Two Kingdoms (The Dark Side #3) by Kristy Cunning

Two Kingdoms (The Dark Side #3)

I'm getting a little tired of completing my goals, only to have the bar raised too substantially for me to transition at a productive pace... I started off as a sad little ghost with an impossible crush on four really hot, Gothic guys with some attitude problems. Now I'm The Apocalypse, they're the Four Horsemen, and Lucifer is my fucked up daddy. Now my additional goals look like this? Goal #9: Make a deal with the Devil without getting cheated,...

Details Two Kingdoms (The Dark Side #3)

TitleTwo Kingdoms (The Dark Side #3)
Release DateJun 28th, 2018
GenrePolyamorous, Reverse Harem, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Demons

Reviews Two Kingdoms (The Dark Side #3)

  • Jilly
    So much disappoint. It reminded me of school.(Wait. Why are there clowns as the pall bearers....ooooh, like the clowns that screwed us over in the group projects at school? Well played, internet. Well played.)Just like those group projects, this book took me through the Stages of Group Project Grief:Stage 1: Excitement! This will be fun! I have high expectations that can't possibly be met.Stage 2: Confusion.. Why is this not going the way I thoug...
  • Sophia Triad
    She truly has no idea the power she holds over us So...what I really loved in the first two books (especially the first book) were:1. The smut2. The humour 3. The anticipation of finding out who these four guys are and who the ghost girl isI think these three things that I loved were somehow lost in this third book:1. The smut had been almost not existent.2. The humour was forced and3. I have already found out who these 5 people are more or lessI...
  • Sh3lly (
    Okay, so this one wasn't quite as good as the first two, but you know what? It was still fun and SO MUCH better than 99% of reverse harem out there. This series is still top of my list, third ONLY to Seraph Black and Curse of the GodsThis really feels like an extension of book two. Lucifer is still playing his games and Paca (The Apocalypse) and her Four Horsemen are still forced to undergo tests, like being swallowed by a hell monster and having...
  • Jessica-❥Chatterbooks Book Blog❥
    I need more damn it!! 😭
  • Allons-y
    So goodWill review later...It's later.*4.25*A little disappointing but still amazeballs.I do wish there was just a bit more of a coherent explanation about the balance. I mean, I get it. It is confusing to Paca and everyone else too, but shit man... Some shit is going to go down in the next book. I just hope there is a bit more of the 4 and Paca. Not just Ezekiel and Gage. Although... I did love it :)Can't wait for the next book. Hopefully it doe...
  • Kat Kennedy
    Look, I have been, up to this point, patient. Nay, downright forbearing. But this is too much!This is a novel with one heroine and four devoted lovers - so why is there so much goddamn tongue-wagging (and not the kind you’d expect?!)I am stuck with a whole cacophony of characters that just like to hear the sound of their own voices over and over again as they explain, in a nonlinear and purposely-confusing way, a nonsensical balance system, lon...
  • Deborah
    What the hell went wrong?I loved Four Psychos and Three Trials and I was really looking forward to this. I re-read the previous two books, cleared my schedule (which isn’t easy these days) sat back and started reading.I really can’t believe I’m saying this but I was bored. I found this book dull, unbelievably dull and tedious. Where was the originality and spark from the previous books?I actually consider it an achievement that I finished i...
  • Al *the semi serial series skipper*
    I didn't like this one as much. I feel like this is just book 2 recycled at a slower pace. The whole premise of this book is finding out who killed Paca and it takes forever to find out.The entire book just felt like a filler while we wait for the last book. I am still curious to see what happens so I will be waiting for the next one.
  • Monty Cupcake ☠ Queen of Bloodshed ☠
    This book confused me or I stopped paying attention. There are a lot of options to that. All I know is each time someone talked about balance and what the five of them were created to do, all I heard was There was too much of that in this book and not enough of the funny times. I’m still interested in book 4, but this one was underwhelming.
  • CaRo
    Meh just meh. There was not much heat between Paca and the boys... Also Paca was kind of annoying in this book and why the hell takes she all the shit from everyone around her she is the fucking daughter of the devil. And the game which who is her fav also gets kind of old if you mention it every few pages.And where the fuck is the Kai we love...
  • Alaina
    I'm flying through this series and I'm scared to dive into the next book!!Two Kingdoms is the third installment of The Dark Side series. We get to know more about the four horsemen and Paca herself. It was interesting to see the whole family dynamic between Lucifer and his kids. Plus, seeing the chemistry between Paca and her guys is utterly adorable.. but I NEED more freaking smut. I feel like I'm not getting enough.Paca and the guys are constan...
  • Searcy
