Battle Ready by Kelly Balarie

Battle Ready

We don't know what's coming tomorrow, and usually we live unprepared, just going through the motions of life and practicing a reactive rather than proactive faith. This means that when trouble inevitably comes, we find ourselves mired in disbelief, uncertainty, and doubt rather than ready to endure and triumph over trials. Who wants to live that way? In discouragement, fear, and defeat?Battle Ready prepares a woman's mind, in advance, for the tro...

Details Battle Ready

TitleBattle Ready
Release DateJul 3rd, 2018
PublisherBaker Books
GenreNonfiction, Inspirational, Christian, Self Help

Reviews Battle Ready

  • Jessica Campbell
    Phenomenal book. Your mind controls so many aspects of your life and spiritual life. I’m currently reading this book again. It’s on my top 5 books EVER read! Grab one for a friend, too.
  • Sharon Hughson
    This is more than another self-help book. If you're seriously looking for the path to victorious living, you need to read this book.Balarie's transparency shines through. I appreciated her continual use of various scriptures to validate her "five-steps" or "ten thouhgts" lists. This isn't about HER expertise as much as it is about the incredible way God has delivered on His promise to be faithful to her obedience.Plan to savor each chapter. Take ...
  • Suzieq Tucker
    I have read the first 3 chapters and it really touched on thing that I think every woman thinks or experiences at times. It has impacted me in a positive way so far! Very well written and speaks directly to your heart.
  • Sarah
    If you are held captive by a negative, defeating thought life, Battle Ready is the playbook to help you put on the mind of Christ. It’s a unique read full of bullet points, checklists, infographics and anecdotes to challenge toxic thinking. On her blog, Kelly calls herself a “cheerleader for Christ,” and that phrase perfectly captures her personality and writing voice. She will cheer you on and motivate you as you learn to take your thought...
  • Beth Miller
    WOW! What a powerful new book for regular women fighting the good fight!Author Kelly Balarie has dedicated her open, honest, and transparent new book to the everyday warrior woman . . . “the one crying out in pain, the one shaving her head due to cancer, the one with a marriage hanging by a thread, the one suffering through an onslaught of mean words, the one trying to lift her head again, the one who calls herself a “bad mom,” the one plea...
  • Sarah Koontz
    This book is packed with actionable steps, relatable stories, thought-provoking questions, and powerful, biblical truths. But I wouldn’t really classify it as a book, it’s more of a reference tool—a guide, a manual. It’s one of those books you stick on your bedside table and refer to often throughout the ups and downs of life. Kelly Balarie’s writing reminds us that feelings are not reality & God’s Word provides the only stability we ...
  • Doris Swift
    This book inspired me to make positive changes in my life! What new possibilities and limitless heights could we reach with God if we could just overcome defeating and negative thoughts and feelings? God has plans for us, but the enemy prowls around daily threatening to devour us, our purpose, and our calling. In Kelly’s book, Battle Ready, we find a proven battle plan against the enemy’s lies and practical steps to implement a strong, godly,...
  • Leslie Newman
    Do you lack confidence? Are you battling insecurity? Do you struggle with negative thinking? If so, Battle Ready is a book you need to read. Inside you’ll find twelve warrior mind-sets that will help you exchange your self-doubt and fears for truth that will help you move forward. I love how this book helps me understand my negative thought processes. When I read it I’m often saying, “Me, too!” and I don’t feel alone. I really like how ...
  • Kathleen Tysinger
    Just finished reading Battle Ready by Kelly Balarie! Loved every page. This is a game-changer. The author gives solid, practical, biblical wisdom framed as 12 different Warrior Mindsets that will equip us for battles of many kinds. Kelly unpacks each of the Warrior Mindsets with a generous helping of transparency, compassion, scripture, encouragement, and how-to real girl tips. Each chapter has great talking points, a summary, a prayer, and study...
  • Chelsea Schwartz
    I was blessed enough to be part of the pre-release and this book has changed me- through the life giving work of the Bible- and Kelly's ability to teach me how to recognize the attacks on my mind, target them and apply God's promises to fight them! I have never felt so free and excited about the good work that is happening in my life, now that my eyes are open to the purposes of my struggle. I grew up with the bible being used as a beating stick-...
  • Jenifer Metzger
    Does life ever feel like one battle after another? Between health problems, financial woes, relationship troubles, and everything in between, it feels as though there is always a battle going on. Do you feel like you are ready for the battles that come your way? No, we are never fully prepared for the different battles thrown our way.Most of the time battles come unexpected, but no matter how they come, they are hard. How can we be ready? Kelly B...
  • Kimberly Shettleworth
    "A Woman armed with the power and protection of God can't easily be taken down."One of the best books ever! 'Battle Ready' is a practical, empowering, and encouraging guide that will help you to avoid defeat, discouragement, and face challenges. Kelly inspires us to shift our thought patterns and equips us with a battle ready mindset full of truth, love, peace and prayer. Kelly has so much love for her readers, followers, and God. In one of her r...
  • Tamara
    Do you ever have unkind thoughts about others that aren’t warranted? Does your heart ever feel hardened towards other without cause? Kelly Balarie is so honest in her writings. She’s so vulnerable and shares the honest battles she has in her mind. I could so relate and felt like she was speaking words of battles that have go on my own head and heart. Each chapter shares a Warrior Mindset that focuses on a keyword. At the end of each chapter K...
  • Kelli Emmons
    This is a book that you could reread ten times and get something new out of it each time. It is spiritually challenging and upbeat. Any woman who feels spiritually weak should read it. Though it is written for woman, there is not reason why men would not get anything out of it, so ladies, let your significant other read it. too.
