A Study in Emerald by Neil Gaiman

A Study in Emerald

This supernatural mystery set in the world of Sherlock Holmes and Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos features a brilliant detective and his partner as they try to solve a horrific murder.The complex investigation takes the Baker Street investigators from the slums of Whitechapel all the way to the Queen's Palace as they attempt to find the answers to this bizarre murder of cosmic horror!From the Hugo, Bram Stoker, Locus, World Fantasy, Nebula award-winni...

Details A Study in Emerald

TitleA Study in Emerald
Release DateJun 27th, 2018
PublisherDark Horse Books
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Horror, Fantasy, Mystery, Fiction

Reviews A Study in Emerald

  • Anne
    Sherlock + Cthulhu = A Study in Emerald.I went into it knowing that it was some sort of Doyle/Lovecraft mash-up, but that was about it. I had no idea what Gaiman was trying to pull off as far as plot goes, and I'm glad I didn't. Because while this was exactly what it purported to be, it was also quite a bit different than I was expecting.A detective with uncanny skills and his war hero roommate set out to solve a royal murder in London.Yeah, that...
  • Sean Gibson
    Forget Pokémon—it’s my mission in life to catch all Holmesian graphic novels, particularly those that are not adaptations of canonical stories, but rather additions to it (bonus points if the art is so stellar that I can get completely immersed in Victorian London or if there are supernatural overtones (or even just a hint of the supernatural, a la Hound of the Baskervilles)). (Another reason to say forget Pokémon? Squirtle. I mean, come on...
  • Foad
    شرلوک هلمز در مقابل کثولهوداستان در دنیایی موازی می گذره. در دنیایی که هیولاهای باستانی، هفتصد سال قبل برگشتن و جهان آدم ها رو تسخیر کردن و بر آدم ها حکومت می کنن.ماجرا از زمانی شروع میشه که یه جنگجوی جنگ افغانستان به لندن بر می گرده و در جستجوی همخون...
  • Calista
    I didn't know anything about this before reading it. It's a good way to read this one as the surprises are enjoyable. This seems loosely based on the Sherlock Holmes story 'a Study in Scarlet'. It is then blended with H P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu, which I still need to read. It turns into something of it's own. I don't know that Neil uses Watson or Holmes. They are called the Major and the Detective, I believe. It is at Baker's street. There is a mys...
  • Chad
    An adaptation of Neil Gaiman's short story from a Sherlock Holmes anthology. It mashs up Doyle's and Lovecraft's most popular creations. The art is wonderfully moody, giving London a spooky, foggy vibe. I didn't see the twist coming at all, although I would say it could have been delivered a bit clearer. Even when I saw there would be a twist, the art didn't make it clear that it had happened, leaving too much to be inferred.
  • Sud666
    "A Study In Emerald" is Neil Gaiman's take on mashing together the worlds of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and H.P. Lovecraft. He does a great job with it.Imagine a Sherlock Holmes story set in a Lovecraftian Cthulhu world. Gaiman nails the setting and the story perfectly, blending it well into the "Victorian Age" timeline where the mankind had lost to the Old Ones and the reigning monarchs of Europe and the world are all Old Ones. So we see our charact...
  • Shadowdenizen
    4.5 stars.An excellent adaptation of the seminal Neil Gaiman story that fuses Sherlock Holmes and the Cthulhu Mythos.
  • Trang Tran (Bookidote)
    Full review hereI always loved reading graphic novels and I noticed that one of the challenges in this medium is to convey an original story while having a clear storyline in just a few pages. Neil Gaiman, Rafael Alburerque and company did just that. They manage to set up the world building in a Lovecraftian way but keep all the Sherlock Holmes references at the same time. The perfect pastiche. A Study in Emerald is foreshadowing The Study In Sc...
  • Katie (Lost in Pages)
    I want to start by saying that I know nothing when it comes to Lovecraft. I'm aware that there's a green, octopus-looking creature called the "cthulhu" that lives in the ocean, and that's literally the extent of my knowledge. I've always been intrigued by his stories, but I've never read any of them.Sherlock Holmes, on the other hand, I know quite a lot about. Without having read any of the actual books, I know a good deal because of adaptations ...
  • The Story Girl
    Recently while listening to a podcast, I discovered that Neil Gaiman had written a re-telling, or pastiche, of one of the Sherlock Holmes’ stories, “A Study in Scarlet.” It can be found online for free here, and this version is actually printed like an actual newspaper with ads and all. However, there are other versions as well: a graphic novel, an audiobook, the version found in Shadows Over Baker Street where it was first found, and Amazo...
  • Mark
