper's Island

  • Scott Evans (MrEPrimary)
    ‘Magic and myth combine to make The Storm Keeper’s Island a novel like no other. With a different kind of magic, this is a contemporary classic that will move its readers to feel like they’ve discovered and rediscovered their love for reading all over again.’ Inspired by Cat’s very own childhood connections to the island of Arranmore – off the west coast of Ireland – and intertwined with the ripe richness and rurality of Irish mytho...
  • Lauren James
    I read this in one sitting. Magical, funny, heart-rending, terrifying - and with plenty more adventures still to come, I’m on tenterhooks for the next book. Fionn, his grandfather and father broke my heart and put it back together again.
  • The Moody Corner
    The Stormkeeper's Island follows young Fionn as he travels to the island of Arranmore with his sister Tara to stay with their grandfather. Little does Fionn know just how magical and full of secrets the island of Arranmore is and most of all the dangers stirring within it... This is a stunning, beautiful book and a great addition to the many MG titles already out there. Catherine's writing really draws you in and transports you to the island of A...
  • Lily
    I knew immediately that I'd love this book, but Doyle's writing enchanted me and pulled me right into the story and Fionn's mind in a way I didn't expect. It's beautifully written and engaging, in a voice that feels confident and fresh, weaving humour with whimsical magic and the enchanting exploration of a family's emotional past.Fionn and his annoying older sister Tara have been sent to stay with their grandfather on Arranmore Island by their m...
  • Liz
    Catherine Doyle weaves a touching, heart-warmingly magical adventure story from the myths and legends surrounding Arranmore Island, her childhood home. Fionn and his sister are sent to Arranmore for the first time to stay with their elderly Grandfather, unaware that they are already bound by fate to the secrets and inherent magic the island hides. It has a lot to say about the everyday magic of self-belief, courage and the abundant gifts of the n...
  • Stephen Connor
    I really enjoyed this, much more than I thought I would. A fast-paced, full on adventure that combines magic, modern life and the importance of family. Fionn and Tara are two squabbling siblings - and what brilliant squabbling it is - who are spending their summer with their grandad on the island of Arranmore. Grandad is a fantastic character, full of wit and love and humility, and the magic of his candles help to teach Fionn about the island’s...
  • Sinéad
    This was a very special read that I got completely lost in. It is a timeless story of adventure, magic, and wonder. It brought to my mind some of Enid Blyton’s rollicking adventures from my childhood. It perfectly balances the humour of two siblings bickering, with the sadness of a child missing an absent mother, a lost father, and a deteriorating grandfather. It captures beautifully the relationship between Fionn and his grandfather as it blos...
  • Nicole
    I was so moved with the wonder and magic of the relationship that 11 yr old Fionn has with the Grandfather he has never met. Having been sent to live on Arranmore, with his older teenage sister, Fionn misses his mother back in Dublin, even though she isn't always really there. Nearing the anniversary of the death of his father, his mother has had to go away to be made better. The Island seems to speak to Fionn and what follows is a lot of informa...
  • Connie
    Our July Kids book of the month...Fionn and his sister Tara are sent to the island of Arranmore to stay with their grandad - the current Storm Keeper - but it's nearly time for the old man to step down and soon a new Keeper will arise.The island is full of magic, and tales of a flying horse and an old cave that will grant you one wish - if you can find it - but as the battle to become the island's next champion rages, a more sinister magic is wak...
  • Angel McGregor
    This is exactly what a children's book should look like!! An absolutely beautiful read, a good old-fashioned adventure story with a strand of magic threading between the pages! Fionn is a hearty character that pulls you in from the beginning and Arranmore Island is that place where we all wish we could visit this summer - this is a must read children, but it's more than just a kids' book! There were parts of Fionn's story that stirred emotions th...
  • Steph
    A massive dollop of magic, mixed with a charming and quick witted main character. Throw in an incredible grandfather, an island that has its own history and power and a struggle with grief. You get this. A book with clout. There better be a second one.
  • WaterstonesBirmingham
    A magical adventure that had everything a great children's book should have; characters to root for, mystery, mythology, humour and did I mention adventure? This book kept me utterly enchanted throughout and in the end not only did I feel like I had been magically transported to the island of Arranmore but also back to my childhood and the kind of books that made me fall in love with reading in the first place. It's absolutely made my Top 5 Kids ...
