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A LIFE FILLED WITH RICHESThe riches that mean most to Teresa "Toots" Loudenberry are the loving friends and family she's accumulated over the course of a life well lived. And now that her daughter, Abby, has married her beau Chris and settled down near Toots in Charleston, life is even more satisfying than the delicious pralines sold at Toots's bakery, The Sweetest Thing.Abby isn't the only one enjoying a little romance. Toots's friendship with D...

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Release DateJul 31st, 2018
PublisherKensington Publishing Corporation
GenreRomance, Fiction, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit

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  • Kristy
    I have read quite a bit of Fern Michàels books, when I saw this new book I grabbed it thinking it would be a good light read. I was very much intriged by the beginning, but lost me soon after. I thought the story had too many holes, It seemed like there were several plots that she started and then never mentioned again? By the end of the book I found myself rolling my eyes a lot. I felt this book was really corny. I could not return this book to...
  • Judy Churchill
    OMG! I thought this book would never end. I have to stop buying books with pictures of dogs on the cover. This was a silly story of a young couple awash with godmothers and very sexually active seniors. They were all terribly rich, did start a home for homeless animals, and donated to all of the charitable causes in their community. The end!
  • Carol MacInnis
    Teresa 'Toots' Loudenberry and her three best friends, Sophie, Mavis, and Ida, better known by Toots' daughter Abby, as the three Godmothers are back. Now Abby is newly married to her long time beau Chris Clay and they now reside in Charleston at the 'Clay Plantation'. It was the perfect location as they were only blocks from Abby's mother and her godmothers and they all visited one another often. As Abby & Chris get settled in their 12,000 squar...
  • Jeannine Stewart
    I've never read this author before and took this book out of the library because it was in the mystery section and there was a dog on the cover. It is a romance novel which I dislike so I am surprised I finished it. I guess I kept waiting to be interested in or have empathy with the plot or any of the characters. I didn't. Not even the dogs............and I am a dog rescue volunteer. Very disappointing.
  • Kathy Warren
    I loved this book one of the best of the God Mothers Series.
  • Joan
    The Godmothers is a good name for this series, because it certainly reads like a fairy tale about potty mouthed, over-sexed, smoking fairy godmothers. Abby is a beautiful young woman, married to the man of her dreams. lives in a mansion in Charleston, was given $10 million dollars as a wedding present, her twins are each given $1 million as a christening gift, and her mother, her 3 godmothers, and even the housekeeper all have gorgeous, sexy boyf...
  • Beverly
    This book was different from the other Godmother series. The first half was about 2 children who were kidnapped and the police used Sophie's psychic abilities to find them. A child porn ring was broken up. This half really stressed Sophie's growing abilities. Throughout the book was the line of the story about the growing relationships with the men interested in the 5 women. Then there was the reunion with Berniece and her son Daniel. Finally the...
  • Darlene Wilson
    The riches that mean most to Teresa "Toots" Loudenberry are the loving friends and family she's accumulated. And now that her daughter, Abby, has married her beau Chris and settled down near Toots in Charleston . Toots's friendship with Dr. Phil Becker has grown unexpectedly close. . .and that brings both joy and complications. Toots throws herself into helping Abby and Chris open an animal rescue shelter on their plantation. Toots immediately en...
  • Mindy Cossins
    this book kept my interest the whole way throughthere was a kidnapping in the middle which was solved right away so I knew other things would be happening since I was only in the middle of the bookthere is more of Abby and Chris in this book which I enjoyed
  • Allison Mclean
    Did not realize part of a series. Should have read previous books to get back stories of characters. Abby, her mother and 3 godmothers and life in Charleston.
  • Cindy
    Funny, entertaining, quick read, enjoyed this book
  • Jean Kovats
    Too sweet. People are nice but the story is sickening sweet.
  • Rachelle
    This was my first Godmothers book. I like the way the story is told. The author shows she cares about animals as they play a big part in the story.
  • Judy van Ryn
    Fern Michaels writes fantastic books. I love reading about the Godmothers. I can't wait to read the next book.
  • Judy Morris
    Fern Michaels you did it once again. This was a very good book. Love romance and a little mystery to it. Love fern michaels my all time favorite
  • Eleanor Judge
    Wasted timeOne of the most unenjoyable books I,ve ever read Had a hard time finishing it and I always read to the end
  • Sheri Donnelly
    Loved itEverything I expected from Fern Michaels. Couldn't wait to continue the story and find out what was next for the Godmothers.
