The Wooden King by Thomas McConnell

The Wooden King

Czechoslovakia, 1939: Snow is falling over the city when the Nazis invade. Before the ice on the roads has a chance to melt, everything has changed for the country—and for Viktor Trn.It isn’t obvious at first. The day-to-day realities of occupation take time to sink in. After losing his job as a history professor, Trn remains optimistic, preserving what little he can of his family’s dwindling freedom. In his family’s small apartment, the ...

Details The Wooden King

TitleThe Wooden King
Release DateMay 1st, 2018
PublisherHub City Press
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction

Reviews The Wooden King

  • Manchester Military History Society (MMHS)
    A dark wartime tale showing the extraordinary lengths people go to protect those they love.Set in Czechoslovakia, 1939, Viktor Trn has to decide resist the Nazi hold on his country or ride out the war hoping that he and his family survive.I found this book hard to get into. Thomas McConnell’s prose is not initially easy to follow, but once you get into the swing the language he uses cleverly constructs images and ideas.As the war progresses Trn...
  • Melissa
    A disturbing reminder of the destruction created by war and totalitarianism and a testimony to the human spirit—dark and light. I accidentally ended up reading this book in tandem with Madeleine Albright’s Prague Winter which provided some useful context for the novel.
  • Aaron Urbanski
    Lots of themes fought for my attention here. The idea of governance rose to the top. McConnell explores two big questions: Who is in charge of our minds? Who is in charge of our bodies?
  • Annie
    I have read books set during World War II written from the perspective of Holocaust survivors, perpetrators, and civilians who joined various Resistance movements. Thomas McConnell offers a unique narrator in The Wooden King: a pacifist. Viktor Trn, a history professor, shows us his life in Prague during World War II. In spite of everything that happens—having his country stolen, losing his job, seeing his Jewish neighbors rounded up, slowly st...
  • Allen Whitaker
    When faced with the most difficult of circumstances, what choices will a man make? Will he stand on his principles? Will he risk his life and the lives of his family to act against injustice? Or, is there honor in choosing a path that he deems best suited for survival? And most importantly, what are the consequences of those choices? Many books are full of the stories of heroes who choose action in the face of adversity. Set against the backdrop ...
  • Nissa
    I surprised myself by flying through this novel. As expected with a novel focused on war history, the themes of this book are provocative and the reader cannot help but be moved and become emotionally engaged with the war. The Wooden King by Thomas McConnell is a sensational historical piece and takes readers deep into the historical events of the war in Czechoslovakia. Brilliantly well-written and the characters are well-developed. Readers will ...
  • Helen Thompson
    Only two stars. they story is mundane. I kept reading waiting for the plot to advance or reveal much about the characters' inner lives. The novel also suffers from a fatal flaw: its unappealing protagonist. Other than a close relationship with his son and a couple of fitful affairs it is hard to understand him.
  • Jim Dunlap
    Like a shot of Becherovka, The Wooden King carries a punch. McConnell takes the reader on a journey through the moral hall of mirrors that was Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia. To be sure, his meticulously crafted story is not for the faint of heart. But the trip is well worth it.
  • Diane
    Interesting to read a book on WWII that was a citizen in Czechoslovakia during occupation. How Nazis treated people that were not Jews or threats. Author Thomas McConnell developed the characters with dialog very well. Once I got into the book it was a really interesting read. Enjoyed the book!