  • A. Catlin Wozniak
    Fear, anxiety, feeling like we don't measure up, loneliness, and especially standing in our own way – in Battle Ready, Kelly uses Scripture combined with raw, honest stories taken from her own life experiences to guide the reader to a battle plan for all of these, and more. Finally, a plan to help you capture your renegade thoughts and focus on God.
  • Peggy
    A couple of years ago I prayed to go to "God College", I am so thankful that this book was put in my path!! I'm actually on my 3rd read in two months, but this time I'm reading the Mindsets (chapters) as they feel relevant for the day. My favorite chapter Bounce Back Ability. I, 110% recommend Battle Ready, by Kelly Balarie to every Christain lady who wants to grow in "their" everyday.
  • Melissa
    Our emotions are responses to our thoughts. Our thoughts come from our understanding through past experiences, knowledge, and education. But our thoughts also can be based upon lies. Lies we have heard from others. And lies we have come to believe ourselves. Those thoughts, whether true or otherwise, lead to our emotions and ultimately our behaviors.As a mental health therapist, often people enter my office based upon their distressing emotions a...
  • Valerie
    The practical tips and strategies in Battle Ready will equip you to fight fear on the front lines. This book helped me defeat self-doubt and face my insecurity head-on. Each chapter explores a warrior mindset that will strengthen your faith and motivate you to seize the moment.
  • Kela
    it’s my heart to share how I’ve genuinely had some light shed on my mind-sets and Kelly for sure gives us lots of Scripture and ways that God has revealed to her how to be a warrior in taking control of her mind.In my opinion, this is a gracious gift of a book
  • Bri Marino
    For so long I have felt trapped by my negative patterns of thinking. When I heard about this book, I knew I had to read it. Battle Ready is full of practical methods and mindsets you can adopt to be ready for all the battles you will face.This book can literally change your life. God used Kelly’s words to work on my mind and my heart. This book taught me how to change my thoughts in order to change my life. If you’re looking for practical met...
  • Jennifer
    Her concept of the mind phone is brilliant! I can imagine my mind as a tech device that plays odd and amazing apps! Her description of 12 mind sets give you pause. I was able to pray through open ended prompts. I wrote some notes along the way. I am now working to battle the negative chatter in my head to trade anger or sadness for grace and joy. God loves us. But do we defeat ourselves? Battle Ready was awesome. It hit a home run with practical ...
  • Kristin Rulon
    This is no quick read, and that's what I love about it. I have notes in the margins, sticky notes, highlighted sections that I am already referring to for everything going on in my life. It's a take-along-with-you-for-the-journey kind of book. I can always find something in there that pertains to whatever it is I'm stressing about at the moment and it brings me back to reality - we are not our thoughts but they can control us if we don't stand up...
  • Nicki Avarello
    "Insecurity does not equal humility." The humility chapter speaks right to my heart. It's all about invitations, and how I've been missing them. How in fear, I've been missing out on God's best. Kelly's book is eye-opening and jam-packed with practical action steps to help take back the ground we've lost along the way. We have a very real enemy that wants to keep us from God's very best. #BattleReadyBook is an excellent tool for fighting back in ...
  • Melissa Henderson
    Totally outstanding book. Encouraging and uplifting. Be brave in sharing your faith. Don't let doubts interfere with living a life honoring God. Filled with insight and Biblical applications, this is a book for anyone with doubts and for anyone ready to learn how to be bold. I received a copy of this book and this is my personal honest opinion. No review was required.
  • Kelly Basham
    What's this book about?In her book Battle Ready, Kelly Balarie encourages us to move forward into a life of victory as we learn to let go of our doubts and fears by overcoming the challenges we face. Kelly invites readers to change their thought patterns with a 12-step scriptural plan. This biblically based plan gives us the tools we need to turn our negative mindset around so that we can break free from our negative thought patterns and walk in ...
  • Susan Bricker
    “Battle Ready” by Kelly Balarie is an amazing read! It is so much more than a book. I consider it to be a Spiritual tool guide to be Battle Ready! I feel it’s essential reading material to equip us for the battles and discouragement we encounter daily. “Battle Ready” provides thought-provoking questions, lessons, action steps, key points, prayers, and biblical verses and truths, to live in our awareness and faith in Christ. Kelly Balari...
  • Anita Ojeda
    When Kelly Balarie, author of Fear Fighting, invited me to participate on the launch team of her latest book, Battle Ready, I wondered if a pacifist like me needed a book about battle preparedness. Then I read the subtitle: Train Your Mind to Conquer Challenges, Defeat Doubt, and Live Victoriously. Who wouldn’t want to know how to do those things?Balarie walks the reader through the twelve ‘warrior mindsets’ that will keep us battle ready. ...
  • Michele Kearns
    Finally, someone put together a book containing actual tools to help you face life's trials and tribulations. Battle Ready will help you "set God up to rule over your life." It is not meant to be read and put on your bookshelf, it is meant to be a companion to The Bible. A companion that is on your nightstand, coffee table or where ever you keep your Bible.Kelly provides you with 12 Warrior Mindsets - Possibility, Identity, Sensitivity, Activity,...
  • Gay Idle
    In John 16:33, Jesus Himself tells us that we can have peace in spite of the fact that we are going to face troubles in this fallen world. But in spite of this, we go on with our 'day-to-day' existence unprepared for the battle ahead. The enemy of your soul wants nothing more than to jump into your weakest moments and ambush your faith, leaving you weak and exhausted and doubting the Lord's love for you. Don't wait for that to happen. In order to...