  • Best mystery I've read in quite awhile. Fast paced and makes you wanting more. I'm so glad this the beginning of a new series! Jack is determined
    An awesome readSuch an awesome read that I can hardly wait for the next book in the series. As usual, Fern Michaels remains one one of the top writers of all time.
  • Mrs
    Loved it! This was definitely the best one of the series, in my opinion. I am kinda sad that this is the last one, however.
  • Linda Jo
    This book had a little of everything. The main characters are Toots Londerberry, her boyfriend Dr. Phil Becker; Abby and Chris Clay married about a year, there is also Abby's godmothers Ida, Sophie, Bernice and her boyfriend Robert, and Mavis. Abby and Chris establish an animal rescue facility on their plantation for animals that have been injured in fires, hurricanes, tornados or abused. They will help animals large (farm) or small (dogs, cats e...
  • Nancy
    Great book. Really makes you feel good. Life is good. These ladies are so wealthy and so chummy. Fast read. Looks like this series will blend in with the Vigilantes -- great - love that series, too.The riches that mean most to Teresa "Toots" Loudenberry are the loving friends and family she's accumulated over the course of a life well lived. And now that her daughter, Abby, has married her beau Chris and settled down near Toots in Charleston, lif...
  • Peggy
    A number of my friends are Fern Michaels fans, so I was glad to dip into this book as a GoodReads First Reads. Unfortunately, the thing I liked best about this book was the adorable dog picture on the cover.I thought the plot, what there was of it, was full of holes and non sequiters. The disturbing Prologue bore no relation to the rest of the book that I could see. The paranormal aspect of the story was unexpected, since I wasn't familiar with t...
  • Maria Defreitas
    I think someone else is writing in Fern Michael's place. This book was almost painful to read, I had to keep pushing myself to finish. Her earlier works were amazing. I really enjoyed her Kentucky, Vegas, and Texas series. The Weekend Warriors were great at the beginning, but by book 15 or 16, it started getting cheesy. Either the poor gal has lost her touch, or more likely, someone has started writing in her place. I'm not impressed with her lat...
  • Michelle
    I won this book through Goodreads First Reads. I realized this book was part of a series #6 I believe; however I had not read any of the series yet. I read it through without any other knowledge other the preview. I loved it!! I thought the characters were fun, carefree and it was filled with laughter. I thought there was the perfect amount of details that I clung to throughout the read. After reading it I couldn't wait to start the series from t...
  • Robin
    I'm sure that if I read other "Godmothers" books, I would have enjoyed the story but I hadn't read any of them, I didn't. The book makes a lot of references to past stories. The characters has a lot of personnel things to happen to them but there wasn't an overall story. The beginning of the book started off great with the search of two missing kids but then not much happened.I don't understand the book's story or the book's cover. "Classified" a...
  • Jeanne
    This book started out a bit slow, and really took a long time to develop the story. Also, there were so many things going on it was jumping all over the place. I was about to say that Fern Michaels should maybe discontinue both this series - the Godmothers Series--and the Sisterhood Series, but the last 50 pages of the book were pretty good and introduced some interesting thoughts. Guess we will see where Fern goes next!! 6 out of 10 for me.
  • Cathy
    While reading Classified by Fern Michaels, I found myself either bombarded with too much background information, and given too little on others. The characters were difficult for me to like, especially Toots and the other godmothers. They were too crass for me to really want to keep following their stories. I was disappointed in this book having read others from Fern Michaels. I received this book in a Goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest...
  • Marianne
    I didn't like this one at all. I felt the author was trying too hard to be cutesy. I didn't like any of the characters. They are supposed to be best friends yet their dialog is rather harsh and ugly...of course it was always added " she said smiling" I guess to take the sting out. I've read other books by this authors and expected a light read, but this was just plain silly.
  • Stephanie Wayman
    First of the Godmother series books that I read by Fern. Threw me off at first with Abby's dream about the plantation which seemed to go nowhere after the first initial telling of the dream sequence. However the remainder of the story caught my attention and drew me in. Loved Toots and the godmothers. Will have to catch up on the other books in series.