The Odd 1s Out by James Rallison

The Odd 1s Out

Hilarious stories and advice about the ups and downs of growing up, from a popularYouTube artist and storyteller.Like any shy teen turned young adult, YouTube star James Rallison ("The Odd 1s Out") is used to being on the outside looking in. He wasn't partying in high school or winning football games like his older brother. Instead, he posted comics on the Internet. Now, he's ready to share his hard-earned advice from his 21 years of life in the ...

Details The Odd 1s Out

TitleThe Odd 1s Out
Release DateJul 31st, 2018
GenreHumor, Nonfiction, Sequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics

Reviews The Odd 1s Out

  • TheYALibrarian
    Cute illustrations with stories that had me rolling. Enough said.
  • Savannah
    I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway and got and uncorrected ARC, so things in my copy of the book are subject to change.If you enjoy his channel this book has the same humor as his stories on YouTube. Some of the stories are from the channel but there are also stories that are new and give reason for even the biggest fan of James to buy the book.People who havent viewed his channel will still love the jokes and stories that this book provides...
  • Kendra
    This was a fun book to read. I've been a fan of James and his videos for awhile, so I was pretty excited when he announced he was making a book.However, roughly one third of this book contains info that is already explained (hilariously) on youtube channel. I get that it's nice to put in some details for those who have never heard of James, but it kinda made me enjoy the book a little less.It's hard to write a book, so I will say I think it's sti...
  • Mehsi
    A hilarious, laugh-out-loud book about James Rallison/Theodd1sout, an artist I have been following/reading his comics for some time. Delighted there is a book about him.First up, thanks to my boyfriend for gifting me this book for Christmas! I am so happy that I now finally have the chance to read this book. Secondly, I thought this would be comics/comic bundle with all/selected comics, but instead it is a mix-up of stories about James's life and...
  • Kelsie ~ Scribbler for the Quibbler ~
    I don't watch much YouTube. I know that once I get on, I won't get off for at least two hours. My brother, on the other hand, probably spends over half his day on YouTube, so you can imagine he's pretty well versed in YouTubers.That being said, he tends to show me some of his favorite YouTubers from time to time, and the only one I kept watching after he showed me a video was, you guessed it, The Odd1sOut. James is literally the only YouTuber I c...
  • Lisa (Remarkablylisa)
    MY RATING: 4/5 STARSA copy generously provided by Penguin Random House Canada in exchange for a honest review.Guys! I am a huge fan of TheOdd1sOut on Youtube and there might have been two days where I binged watched all his videos when I first discovered him. If you guys don't know who James is, he's a cartoonist who is known for his funny stories told through cartoons he draws himself. My favourite were some of his workplace stories and of cours...
  • Rebecca
    Now personally I love The Odd 1s Out. He is one of my favorite YouTubers and when I found out he had a book I just HAD to get it! I read this book right before my last manga classic so getting both of those books I just had high exceptions for this book and let me say how they met them with flying colors! This book is as relatable as "Adulthood Is A Myth." You should read this book.
  • M
    Love this hilarious book!
  • Nicole
    This was a fantastic book and I couldn’t put it down. I’ve been watching James also known as, “The Odd 1s Out” for quite some time, so I was especially excited to find this book at the library. His name The Odd 1s Out basically comes from him feeling sort of different from everyone else and really just having a more creative mind. He thinks outside the box and has a sarcastic and different sense of humor, which I found funny. This book in...
  • Brian
    Read this because my daughter loves to watch his Youtube videos.
  • Molly Porter
    So if you watch theodd1sout then you will love this book. so it is about how james like grew up and he tells stories from his life and he rants on about random stuff.
  • ~Cyanide Latte~
    This was a fun little endearing read! Most of the stories are already up on James's YouTube channel, TheOdd1stOut, as videos to be watched, but there are a few anecdotes that aren't on his channel, and a little more substance to the ones that are and made it into this book.Most of this book feels like a memoir of things James has learned or experienced since as early as kindergarten onward, and I feel like it reads as such even when it's funny.I ...
  • Sophia Z
    I wasn’t taken by the simplish roundish cartoon figures in the book at first, but these big-hero-6-esque characters grew on me. My tentative and judgmental attitude (what does a 22 year old YouTuber possible have to say that’s worth my while?) was completely broken when I got to the “sympathy rub” story and from there on I was a fan.
  • Mikaila
    So I love James and have a been a fan of him since he was only at 2 million subs but this book was a cheap cash grab on his part. So many of the stories were already featured on YouTube channel. The ones that weren’t were great but it felt very cheap, if you know what I mean. The writing in this book was also pretty eh, if you know what I mean.
  • Shira
    So I actually quite enjoyed this bookSo like last week I was at my friends house and this is one of her brothers books and it was lying around with all the other random books like Diary of a Wimpy Kid and all these Legend of Zelda books and like 2 copies of every Percy Jackson bookAnd then I haven’t read this one and she was eating lox and I was probably being annoying by reading this and then I finished it this week
  • Lexxi Kitty
