Phil Lynott by Mark Putterford

Phil Lynott

Putterford's eye opening biography traces Lynott's youthful years in 1950s Dublin, the launch, success and break-up of Thin Lizzy. The text is a touching and sometimes shocking account of the life of the one and only black Irish rock legend.

Details Phil Lynott

TitlePhil Lynott
Release DateMar 11th, 2002
PublisherOmnibus Press
GenreMusic, Biography, Nonfiction, Social Science

Reviews Phil Lynott

  • Alec Downie
    I am late to reading this, as I loved the band but I hate the concept that rock n roll has to be defined by excess. There is nothing glamorous about dying from drugs, surrounded by hangers on, while those that truly loved you or reminded you who you used to be,are pushed away.The attention to detail in the book is excellent, and the musical memories rewarding but too often tragedy and negligence are camouflaged in myth and lies, with far to often...
  • Magnús
    Prýðileg bók, en svo sem engin skemmtilesning nema maður sé langt leiddur Thin Lizzy aðdáandi. Sem ég vissulega er.
  • Martin Mulcahey
    Would give five stars if Lynott's own words were used. Well researched, and importantly it does not rely on "A friend of a friend" or "Insiders said" quotes. All quotes are attributed, but I wish the author would have infused the book with more quotes and statements by Phil from media interviews of the period. Perhaps, he did not want the subject clouded by his view of himself? A great introduction to Lynott, that would be rounded out by a readin...
  • Janne Paananen
    Kun on lukenut useampia musiikkikirjoja, niin alkaa ajattelemaan, että "onpa nämä veistetty samasta puusta". Putterfordin toteava, dokumentaarinen ja jopa lakoninen tyyli istuu aika huonosti tunnepitoisen ja tapahtumarikkaan musiikon elämän kuvaamiseen. Toisessa ääripäässä olisi tietenkin Törkytehtään tapainen reilusti yli vetävä, suorastaan sensaatiohakuinen tyyli. Totuushan varmaan piilee jossain siinä välissä, mutta jos eläm...
  • Matti Karjalainen
    Mark Putterfordin "Black Rose: Phil Lynott ja Thin Lizzyn tarina" (Johnny Kniga, 2013) ilmestyi jo 1990-luvun puolella, mutta suomeksi se saatiin julkaistua vasta nyt.Phil Lynottin, Irlannin ensimmäisen oikean rocktähden ja Thin Lizzyn kiistattoman johtohahmon, persoonaa ja musiikkiuraa kuvataan bändikaverien, perheenjäsenten ja ystävien toimesta. Lukijalle hahmottuu mielikuva lahjakkaasta muusikosta, joka osasi olla sekä itselleen että l...
  • Tero
    Kätevä ja hieman surumielinen pikakatsaus irkkubändin päihdehuuruiseen menestystarinaan ja lopulta bändin johtohahmo Lynottin (1949-1986) heroiiniaddiktion syvenemiseen. Näkökulma syntyy bändikaverien ja lähipiirin kommenteista. Kirjoittaja Putterford menehtyi itse marraskuussa 1994 melko pian kirjan julkaisun jälkeen.
  • Caroline
    This is an excellent biography of Phil Lynott and is very well researched. There is no hearsay. Phil's family, particularly his mother Phyllis, are quoted extensively, as are fellow musicians and bandmates such as Brush Shiels and the late Gary Moore.This is a must read for Phil Lynott fans.
  • Ian
    great on factual information but maybe it left some soul out. The endless paragraphs of tour dates and quick quotes almost seem like the plot line of a much much longer book. I did like a lot of the interviews but wish they could have been more complete.
  • Steve Indig
    Interesting bio of an important and tragic rock musician. Quality of writing is fair, and is generally biased from point of an adoring fan, although still lays out what led to his early death, without making excuses.
  • Matti Kari
    Hyvä ja rehellisen oloinen. Surullinen.
  • Leilani
    soooo good, and so depressing. i wish phil was still alive and churning out thin lizzy albums. they're one of the best bands of all time!