  • Mary Esther
    Every so often a book comes along that wraps itself around you and uncovers your dreams. The Storm Keepers Island is that book.Fionn travels to Arranmore with his sister Tara; his ancestral home that awakens the moment he sets foot on its’ shores. It breathes and sighs, enveloping him with its’ winds; recognising him, though Fionn has never been there. But the island knows. The island remembers. Every generation, the island chooses a Storm Ke...
  • Frances
    Magical mix of myth and adventure. Beautifully written with great characters. There is humour, sad bits and bits to grip you. First in a series so look forward to more.
  • Ellie (faerieontheshelf)
    ↠ Rating: 4/5 starsI received an arc of this book in exchange for an honest review.Okay, okay. I know what you’re thinking: a middle-grade novel? Ellie, you don't read middle-grade.WELL, I DO NOW. But fine yes, I don’t often read middle-grade. So when I do, it is often something really great. And The Storm Keeper’s Island is very, very good. It was a nice break from the heavy-hitting ‘adult’ books I’ve been reading recently. Now, th...
  • Milly Potter
    I really enjoyed this story- a great adventure& an original idea 😊 I liked the main character, Fionn & how his relationship with his Grandfather and the island grew as the book went on. Look forward to the next one!Read in Italy!
  • Christina Reid
    Absolute perfection, loved every minute! Magic, mythology and family. Full review to come.
  • Russell
    Adventure themed books for children jave come along way since Enid Blyton. This book has strong powerful themes of family, grief and magic as well as beautifully and poetically written. Not since Harry Potter have I been so excited about what happens next
  • Kelly
    The Storm Keeper's Island is just a phenomenally wonderful children's book. Although it is shelved in 9 to 12 years, this book will appeal to all ages as it has (like the island of Arranmore) so many layers to it, from magic to family relationships to old rivalries with adventure running through it all. Beautifully descriptive writing brings the island to life and you really feel you are right in the thick of it with Fionn as he discovers just ho...
  • Christina Worrall
    This is an excellent read. It’s gripping, compelling and wonderfully written - I couldn’t put it down!
  • Karen Cairns-Hardy
    I absolutely loved this book. It's full of adventure, mystery and magic. A true battle of good and evil. A great start to a new series. I can't wait for the next one.
  • Jenni
    Definitely of the best middle grade/9-12 books I’ve read in a long time - I urge anyone who enjoys a magical adventure to pick this up! I don’t like to compare things to Harry Potter, especially as the comparisons are usually made so quickly with any book about a young protagonist discovering they are magical, but something about this reminded me of the good old HP. The Storm Keeper’s Island will suck you in, and leave you yearning for the ...
  • Jessica Shelley
    ‘In a field full of wildflowers, a boy and a girl stood side by side beneath an ancient oak tree. The sky was angry, the thunder growling like an angry beast.’ I knew from the first line of The Storm Keeper’s Island, that I would fall under the tide of its tale. Doyle crafts a magical, whimsical, beautiful story. The cracks between sentences are filled with hope and wishes. The atmosphere is soaked with the sea. There is a beautiful balance...
  • Ben Trevail
    Totally magical - a brilliant read. Hints of Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising series as Fionn comes to terms with the magic and history of Arranmore island where his grandfather lives. Highly recommended.
  • Ithil
    I do have to confess that the cover of this book was what drew me towards it. It was sent to us from the publisher, but that is not going to affect my review or opinion. And let me tell you I loved it.The plot is quite simple: two siblings that are going back to the island where theyre from and where their families have lived throughout the years. However, when they arrive and join their grand-father, the younger, Fionn will soon realize that the...
  • Sarah Driver
    Soaked in the myths of the author's home, this book was different to anything I've read before. It's full of wild nature and sea saltiness and I could just imagine my hair whipping into my eyes and tasting the salt on my lips. There is the most amazing cottage full of magical candles in this book (oh yes!) but even more than the candle magic I loved the real, complex family relationships at the book's heart. All the heart-breaks we must begin to ...
  • Julie Morris
    This book is a mystical story of ancient magic and family legacies, brought right up to date with modern story-telling. Fionn Boyle goes to visit his grandfather on the island of Arranmore, a place his mother doesn’t talk about and where tragedy has befallen his family. Once there, Fionn discovers he is descended from an ancient line of families integral to the history of the island, which is full of magic and with an ancient evil lurking benea...
  • Anna
    Flitting between a three and four star. It was good. The story and magic were wonderous, the world unusual and whimsical. The characters were possibly a little lacking in originality but the writing was great. It was consistent, paced well and I really don't have anything bad to say about it. It just didn't grab my magic loving soul and run away with it like other similar stories. It could have been me, I was reading at a fairly hectic life point...