The 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma

The 5 AM Club

Legendary leadership and elite performance expert Robin Sharma introduced The 5am Club concept over twenty years ago, based on a revolutionary morning routine that has helped his clients maximize their productivity, activate their best health and bulletproof their serenity in this age of overwhelming complexity.      Now, in this life-changing book, handcrafted by the author over a rigorous four-year period, you will discover the early-risin...

Details The 5 AM Club

TitleThe 5 AM Club
Release DateDec 4th, 2018
PublisherHarperCollins Publishers
GenreSelf Help, Nonfiction, Personal Development, Productivity, Business, Audiobook, Psychology, Leadership, Book Club, Health

Reviews The 5 AM Club

  • Venky
    Robin Sharma’s latest work “The 5 A.M Club” (“the book”) presents itself as a formidable contender for “The Worst Book of 2018” award. Extraordinarily insipid, extremely uninspiring and inexplicably long-winded, the book is well served remaining unread! Replete with borrowed quotes, resonating with irrelevant similes, and riding on a by now familiar philosophy, Robin Sharma feebly and futilely attempts to package old wine in a new b...
  • Emma Sea
    wow, this is terrible. The ludicrously bad story woven around the ultimately blog-post-sized advice has some of the worst writing I've ever experienced. Wow.
  • Jagadish
    This fiction book with teaching and importance why to wake up at 5 am.Join the 5 am club,own your morning .Elevate your life( theme of book).The story revolves around the person artist and entrepreneur both attend the teaching of spellbinder (motivational speaker) and where they meet billionaires (Mr.Riley stone)Both entrepreneur and artist will fall in love,the journey of learning about technique of 5 am club and other self help techniques by Bi...
  • Nicole Donadio
    Unnecessary and boring prose with a story so outlandish it makes it hard to read. Would have been much easier and engaging if it were written as a good-old-fashioned non-fiction/self-help/psychology book.
  • Elias
    Disappointed. I was expecting a straightforward book with clear advice. Instead, I got a book with boring characters.Not recommended.
  • John Lawchamp (YouTube)
    I finished this book and I can honestly say that this wins the “worst book award of the decade.” For some who states that it took 4 rigorous years to create this manuscript, I would be embarrassed.You want to know the takeaways without reading a terrible story....Well here it isWake up at 5am20/20/20 Formula is about breaking that golden hour into 20 minute blocks20 intense workout20 meditation/reflection20 grow (as In learning from books, et...
  • Andrea
    This is the worst book I have ever read.
  • Vishnu Chevli
    I admire the writer for attempting a new concept of sharing motivation idea in a fiction way to get readers interested in it. The author has shared a beautiful concept to develop inner power to get external achievements. It also shares how should we develop our inner power by following daily rituals. 5 AM club doesn't only share the benefits of waking up early but it shares how powerful it impacts on our rest day activities. The book helps to dev...
  • Ashok Rao
    You must have read many self-help books. I have too, but I always prefer biographies to self-help books. The reason being they all sound the same. So I am pretty surprised with this book. It has actually helped me with my goals. One particular quote from the book which really worked for me is, "Stop managing your time and start managing your focus." Isn't that true? I mean, don't we talk about time being the most valuable thing. Well, what is the...
  • Sarnfield
    Instead of writing a short, succinct book explaining his theories and methods accompanied by true anecdotal supporting evidence and which could have been used as a handy reference guide, the author has chosen to mire this information in a fictional account that is both poorly written and just plain annoying. Take for example this line of dialogue — “...That groovy cat was a pretty gnarly dude.” This is the tone of the dialogue throughout ...
  • Ranga B
    Good book and motivation part of the book is truly inspiring. His way of 5 am regime and evening routines are thought provoking. I'll start adopting some for sure.Robin needs to improve his novel writing skills, story telling and story building skills. I would suggest Robin to NOT to mix motivation messages he wanted to convey and characters or analogies he wanted to build as part of a story - rather write a direct motivational book. Monk who sol...
  • Ruchika Luthra
    This book is nothing more than a collection of quotes from here and there. Quotes have been deliberately put into a not-at-all impressive story by stating examples like he wore a hat/tee-shirt/watch blah blah which had this or that quote written. Highly disappointed by this book. I wanted more of an actionable checklist to install the habit of waking of early. Only 3 pages in this book are worth reading if you want to save some time and effort.Pa...
  • Roshin
    This was a terrible start to the New Year! Bought it with a book voucher and thought it would be a pseudoscientific lifestyle type book, but it's like The Secret (which I also hated but hadn't bought so I didn't finish). This book is written as a "story" and I could only finish it reading it by thinking of it as a parody (and it was pretty funny then). If you liked the Secret, you might like this. I thought out was awful. It says things like "Pov...
  • Samarth Agnihotri