    To be very honest I bought this comic for my daughter as a Christmas gift as ever since Sherlock she is a fan of things Sherlock Holmes, only she does have trouble with reading the originals which she finds tedious sometimes. Hence a modern update.Sherlock Holmes & Watson the the an Lovecraft generated time, only the names SH & Watson are never mentioned, they are the detective and the Major.They are called into the murder of a member of the Roya...
  • Craig
    This is a very good adaptation of Gaiman's Doyle/Lovecraft crossover story. It does a very good job of presenting a complex plot in a short graphic format, and presenting an alternate world without too much explanation. I didn't love the art, but it presented the story serviceably. It's well worth seeking out, especially for those who've not read the prose version. Surprises abound, because things aren't what they seem.
  • Steve
    Great take on Holmes and Watson. I especially liked the "advertisements" in between each of the chapters.
  • Stewart Tame
    This is a splendidly superb adaptation of one of Gaiman’s finest stories.The elevator pitch is: Sherlock Holmes meets Cthulhu. It's not the first time such a concept has been put forward, and it very likely won't be the last. The background of the story is that Lovecraft’s Great Old Ones have awakened and now rule the world. The setting is roughly Victorian England, though the Queen herself is decidedly not human. Inspector Lestrade brings in...
  • Rod Brown
    I was about to give up on these Dark Horse adaptations of Neil Gaiman short stories, but the pretty good mash-up of Sherlock Holmes and H.P. Lovecraft in this volume means I'll have to keep checking them out. The little twist at the end actually caught me off guard and elevated the story considerably.
  • Jamie Connolly
    Really good. But wait..is this the only volume or is there going to be more stories set in this world. The whole thing was really good but I wish it had gone on longer. 5 stars.
  • Nadine
    A Study in Emerald is a love story to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and H.P. Lovecraft. It’s a beautiful collision of styles that creates an incredibly atmospheric and engaging mystery. It combines the best aspects of Doyle’s mysteries and Lovecraft’s horror making A Study in Emerald one graphic novel not to be missed.The dialogue and narration throughout are funny and informative. There isn’t a moment of useless dialogue throughout, which makes...
  • Venus Maneater
    Absolutely wonderful, I just wish it was longer. The worldbuilding is amazing and I need more stories in this world.Sherlock Holmes meets The Old Ones. An Eldritch Mystery, but not in the way you would expect it. The art is amazing, I love all the gentle tells and facial expressions. It is haunting when it needs to be haunting, satirical in the best way. I want more.
  • The Enchanted Library
    Such a wonderful ideaLove this kind of crossover!
  • Kristin
    Issuing a pricy hardcover for what amounts to a 64 page special after you remove the sketches, faux Victorian ads, and multiple blank pages used as chapter breaks is a blatant cash-in on Gaiman's name, and a shoddy one at that. Many panels uses watercolor washes in place of background art, so characters appear to be floating in space. Worst of all, the twist from the original story is handled so poorly only part of it lands. (view spoiler)[We dis...
  • Ellen
    I think I missed something. I enjoyed reading it but then felt confused at the end. I don't really know my Lovecraft, so I think that could have been my downfall.
  • Christoph
    Puh, eine schwere Entscheidung, konkret: 4,5 SterneKann sehr leicht sein, dass ein nochmaliges Lesen das Ergebnis eines Tages nach oben korrigiert. Also ...... die Welten von Doyle & Lovecraft wurden in der Vergangenheit des Öfteren miteinander vermischt. Dies bietet sich nicht nur alleine wegen der damaligen zeitlichen Überschneidung an, sondern weil auch beide in diesem teils fantastisch-spannenden Milieu unterwegs waren. Geheimnisvoll und bl...
  • Amina
    As a standalone, this issue wasn't really compelling, it lacked something I cannot yet determine. Being a huge fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle , Neil Gaiman and of course H.P. Lovecraft (even if I haven't read my Cthulhu yet, yeah I know, shame) I was really excited for this read but it turned out just OK.The story isn't a re-telling, it picked up a study in scarlet almost word by word. Ok, this should've been a problem, but it wasn't, the author w...
  • Lorena
    Nicely illustrated version of the Neil Gaiman story.
  • Bülent Özgün
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  • Craig
    Kind of a lesser effort by Gaiman. Can't help but feel like the adaptation script must have left a few things out--this is a pretty choppy read that doesn't really flow very smoothly. Nice twist at the end (I wasn't expecting that), but otherwise not the greatest.
  • Deborah
    I want to live in Neil Gaiman's head for a day. He has such an incredible imagination! I loved this story and enjoyed the art as well.
  • Dan
    Another Lovecraftian type story....was okay.
  • Eℓℓis ♥
    Letto nella versione non illustrata uscita nel 2007.