I Hate Fairyland, Vol. 4 by Skottie Young

I Hate Fairyland, Vol. 4

What started as a normal, everyday, child-sucked-into-a-magical-land-to-fulfill-an-inane-quest has changed Fairyland forever. In the continuation of SKOTTIE YOUNG'S saccharine fantasy-satire, Gertrude hands over the spotlight to Larry, Duncan Dragon, and some of Fairyland's other supporting cast, misfits, and forgotten threats.Collects issues 16 through 20.

Details I Hate Fairyland, Vol. 4

TitleI Hate Fairyland, Vol. 4
Release DateSep 4th, 2018
PublisherImage Comics
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Graphic Novels Comics, Fantasy

Reviews I Hate Fairyland, Vol. 4

  • Sam Quixote
    Once upon a time… … a mad little girl tried to destroy the wondrous Fairyland! But she failed and was banished to where all naughty children go: HELL! Except now that Fairyland faces destruction once more at the hands of something else, Gertie must somehow escape the Devil’s tortures and return to her most hated place to become its saviour. How will the story end? Sadly never after… So after four books we’ve come to the end of Skottie Y...
  • Holly (Holly Hearts Books)
    What a bittersweet ending. My fluffin’ heart..
  • Chris
    It is a good end to a series I don't want to end. Still, nothing beats the third volume.
  • Juan
    I absolutely love this series and it was with a heavy heart to learn in Issue 20 that this was the end of it all. I dont think anyone will have been prepared for it. Taking into consideration that a previous issue showed us a potential end at the hands of Duncan, no one really could have seen this. In fact, I sort of felt maybe we were actually building up to that potential end.This volume is so fun with a focus on Larry and Duncan Dragon himself...
  • Drew
    I loved this book! A very quick and easy read. So happy I got to read this a little bit early!(:
  • Gemma
    If this is the end of Fairyland I'm happy with the conclusion of a series I loved straight through. I even teared up a bit with one Gert/Larry scene. It was fun to see the Fairyland devil at work and the art work as always was gorgeous! The last bit especially- my favorite little psycho wound up exactly where I thought she would.
  • Devann
    I don't know if I just wasn't in the right mood or what, but I didn't enjoy this nearly as much as the other volumes in this series. The whole thing felt really disjointed to me and then it just ended! I almost feel like it would have been better to end the series with volume 3 because this one doesn't really bring a lot to the table. Oh well, it was still fun while it lasted.
  • Derryn
    Wow that was a wild ride! Goodbye for now but not forever!
  • Joshua
    A bitter-sweet but fitting wrap up to a series I shall forever hold dear.
  • Pop Bop
    Thin Line Between Love and HateIf you were to just pick up a single issue of this series at random, well, it might not grab you. It's loud and frantic. The colors are loud, the characters are loud, the lettering is loud. It just punches you in your muffin fluffing face, and doesn't seem to have much of a plot or point.But that's not fair. Try a TP and it all starts to come together. You get a feel for the characters, you get on the right humor wa...
  • Oscar Leal
    3 Estrellas ☆☆☆Decepcionante . No hay otra manera de decirlo. La serie en si estaba sufriendo un bajón en cuanto a calidad bastante notable, se estaban agotando las ideas y no había más subtramas para estirar la historia un poco más haciéndola interesante. Abuso de ello totalmente en el volumen 3 . Si necesitara calificarlas:- Vol. 1 : ☆☆☆☆☆ Fresco, buen humor, excelente arte, originalidad, espontaneo, coherente y lleno de so...
  • محمود راضي
    على قدر حزني على وصول هذه السلسلة إلى خاتمتها واﻷمل في استمرارها لمدة أطول، إلا أنني سعيد بالتجربة كليًا، تجربة لم أجد مثيلًا في خليط جنونها المطبق الذي لن تدري من أين ستأتيك ضربته القادمة. وداعًا جيرترود.
  • Chloe (QuothTheBookLover)
    I LOVE this graphic novel series so much.The art is amazing and it’s so funny. I love Gert and Larry and each volume gets funnier. I really enjoyed this one, although I wish Dark Cloudia had been a bigger part of it. ALSO THE ENDING HAS ME SHOOK.I just want this series to continue forever
  • Melinda
    The series never fails to make me laugh out loud and try new curse words.
  • Mr Osowski
    A fitting end. Young never lets me down.
  • Amrryn
    Waiting on #19 and #20!
  • Steven Barrie
    I really like this series overall, but I was disappointed by this final volume. It felt rushed and left plotlines hanging from the previous volumes.
  • Lauren
    (view spoiler)[ *sings* it was only a dreaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam *sings* (hide spoiler)]
  • Imogene
    If this series ever had to end, holy hannah that was the perfect ending.One of my all time favourites
  • Eric
    A great ending to a great series that didn't outstay its welcome and was consistently funny
  • laura (bookies & cookies)
    Not quite as elaborate a conclusion as I would've hoped for.
  • Kristi
    but. is this really over?
  • Ninoshka
    Both heartbroken yet happy about the way this series ended. It honestly was a great fun ride and I love this series. Its definitely one of my favorite series.
  • Cori Ilardi
    Issue 16 - Read 2/27/18 - I love every issue of I Hate Fairyland. This one made me reeeeeeeeally sad though.Issue 17 - Read 4/19/18 - Gert wasn't in this issue and I don't know how I feel about that. Dat ending tho.Issue 18 - Read 4/19/18 - Still no Gert. But I love Duncan Dragon. Also THAT END AGAIN!!!Issue 19 - Read 6/21/18 - Not the most exciting issue, but I will always love every issue. Still love me some Duncan Dragon and I'm excited for th...