The Trouble with Shooting Stars by Meg Cannistra

The Trouble with Shooting Stars

Twelve-year-old Luna loves the nighttime more than anything else. It’s when no one gives her “that look” about the half mask she has to wear while healing from a disfiguring car accident. It’s also the perfect time to sit outside and draw what she sees. Like the boy and girl from the new family next door…zipping out of the window in a zeppelin and up to the stars.At first she thinks she’s dreaming. But one night the siblings catch her...

Details The Trouble with Shooting Stars

TitleThe Trouble with Shooting Stars
Release DateAug 20th, 2019
PublisherSimon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
GenreChildrens, Middle Grade, Fantasy

Reviews The Trouble with Shooting Stars

  • Hannah Greendale
    The Trouble with Shooting Stars beckons with the premise of twelve-year-old Luna befriending her peculiar neighbors who take her sailing through the night sky to sweep the moon, tidy the constellations, and nurse baby stars, but the entire narrative languishes in mundane trivialities. This book is in desperate need of momentum or narrative incline. Nearly DNF'd several times throughout.
  • Elisabeth
    I loved this book. It was an intriguing fantasy combined with a difficult reality. It had wonderful lessons, but I didn’t feel like I was being taught or lectured.
  • Lucas Garner
    Meg Cannistra’s debut novel, The Trouble with Shooting Stars, feels a bit anachronistic to me, in that it feels like a book that I would have read and adored as a child, but yet I get to experience this perfectly magical and emotional tale as an adult instead, looking intrinsically, finding that childlike wonder still buried in myself.Cannistra weaves two tales together masterfully; one side carries the personal and family drama the main charac...
  • Kathy Stone
    This was a great story about accepting trials in life. Luna and her father were involved in a car accident just before the start of seventh grade, As a result Luna does not start school at the beginning of the year, but has a classmate bring her work to her each week.. She is afraid to talk to her best friend as she is burnt and her nose is broken, forcing her to wear a compression mask.. The word "ugly" hangs in the air. During this time of isol...
  • CynnieRose
  • Rachel
    What a beautiful children’s/middle school coming-of-age tale about overcoming obstacles and growing up. Hands down: I’d hand this out to anyone I knew around that age to read and enjoy. Heck, I’m an adult, and I enjoyed it. This book reminded me of what would happen if Ramona Quimby stumbled upon Italian magic. Everyone needs a little twinkle of stardust and moondust in their life. ⭐🌕⭐ What a beautiful children’s/middle school co...