Texas Ranger by James Patterson

Texas Ranger

In his bid for justice, a courageous law-man aims dead center when he is called home to settle deadly scores. Across the ranchlands and cities of his home state, Rory Yates's discipline and law-enforcement skills have carried him far-from local highway patrolman to the honorable rank of Texas Ranger. A tough case in Waco has jeopardized Yates's chances at promotion, and he decides to take time off to recharge with his family in their small-town h...

Details Texas Ranger

TitleTexas Ranger
Release DateAug 13th, 2018
PublisherLittle, Brown and Company
GenreMystery, Fiction, Thriller, Crime

Reviews Texas Ranger

  • Matt
    In another of his endless collaborations, James Patterson has called on Aaron Bourelle to work alongside him on this standalone novel. Part murder mystery, part protagonist self-discovery, this piece takes the reader down to the heart of Texas. Rory Yates is part of the elite Texas Rangers, one of only two hundred in the entire state. Best known for his quick draw capabilities, Yates has found himself in a few situations of shooting first and ask...
  • Brenda
    Many hours away and on a case, Texas Ranger Rory Yates finally managed to call his ex-wife, who had left several messages. She was frightened; she was being harassed – Anne asked could Rory come home. Although Rory and Anne’s marriage had been strained because of his job, they were better friends after the divorce. So it was natural that he would head back to his old home town of Redbud, to help Anne through whatever was happening to her. But...
  • Tim
    There are a few issues with this story around a hot-headed ranger and his conclusions. Mostly, the story was too predictable until the end when it's too late. 6 of 10 stars
  • Scott
    Let me be honest up front. I read most of James Patterson’s books and have for several years. Some might ask why and that’s another whole discussion best saved for another day. I have really enjoyed some, liked some, and didn’t really care for others. For the most part, I treat them like mind candy and don’t consider them to be too memorable. However, once in a while I am pleasantly surprised with a gem that shines. “Texas Ranger” was...
  • Carol
    In Patterson's Western thriller, a Texas Ranger fights for his life, his freedom, and the town he loves as he investigates his ex-wife's murder. Across the ranch lands and cities of his home state, Rory Yates's discipline and law enforcement skills have carried him far from local highway patrolman to the honorable rank of Texas Ranger. He arrives in his hometown to find a horrifying crime scene and and a scathing accusation: he is named a suspect...
  • Monnie
    3.5 stars, actually.In essence, this is a 46-page short story; entertaining and easy to read, yes, but a short story nonetheless. It's even too short (and certainly too costly) to be a fit with the author's BookShots series (books that are 150 pages or less and sell for under $5), so I have to wonder what's behind it. Perhaps the hope of a new series featuring Texas Ranger Rory Yates? A made-for-TV movie? Time will tell, I guess. Meantime, if you...
  • Suzanne
    I actually found this collaboration pretty entertaining. The characters were well written and the plot moved at a good pace. I did not guess who the killer was correctly and when the reveal happens I was a bit shocked to be honest. My quick and simple overall: quick entertaining read with a good plot and cast.
  • Susan
    Texas RangerJames Patterson, Andrew BourelleHoly cow people!! TEXAS RANGER blew my mind, totally screwed with my head, and then blew my mind once again! It was that good! All while I was reading, I totally had it figured out only to be wrong over and over again! I love when an author keeps me guessing. I know many people don't read James Patterson anymore but I truly think they are missing out! I know they think he turns out too many books in a y...
  • Suzanne
    I would have liked to give it a 3.5. This book was a good one but to me it was a bit boring. I worked it out in the first 3 chapters then had to wait until it played itself out. It was slow to the point of me sighing as I turned the pages. Needed more action.
  • Adrienne
    A great holiday read. Yes the story line, after the first few chapters , is predictable. But sometimes it is good to just sit down and unwind by reading a nice solid book, that is mentally undemanding.
  • Rick
    This is a best a below average Jame Patterson novel. The story was interesting with a surprising ending. Unfortunately the principal character I found one of the most irritating ever, possibly as throughout the story he was almost deified but, to me, he was an exceeding poor example of a dedicated law enforcement professional. Admittedly he had a truly catastrophic personal loss which they used as justification for his disgustingly unprofessional...
  • Sherry Wessman
    A Major Disappointment!I felt like I was in High School! James Patterson is getting lazy, or just doesn't care anymore, what he puts his name on. A grown man, a Texas Ranger, behaving like a kid in Highschool. The great QB, with his harem of Cheerleaders! Having slept and dated every one of them! Exciting! Geez! He is a narcissist, thinking he's God's gift to women. And a lousy Lawman, on top of it! Back to the drawing board, Mr. Patterson!
  • Tonya Lucas
    James Patterson’s TEXAS RANGER is phenomenal!I absolutely loved this book. I was enthralled from the beginning to the conclusion.Rory Yates has become my new badass cop, but being a Texas Ranger just added to his rough-tough disposition. After being relocated to the Texas Border town of McAllen, Texas after shooting a man in Waco, his superiors figured he was safer down there until the investigation into the shooting has been resolved.As Rory i...