    I was going to use the word 'hilarious', then saw word is first in description (which I still haven't read except for first word). Eh, whatever. Book was in fact hilarious.An hilarious mix of words with the occasional inclusion of cartoons. A memoir of a professional comic writer. I've a vague believe I might have seen some of this author's work before, but I otherwise do not know this author or his work before randomly spotting his book in the s...
  • TheConsultingWriter
    Do you need to write a book report? Try James'Mad lib book report. It's sure to (cough) impress the teachers.I first caught The Odd 1s Out videos when my kids were watching his Sooubway videos. I was surprised that someone on YouTube could actually be funny. Yes, I do hold a low opinion of most of the video content on that site. Anyway... When I saw the same author of The Odd 1s Out (James Rallison) was coming out with a book, I thought at first,...
  • Kim Miller-Davis
    My 14 year old, comic-writing son nagged me for a month until I finally sat down and read this book and I’m so glad I did. During the hour it took me to read it, I must have laughed out loud 30 times. It’s that funny. Known for his webcomic and YouTube show, Rallings uses his comedic sense to examine some of the most excruciating moments of adolescent angst. By poking fun at his own awkward behavior in a voice that is slightly sarcastic yet s...
  • Miranda H
    This was a great addition to the popular YouTube video collection by the same creator. My daughter introduced me to the hilarity of Odd1sOut on YouTube and I purchased this book as a gift for her. Some of the material is recycled from his discussions on YouTube, but those recycled bits are also fleshed out with more detail and backstory than provided in the internet videos. The book is riddled with the artist's signature style of illustration and...
  • Amy
    I read this book for two reasons: 1) my son said it was “a lot like Hyperbole and a Half,” and 2) my son promised to refrain from talking to me about Fortnite for two weeks if I read it. It is not as good as Hyperbole and a half, but really, nothing will ever compare to Allie Brosn breaking in to her own house to get at that chocolate cake. Odd 1s Out did make me laugh and it is fun to have the shared reference points with my son. Also—no F...
  • Charis
    I’ve been reading TheOdd1sOut comics for years and started following his YouTube channel last year. Not one of his videos has failed to make me laugh out loud! This book is the perfect recreation of many of his videos, and even includes new content! The talent of the simply drawn cartoons and hilarious humor produced by TheOdd1sOut is remarkable and my go-to source of daily laughter. This book is perfect for any age, whether you may be eight, s...
  • Maddie
    This book was very cute. Even though I had seen most of the videos referenced in the book, I still found myself laughing out loud regularly throughout. It's definitely meant for a younger audience, but some of the jokes are actually pretty smart and it has some fun nostalgia for those who went through school in the mid to late 2000's. Overall, while slightly embarrassing to read in public when you're as old as me, it's still a pleasant, cute, and...
  • Christine
    Most of the stories here mirror James' online videos but what's not to love? It's nice to have them in book form as it serves as a gateway for those who haven't seen his YouTube videos/comics.I decided to donate my copy of this book to the school library. James is my favorite YouTuber because he has uplifting, positive videos with just the right amount of snark. He doesn't swear (a rarity these days) and he's absolutely hilarious. His videos/book...
  • Michelle Porter
    I thought this was really interesting to read. There were a few stories in there that I knew of from his videos. however he went in to a bit more detail. As well as information on more of his life and adventures getting to where he is today. I really do not think this type of book is for everyone. But if you are a fan of his work and just want a good laugh. I would say to pick it up. I'm So happy I was able to preorder it.
  • Tara Long
    Good Job!This book was great! I have followed James for a while and this was really. This book is really good for anybody, young or old, male or female (or any other sexuality). My only critique is that some chapters were essentially the script of the corresponding video. It was still amazing! If I could, I would give this a 4.8/5, but I can’t, so I’ll just say 4.
  • River
    I really liked this book. I read it during the summer.Its basically like the diary of a wimpy kid books but with actual experiences plus with trending tab youtuber TheOdd1sOut who makes comics. I feel like you have to watch the actual videos to get the book anyways most of the chapters are basically rewrites of the videos but there are some original and interesting stories. Nice job.
  • Greyson
    This book was very funny and I LOVED it! It is very relatable and there was even a guide of "How to be cool in 7th grade" which might be helpful. James has a very amazing life with lots of ups and downs. While his sister is drawing realistic cats and dogs, he's drawing chicken godzilla! I really like the message that "If your not good at something, don't let that stop you".
  • Melissa Stio
    Great book, and really feels like one of James' videos, but to echo what most other reviewers have said: a lot of the stories are identical to his videos. I played the P.E. video while reading along with that chapter and the script is nearly identical, minus some phrasing. All in all, a good read for all ages.
  • nidhi reddy
    the first book of 2019!! I really needed to get my speeches done & clean my room so I've low key been procrastinating reading...? I read this all on my bed at once last night & this is like the only youtuber book I've read fully fr. Reminded me of his channel basically, [I discovered it on Savannah (this march) by gillian] he's hilarious I love his vids. totally funny.
  • Aneeza Rafiq
    I was expecting this book to be really funny. I was a little bit disappointed. It was a mix of sad, boring and slightly childish parts. I'm still giving it four stars because I love the author's comics randomly popping up on my Pinterest and making my day.