    •It's my personal experience that I am more productive in between 5AM to 7AM than the entire day.•You all know, don't you how much you can achieve if you woke up at 5 AM everyday and work.•Whats better than being more efficient, motivated, productive and ultimately be more happy.•This book will provide you with some advantages of waking up early and how to wake up early?•There is a 20/20/20 rule which tells us-1. Spend 5 to 5:20 AM in e...
  • Stefan
    Good explanation but badly written in novel form. Lots of recycled quotes from others. Would habe been better as a 'self help/fact based type of book.
  • Nat C
    Most Anticipated Book in a Long timeOver the course of my life I’ve always thought that rising early possessed some sort of Magical Powers - while I’ve never consistently done it, I have experienced some great benefits whenever I did and for that reason I anxiously waited for this book to be published.I can’t say I’m totally pleased or extremely disappointed...but what I will say is there is great value in the ides and principles given to...
  • Bindi Boo
    A tale filled with inspiration, motivation and encouragement.Highly recommend this book if you want to change your life.I am Day 20 of practicing the techniques in this book and I cannot remember feeling this motivated and energized ever! Own your morning, elevate your life!
  • Daniel
    A bunch of stories with unmemorable characters and no substance.Highly do not recommend. It felt like it could have been condensed to an online blog post.You are better off reading Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits and reading the 7th habit “Sharpen the Saw” chapter. It basically summarizes this book in a succinct way that is to the point.
  • Francesco bramonti
    I personally love Robin's videos and I think in this book he geniously cover each of his teachings through a novel. It is not a tipical self-help book and I don't think it could be labeled as such. In one part of the book one of the characters is told something like: "make art which is unique and not a copy of what is out there, people will surerly make fun of it and you will know that you'll have made something different". Based on it, I want to...
  • Vaibhav mishra
    This is the first time I read a Robin Sharma book to completion, I am afraid it was not a good experience, this was so boring and stretched out and the story was fiilled with mystical nonsense, although 66 days habit system is good and could be used, also the 20/20/20 rule is also good, this was so full of one liners sprinkled here and there and quotes jammed forcefully into narrative that it was hard to read.
  • Hitessh Panchal
    Drag !!! This book is just book of quotes and sermons. The author manages to to quote atleast two Quotes per page by someone who has walked his talk.Cumulatively, all the sermons were said in past and the dynamics of the past does not hold true today in its entirety.Robin Sharma, the popular author of Monk who sold his Ferrari, should understand one thing and that is , it is good to give Sermons, but it is equally difficult to live them. Read thi...
  • Summer Chu
    Giving it 1 star because i liked what it advocated - getting up early. However, I never finished the book. It's a little ridiculous in its deliverance method to be honest. I thought this was a good old fashioned self-help book with inspirational quotes. Boy, was i wrong. It's a, hear this, FICTION! I was so confused through the first 5 chapters with what the heck is going on. I kept reading along hoping that the fictional part of the book would s...
  • Joe
    Oh dear. I waited ages for this book to come out but was so disappointed.I really wanted to like it but could not.The characters are boring and weird, the story is dreadful and utter nonsense.The whole book also highly repetitive. Each time the word mindset was referred to, the sentence also had to include heartset and soulset.If anyone in the story at any time at food, thought about food or looked at food, the food was described in detail for ha...
  • Ernestasia Siahaan
    This was a timely read right before new years. I’m looking forward to implement the ideas suggested in this book.My only complain about the book is the style with which it was written. It felt cheesy at times. Nevertheless, the book presents important insights on how to improve our well-being and capacity in our professional and personal life.
  • Disha
    I became a huge fan of Robin Sharma after I read Monk who sold the Ferrari. But all his work after that has been harping around the same lessons and insights. His books are becoming less novel and more repetitive. Even his characters have lost the novelty. You will love the book if you have not read Robin Sharma previously.
  • Max Kayajanian
    This is honestly the worst book I have ever read in my entire life. This book is actually a fictional allegory for productivity and it reads like it was written by a 5th grader. Honestly, it’s 311 pages of waste written like the positive story your racist aunt reposted on Facebook. Truly terrible. I hated it so much that I was inspired to actually review it. Fuck this book.
  • Chai1965
    So bad it’s hilarious. I listened to the audiobook thinking it would be self-help non-fiction but it was a “novel”. So many what-not-to-do examples for writers.
  • Mary Paul
    This is impressively terrible. Wow. Got about 40 pages in, skimmed the rest, laughed, and deleted, never to read again. Dang, that is some truly awful writing.
  • Batool Sayed Bader
    As a huge huge fan of Robin Sharma, I found this to be very disappointing. Yes, this book had some really good advice but I believe it's been overrated and excessively unnecessarily hyped up. And the storyline added to this "should've been a straightforward book" felt very weird and out of place. I'm giving it 3 stars for old times sake only.