The Wildlands by Abby Geni

The Wildlands

From the award winning author of The Lightkeepers comes a page turning new novel that explores the bond between siblings and the animal instincts that threaten to destroy them.When a Category 5 tornado ravaged Mercy, Oklahoma, no family in the small town lost more than the McClouds. Their home and farm were instantly demolished, and orphaned siblings Darlene, Jane, and Cora made media headlines. This relentless national attention and the tornado...

Details The Wildlands

TitleThe Wildlands
Release DateSep 4th, 2018
PublisherCounterpoint LLC
GenreFiction, Suspense, Literary Fiction, Contemporary, American, American Fiction

Reviews The Wildlands

  • Rachel León
    Sometimes it's hard to know how many stars to give a book. Not this time--5 solid stars all the way.
  • Acacia Ives
    I was sent this book in exchange for an honest review. She’s done it again! This story of family and relationships is solid, beautiful and raw. I thought there was no way I’d like it as much as The Lightkeepers but I’m so happy I was proved wrong. The natural world is described with such love and attention. Absolutely obsessed!
  • switterbug (Betsey)
    “The Wildlands. Uncultivated land. Cultivation—that’s what humans do.”Geni’s latest and exciting literary thriller once again examines the liminal space between humans and wildlife, while depicting how compassion can mutate to corruption and danger. In this novel, Geni’s characters are not research biologists and strangers to each other, like in THE LIGHTKEEPERS. In THE WILDLANDS, her characters are four Oklahoma siblings orphaned by ...
  • Bruce Katz
    Solid 4.5 and I'm not sure myself why I didn't add that extra 1/2 point. (Well, I do, but...) "Wildlands" is every bit as well-written and engaging as "Lightkeepers," but quite different in subject, tone, and atmosphere. As other reviewers have pointed out, the book begins with catastrophe: a tornado that suddenly touches down in a small Oklahoma town (ironically named "Mercy") and leaves four children -- siblings of different ages -- homeless an...
  • Varsha Ravi (between.bookends)
    I’ve previously read and loved Abby Geni’s short story collection, The Last Animal and her debut novel, The Lightkeepers. So I was very excited to get to this and I’m glad to report that it was worth a read. The Wildlands, to me, felt like a slight deviant from her usual style. While the inherent theme of environment and relationship to the natural world remain the focus, her stories, usually more personal, literary and character driven, in...
  • Ericka Seidemann
    Four orphans living in a trailer in Oklahoma are just trying to scrape by after a tornado destroyed their home and family. Tucker, the only brother, runs off, and Darlene, the eldest, takes on the responsibility of caring for her two younger sisters, forgoing her dream of going to college. They manage to eke out a living until one day when Tucker returns. He’s been on a rampage with an extreme animal rights group, and now he wants to take his a...
  • Debbi DuBose
    THE WILDLANDS by Abby Geni is an exceptionally well-written, intelligent, and thoroughly thought-provoking story. I enjoyed reading this novel because it's so different from anything I've read before! Ms Geni has penned a gem of a novel in THE WILDLANDS and I loved it!Mercy, Oklahoma is hit by a category 5 tornado and the McClouds lose their Dad, their home, and all the animals on their farmland. The oldest sister is Darlene who's 18 years old an...
  • Mike
    When her estranged older brother returns home, bleeding and running from the law, nine-year-old Cora agrees to leave with him, but soon discovers the shocking truth of his dangerous crusade. A highly readable and suspenseful page-turner with compelling moral questions.
  • Dgordon
    Tragedy always seems to follow the McCloud family but when a tornado wipes out their Oklahoma farm taking their widowed father they are left behind to pick-up the pieces. Tucker the only son takes off leaving the oldest sister Darlene behind to take care of her younger sisters Jane and Cora. Tucker is on the run but he returns for Cora where the go on the run from the law and the past.Abby Geni has done it again with this story of responsibility,...
  • Hannah
    My bar was set high for The Wildlands because it's by Abby Geni. I absolutely loved The Lightkeepers; it was one of the first I read this year. I gave it 5/5 stars. Although I enjoyed The Wildlands--and give it a 4/5 stars--it didn't do it for me in the same way.First of all, this book is easy to digest. It's completely opposite of The Female Persuasion--a book I recently read--as far as format. Abby's short chapters made the story fly by for me;...
  • J. Harding
    Highly recommended, I really, really enjoyed my time in the Wildlands, which wasn't that long of a time as I could not put this book down, except to go to party, but that's another review. At times the narration and structure reminded me of Swamplandia!, which is a really good thing. Story-wise, if you've enjoyed T C Boyle's 'A Friend of the Earth' or 'When the Killing's Done' this might also be right up your alley.
  • Beverly
    I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway. It was described as a "page turning new novel" and that is accurate. I never felt particularly close to any of the characters, but the plot hooked me. I wanted to know what was going to happen next so I kept reading.
  • Cheryl
    3.5 Stars
  • Rachel Watkins
    Sometimes, more than parents or spouses, siblings are those we share the greatest intimacies and the harshest family histories. Only the four McCloud siblings know how deep the loss of their father and family farm is to them all, especially Tucker, the brother who connected the most to the animals, so beloved by his deceased mother. More than a story of a family broken apart by a natural disaster, THE WILDLANDS will have you discussing ecotourism...
  • Jamie
    Review to come