Just a Summer Romance by Ann M. Martin

Just a Summer Romance

The author of the blockbuster series The Babysitters Club, pens a poignant novel about the joys and pains of first love. Set on Fire Island, this moving story reveals the difficulty a young girl has when a summer romance is sparked between her and a boy who is a teen heartthrob.

Details Just a Summer Romance

TitleJust a Summer Romance
Release DateJun 1st, 1994
GenreYoung Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Reviews Just a Summer Romance

  • Amber J
    Rating 3.46 out of 5 starsMel is a 14 year old girl who spends her summers on Fire Island with her family and best friend Lacey. This summer though she is ready for boys, and as fate would have it, she meets a cute boy named Justin who she stalks a bit before he catches her at it. In no time at all they are dating and falling in love. However as Justin points out, after summer they probably won't be able to see each other again. So it will have t...
  • Ruth
    Pretty cheesy preteen stuff. A normal girl meets a soon-to-be-teen-idol cutie and has a summer rated-G romance. Boy does not want to continue relationship, because he knows, come fall, he will have access to countless teen babes. Sounds like a nice guy. She takes him back in the end anyhow.
  • Amanda Hill
    I specifically remember this being the first "romance" I ever read! I was in the 7th grade. I bet I checked this book out of the library a dozen times that year :) Before this I had only been interested in R.L Stine's Fear Street & The Babysitters Club. This book holds a lot of nostalgia for me! I recently ordered it for my home library. It makes my heart smile. It reminds me of coming of age and first loves. Junior High and giggling best friends...
  • Mkunde
    I used to read this book exactly twice a year between 6th and 8th grade. It was really quite good.
  • Jacie Havill
    So, my mother got me into this book. It was a book she read when she was a kid, and she handed it off to me. First off, I LOVE romance books, they always keep me on my feet and guessing what comes next in their relationship. But sometimes, it gets a little repetitive. But with this book it really jumped at you with a concept that you didn't even think could happen. For instance, Justin Hart turning out the be a huge actor!? And the amount of dete...
  • Ashley
    I've been reading Ann M Martin's non-BSC books in order, but this wasn't supposed to be the next one I read, that was supposed to be With You and Without You . But I've read that one before, and I'm sick and stuffed up, and didn't feel like sniffling through my feels, so I though Just a Summer Romance would be better for me.This was okay, a little cheesy and shallow, but I can see how it would have been appealing to teenage girls in the 80s. T...
  • Melissa
    I've always liked this book! It's a cute story and an easy read.
  • Sarah
    Just a Summer RomanceI remember reading this book when I was younger and I loved it. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to visit Fire Island...of course when I was younger, I wanted this whole summer romance to happen!!! Great book, easy read!!! Very enjoyable!!!
  • Ann
    The library's ebook list had this as new and popular. I mistakingly jumped to a conclusion that Ann M. Martin had written a new book for adults. But, nope. I read a terribly written book for preteens. Whoops.
  • Flora
    Surprisingly charming and entertaining
  • Julie Thompson
    Sweetest young love book. Found a box of my old junior high books and re-read it. I found it to be cheesy but it's junior high so that's alright! Always loved Ann M. Martin back in the day.
  • Joanne
    Finished this book with a lovely smile on my face. Sweet book.(On a side note - Mel arranged to phone Justin at 9pm so she passed the time by writing "an extremely sad poem.")
  • Amanda
    In this book a girl, Lacey, meets a boy on the beach. Well, she more like stalks him. When Lacey is sitting outside of the boys house, in the sand dunes, he spies her, creeping on him. When he asks what she is doing he finally finds that he likes her. Their love grows strong threw the summer, but they can't a relationship past the summer, they live too far away. When they go home the boy has a secret and everyone knows but Lacey....What I loved a...
  • Mallori
    Written by the same woman who wrote the Babysitter's Club, this is a nice and sweet book. However, this is not a YA book that would really be enjoyed by adults. While the main characters are a Freshman and Sophomore in high school, the sentence structure and prose of the book are very simple, making it seem more appropriate for Middle Grade readers. This felt very light, lacking depth or urgency. But then, while it was a quick read, I felt it end...
  • Cerridwen Nicneven
    I adore this book. I’ve read it about 50 times since I was 11. It’s about a girl Melanie Braderman who meets the gorgeous Justin Hart on Fire Island the summer before high school. They date for the duration of the summer. Shortly after she gets home she finds his face on the cover of People Magazine and is determined to find out just who was she dating. It is pretty corny for certain but it was written in 1987 so that’s expected. It’s an ...
  • Wanda N.
    I fell in love with this book. It filled me with surprises and the unexpected! It's one of those book that turns in to a movie in your mind! Your imagination grows once you begin reading the book! It amused me with detail and romance. There's a surprise in the story that you never expected, a twist of curiosity. I really recommend this book!
  • Teresa
    It was cute for the occasional read. It wasn't really worth all I went through to find it, though. It moves too quickly, and there is some things that weren't even relevent to the story. The writing is simple, but some of the banter between characters is funny. 3 stars.
  • Leah
    This was a quick read and a cute story. The summer spent on Fire Island was fun, and the romance was cute. There are some silly parts, which I liked. Most of those were after summer vacation ended. The ending was happy, which was expected, but I was surprised by how it happened.
  • Christina
    very predictable, a quick short read. Interesting enough; I would recommend to young teens who like a typical freshman romance story.
  • cubbie
    nice and fluffy! not as weirdly offensive as some of her early books.
  • Lynn
    I couldnt put it down. Enough said.
  • Sara K.
    This book is not what i expected but it is so good. Its sad in the middle but it is a great ending.
  • Emmy
    3.5, Sweet, innocent love story, would have loved it when I was a teen.
  • Victoria Wehr
    Sweet storythis story had a sweet and memorable storyline and ended off perfectly I loved it ! ! ! ! !
  • Selina
    this book was great all around.
  • Chelsea pickett
    Summer romances arent always just a fling, they stick with you, sometimes its positive. other times negative, but either way you learn