Chariot on the Mountain by Jack Ford

Chariot on the Mountain

"Once old Mastuh be dead, you be workin' in the fields just like the rest of 'em. That day comin' soon." Two decades before the Civil War, a middle-class farmer named Samuel Maddox lies on his deathbed. Elsewhere in his Virginia home, a young woman named Kitty knows her life is about to change. She is one of the Maddox family's slaves--and Samuel's biological daughter. When Samuel's wife, Mary, inherits her husband's property, she will own Kitty ...

Details Chariot on the Mountain

TitleChariot on the Mountain
Release DateJul 31st, 2018
PublisherKensington Publishing Corporation
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction

Reviews Chariot on the Mountain

  • Angela M
    4.5 stars I’ve mentioned before in my reviews about how much I enjoy knowing the inspiration for a story and Jack Ford did not disappoint me as he wonderfully describes in his note at the end of this book how Kitty Payne’s story first came to him. Ford’s affinity for courthouses is natural given his background and long career in law and it was while visiting a courthouse from the 1800’s in a small village in Virginia that he first discove...
  • Jennifer Anderson
    CHARIOT ON THE MOUNTAIN is a fictional story based on the real life of Kitty Payne who was a young, multiracial, freed slave woman who had to fight for her rights in American court before the Civil War years. The story goes through the ins and outs of plantation and farm lives of slaves in Virginia in the early 1800's. Kitty's own mother had been sold away from her when she was very small and so she was determined this wouldn't happen to her thre...
  • Theresa
    4 1/2 stars but I'm rounding up to 5. The main reason for the deduction of stars is that the story was slow in some places and a bit repetitive at times. Full review to come if life ever slows down enough to sit down and write.
  • Patricia Romero
    Kitty's story takes place a about 20 years before the war between the states. Kitty was a real person and this story is full of historical information with some fictional conversations that may have taken place. The facts are documented very well and Mr. Ford has done a masterful job of weaving them into a believable story.Set in Virginia, Kitty is the daughter of her master and a slave woman. She has been raised in the house, educated and allowe...
  • Steven Zacharius
    Wonderful book based on a little known slave and deals with her being emancipated and her journey to freedom via the underground railroad.
  • Marykaye
    I have always liked reading pre Civil War and Civil War novels and Chariot on the Mountain was no exception. It tells the story of Kitty, a slave, and how it came about that she took a white man to court. This of course, was unheard of in Virginia at the time. This book is fiction, but the story is based on true events. and many actual events as can be documented. I found this book extremely interesting and enjoyed it very much.I received this bo...
  • Cheryl
    I am drawn to stories that are based on actual events in our history, and was glad that I was able to get this book to read and review. For anyone else who likes to read this genre, please add this to your list. The book tells the story of a black woman who was born into slavery as the daughter of her master and a slave woman. But the story-telling doesn't begin there, it begins with the master's death and his wish that his wife, Mary, free Kitty...
  • Carl Williams
    I received a copy of this book, free, through Goodread Giveaways.This is a story of historic fiction, imagining the experience of a Virginia woman who had been enslaved suing the man who had attempted to kidnap her back into slavery in the late 1840s.The novel is structured in short, snapshot, chapters that seem to be currently popular. On one hand keep this style keeps the story moving at a brisk pace, and is easy to follow if one is reading whi...
  • Claire Talbot
    Set two decades before the Civil War, a slave named Kitty Maddox lives on a Virginia plantation. When her master (and her biological father) dies, her mistress decides to honor her husband's last wishes, and free Kitty and her children. Taking a trip on the Underground Railroad, the women travel to Pennsylvania where Kitty is freed, and placed with a freed black man's family. A greedy nephew decides to dispute the widow Mary's will, and travels t...
  • Annette
    Based on 18% of the book. The story is pretty linear without any hooks to make it interesting. This is a story of a slave woman who tries to escape with her children in order to keep her family together. It is intertwined with a lawsuit of a man who fights with his aunt over the land and slaves his uncle left him after his death. The author brings the authentic language, which reading page after page slows down the read.
  • Selly J
    A compelling portrayal of one woman’s journey to freedom. I read this one for the true story aspect--an ex-slave sued slave catchers for assault--and the trial scene detailing it is really great. Kitty’s quest, aided by her ex-mistress and another landowning woman, is an inspiring example of women working together in an unjust patriarchal capitalist society. Good stuff!
  • Lulu Gn
    Add this to your TBR pile now! Based in real events, this is the little known story of Kitty, a woman of color that sued for freedom in the antebellum south. I won't give away the ending but it really moved me when I learned how Kitty's life ended. I may have teared a little, too. Definitely recommended!
  • Anna Kristine
    Truly exceptional. Wonderful writing, wonderful celebration of two women who took a stand for what they believed in.
  • Leanne Neale
    I read Jack Ford’s poignant and, largely, shocking revelation of one woman’s legal struggle to be recognised as ‘free’ within mid-19th century Virginia. Based on actual physical trial records from the time, Mr Ford’s fictionalised account, Chariot on the Mountain, highlights the dubious nature of, and attitudes towards, slave-holding and ownership which were once so prevalent in society. The novel left me wanting to know more about each...
  • Annette Jordan
    A fantastic book based on real life events, Chariot on the Mountain is a fascinating tale set in the American South, almost 20 years before the Civil War. Kitty Payne was a young coloured woman, whose father was the white owner of a plantation. When he dies, she fears that she will be sold away from her children, not a groundless fear for a slave at that time, and especially not for Kitty, whose own mother was sold away when she was just a girl. ...