    3.5 starsgrrr... accidentally just deleted all my notes instead of pasting them here for review, so I will have to just wing it nowOverall, I am loving the story and worldbuilding for THE DARK SIDE series. It is interesting and different, in a genre that often struggles to get out of the familiar paranormal rut. The complexity of the delicate balance between heaven and hell and how the two interact is fascinating and has been very well developed ...
  •  Rosebud
    What a difference five years can make. First coming to consciousness as a ghost with total amnesia of my past, now able to conjure a corporal body that has a liking for freaky sex with the four guys I've been haunting. The icing on the cake? Finding out I'm Satan's daughter who has the potential to bring about the end of the world. Huh. Go figure. Just when I thought I had things figured out and am on the way to being acknowledged as the bad ass ...
  • ❤Rachel Anne's Romance Must Reads❤
    I need the next one!!!This series is only getting better! I can't wait for the next book. The only downside is I wish there had been more steam. With a RH, I sort of expect that. But whatever, this was amazing!Easy 5 stars!
  • Treena
    I didn't enjoy this one as much as I did books 1 and 2. I felt like some things were confusing -- the politics, the stuff about balance/impurities/etc. I wish they were explained better. I'm pretty much as sick of the games as the guys said they are. I also felt like some things were rushed and abrupt.I'm just hoping that book 4 wraps things up in a better way!
  • Sakina Carter
    I didn't like this one as much as the other two but I still enjoyed it enough. It felt like it was missing something.This book was more focused on the ins and outs of hell and figuring out who killed Paca.I hope the next book is more like the first two books because I loved both of them.
  • Runningrabbit
    KUI love the way these are written, Paca has definitely got to be one of my favourite heroines. The humour, including the black humour, is first rate, and together with the innovation and wonderfully defined characters, this is one of my favourite series in a long time.
  • Ash | EmeraldBookOwl
    I WANT MY OWN GAGE.Four Psychos ★★★★★Three Trials ★★★★★
  • Carly
    Figures they'd be soothed by The Apocalypse, and I'd be soothed by the Four Horsemen. We're rather horrible people like that. Not that I mind, but I'm fascinated by just how twisted we must be in equal parts.I'm really in love with this series. It took me a little bit to get back into the story and remember the players and what the hell was going on, but that was my own damn fault. Shouldn't have waited 6 months from finishing book two until now ...
  • Cifa
    I loved this story because of its hilarious crazy heroine. What did I get?A heroine who has gone from crazy funny to boring crazy.A plot that trudges on at a pace a turtle could outrun.Too many explanations. Too many. This whole book was about Paca finding herself through 1001 conversations. Not enough happened.
  • Kayla
    So my friend started me on this reverse harem series and I have to finish it even if there is about 20 books.
  • Joanne
    AHHHHH this series just kept getting better and better!! I love Paca & her Four Horsemen! Once you start on this book you just wont be able to put it down! Its just freaking BRILLIANT!!! I love everything about this book, the entire series really, because when you thought you got it all figured out, BAM, Plot twist! Freakin Awesome!!! ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
  • V💜Greedy~Thirst~For~Forbidden🖤
    Book three and I’m so in love with Paca is crazy given what she represents lol! I’m so attracted to the world this author created and I hope book 4 will be out soon.I also liked the bonus scene at the end and I’d like to hear more from the four horsemen POV. I didn’t expect to be captured so much so that I continue the story in my head every time I have to stop reading. I’m so not ready to leave this hellish world. 😈
  • Jennifer
    Paca and the boys are still trying to figure out what is going on in Hell and why they are targets. They finally get some answers in this 3rd book, when the Devil himself reveals what happened to them in the past. Let's just say the story gets more complicated and some new characters are introduced.I am feeling a little unsure of how to rate this book. The plot has progressed - we know at the end what purpose Paca and her harem are destined for; ...
  • LaKeshia Filip
    Well....That was a bit underwhelming.. which posses me off a little because I have been waiting for this book FOREVER! It read like a great adventure novel, but not a reverse-harem. Everything was focused on Paca and who she is and what she is, which I totally get but it's like the guys didn't even exist. They kept talking about how important the bond was but there was no bonding happening. Only at the very end of the book when one of them decide...
  • Megan
    So so good!!! They keep getting better with each book!
  • MrsJoseph
    Some of the cracks are really shining through here. There is some odd copy editing that I spent some time looking for (or was that book 2? IDK).So far, I'm still having fun but I want the author to spend some time polishing her works. She has some super interesting things happening - and some good stories - but she's not gonna get but so far in the game without some real editing.I'm saying this because this is an author I see that has a lot of po...