  • Jenny
    Texas Ranger is about Rory Yates and his races to clear his name. When Rory Yates received a strange phone call from his ex-wife, he rushed home to find Anne dead. Rory Yates became the prime suspect, so Rory decided to risk everything to find the killer before it is too late. The readers of Texas Ranger will follow Rory Yates and his quest for answers.I enjoyed reading "Texas Ranger". I love James Patterson and Andrew Bourelle portrayal of the c...
  • Mandy White
    My last audio book didn't work for me so I decided to go for one I knew would be good..and James Patterson did not let me down. Really enjoyed this book, it was a bit different from his other books and an ending that I did not see coming.
  • Donna Lewis
    I am giving this book a generous three stars. It was like listening to a country and western hillbilly song. Lots of people like western music; I am not one of them. I found the characters trite, matching the dialogue. Too many cowboy boots. The plot was sad, the ending obvious at the half way point. So that’s two stars. The third star was because I actually finished the book...
  • Lindsey Gandhi
    Well James Patterson, you have pleasantly surprised me with this book. I'm a big fan of your books, some I like way more than others. And this is one I like way more than others. It's a good storyline (though I maybe biased, I love Texas Rangers). I actually felt this storyline was different from your normal cookie cutter books. And this one wasn't as predictable for me. So overall I enjoyed it. This is one of your better novels. A good, quick an...
  • Carol Irvin
    Loved this new book by James Patterson! Learned a lot about Texas Rangers!
  • Paula Phillips
    I wasn't sure what this book was going to be like as a couple of the writers' that James Patterson joins forces with touch and go. Some of them I have loved like Maxine Paetro and others have been not so great. This particular one, I really enjoyed as we are introduced to Rory Yates who is a Texas Ranger. Rory gets a call from his ex-wife Anne telling him to come home as her life is in danger, she has been getting threats and now believes she is ...
  • Donna Hines
    This is the James Patterson I've come to love and know so well as his writing was superb, richly detailed, immensely spellbinding, with plenty of nonstop nailbiting action as the Texas Rangers are on the hunt for the killer. Co Author Andrew Bourelle did a remarkable collaborative effort and it shows!Rory is a Texas Ranger who has been accused of his ex wife's Anne's murder but he does not go out without a fight. He will settle the score for that...
  • Tim
    This is not a novel to be tossed aside lightly - it should be hurled away with great force - (credit goes to Dorothy Parker - although some disagreement about provenance exists)I can't believe James Patterson put his name on this.I honestly thought this was mislabeled - it should be a young adult book - but giving it that label is an insult to young adults.I should have trusted my instincts and stopped. Now I can never retrieve the time wasted on...
    Great book once againThis was once again another good read. I hope that this becomes a series of books about Rory. I am from Texas and am very familiar with the Rangers which made this book even better. The book had such a great story plot. Would love to read more about Rory and Willie's story. Lisa B
  • Donna
    Texas Ranger Rory Yates has been banished to McAllen, Texas because he shot and killed someone in Waco. After catching a bad guy in McAllen, he's back on the good list of law enforcement. He gets a call from his ex-wife in Rosebud, TX and he's immediately on his way to her side. She's terrified due to receiving threatening calls. Unfortunately, when he makes the several hour drive, she's been murdered. He's been cautioned not to get involved with...
  • Michelle
    This was pretty good compared to the more recent books from James Patterson. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. It’s been a while since I’ve really gotten into one of his books so it was a nice surprise.
  • Jennie Veazey
    Awesome! I listened to the audible version and it was so entertaining! James Patterson has a winner here!Sequel please!
  • Natalie Mullan
    You never know with any certainty what the latest James Patterson is going to deliver but this is one you can add if you enjoy his work. Set in Texas, Ranger Rory is an easy to engage with, believable character. The story has the requisite twists and turns, even a few unexpected ones. This is a solid 4-star Patterson, not a literary revolution or for the discerning but an easy, enjoyable read and worth the time.
  • William
    I enjoyed this, but a little too feminine for mystery about a Texas Ranger. Narration was honest.
  • Robert M
    I picked up this book for a quick Holiday read - whilst it was enjoyable for that purpose! But overall I felt it lacked depth and ended up being quite a linear read & increasingly predictable towards the end of the book. A good pick up for bargain read.
  • Greg
    TO SAY THIS BOOK was a surprise would be to create an untruth where none existed. To say what it is, as opposed to what it isn’t, is more appropriate, more fitting and more suitable to a new release from one of the world’s best selling novelists. What this book is makes for a fast paced, compelling, addictive, enotiona, satisfying ride through small town rural America on the back of one of the world’s most dangerous jobs. TO BE A TEXAN RANG...
  • Barbara Schultz
    2.6 Hmmm Ok but I doubt I will rush to pick up the next one if this is a series. Alex, Michael and Lindsey are still my favs.